here you go Anon


To be a good man is difficult. To be the best man you can be is even harder. Even though he doesn’t choose to wear his baggage on his sleeve, I think that’s his skill set. He doesn’t moan. There is a depth to him. There are always new things to find. (Evans)

fav dan quotes

- “sometimes when you intensely dislike a person due to something, you just have to take comfort in the fact that, one day they will be dead”

- “embrace the void and have the courage to exist”

- “well that’s my cue to skidoo right the fuck there”

- “whenever i slightly bump into the corner of something my flesh aches like i’ve been stabbed like wtf why am i so soft and sensitive”

- “you are a human with one life and it’s up to you to make it the best life you can”

- “if you’re a meme loving fuck clap your hands”