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finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

from very far away

The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
@stileslydiah requested “18. From very far away”

Stiles looks good. His skin is sun-bronzed and his eyes are warm, happy – clear of the haunted edges. The footage isn’t clear, but Derek can tell that much.

 He’s crammed into the back of a car with a couple of friends he’s made out in Virginia; they’ve all just come through Quantico together and are headed to the airport, mostly to split up for the final time as they all head to their various assignments all over the country.

 Stiles’ arm jerks as he’s jostled by the girl – Nguyen, Derek thinks – on his right.

 "Are you gonna spend the next ten minutes talking shit about the catering? Because I can just shut the camera off right now. Or I’ll talk to your boy.“

 Stiles’ laugh rings out and he jostles her back, eyes dancing as they slide back to look into the camera. "Derek likes my shit talking, man,” he insists. “It’s one of my countless charming qualities.”

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[On being on the show and it’s long running legacy]

It means a great deal to me! I mean, I-I-I wasn’t here from the very beginning but at this point I’ve now been here as long as or–longer then some of the people who were here from the beginning. So, it’s a crazy thing.

Leia and bb-Ben - A force-sensitive mother always knows

“If your father was here, he would ground you.” based on her beautiful last jedi promo outfit. not to mention the newly released last jedi behind the scenes which are RIDICULOUSly intense. we nerfs dont deserve it!!

// a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben tributes made with love for the ever perfect 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹 our space angel. ft. two of her favorite things, a glass of coke and a smoke <3 just for her. we miss you space mom! 

congratulations Princess Carrie on your emmy nominations this year! we wish beyond wishes that you were here to see your work be celebrated. shine on silver girl! 

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MariChat May Day Ten: “What If…?”

…Adrien saw Marinette mocking him?

Sometimes I make sad things and it hurts ;v; please give him love, he needs it.

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Artwork ©: alazic02

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That’s right its me :D If you wanted to know what’s going on in the vid, I recommend you to watch Give me love by Ed sheeran (original video)

The vibe at the end of the song give me the chills and inspiration to draw some Krii7y. Give me that Krii7y ;))))))))


Happy Birthday Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee (27 May 1922)

I spent my entire career in front of the camera doing two things. One of which– well, both of which– in which I think I’ve succeeded. I’ve tried to surprise people. I’ve tried to do something unconventional that they don’t expect. I’ve tried to say or do something, somewhere, which makes people sit up and think ’oh that was funny’, let’s say, or ’that was amusing’ or ’what a sense of humour’… I have quite definitely proved a great many people wrong. The people who said ’you’re too tall to be an actor’; ‘you’re too foreign looking to be an actor’; ’you only do horror movies’; ’you can’t escape from Dracula’… It simply isn’t true… the proof is on the screen.

King of Hell

“Once….we are ruled by a king who controlled us with an iron fist. There was a semblance of control under his reign - no one dared to act out of line and those who do were swiftly dealt with.

One day, without a word, he vanished

- and we all descend into chaos.”