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It's okays not be with overly graphic, I understand (oh well I think I understand pretty well lol), so for the request! What Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Aizawa and Midoriya (separate) would do to protect their s/o from the patients of the first Outlast? (Like send they to hide in the lockers, ask to stay in a place until they go back, hope you understand). Here they don't have their quirk but of course they have the camera.If that's okay, headcanons :3 And God I love you haha <3

(I’m sorry for dropping Midoriya, the character limit is 4 characters) And I very much hope I could write this well enough! I tweaked things a little bit, since the game is rather limited in what the protagonist can do, so I changed that up a bit, I hope that’s okay? I also hope you’ll like it!


- He’s very quiet and careful while he maneuvers around the asylum. The more attention he can pay to his surroundings and the sounds, the better and he’s good at noticing dangers coming towards them.

- The only times Todoroki asks his partner to hide, is when he only has to go a little distance and it depends strongly on how well his love is able to defend themselves.

- He knows that during any sort of horror setting, you do not split up, so that’s something he pays great attention to. In the same way, if his partner doesn’t want to separate, they don’t.

- When it comes to being able to escape alive, Todoroki is willing to get some injuries. If he’s climbing a fence and fights his way through barbed wire to get out, he does it and he takes his partner along too, letting them go first and watches out for dangers, before he follows them.

- If he keeps the camera until the end, strongly depends on whether or not it hinders him in moving forward. He knows there is sensitive material on there and if he chooses to leave it behind to have both hands free, he hides it and resolves to call the authorities once his partner and he are safely out and tells them where they can find the camera.


- While he’s not exactly quiet and stealthy, he’s also a bit less loud than some would expect. Mostly it is because he doesn’t know what dangers await them and with his partner at his side, he tones down taking risks.

- Bakugou isn’t afraid to fight or attack other assailants and he knows how to throw a mean punch. However, if they’re outnumbered and his partner is with him, he chooses to retreat for now, until they can find a better way to get past the patients.

- He hates to leave his partner behind and he doesn’t really do it, unless some special circumstances force him to do so.

- Bakugou always keeps an eye out on alternative ways to escape and when they end up outside without anyone attacking or following them, he takes the time to see if he can get the fence to budge or if they can climb over it, no matter if they attain injuries while doing so. Surviving with a couple of deep scratches or a couple of treatable wounds is better in his book than to lose their lives.

- He finds the camera annoying and also useful. Mostly, he leaves it in his partner’s hands, unless they need to hide and he needs to go alone to get something or switch something on, that is when he borrows the camera and asks them lie low and wait until he comes back.


- He’s slow and very cautious with making his way through the asylum. Kirishima makes sure to always hold on to his partner’s hand so they can’t disappear or walk ahead, while he peers around corners and tugs them into hiding spots when he hears steps coming towards them.

- Kirishima absolutely loathes even the thought to leave his partner behind or to ask them to hide while he goes ahead. He always worries that something could happen to them while he’s away, so even if it looks like he should go alone, he goes with them.

- While Kirishima is careful not to antagonize anyone and to avoid confrontations, he also isn’t afraid to punch someone or fight back if someone manages to get the drop on them. He’s also picking up things they can use to defend themselves, even if it’s a pipe or the broken leg of a table.

- The first moment he sees another way out, he takes it. Scaling walls that aren’t too high or dropping from higher places and then catching his partner, he doesn’t care if he gets injured or twists an ankle, as long as it means they can both escape in one piece.

- Kirishima doesn’t really capture any of the gory details on film, but rather enough so that when they give the camera to the police, they can see enough to know what’s going on and what they could expect when they get into the asylum.


- He’s stealthy and quiet when he makes his way through the asylum. Aizawa smartly avoids confrontations and finds alternative ways as much as possible; even if it means he breaks open air vent shafts or takes the time to move some furniture away from a door so his partner and he can squeeze through.

- Aizawa looks around for additional information or things he can use, be it keys, keycards, a map of the building so they can navigate it easier or weapons they can use. He also looks for a utility room, since those places often have wrenches and other things they could use to make things easier.

- He doesn’t like to leave his partner behind, however, if he thinks it’s safer this way and his partner agrees he looks for a hiding place for them. If they refuse to leave his side, he accepts that and is extra careful when they need to go and look for something.

- He avoids confrontations as much as possible, though should someone attack them, he does his best to knock the patient out and then ties the guy up if he has the material to do so.

- Aizawa tries to capture as much useful material as possible on the camera, so that when they escape, they can back-up their story and give the authorities more than enough information to work with, so that when the police or the military go for the asylum, they at least know what to expect.

Rain kissed

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#57 from the prompt list that I re-blogged 

Your Pov: 

It was a Friday afternoon. Josh and I were driving down the highway. We were going on a mini vacation to the beach for the weekend. We have been in the car for about 2 hours now and I was getting bored. It was about 4:30 and we still had another hour to go. For the first hour and a half Josh and I talked the whole time. For the second hour we listened to music. I was getting bored of listening to music so I decided to look out the window. Who knows, maybe I’ll see something interesting. 

My thoughts were interrupted by rain drops splattering on the windshield and road. 

“I love it when it rains.” Josh said. 

I nodded my head agreeing with him. “Me too.” 

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Both of us just thinking. As I was thinking I looked out the window and saw a beautiful meadow. I suddenly had an idea, that hopefully Josh would agree too. 

“Pull the car over.” I commanded Josh. 

Josh turned his head and looked at me like I was crazy. 

“W-what? Pull the car over are you crazy!” He exclaimed.  

“Pull the car over NOW.” I said this time more forcefully. I needed him to pull the car over now before we had passed the meadow and couldn’t do my idea. 

“Alright, fine jeez women.” He muttered under his breath while pulling the car off to the side of the road. 

Once the car was parked I unlocked the door and started to make my way towards the meadow. As I was walking I heard Josh opening his door. 

“Babe!” He shouted while closing the door. “What are you doing?” He asked. 

“Follow me if you want to find out!” I shouted back at him smirking. I heard him sigh. 

I finally made it to the meadow. It was beautiful. The flowers were shades of purple and yellow. It was simply breathtaking. 

“Babe why are we out here? It’s raining.” Josh told me. 

I turned around to face him. 

“Dance with me.” I simply stated. Josh just stared. He looked at me like I was crazy. Which I probably was at this point but I didn’t care. 

“Why?” He asked puzzled. 

“Because I want to and plus it’s pretty.” I told him honestly. 

He laughed and I joined in. Once we were done laughing he grabbed my hand and we started dancing. It was peaceful and for the first time in my life I was content. I had everything that I needed. 

After a few minutes of Josh and I leaned in and kissed him. When we pulled apart we were both smiling. We stayed smiling at each other for a couple of minutes before it started to pour. 

Josh started to walk back to the car but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back for another kiss. It was like one of the kisses in the movies. Where the couple kisses in the pouring rain. 

We pulled away for a while cause we both needed air. It was silent for a couple of seconds before Josh decided to speak up. We were both soaking wet at this point. 

“Your crazy ya know that.” He started. “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.” He ended with a laugh. 

I shrugged. 

“You know what they say.” I told him. “The best people are crazy.” 

A/N: Here it is! I’m so sorry it’s late! I hope the person that requested this likes it. The other Josh blurbs I’m going to post tomorrow. I decided to combine them because they were similar so I hope that’s okay! Have a great day/night wherever you are!    

I pictured myself falling into your arms and I felt better somehow. Even though I might never be able to do it again, the thought of you catching me gives me a feeling of security that I can’t explain. For someone that shuts down periodically, it’s a really comforting thought.
—  Miles between us

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*chants* STUCK IN A TREE FOR SHERLOLLY (that rhymed lol 😂😂) prompt thingy

Okay, this probably went totally different from what you’ve imagined, but I still hope you enjoy it! :D


Sherlock Holmes eyed the small bundle of fur in his hands.
“Seems like we’re going to be stuck up here for a while,” he murmured.
As if it was responding, the tiny cat rubbed its head against his palm.
Sherlock smiled and carefully ran his fingers through its orange fur.

Molly Hooper was devastated. She had been on her feet all day, looking for her lost cat Toby. As she crossed the park on her way home, completely hopeless and tears rolling over her cheeks, she stopped in mid-stride at the sound of a crying cat. It was barely audible, however she decided to follow it with hesitant steps to search for its source.

“Stop it, please,” Sherlock tried everything he could to stop the kitten in his hands from fussing, but his attempts seemed to fail. He feared that he might crush it, since his hands were wrapped around  its small body so tightly to prevent it from falling down.

Molly approached the tree slowly. She couldn’t believe her own two eyes when she recognized Toby’s saver. His back was leaned against the stem while his legs were hanging over both sides of the branch he was sitting on.

“Holmes?” she stopped in front of the old oak.
Sherlock looked down at her.
“Hooper,” a boyish grin danced around his lips. “I found your cat.” he gently raised his hands from his lap to show her.
“Toby, there you are!” she exclaimed and it was like a load being taken off her mind when she realized he was safe.
“You know as much fun as I had saving your cat, there are more important cases I need to solve now,” Sherlock said.
Molly nodded, “You’ re right. The world needs its only consulting detective. Why are you still up there anyways?” She asked, furrowing a brow at him.
Sherlock felt his cheeks flush, “Well. It seems like I’m stuck.”
Molly burst out laughing, forgetting all the sorrows she had earlier.
“Wait,” she fished her phone out the pocket of her jacket, “I’ll call John and Greg. I’m sure they can help.”
“For the love of God, please do not call Graham!” Sherlock groaned and rested his head against the stem.
“His name is GREG and you’ll be very thankful when he gets you down there,” Molly teased before she secretly snapped a photo of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes being stuck in a tree with a kitten in his hands and sending it to Greg and John asking them to come over and help.


Sherlock sighed when he finally felt solid ground under his feet again.
“Never again,” he mumbled to himself and peered up at the branch he had been sitting on.
“How long have you been up there?” Lestrade asked, a wide grin on his face.
Sherlock rolled his eyes in annoyance, “None of your business, GREG.” He said before turning around and leaving a stunned Lestrade behind.

John and Molly were swooning over Toby, who had rolled himself into a tiny ball and was peacefully sleeping in the box, Molly had brought along.
Sherlock cleared his throat as he neared them.
“I can’t believe that you really did that, Mate!” John looked at him with surprise.“Well,-” Sherlock answered, “- there are most certainly things I had rather done, but I was just helping. That’s my job, isn’t it?” A soft smile played on his lips.
“I think I haven’t thanked you yet!” Molly said and pulled him into an embrace.
Sherlock gently patted her back as he felt her sobbing, “Everything is alright, Molly,” he whispered into her hair.
She looked up at him, tears glimmering in her eyes, “I know,” she sniffed, “But what if you hadn’t been there?”
Caressing, he brushed away a tear from her cheek, “I was there, Molly. Nothing to worry about anymore.”
She buried her head against his chest whispering ‘Thank you’ all over again.


“You could be a little nicer to me, since I saved your life back then!” Sherlock scowled at the shadow, lurking in the corner of the living room.
“Also, this is my flat, which means my rules,” he added before sinking down into his chair.
Glaring at him with suspicious eyes, Toby stepped out of the room.
Sherlock smiled at his victory, but his wide grin was soon to disappear when he heard the sound of glass shattering to the ground.
“Toby,” he growled, “For your own good, I hope that this wasn’t one of my test tubes!”

Hi guys! ^^ Last night was pretty rough and things are still really stressful and uncertain today, so I thought I’d make a post for anyone who needs to calm down! (myself included ^^;;;; ) If you’ve been following for a while you know my number one way of cheering up my friends is sending them pictures of jello molds, so here are a few of my favorites! If you want, take a couple minutes to take some deep breaths and take a relaxing scroll through these jello curves~

It’s like a big fruit-filled water drop!!

Look at that shine :D

I love the ones with the curvy corners ( ´ ▽ ` )

The classic rainbow layer!!

Simple, classy, elegant~

There you go, I hope that helps! It might take a while, but everything will be okay! I love you guys (*^▽^*)

boyfriend!woozi: first fight

- mingyu was giving you a piggyback ride and y’all were parading around the practice rooms singing dumb nursery rhymes at the top of ur lungs
- and woozi was already having a bad enough day as it was but seeing you with mingyu just set him off
- he came to find you because he knew spending time with you would uplift his mood at least a little but no, you were with mingyu
- and he felt as if you were neglecting him at a time he really needed you
- so when mingyu finally put you down, woozi growled out a “we’re leaving now.” he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the room,,,
- and it was the first time he had ever been rough when touching you.
- he dragged you to the company parking lot, tightening his grip as you neared the location of his parked car, and practically shoved you into the passenger seat
- woozi always listens to his cds in the car, or at least the radio, but the car ride was absolutely silent; all you could hear was his heavy breathing
- before you knew it, you were parked in front of ur apartment building
- woozi just leaned his forehead on the steering wheel, sighed, and ran his hand through his hair, his fringe messing up as a result
- at this point, you still didn’t really know why he was acting the way he was, so–
- you: um, jihoon? are you ok..?
- him: god why are you so dense, of cOURSe i’m not okay.
- you were a little hurt but you let it slide bc “it’s probably just the stress from work getting to him”
- you: do you wanna talk about it?
- him: if i wanted to talk about it, i wouldn’t go to you because we don’t seem to go to each other for things anymore.
- you: wait what are you talking about…
- him: yOU SPEND SO MUCH tIMe with the other members that sometimes i wonder why you’re dating me and not one of them
- you: hold on, is this about today? about me hanging out with mingyu??
- him: “hanging out”… ha ha ok whatever makes u feel better
- you: woozi, mingyu is someone im very close to so of course we’re going to—
- him: well if you like mingyu so much then why don’t you go date him instead??
- that comment honestly just felt like a stab in the chest to you bc… how could he ever think…? how could he ever doubt the love you have for him? ?
- you flung open the car door and sprinted to your apartment building as quickly as humanly possible, before woozi even realised what he said and what impact those words would have had on you
- but when he finally did realise, it was too late
- and he began to beat himself up about it
- “how could you ever say something like that to them? even if you were having a bad day, you had no right to say that to the loVE OF UR LIFE.”
- he had to go to coups to ask for help, and woozi hATES asking for help
- coups was just like… you fucked up. bad. you need to go apologise right now. go. now.
- and woozi was fREAKiNg OUT, he had all these thoughts that you were gonna break up with him, you were never gonna speak to him again, you were going to go date mingyu instead like he told u to ….
- anyway so it was like freaking 2AM or something and he rocked up at ur apartment with his guitar and a handwritten letter that was three pages long, and started to give himself a pep talk to get all ready to serenade u with a mushy song he wrote bc he’d rather lose his pride than lose you
- but when he knocked on the door and got no answer after 15 mins… he fell to his knees and finally realised just how badly he screwed up
- idk why the possibility of u being asleep never crossed his mind but anyway
- he just leaned his head on your door and kept whispering ur name…
- and the the door swung open
- and he was like wtf
- “they didn’t lock, let alone close, the door?? man, how irresponsible can they get”
- he went in though and found you lying in bed,,, with tear streaked cheeks
- and his heart broke into two bc he knew that it was him that caused you to be like this
- he climbed into bed next to you even though he kNEW he shouldn’t have but in that moment he just needed to be close to u
- swept the hair out of ur face and stroked ur cheeks, wiping away your tears
- you unconsciously inched closer to him in ur sleep and he just thought… i really don’t deserve you
- so he went and slept on your couch lol
- the next morning you wake up and feel all gross bc ur hair’s all messed up and ur face is all sticky from dried tears and it’s just ew,,,
- “wait a sec. is that jihoon’s guitar?? what the heck, did he come during the night ???”
- so you go and investigate in ur apartment and u almost get a heart attack bc hES ON UR COUCH HOW DID HE GET IN
- he’s clutching a piece of paper and ur like jihoon… what even- are you writing lyrics in ur sleep??
- you read it and it says, “dear y/n, you know how bad i am with words so i decided to write down my thoughts instead of straight out saying them to you…”
- before you start to read any further, he murmurs your name in his half conscious state
- “y/n, i’m so sorry… forgive me.. please, you’re my everything”
- this is unfair he’s even cuter in his sleep
- you wrap your arms around his waist and squeeze tight, before kissing his cheek and snuggling into his chest
- “it’s okay, i would never leave you for mingyu”
- he pulls you in closer and you both fall asleep in each others arms on ur little apartment couch


〔 ✦ 〕❝ LADY Mathilda ? May I perhaps have a word with you ?

Walking up to the older woman, Celica would offer the blonde a kind and curious smile. Truth be told, she admired the other’s grace in battle and her strong beliefs. Mathilda certainly had the redhead’s respect, though she couldn’t help but be curious. There wasn’t a problem with asking a few questions was there ?

❝ I don’t mean to pry, but I was hoping you could answer a few questions I have of you. ❞


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where can I find all three seasons of skam bc i need to watch them all rn


Ok so ive got a bunch of links cause some wont work from times to times for some reasons so ill give them all to you :)

all three seasons 

season 1 

season 2 part1 - part 2

season 3 (alternative link) (which i believe were uploaded by @skamforfaen if you wanna thank them <3 maybe im wrong tho okay nvm i got the wrong person but if you know who uploaded them id love to know !!  So you might want to thank @shametv for their amazing work!! Sorry for the mistake haha <3 ) also the clips are uploaded as they come out on this one!!

season 3 (where you have to upload the subs yourself)

and you can go on @skam-translated too ! 

I hope this helps you :) also just so you know the episodes are released through clips “in real time” through the week so like if a character is going to school on monday morning, the clip will be released on monday morning :)

here is the official website if you want to see when they’re uploaded and maybe leave some cute hearts to let them know you love the show <3

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Would an imagine where it's your (and Leafy's) wedding day and you start freaking out about stupid stuff like if your dress is okay or not be cute? Idk it was just a thought

Lol, so here I am… writing a fanfic… finally… I hope you guys enjoy, I am going to try to get a few done tonight ^-^ They might be a little shorter, but I will try to have them be at least decent content and you will get more than one :) Let me know what you guys think.

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Wedding Stress

Today was a big day. Well, truly not that big of a day, simply one that you gave a lot of importance to. The special occasion was your wedding. You were getting married to your problematic fave, Calvin. Even after everything you had been through together, you managed to stick it out and grow together as people. You didn’t think making that stupid video about him would ever lead to something as big as this, yet here you are. 

It was about an hour before you were set to walk down the isle and to say you were stressed was an understatement. Throughout the day, small things had continued to be changed and they were starting to build up. First, it was a mishap with the cake, then the venue planned for an hour later than you intended, your mom was nagging you about pictures, one of the bridesmaids ripped her dress. It was just starting to seem like the world didn’t want this day to occur. Being the foodie that you are, the day only seemed longer when the food you ordered didn’t get delivered. Not to mention the fact you had yet to talk with Calvin all day. 

Speaking of him, what was he thinking throughout everything that has happened? You knew he heard of everything that was going down but he would have someone else relay what he thought the best course of action would be. There wasn’t only issues that were happening with you, over on his end there were some problems as well. For instance, one of his groomsman decided to get trashed the night before and forgot his tie, the suite they were supposed to be in was given to someone else, among many other small things. 

Then something you didn’t expect happened. The florist you hired calls and says that someone in the shop sold the main bouquet you were supposed to hold. In the grand scheme of things, this really wasn’t that big of a deal. However, it simply put you straight over the edge. After receiving the call, you slowly rise and look over to your friends. They are quickly worried by the silence filling the room. You turn away and calmly say, “The flourish sold my bouquet. I’ll be back, hopefully. I don’t know if I can do this.” Before anyone can say anything, you leave. 

In your beautiful white gown, you stroll over to a secluded section of the venue. You look beautiful, but it seems like everything around you is just falling apart. As a result you start questioning a lot of things. ‘Should I really be getting married?’ ‘This was supposed to be fun and totally not blow up in my face.’ Interrupting your thoughts, one of Calvin’s groomsmen sees you as he’s walking and says, “Y/N? What are you doing out here by yourself? Are you okay?” As almost reading your thoughts, he jokingly says, “you’re not getting cold feet, are you?” 

You let out a casual sign and ignore his questions. He walks over and a bit more seriously asks, “What happened? You can’t say you are honestly considering calling it off.” Before you can say anything he, turns around and blurts out while heading to their suite saying, “Wait here, I’m getting Calvin. He’s just as stressed as you, no one has to know you guys already saw each other.” 

Patiently waiting and contemplating your life, you start going over everything in your head. Your concerns are disrupted by a set of arms wrapping around your shoulders and a short kiss to your cheek. “So I hear my bride to be is having some technical difficulties.” You chuckle at his remark and turn to give him an actual hug. Letting out a sigh of relief, you say, “Basically the universe hates us and everything that could go wrong, is going wrong.” 

He takes in how you look and smiles saying, “Well, you look absolutely stunning so I don’t know what the problem is.” You crack a small smile and his face brightens up at the sight. “That’s the gorgeous smile I’m about to marry in the hour. Now, please tell me what is bothering you? I’ve really tried hard the last 24 hours to not give you a reason to not marry me today.” He says, letting out a few nervous laughs. He takes your hand into his and looks down at you. Feeling more at ease in his presence, you say, “The florist sold my bouquet that I made.” 

He laughs in response and says, “Babe, I thought it was going to be something quite terrible like a death or something. Is it really that big of a deal?” Sighing, you look away from his gaze and say, “Well, it was pretty important, I just don’t want to walk down with nothing in my hands. Can you just picture it? What the fuck do I do if I’m not holding anything? Like I’m already going to look awkward with a smile that probably makes me look like a serial killer. Not to mention, I will likely do something stupid with my hands– like flip off my grandma or something.” He laughs at your antics and the various expressions you are making. He takes away some of your stress by asking, “Is there no way I can’t pick you up a few bouquets and you can make a new one? We have 45 minutes yet. I’m sure you could manage a simple one, not that it would matter anyway.” Getting a glint in your eyes, you feel relieved. All you can manage to say is, “This is why I’m marrying you.” 

He twirls you around and says, “Well, I may have done something mischievous..” Just then, his best man emerges from the side and comes out with a beautiful bouquet. The arrangement is full of your favorite flowers and ones that he said reminded him of you. It is different than the one you had made, but you are mesmerized by it’s beauty. 

Calvin takes it from his friend and gently hands it to you. You are both extremely annoyed and happy at the same time. Shyly, Calvin looks away and says, “So, I may have called a different florist and got you a bouquet. I wanted to see you before the wedding and I didn’t know what to really get you the day of. I hope you still feel like marrying me after this… I didn’t plan on everything else that happened earlier.” You laugh at how ridiculous the whole situation is. 

Carefully holding the beautiful bouquet, you hug him and say, “You have no idea how mad I am at you right now, but we have a wedding to be at in 25 minutes, so it will have to wait until later.” Chuckling, he sweeps you off your feet and spins you around. Laughing, you ask, “Calvin, what on earth are you doing?” He smiles and says, “Showing the love of my life how much I adore them,” before carefully sitting you down and kissing you on your forehead. 

Just after setting you down, your maid of honor comes over to check on you and finds the two of you together. “You two honestly couldn’t wait 20 more minutes?” Smiling at each other you both let out a short laugh. Your friend pulls you away as does Calvin’s best man, leading him back to their suite. Before you are out of sight he turns and yells back to you, “I’ll be waiting for my ‘thank you kiss’ at the end of the isle!” Both you and your friend laugh at his words and can feel the mood lighten. You walk into your suite with the bouquet and are still astonished at how he managed to pick something like that out. Your mom turns to you and asks, “Are you ready?” Smiling at the flowers, you say, “Yes.”

I say it’s not going to be long, and then it ends up being longer; kill me. My ask box has been acting a little funny lately, so I am not sure if I am getting all of your requests and messages. I hope you guys liked it, let me know what you think. 100 Notes and I’ll marry Calvin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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omg hi! i'm so so so happy you guys are back! you were (and still are) easily my favourite reactions blog! i was wondering if you could do a gif reaction to them walking in on their crush and another member drunk and making out while stripping? if not, it's totally okay! c:

tysm! ^.^ enjoy~

Jin: *discouraged* I definitely don’t have a chance with her now…fuck

Rap Monster: *internal screaming and ready to kick some ass*

J-Hope: *jealous Hobi* I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but it needs to stop, now.

Suga: Lol, they won’t find his body tomorrow.

Jimin: *feeling heartbroken* Guess she doesn’t like me as much as I thought she did…

V: MINE. *pulls him off of you angrily*

Jungkook: Hyung, are you prepared to fight me?

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