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The fishbone kids: Arial, Lilah, and Lucidia-Calli!

Arial belongs to @undying-undyrus@ask-the-undyrus-family , Lilah is (one of) mine, and Lucidia-Calli belongs to @shadowed-dancer / @ask-an-undyrus-kid!

I would have drawn the @ask-baby-fishbones kid, but she isn’t exactly here yet. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned, folks…

Also if you have an undyrus kid I didn’t include, please send them to me if you’d like! I’d love to see them.

Complicated (Part 2)

Hey folks! Here’s part two, as promised. Hopefully you enjoy it :D I have an idea for part three, or I may turn it into the “Complicated Series” or something like that. I don’t know, let me know? Anyway - enjoy!

Word Count: 1,274

Tony x Reader - Complicated Pt 2

You stayed up on the roof when Gibbs had left. Not really thinking about anything, just watching the cars move and the pedestrians, all milling about, going here, there and everywhere, rushing, barging past other people. How would you tell him? What do you do? Go downstairs, take him to one side of the bullpen and drop the bombshell that he’s going to be a father? Or ask him out to dinner - no, Tony would definitely get the wrong impression there. Puffing out a sigh you pick up your phone off the ledge and typed up a text to send to Tony, your thumbs dancing over the touch screen keypad;

‘Come to the roof. I need to talk.’ frowning, you delete it and try again;

‘Hey Tony. I need to talk with you. It’s important. Could you come up to the roof?’ You growl at your phone as if it was it’s fault, and you purse your lips as you delete the text yet again, third time’s a charm;

‘May sound odd, but could you come to the roof? I need to talk.’ you sent off the text after hesitating briefly then placed the phone against her chin, tapping it gently. You needed more time. That ugly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach came flip-flopping right back. 

Moving over to the old vent you were previously sat on, you took some deep breaths, an attempt to calm yourself, ease the manic ocean rip-tide in your stomach and your very nervous heart. Your phone buzzed, making you jump it was a reply from Tony; 

'Be right there.’

It wasn’t long before the metal door opened again and shut with the same 'thunk’ sound. The wind had picked up a little and night was drawing near, a few of the tall lamps already illuminating the streets and paths down below.

Tony’s foot falls grew nearer, you grew more nervous, “Hey [Y/N], what’s with the roof top meet? Are we conspiring?” He asked jokingly, the grin evident in his voice, “Pulling another glorious prank on Timothy?”

You shuffle, letting him sit down and was about to open your mouth and come right out with it until he spoke again, rolling your eyes, you knew what was coming.

“It’s reminds of that film where-”

“Tony!” You cut him off sharply, much sharper than intended do you soften your voice considerably before talking again, smiling slightly, “Stop. Please. This isn’t…Movie references are good an’ all and you know I love them but I really need to tell you something.”

He paused, closing his mouth and that same look of concern that Gibbs had came to Tony’s face too, “What’s wrong? Is it the case? I know it’s a tough one but I gotten say we’re doing pretty well..”

“No, no Tony it’s not the case..”

“Is it you? Are you sick? Are you leaving? Someone’s dying. I knew it.” He asked and didn’t miss a beat, “Or is it someone else? Gibbs? McGoo? Oh God not Abby?”

“I’m pregnant!”

You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, it was harsh and quick but the total opposite of biting the bullet and pulling off the band-aid and so not the way you wanted to tell him. It was like you were throwing it at him,  "I’m…I’m pregnant, Tony…“

You stare at him, staring at you. Your cheeks go flush when his eyes flicker to your lips, your stomach and then back to your eyes. He turned away and stood and you were just about holding the tears in, half expecting him to walk off when he simply stood there. 

Your eyes moved up to see his eyes not moving but his jaw was doing the twitch thing it did whenever he was angry or emotional, “Tony I..” you reach for his arm but he moved away then, pacing.

“Pregnant.” Was all he said, just above a murmur, as if he was trying to figure out what that word actually meant. Obviously he’d put two and two together, concluding it was his, you’d not been with anyone else since - with work you never had the time.

You didn’t speak, you just watched. Watched him try to wear a hole through the concrete. All the while he was pacing he never looked at you, a pensive and deep in thought expression on his face.

After…Wow, nearly ten minutes of silent pacing -Tony only pausing to either squint or flex his hands into fists, something he only did when he was troubled - you spoke, unable to take the silence anymore, “Just want you to know that I…If you don’t want to do anything, that’s okay, I know you never really wanted…Or at least it’s never been said in conversation about wanting kids and I just, well I’m-I’m not going to ask anything of you.” God you mentally cringe, how else were you suppose to say it?

That seemed to get him to stop his pacing and piercing eyes latched onto your own glistening ones, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean…It’s not like this is a normal thing. We work together Tony. We’re not even together together.” You say softly and stand, “I don’t mean anything bad by it, I just understand if you aren’t ready for this,” you motion to your stomach and then grow up your arms, “hell I don’t think I am.”

“How do you know? Have you thought about it?” He asked, his facial expression almost pleading.

You shake your head, “No, I’ve not known long. I did the test today. Well, I got Ducky to run my bloods. I felt off and lightheaded yesterday and I was late so…” You stop another bout of nervous rambling just in time before it developed and you fold your arms over your chest, “I don’t know how to feel. But I knew I needed to tell you, Gibbs said to-”

“Hold on, Gibbs knows?" 

Crap. "Yeah he found me up here. This is where I come to clear my head.” You mumble quietly, “I’m sorry you weren’t the first to know.”

The jaw twitching appeared again, Tony shook his head, brushing off the apology, a small flash of a slightly smile. He stayed quiet, looking past your head when he tilted his head to the side a bit, eyes squinting, “I’m…happy.” he almost sounded as if he was unsure whether or not to tell you. Your heart melted right there and then.

You move a little closer and offer a small smile, “Yeah? I was so nervous - for telling you, I mean.”


"Because.” You say, like it’s the answer before continuing, turning your back to Tony as you too, started pacing, “Like I said before, we aren’t together. It was a one night fling.” You stop for a moment, “I didn’t know what to do, it was like I was choking. Seeing the blood report…I still think Ducky thinks I have a major illness or something.”

Tony smirked at that, coming to stand with you near the ledge, “This could be something cool, y'know? Having a baby..”

You turn your head slightly and raise an eyebrow, “Yeah?”

He nodded his head and then opened an arm, “C'mere.”

“We’ll work it out, won’t we?” You ask while moving your head to his chest, your arms slowly drop only to creep around his waist. You felt his chin moving against your hair, nodding.

“Of course. We’ll have to work out how to get me as far as possible away from Gibbs. Out of sniping range preferably so he doesn’t shoot me in the nuts.” He said into your hair and placed a kiss there, “I mean it.” He grinned when he felt you shaking with silent laughter, “I promise, I’ll be here. Through everything together or not together.”

That would be something you and Tony could potentially discuss at a later date. Right now you had to focus on getting an appointment at the doctors, getting everything in order with Vance, scans and a meeting with the team.

hey folks! i come bearing exciting news!

so, the National Museum of American Jewish History in philly is currently preparing to curate an exhibit on queer american jews, and they’re looking for you.

(you here being a queer american jew, which, if you’re reading this tumblr, you probably are)

do you have a story about your jewish queerness that you’ve always wanted to tell? (i know you do; i’ve read your posts). did you read the autostraddle post on being gay on hannukah and want to give a follow-up? are you sick of depleted representation of people like you, and would love to see some in a museum?

if so, submit a story (SUPER CONVENIENTLY) to this tumblr. (yes, the exhibit has a tumblr. what a time to be alive). tell your story. be heard. get images of yourself out there, and then come to philly and see them on display.

hannukah sameach, and may all your wintertimes be queer

Unfollow me if

-you thing transgender people who don’t experience heavy or any dysphoria are faking it

-if you think bi/ace/pan people are confused

-if you think agen/nonb/Demigen people are fake/ pretending/ confused

-if you think feminism is essentially hating men (not “umbrella” feminism)

-if you think there is no need for women’s movements

-if you think any religion is “violet” “bad” “evil” without understanding it at all

-if you think black people are inherently aggressive/hypersexual/unintelligent (shout out to simone the smartest most beautiful gal from round here)

-if you think people of Latin descent are intruding on your “white folk land”

-if you are pro-life in the sense of thinking that abortion is 100% always wrong (example: forcing a SA victim to keep a baby that was forced on them in the first place)

-if you think BLM HRC and simmilar movements are wrong

-you think being gay is “gross”

-if you think letting people live their own lives and enjoy them conflicts with yours just bc there is other opinions

I don’t care how much you like my art/ what I post you are formally denounced and I don’t want you around my blog


It’s that time again! Yup, that’s right– GIVEAWAY TIME! 

Alright folks, here are the rules (short and simple): 

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If you’re playing sumo and has been walking for 84 years to catch a pokemon

Here’s a tip to save your lives

Go into pokedex and find the desired pokemon, note that you need to encounter it at least once either in field or in battle to have its silhouette.  Check its habitat.  You see that little icon there?  That mimikyu over there?  Good.  Zoom in.

Oh hey look it’s in the dead centre of the abandoned supermarket!! The centre.  Remember that.

Okay here I am, the middle of the haunted place.  Now run in circles and by that I mean run like a cat chasing its tail.


I’ve also used this method on pyukumuku where I rode lapras in circles in the south-west corner of this little floating land near the beach.  I won’t put the pictures up here because I’m lazy but yeah, here you go folks.

  • Laurens: Welcome back, ladies and gents, to Revolution Radio! For our evening special tonight, we have a very special interview: King George III himself!
  • Laurens: Gotta say, Georgey, its quite an honor.
  • Hamilton with a horrible British accent: Why thank you, Laurens, and may I say that for the record, I am a massive butthead?
  • Laurens: You heard it here first, folks, the king is a massive butthead.