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tip for people who want to colour their hair in colourful(pink/blue/green/purple/etc) colours. EDITED VERSION


  • make sure your hair LIGHT blonde before you put in any colour. 
  • don’t be afraid to bleach your hair twice in one day bleaching you hair twice one day works for some people. for others it apparently is an Awful thing ask your hair dresser and tell them the and strenght of bleach you’re using.
  • leave the dark purple pigment conditioner (it comes with the hair bleach), in your hair for at least an hour. it will remove most if not all yellow pigment. don’t have it in for 5 minutes. that won’t do shit. 


  • i don’t care if the container says “30 minutes” the colour won’t last for more than one or two washes if you don’t keep it in for longer. usually i leave it in for 3-5 hours, but the longer you have it in the better. 

  • honestly. check the manic panic faq. some people have it in for 30 minutes, some have it in for 3 hours. some people leave it in for 15 hours while they go to bed. the containers says ~30 minutes but honestly that’ll just be a waste of money. different colours stick differently quick though.

  • don’t wash your hair with shampoo that gets foamy.  get non sulphuric shampoo (the one that doesn’t get all foamy) or use hair conditioner. hair conditioner doesn’t work for everyone though.

  • don’t be afraid to mix these dyes to get a different colour

  • mix your dye with regular conditioner to get a lighter colour

yes this is bad for your hair, but any type of colouring/bleaching is bad for your hair, as are all styling products.

Reunion; baratieprince & askmonsterzoro


Zoro had been on the sea in his tiny, slightly pathetic little boat for weeks. and hadn’t had anything to drink in days. So as his tiny boat approached what looked like a restaurant set in the middle of a dramatically blue ocean, he smiled.
He could almost taste the sake on his lips as he tied the boat to the dock and finally set his feet down on the wharf. The three katana he carried at all times were strapped to his waist and he fixed his ankle length coat. Approaching the door, he yawned before stepping inside and walking directly over to the bar.

What if I was born during a retrograde?

Quick Points

  • A planet is said to be in retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards from our point here on Earth
  • The planet itself does not physically start moving backwards in its orbit. It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth (x)
  • The Sun and the Moon never turn retrograde

If you have any planets in your natal chart that were in retrograde at the time of your birth, that planet’s energy is expressed differently for you. Things ruled by that Planet might be hindered, so you won’t be able to project some qualities as well as you should. 

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