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“So, Danny… You and your little friends want to hunt ghosts.”

The man’s son answered. “Uh, actually, Dad? I want to be an astronaut.”

The girl to his right, blonde hair dyed a subtle red, looked up from her smartphone. “Sorry, Mr. Fenton. I was into ghosts, but they’re so mainstream now. They’re like cellphones.” She lifted hers in the air and snapped a picture, adjusting her frame-less glasses so she could select a filter on Instagram.

“Waste these looks and all this charisma hunting ghosts?” The boy leaned back, stretching slightly the Deadpool logo covering the front of his shirt. “Criminal.” He was probably right; if he kept learning computer science at this rate, he’d have a job before he finished highschool.

“Well, if you do want to hunt ghosts, there are a few things you need to learn….” 

Danny sunk further into his chair, wishing he could be anywhere but here.

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Favorite fandom: Oh no, I can’t choose between Death Note fandom and Shingeki No Kyojin fandom ಥ_ಥ 

Fave film watched in 2016: yeah zootopia 

Last article you read: *look at my web history* a article about a Russian singer

Last thing you bought online: two mini figurines of levi and eren and a time turner necklace 

Last person you dreamed of: A girl from Scotland

Any phobias/fears: insects………… ಠ╭╮ಠ

How would your friends describe you: I asked them, so I have exceptional (Merci Sarah, tu l’es aussi) hardworking, ambitious, fangirl (yeah)

How would your enemies describe you: uninteresting, shy, lesb (not a compliment for them) 

Would you take a bullet for someone?: it depends who… (ಠ_ಠ)

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: A manor full of cintiq 24hd

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Why do you think Clexa is the best ship? I'm just trying to understand you. Like I lowkey ship but that's all.

honestly we would be here all night if i had to explain all the reasons why but here are just a few: 

  • clarke and lexa share the same burden of leadership. both of them had the weight of an entire people on their shoulders. lexa and clarke are the ONLY ones who understand what that feels like. (unless you count abby/jaha/kane as chancellors, but we’re talking about ships here so that’s irrelevant) 
  • both of them are teenagers who have had leadership thrust upon them. lexa was named as commander at a very young age, and she began her training at age 2. clarke sort of fell into leadership herself rather unexpectedly, and found herself being responsible for the lives of the rest of the 1OO without ever really being prepared for it. they’ve both had their childhoods/innocence ripped from them in similar ways, they’ve both had to make impossible decisions, and had to do so while separating themselves from the emotion of it. (head over heart) 
  • from literally their first meeting onward, lexa was the ONLY person who did not second guess or judge clarke unfairly for the decisions she makes as leader. when clexa disagreed on something, they talked it out, but never did lexa make clarke feel guilty for her decisions (as bellini does, as abby does, as octavia and raven did and etc, etc). because lexa understood.
  • lexa had an unbelievable amount of respect towards clarke. not just as a person, but as someone she was interested in. when clarke pulled away from the kiss, she backed tf up. when clarke was angry with her, she put politics in polis on hold for a week to give clarke her space and only breached that space when she couldn’t put it off any longer. 
  • lexa explained her decision to clarke, and reminded clarke that they are not so different. she never once made clarke feel guilty for her decision at mt. weather. in fact, she took part of the blame on herself. (”i never meant to turn you into this”) 
  • then, in the same vein re: the betrayal, lexa later swears fealty to clarke. she gets on both knees and pledges her loyalty to clarke. on one hand, yes, this is romantic af and everyone squealed but also this was extremely dangerous for lexa. she basically told clarke straight up that she would put clarke on the same level as her people, that she would be loyal to clarke, and protect her at all costs. 
  • she upholds that vow of loyalty throughout the rest of her time on the show. 
  • her loyalty to clarke (bringing clarke into the coalition, etc) winds up putting lexa’s position as commander in danger. it would have been simpler for lexa to simply kill clarke and take her “power” and be done with it. her rule would be cemented and the coalition would stabilize. instead, she advocated for clarke and the sky people despite knowing that this would further destabilize her alliance with the other 12 clans. she put her life on the line for clarke and clarke’s people when she fought roan. she risked herself for clarke, time and time again, while asking nothing in return. 
  • she thanks clarke, over and over, for clarke’s decision to stay with her. there is no guilt here, no underhanded intentions, just, “thank you for staying”. lexa knew that clarke was the reason she was still alive. without clarke, the vote would have been unanimous and she would have been removed from power and likely killed. and when clarke dismisses her (”reshop, heda”), lexa accepts that dismissal and reestablishes the distance between them. 
  • clarke, throughout 3x04 and onwards, continues to show not only how much she cares about lexa, but also how much more she is herself when she is around her. clarke in 3x02 and most of 3x03 is damaged, broken, bitter, and angry. the more time clarke spends in polis, the more she seems to return to her old self: we see her manipulate roan and the ice queen (and risking her life to save lexa’s in the process). we see her smile for what is likely the first time since mt. weather. we see her begin to heal. thanks to lexa. 
  • in 3x05 clarke/lexa are put at odds again after the slaughter. lexa’s initial reaction is to wipe out arkadia and keep clarke prisoner (which she later reveals is due to her not wanting clarke to come to harm - “if it were me, i’d kill you on the spot.”) clarke manages to talk her down. clarke reminds lexa of her ultimate goal: peace. and despite knowing the backlash that will ensue from her decision to abstain from retaliation, lexa agrees. compromise was the foundation of their relationship. 
  • in 3x06 we see clarke drawing for the first time. she is at peace. she is content. when lexa has her nightmare, clarke speaks to her in a tone of voice that i personally don’t remember her using with anyone else. (”hey. it’s okay. you’re okay.”) she reminds lexa of who she is (”your legacy, will be peace.”) and then lexa sees her drawing and we see clarke actually look bashful. she’s flustered and this is something we’ve never really seen. that drawing was meant to be private–drawing lexa was something clarke did for herself. (bonus: clarke drew lexa as lexa, not as the commander.) 
  • furthermore, they butt heads later on in the episode when clarke initially calls for emerson to be executed. lexa calls her on her shit, and forces clarke to see that she’s being hypocritical. the episode ends with them standing on even ground and being on the same page. compromise. growth. we also see the beginnings of titus’ betrayal. (”you are too personally involved–”)
  • 3x07 we see lexa argue with titus over clarke. (”your feelings for clarke put both of you in danger”) and lexa changes. in season 2 it was “love is weakness”. in season 3 it became “i am more than capable of separating feelings from duty”. it wasn’t just lexa that helped clarke grow. clarke helped lexa grow. 
  • the conversation about the kill order: clarke doesn’t even have to say anything. lexa already knows that clarke disagrees, and they hash it out fairly quickly. (”you’re angry about the kill order.” [pause] “yes.” “how else do you expect me to enforce a blockade?”) clarke understands. and then this gem: “so when do we leave?” from clarke, and lexa:  “we may be drawing a line here… but who’s to say you can’t be on this side of it?” lexa offers clarke a place at her side. 
  • and the best point of all, the actual love scene. clarke walks in and looks vaguely panicked for a moment that she won’t get to say goodbye to lexa–and when lexa sees her, she already knows that clarke is leaving. because she knows clarke. “so when do you leave?”–”now.” and lexa understands. she doesn’t hold anything against clarke. “you have to go, they’re your people.”
  • HERE’S THE BEST PART THOUGH. lexa knows the clarke is leaving, possibly forever. they’re enforcing a kill order on arkadia and it’s possible that war will brew and for all she knows, she’s never going to see clarke again. she starts to say, “that’s why i love you”–but she stops herself. because she doesn’t know where clarke stands and she doesn’t want to place that pressure on clarke. so she amends herself. “that’s why you’re you.”
  • and clarke. clarke. clarke understanding, and clarke offering lexa the same thing, in different words: “maybe someday, you and i will owe nothing more to our people.” maybe someday, their responsibilities as leaders won’t keep them apart. maybe someday, they can be together without the shadow of that leadership hanging over them. 

tl;dr: the reason clexa is the best ship is because clexa were soulmates. lexa loved clarke, clarke loved lexa. they knew each other. they understood each other. they supported each other. they may not have always agreed with each other, but they worked through it. they treated each other as equals

[this got about 19x longer than i planned it to but whatever.]