here you are folks

(( Um! Okay wowee!

I hit 300 Followers today and wow! I really and truly didn’t expect to reach 305 so soon! I’m super honored that so many of y’all seem to like and enjoy my interpretation of Ranpo so much! Thank you all!! Thank you all so much!!

I wish I could do something in celebration of this real big milestone (or, at least, big for me! Even my most popular blog in the past took years to reach 300! And we’ve made it here so quickly!) but I’m just so lost for what you wonderful folks deserve! So, y’know, for now I’m just writing a big ol’ rant about how much I love and appreciate each and every one of you! From those of you that actively RP with me, to those who send asks (on and off anon), to those who like and reblog my posts and reblogs, and even those who just hit that follow button, each and every one of you mean a lot to me, and you all make me so happy!

So here’s to 305! And may y’all continue to enjoy this little blog in the corner of the internet where tomfoolery and suggestions live! ))

anonymous asked:

why is your url literally the name of prosthetics and yet youre not disabled. in fact why have you gone back and forth so many times about being disabled. all because you wanna id as ed.

you heard it here first folks…….. guess i was just faking it all along!

On becoming a sheriff

Howdy folks! This here’s Sheriff Woody, but you can just call me Woody! I’m part of the roundup gang, with Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete! Not to mention, tons of other pardners joined the gang, and at a rapid fire pace too, YEEE HAW!.

Now some of y'all may be wondering, what does it take to become part of the roundup gang? How does one become a sheriff? That I will tell step by step:

  1. Be on the lookout for some bandits and varmints. You could find em through seein them say real nasty stuff. To know who’s a bandit or varmint, come in contact with me, the Sheriff.
  2. Now from here, go right ahead and check if they passed on from this big blue Wild West. Doin that simply takes a hoverin over their name, and if you see a “Deactivated”, that’s your cue to ride like the wind to the scene!
  3. Now, a “Deactivated” could mean two things. One of em means that they’ve already been taken care of, so their hollow corpse can’t be used tor feasting. Another means that they simply passed on and deleted. And if they went n deleted, well, you know what you gotta do!
  4. Claim your prize and set your theme up! Leave everything at its defaults besides the title, which should be changed to “Howdy Pardner”, and the icon to this:

Thank you all, and always remember….YERMA FAVRITE DEPUTEE

mrvolivia  asked:

Honestly you're the only blog that can actively try to sell me things and I love it bc your beautiful gremlin weasel is on it and her face makes my day

if you’re into Pangur-veiled money-grubbing, then HECK I got just the thing!

the Aspects print is back…and this time….it’s BLUE. there’s 30 copies, & you can pick em up for $11 each at