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“Don’t worry, my lady. I won’t tell a soul”

“Who the fuk”

If Plagg noticed Tikki in Ali’s pocket instead of eating cheese in a trash can.

Based of ladyofacat’s post. @ladyofacat

Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger enters Starbucks and orders tea, but the baristas try to convince her that she loves coffee. She grabs a table near the front with the Spirit. After awhile, she gets up and says she’ll be right back. While she’s gone, the Spirit trade her to the Pride for a handful of coffee beans. She’s confused and hurt, but at least the tea is good in Orlando.

“A few rules to remember, girl,” she said, and we both stared at the cave mouth. The darkness reeked from its maw to poison the fresh night air. “Don’t drink the wine—it’s not like what we had at the Solstice, and will do more harm than good. Don’t make deals with anyone unless your life depends on it—and even then, consider whether it’s worth it. And most of all: don’t trust a soul in there—not even your Tamlin. Your senses are your greatest enemies; they will be waiting to betray you.”

Well Alis, I was going to do what you said but then Rhys. 

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Liam- A Happy Ending

Request-  a Liam imagine where the reader is Allison’s little sister and she’s dating Liam and they get into a fight and he hits her because of his IED yikes I know that’s a touchy subject. And maybe she goes home and cries herself to sleep and wakes up to see Allison in her room and she tells her to be tough and that she’s her sister and she’s strong. And maybe the reader helps hunters hunt liam and scott because she’s upset then they make up fluffy and sweet and it remind Scott of him and Ali

A/n- Here you go sweetie! I changed a few things up, and I didn’t have Liam hit her because I honestly feel like he wouldn’t do that. Next up is a Theo imagine.

You roamed through the stacks of books in the library, trying to find something good for an english book report that was due in less than a week. Being the procrastinator that you were, you had waited until the last minute to find a book, and now you were desperately combing the shelves on a Friday afternoon in search of a something to read.
You weren’t having much luck, and you banged your head against the shelf in frustration, just in time to hear voice coming from the next shelf over.
“Come on,” a girl was saying. “Don’t play dumb with me, Dunbar. I know you want me to.”
You blinked, your eyes going wide as you realized that the girl was talking to your boyfriend. Anger instantly flared up inside you at the girl’s words, and you slowly edged around the shelf.
“Hayden-” Liam was saying, just as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and yanked him into a kiss. Liam froze, but he melted into the kiss, and you realized that he wasn’t doing anything to stop it.
Liam must have heard your sharp intake of breath, because he immediately opened his eyes, looking right at you. He baby blues immediately filled with fear as he shoved Hayden off of him.
“Y/n-” he started, but you held up your hand.
“Don’t,” you snapped, your voice sharp and filled with hurt.  "Don’t even try it.“
Liam moved around Hayden to try and reach for you, but you quickly backed away, turning around and running out of the library. With all thoughts of books forgotten, you hurried to the through the hall, trying to get to Lydia’s car before she left without you.
All you wanted  to do was go home and forget about what had just happened, but before you could make it outside a shape skidded to a stop in front of you.
"Y/n,” Liam cried. “Wait!”
“Save it,” you told him. “I heard the rumors, okay? I know what people said about you and Hayden, but I never thought it was actually true.”
“Y/n, it’s not what you think!” he protested. “She kissed me!”
“Yeah, well I didn’t see you doing anything to stop it,” you told him bitterly.
“I was shocked,” Liam protested. “I had no idea she was going to kiss me. I froze up!”
“I don’t care,” you told him, moving around him to get to the door.
“Don’t walk away from me,” he growled, and you swore you saw his eyes flash yellow.
You knew you probably shouldn’t have been so careless about pissing him off, especially with the full moon tonight. But you were so angry that Hayden had kissed Liam and that he had let her, and you quite frankly didn’t care.
“I’ll do whatever the hell I want,” you told him, brushing past him. “We’re over Liam.”
“You can’t break up with me!”
His hand shot out, grabbed your wrist and tugging you back. He gripped your arm so tight his claws began to sink into your skin. You gasped in pain, looking up at Liam in shock.
He eyes immediately went back to their normal color and he released you. You jerked away from him, and he could tell from the rise in your heartbeat that you were afraid of him. He had never wanted to hurt you, in fact that was one of his biggest fears, and he felt shame instantly well up inside him.
“Oh my god,” he breathed. “Y/n, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t what came over me.”
“Just stay away from me,” you told him, your eyes filled with tears as you ran out of the school.
Liam reached for you, wanting to call out, but he knew you wouldn’t turn back. He watched you flee to Lydia’s car, hating himself for losing control long enough to hurt you. He looked down at his claws, curling his hands into fists to hide them as he wished he had never been bitten.
You were his anchor, his everything, and he had just lost you. With an angry snarl, he slammed his hand into one of the lockers, putting a sizable dent in the metal. He ran down the hall and out the other side of the school, completely forgetting the things he had left in the library.
You were his anchor, his everything, and he had just lost you. He had actually hurt you, something he had been terrified would happen for a long time, and if you couldn’t forgive him, he certainly couldn’t either.

“Oh my god,” Lydia gasped as she looked at the blood dripping from your arm. “What the hell happened?”
“I…” you started, not knowing how to explain as tears started to well up in your eyes. “Liam, he…”
“He hurt you?” she asked, her green eyes going wide.
“I think it was the full moon,” you told her as you tried not to cry. “But I also caught him kissing Hayden.”
“Oh, honey,” Lydia said reaching over to open the glove box. “I’m going to take care of those scratches, and you can tell me everything.”
“I was in the library,” you explained as she cleaned off your arm. “And I heard Hayden talking about how she knew Liam wanted her too, and when I walked around the shelf she was kissing him. And he didn’t push her away until I got there.”
“I am so sorry,” Lydia apologized. “No one should ever have to go through that. Just let it out, Y/n.”
And you did. You cried as Lydia wrapped your arm, cursing yourself for being stupid enough to think that the rumors about Liam and Hayden weren’t true. You had been struggling to be strong for everyone for so long after your sister’s death, but Liam betrayal seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. You let the tears flow, crying in Lydia’s passenger seat as she handed you a box of tissues.
“The first breakup is always the worst,” she informed you later as she drove you back to the apartment. “But it won’t always hurt.”
“Thanks, Lyds,” you whispered, grateful that she was sharing her advice with you.
Ever since Allison had died, Lydia had become your closest friend. With Allison gone, it was only natural for her best friend to take over the role of big sister, and she was happy to do it. Lydia felt for you, and she remembered how hard it had hit her when she and Jackson broke up. It hadn’t been the healthiest relationship, but he had still been her first love, and she knew how you were feeling.
“Are you okay to go up by yourself?” Lydia asked as she pulled up in front of the entrance to your building.
“Yeah,” you told her. “Thanks for the ride.”
“Any time,” she told you, pulling you into a tight hug. “Remember, call if you need anything.”
“I will,” you told her, hopping out of the car and walking into the building.
You ran your fingers along the edge of the bandage as you rode your way up to the eighth floor. You pulled your bag up onto your shoulder, wanting nothing more than to collapse into your bed and cry. Even though you had let out a pretty impressive display of waterworks in Lydia’s car, you still couldn’t stop the tears that flowed from your eyes.
You sniffled as the elevator stopped on your floor, walking over to the door and unlocking it. You walked inside, dropping your stuff onto the floor as your boots thumped on the hardwood floor.
You heard a shuffling noise immediately coming from the kitchen, your eyes widening in alarm as you realized there wasn’t supposed to be anyone in your house but you. You quickly reached down, pulling a knife from your boot as you slowly walked into the kitchen.
You expected there to be some sort of monster, or at least something that was after you, but as the shape standing over the oven turned to you, you saw that it was only your father.
“Dad?” you gasped, almost dropping your knife in surprise.
Your father wasn’t supposed to be home for another day at least. He had been dealing weapons up in Portland to tough client, and he had planned to be gone for a lot longer.
“Hey, sweetheart. The deal finished up early,” he told you, and then he got a good look at your face. “Have you been crying?”
“I…yeah,” you told him. “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.”
Your father knew something was up, but he didn’t want to pry. He knew that if you wanted to tell him you would, and he was content to let you decide.
“Are you hungry?” he asked. “I know you just got home but we could get an early dinner. Your pick.”
“Actually, I kinda don’t feel very well,” you lied. “I just wanna go lie down.”
“That’s alright,” your father told you. “We can get something later. You go rest.”
You smiled at him, walking back to your room and finally letting the sadness overtake you. You kicked off your boots, curling up into your bed and pulling the purple comforter over your head. You sniffled in the darkness, feeling a sense of bitterness as you thought about Liam.
You felt so incredibly stupid for even thinking you and Liam could have a perfect high school romance, and you were just as mad at yourself as you were him. You buried your face into the pillow, not caring about the tear stains as you drifted off to sleep.

“No,” you cried as you scrambled back on the ground, your eyes wide and terrified as you looked up into Liam’s yellow ones.
“You should have known, Y/n,” Liam growled. “You should have known I would hurt you.”
“Please,” you begged. “Please don’t do this.”
“It’s too late now, Y/n,” he snarled leaning forward as his hot breath fanned your face.
You closed your eyes in terror, only to have the monster in front of you order you to look at him. You did, but when you looked up, you found yourself staring into warm brown eyes instead of yellow ones.
“Be strong, Y/n,” Allison told you, her eyes serious as she gazed into yours. “But don’t forget who you are.”

You blinked awake in the dimness of your room, with the sound of your generic ringtone cutting through the quiet. You felt around the nightstand for you phone in the dark, realizing you must have been asleep for a lot longer than you planned.
“Hello?” you asked as you grabbed you phone and held it to your ear.
“Y/n?” Scott demanded. “Is Liam with you?”
“No,” you told him. “Why?”
“We can’t find him anywhere,” Scott told you. “His stuff is still in the school but there’s a full moon tonight. We thought you might be with him.”
“No, I…I broke up with him,” you told Scott.
“You what?” Scott demanded. “When?”
“Today,” you told him. “But why-”
“You broke up with him on a full moon?!” a voice explained through the speakers, and you realized that it was definitely not Scott. “You’re his anchor, Y/n! And now he doesn’t have one, and he’s probably running around town ripping people apart as we speak!”
“What?” you demanded, horrified.
“Stiles is being dramatic,” Scott told you. “But only a little. Liam needs you, Y/n. I know you care about each other. Whatever happened, you need to make it right before he loses himself. You’re probably the only one who can help us find him and catch him.”
“He was kissing Hayden, Scott,” you told him. “But I’m not going to let him hurt anyone. My dad got back tonight. I’ll wake him up and we’ll meet you at the school okay?”
“Hurry,” Scott told you. “We need you, Y/n.”

You hopped out of your father’s car, a bow gripped tightly in your hand and a quiver of arrows resting on your shoulder. Scott, Stiles, Malia and Kira were all standing in the parking lot, anxiously awaiting your arrival.
You were still incredibly angry at Liam, but you knew you couldn’t let him go around hurting people when he couldn’t control himself. You knew how hard it had been for him to learn control in the first place, and without the thing that kept him anchored to his humanity, he had no hope of stopping himself.
That was why Scott suggested you all break off into pairs and search the area around the school. You broke off with Kira, while Scott went with Malia and Stiles went with your dad. You all agreed to call if you anything happened, and with a quick kiss to your forehead, you and your father parted ways.
You and Kira walked around the outskirts of the woods, keeping your eyes open for any signs. It wasn’t until you caught sight of a little bit of movement that you nudged Kira back toward the school. One of the outside doors was hanging open just a tiny crack, and you knew something had just slipped inside.
“Maybe we should call Scott,” she suggested nervously.
“It’s probably nothing,” you advised her. “Let’s just check it out by ourselves first. We wouldn’t want to drag them out of the woods for nothing.”
Kira nodded, and you quickly headed towards the school. You pulled an arrow from your quiver, nocking it in your bow as you gently pulled open the door bright blue doors. You moved down the hall silently, peering around in the emptiness.
You brow furrowed as you realized nothing was there, and you turned back to Kira. “Huh. Guess I was wrong.”
You lowered your bow, just barely able to catch a glimpse of the kitsune’s relieved face as a snarling shape jumped on top of her. You both screamed, and you pulled the arrow back and letting it fly into what you thought was the shoulder of the thing.
It released Kira with a yelp, and she scrambled up, bleeding from her arms and she brandished her sword. The shape looked up at you, it’s eyes glowing a bright yellow as it tore the arrow out of it’s arm. You immediately recognized it as Liam, and you felt white hot fury coursing through your veins.
How dare he betray you and hurt your friends. How dare he even think he could be bold enough to attack you. Liam snarled, creeping towards you as you shot another arrow into his chest. He dropped to his knees, and you released another one, sending it flying into almost exactly the same place.
That was when his eyes turned back to their normal blue, and through the pain he was able to regain most of his senses. He looked up at you, your eyes filled with bitterness as you notched another arrow.
“Y/n,” he pleaded. “Wait, please.”
You gritted your teeth, pausing at you held the arrow back. Liam seemed to be back to normal, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to stop. He had kissed another girl, and everything you had thought you had been seemed to be nothing more than a lie.
“I didn’t kiss Hayden,” Liam insisted. “She kissed me. Y/n, please. I never meant to hurt you. I should have pushed Hayden away and I never should have hurt you. I’m sorry.”
“Y/n!” a firm voice shouted, and you realized that your father and the others were now rushing into the school.
You looked back to Liam, and he swallowed nervously, closing his eyes. “It’s okay. Shoot me. I deserve it for hurting you.”
You blinked, and for some strange reason, the words from your dream about Allison echoed in your head. Don’t forget who you are.
You thought about all the moments you and Liam had shared. Your first date, your first kiss, and helping him through his first full moon. You remembered how much you had cared about him, and as you looked into his accepting blue eyes, you realized you still did.
You lowered your bow, letting it fall to the ground and realizing what you had just done. You had been so caught up in the jealousy and the bitterness that you had never even bothered to hear Liam’s side of the story. You had let your anger rule your mind, and because of that you had almost killed your boyfriend.
“Oh my god,” you breathed, rushing over to Liam. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Liam told you, pulling the arrows out of his chest with a painful yelp. “I’ll heal.”
You helped him off the ground and he instantly wrapped his arms around you, breathing in your scent. He had been so scared that he had lost you that he had lost all control, and he was just relieved to have you back in his arms.
“I’m so sorry,” he breathed into your hair.
“It’s okay,” you told him, running your fingers through his messy brown hair. “It’s okay.”

You sat on the roof of the school, your legs dangling off of the edge as you intertwined your fingers with Liam’s. After the insane night you had just had, your father and the other’s had decided it would be a good idea for you and Liam to have some time alone to talk.
You had walked up to the roof and talked things out, and Liam assured you that there had been absolutely nothing going on between him and Hayden. They had been trying to find a book for a group history project when the girl had grabbed him and kissed him, and Liam had been too shocked to pull away.
You believed him wholeheartedly, and you knew you had your anger cloud your judgement.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered to Liam once more as you gazed up at the full moon.
“You don’t have to keep apologizing,” he told you, rubbing your shoulder.
“I do,” you insisted. “What I did…I could have really hurt you Liam.”
“But you didn’t,” he reminded you. “And it’s okay. Because we’re together, and nothing is ever going to pull us apart again.”
You looked up at him and he smiled, leaning forward to press a sweet kiss to your lips. His mouth moved softly against yours, letting you know that you were the only girl he had ever felt this way about. When you finally pulled away, you settled back into his arms, enjoying the peaceful moment you two were sharing together.
But you weren’t entirely alone, and what you didn’t see was that Scott was looking up at you from the parking lot. The alpha felt a pang in his chest as he saw you and Liam together, and it reminded him of the night they had all killed Peter. He remembered sitting up with Allison on her roof, thinking that for the first time in months, everything had turned out okay.
You and Liam reminded him so much of him and Allison when they had first started dating. The way you cared for each other, the mannerisms and even the way you talked reminded him of the way things used to be. Scott knew he and Allison had never gotten a happy ending, but as he gazed up at you and Liam, he felt content that you two would.

PLL 6x11
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Spencer:</b> its too late, he's here..<p/><b>Emily:</b> No, Ali, you have to go.<p/><b></b> The camera is panning half the room showing each of the liars faces , clearly filled with worry.<p/><b></b> The camera slowly closes in on a more grown Alison Dilaurentis.<p/><b></b> Alis stands there in a state of shock wishing and hoping that someone would come and save her. The only thing that came to her mind was "not again". She felt like she could almost faint. But she wouldn't tell the girls that.<p/><b>Spencer:</b> *very muffled* Ali...<p/><b>Hanna:</b> Alison!<p/><b></b> Alison snaps back into reality.<p/><b>Hanna:</b> We came back here for you, were not gonna just let you stand here like a fresh piece of meat. We're here to help you.<p/><b>Aria:</b> You guys ..shh stop...<p/><b></b> The girls stop and listen they can hear a very faint clicking noise. Getting noticeably louder with each passing second.<p/><b>spencer:</b> you have to go ..NOW.<p/><b></b> Camera pans over to the Rosewood High hallway, the audience hears the clicking even louder then before. Someone's turning the corner but before we see who it is the camera zooms onto his shoes. We learn what the clicking sound is. A cane. From what we can tell a marble cane with a golden tipped end.<p/><b></b> [Classroom]<p/><b>Alison:</b> I need you guys to stall him.<p/><b>Aria:</b> I'm 99% sure he would hurt us as much as he would hurt you.<p/><b>Spencer:</b> Just go we'll keep him here as long as we can.<p/><b>Hanna:</b> take this.<p/><b></b> [Hands Ali a burner phone]<p/><b>Hanna:</b> I made a stop on the way here, and before you go, take off your shoes, the last thing you need is a blown cover by Prada.<p/><b>Ali:</b> thank you guys.<p/><b></b> Ali exits through the other classroom door.<p/><b></b> [Hallway]<p/><b></b> Mystery mans shoes look expensive enough to buy 5 houses.<p/><b></b> His pace slows as he can hear the girls muffled talking in the distance.<p/><b></b> He starts whistling the most wicked tune you've ever heard. You could feel it up your spine.<p/><b></b> He then takes his cane and slams it on the lockers dragging it along as he walks.<p/><b></b> [Classroom]<p/><b></b> The girls hear the loud slam which echoed the halls.<p/><b>Hanna:</b> what the hell was that.<p/><b>Aria:</b> he's just trying to scare us.<p/><b>Hanna:</b> Yeah, well its working.<p/><b>Spencer:</b> We'll just say we came here to look for her and she was gone... Okay? Stick to it. He's a manipulator, trust me.<p/><b></b> [Hallway]<p/><b></b> Switching between the sounds of the locks hitting the lockers to the screeching of his gold tip scraping them.<p/><b></b> He gets closer, still listening to the mumbling of the girls.<p/><b></b> This mystery man finally makes his way to the classroom of Mrs. Alison Rollins.<p/><b></b> He steps in and is greeted by the liars standing there motionless faces filled with, what almost looks like fear.<p/><b></b> The camera turns back to the shoes of this mystery man . His cane slamming back into the ground in front of his feet.<p/><b></b> The camera starts panning up. We see the full view of his cane. His hands are tensing up as he grips it.<p/><b></b> From here we can tell the man is fairly well dressed he seems important, almost like a lawyer, or a doctor. Right before we see his face the camera switches to the girls and we can see all four of them and only the back of the mystery man.<p/><b>Emily:</b> you will never lay a finger on her.<p/><b></b> Camera shows the face of none other a daper, posh looking Dr. Wren Kingston. Whos looking as menacing as ever before. His eyes seemed darker, more sunken in.<p/><b></b> His voice seemed colder And in the most chill inducing voice ..<p/><b>Wren:</b> would any of you be so kind as to tell me where I can find Ms. Dilaurentis.<p/><b></b> [Opening Credits]<p/><b>So this is what would happened in the winter premiere if I had my way and if I was a PLL writer. 💜 I was so against Wren being A in the beginning but now I want him to be the "He" because I, along with countless people were not satisfied by the summer finale. I just don't want Cece & effin Sara Harvey to be "end game" anyways thank you for reading if you've gotten this far. And feedback would be welcomed (:</b> <p/></p><p/></p>

Interview from WUSA9

Izzy has been at this for what seems like forever. The sound of her handgun hardly even registers in her mind anymore. Dropping the clip she slams another one home. She doesn’t care if they know she came into the base this time.

She just wants him back safe. When Peter’s father told her that he’d been gone for over a week she had raced off with little explanation. Stopping by her house to grab as many clips as she could shove into pockets and on her legs. She’s making her way out to the Beciles factory as quickly as she can.

It had been about stealth at first. Following behind guards, shooting them if they noticed her, and many she interrogated. She didn’t care once she knew where he was. No one was going to stop her from getting to him. She wasn’t going to make a mistake and get taken. Not while he was in danger.

Making her way down a hall, she turned around the corner. Deft fingers squeezing the trigger several times. She runs by, checking her work with bullets to the head. There was no letting people go. Not when they’d taken someone who wasn’t involved and didn’t know. The last time that had taken hostages Izzy had made sure that they knew it was a bad idea.

The sound of alarms barely registered in her mind. She finally made her way to where she had been told Peter was. Placing her shoulder to the door she listened. There was nothing as fast as she could tell, and so she tried the handle, which opened with ease.

That should have told her something was wrong. The Beciles were crude yes, but never stupid. She stepped forward, relief washing over her features.

“Peter?” She stepped forward,  placing her hand on his shoulder. Her fingers are working soothing circles, “Peter. It’s me. It’s Izzy. How are you feeling?”

Patiently waiting for a reply for the breath of several seconds. Izzy adjusts her weights and almost breaks his mask. Glancing down at it and then back to him She realizes that he’s cold. Panic settles somewhere deep in her gut. He can’t. He’s got to be okay. He has to. That’s how it’s always worked out before. She’s always made sure that her friends are okay even if she isnt.

“Peter. Peter please.” Her fingers are digging into his shoulder, shaking him. And he doesn’t move right. Doesn’t move like someone who’s alive should. And she feels revulsion at herself. This is her fault.

She kneels on the ground, breaking the bonds. His wrists are covered in bruises. She can only imagine how scared Peter was. Izzy has to keep going. Has to get them both out of there. If she stops now she won’t go again. She can’t thin. Can’t stop to do so. Taking him into her arms she looks down at his face, it’s dark and black and red. There’s blood and bright, glowing blue matter across the front of him.

It’s dark and stained most of the shirt. A thick vicious liquid. It was blood once, turned a dark red with time. She lifts him against her chest and starts walking. His cold body is sapping the warmth from her arms. There’s no time to think. She has to get him out of here.

The alarms finally come to her attention and she lets out a dry laugh. Kneeling for a moment she grabs his mask, slipping it back onto his face. Wiping the blood from his face she nods to herself. She doesn’t care about the blood or blue matter. He should look good for his parents.

She hears the clatter of feet and starts running down a hall. Taking back ways, slipping just out of sight. Down a hallway and she ducks into a room. Peaking her head around the corner she’s running again. Walking out the factory she trots off, making her way down the street. Adjusting she presses something on her wrist and a portal opens in front of her. Walking through the portal she is then in front of the Walter estate.

She didn’t ever think she would have to do this for someone else. Walking up to the door Izzy kicks her foot against the door until someone answers. It’s a servant of some sort. A drone.

“Please get the masters of the house. Both of them. They need to see this.” Composure and keeping her cool is Izzy’s best talents. She’ll break down later when she can afford to. When someone else doesn’t need comfort. It’s his mother who gets there first, and jerking his body away from her is so tough

“You can’t touch him. He could kill or hurt you. There’s too much blue matter on him for anyone living to touch.” His mother looks so hurt. And heartbroken. Izzy has never seen someone look so pained. Her face is screwed up, pressed and piched together in an almost unnatural way.  Izzy wishes that his mother would scream or punch her or something. The thick feeling of hatred settling in her gut.  No mother should have to have a near stranger tell them there son is dead. But that’s what Izzy has to do.

His father catches the tail end of the conversation. He’s making his way down the stairs, calling his wife’s name and asking who it is. The look of pure horror and the stiff wooden doll movements tell Izzy everything. She doesn’t want to be here. She doesn’t want to support them. Izzy just wants to crawl under a rock and stop falling in love with people. With people who try to surprise her with a visit.

Izzy has slumped onto the floor, gently supporting Peter’s body while her arm falls asleep. Her fingers softly fixing an out of place hair she swallows hard. She’s finally told them what they needed to know. This is her fault. She has to see it through. She didn’t think this through. She loved him in some form. He listened when she talked, and he was funny, and smart and cute. She just.

She’d told him to be safe. To not visit her because it was dangerous. The Beciles were dangerous. This was her fault. For not expressing how awful it was in her verse.. He was dead and it was her fault. The tears turned into an inability to breather and it was ugly, body wracking sobs. Shuddering breaths that she couldn’t stop. The kind that made her chest hurt and her throat burn. Soft hiccups of air while she was trying to cinch down on her emotions.

She attempts to remind herself that they just lost her son and she doesn’t care. She just lost her best friend. She just lost someone who genuinely care for her. She shudders and soft broken sobs are torn from her. She shakes and just wants to fix this situation. No one deserves this.

She’s invited inside, and to place Peter’s body on a table. They will set up funeral plans tomorrow. And that’s what makes it so real for her. When his mom pats her shoulder and leads her into an empty room she stares at the wall and waits. It takes her only a moment to slips down the hall and find Peter’s room. No one is there thankfully. She grabs a shirt and slips back down the hall. No matter how bad she wants to sleep in Peter’s bed and hope for his smell she can’t. His parents would probably kill her.

She slips out of the bloodstained clothes that will never be quite the same and goes into the bathroom attached to her room. Putting herself under hot water that nearly burns her skin helps. It makes her feel something.

Days pass in a vague blur while his family sets up the Funeral. And Izzy is surprised when they ask her to speak. She agrees though. And when it happens it knocks the breath from her. She could never say something that would capture everything he was to everyone he knew.

“I am here today as I was one of his closest friends. In the time I came to know him I found myself utterly amazed by how brilliant he was. Peter was always working on another invention or creation. Hardworking, motivated, and always excited, few people saw his creations.After coming to know him, I think on today especially we should aim to create our own visions and share them with others.” She takes in a massive breath and lets it out, keeping her mask up for just a little longer.

It isn’t exactly what she had planned. but she wants to keep it short and sweet. She wants to make everyone happy, and she wants to try and embody Peter as he was.

Stepping down and away from the podium she circles around to the back. She feels vaguely overwhelmed and sick with herself. Izzy does not deserve to be speaking here. But they asked. Wiping at her make up she tries to hold back her tears. They go through the usual manner of a funeral, ending with a nice little slide show and her throat catches when she see what he looked like before he was forced into wearing a mask. Swallowing hard several times to get over the lump in her throat she looks up, startled when his mom puts her hand on her shoulder and softly squeezes.

She breaks down finally. It’s not pretty crying. It isn’t the single tear most movies show. It’s ugly broken heaving sobs that wrack her body and hurt her throat. It’s bloodshot eyes and hiccups she can’t stop. His mom sits next to her and rubs her back and every time she tries to wrestle her emotions into listening to her she find herself unable to stop. It hurts. It hurts so bad that he is gone and it is her fault.

She’s got snot dripping down her nose and she’s sure that she has apologized for getting everything wet about three times. People have come and gone, saying their goodbyes to his mother. Occasionally she gets up to hug them and tells them to stay in touch. But she is by izzy’s side until she has cried herself sick.

She pulls her up and walks her into the car. They get home to the mansion and she picks her up and drags her to the bathroom, calling for fresh clothes and a towel she runs a hot bath.

“Get in there and get clean, you’ll want something small to eat at first.” Izzy pauses, curiously across her face, and she’s given a small sad smile. She closes the door and izzy looks at the tub, stripping out of her dirty snotty clothes.  Slipping into the tub she hides her face under the water, gradually feeling the tension unravel from her body.

Peter is gone. And she’s going to have to make things better somehow, but this is one tiny step on the path to coping without having him around anymore.

F2F || Ali & Will
  • Alice: smiled at Will’s message, happy that he’d made his way to her building so quickly. She grabbed her coat, slipping it on before picking up her purse and keys and closing the door behind her. Ali skipped down the stairs and out the front of her building, smiling happily at Will. “Hiya,” she said before kissing him softly, “Thank you for coming. I know not everyone would want to go and get frozen yogurt when there is literally ice on the ground right now.” She scrunched her nose up as she stepped over a patch of ice and took his hand, pulling him gently in the direction of the new place she’d seen.