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hey cutie 💕 white t-shirt by jonghyun, again with whatever pairing you want!!

“whatever pairing you want”, but, also you “i lowkey want jikook tho” *fond sigh*


“hip-hop teacher? never heard of him.” jimin adjusts his leotards, preparing for a long day of teaching kids ballet. he’s doing his usual stretch when Seokjin The Front Desk Guy comes in to check.

“yeah, i heard he’s new. he’s the youngest instructor here in the academy so it seems. fresh out of college.” seokjin checks the time and gasps. “the kids will be coming in any minute. gotta blast.”

“see ya.” jimin waves a goodbye before doing more stretches as he waits for his pupils. 


“and one and two and–”

there was a loud knock on the door, and all the kids stop to look at the intruder. jimin is a little pissed because he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want anybody interrupting his classes because the kids have a really short attention span. but at least they had the audacity to knock.

the intruder comes in and oh, dear jesus, if he ain’t the most gorgeous man jimin has ever seen in his life. he’s tall, really broad, filling out that plain white shirt gorgeously with the classic gray sweatpants. jimin has always been a ballerino but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the laid-back type. 

he’s got a beanie on top of messy bangs but he still looks striking enough for jimin to blank out for a couple of seconds and–”excuse me? are you park jimin-ssi?”

“what–oh,” jimin looks up at him, looks up. “yeah, that’s me. is there something going on?”

“yeah i think it might be a problem with the schedule, uh…” the guy fiddles with his hands awkwardly. “i’m jeon jeongguk, the new hip-hop class instructor and my kids and i don’t have any room so the management asked if you could cut the class short? it’s just thirty minutes.” he looks shy, and kind of apologetic about his request. jimin doesn’t have any qualms with that, in fact his kids would probably like it. he just has to stall them before their parents pick them up.

but jimin is no easy feat.

he looks back at his confused students and smiles. he turns to jeongguk. “i’m park jimin, yeah. ballet instructor. nice to meet you, jeongguk-ssi.” jimin offers a hand in which jeongguk politely takes. his hands are big and warm, a little calloused, and dwarfs jimin’s hands entirely. it looks really pleasing, but jeongguk doesn’t have to know that. 

“nice to meet you too, jimin-ssi. i’m really sorry but uh…there’s no spare room and they’re gonna work on it real soon so hopefully by next week i’ll have a room at this time.”

“no worries. but what’s in it for me?” jimin is coy, if not very. he finds someone attractive, he flirts with them, he works his charm. but only if he knows they’re gonna be a real fun target. 

jeongguk’s cheeks are starting to get red. he’s adorable, really, but also really hot. in five seconds jimin can think of thirty ways jeongguk can fuck him to sunday, but they should probably start off as friends first.

“wha-what do y–”

“cafe naya, down the street. 3pm? we can buy coffee. or tea. or anything you want, really. they have it all there.”

“o-oh…” jimin knows jeongguk is mentally raking his head for his schedule, with his furrowed brows and lip-nibbling. jimin doesn’t know how a man so stunning in a simple white shirt can be cute too, like an innocent child. if he wasn’t so damn buff and sexy. “3 sounds cool. yeah. i’ll uh…i’ll meet you there?”

“why don’t we go together?” jimin steps a little closer into jeongguk’s space. thankfully, he doesn’t step back. they’re a little too close with fifteen kids in the room but there are no parents to witness this exchange and the kids can only remember so much. “pick me up from the pantry? i’ll be there after i change.”

“p-pantry, yes. of course. i know where that is”

“great!” jimin claps his hands once and turns back to his kids. “okay babies, time to pack up. we’re cutting the class short today but we’ll wait until your parents come and get you, okay?”

3pm couldn’t come fast enough.

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Conor Maynard imagine #1

Here ya go, sorry i’ve been like really sick. Flu and strep throat it was terrible but i managed love. Sorry its short i needed to get this out and i wasn’t inspired ya know? Whoops 😬

Readers P.O.V
I awoke with a startle, the light just shining through the black curtains. Before you could even manage a thought you smelt a hint of burning bacon to be precise.

Conor was long gone from the bed as his half was already - partly - made. You knew about Conor’s ability to cook and instantly chuckled at the thought of him doing anything of the sort.

Currently Conor was staying at your place, recently he had finished an album, partied with the boys and made some time for you. He made a promise to spend time with you because before the album was finished endless nights were spent at his place, alone, in his office thinking of the next hit of the album that could or would bring attention to his work. Him doing any of this was a luxury maybe even a miracle.

You got out of bed, did a quick fix on your hair and then followed the smell of food.

The sight of him in the kitchen gave you a brilliant smile. He was clearly struggling but keeping calm all together. He swore about a trillion times before noticing you standing there with your beady eyes leaving a constant glare in his direction of interest.

“Oh, hi” he nervously laughed. You gave him a sympathetic smile knowing just how hard he was trying to make the eggs let alone bacon. “You trying to burn down my place? Or you just having fun”.

“Well I was actually trying to summon a demon but either works well to”. By now you were by his side watching his actions this time giving him pointers. When you guys had finished making whatever this was you cracked a few jokes about his skills and gave him a kiss.

“I tried oh well” leisure was spread across his face as if he had no care about what he had done to the poor bacon. “Well its not, bad?” You had to question it, it tasted like a bagel. Somehow Conor had managed to make burnt bacon taste like a plain bagel. He chuckled amused at himself and you. “I love you” he now stared into my eyes, his deep blue ones capturing my (e/c) ones. You hung your head onto your hand. “Oh yea?”

“I love you more than I love music or even myself” he pretended to do a hair flip on the last one earning a quick earnest laugh. “Well, I would still love you only if you didn’t BURN MY FOOD!”

This time Conor laughed, you attempted a fake pout and a couple tears here and there. A few more jokes and you guys ended up on the couch binging on less burnt foods and watching whatever the hell had a marathon. Conor had layers of clothes on which made his cheeks a light pink and a few beads of sweat collected at his hairline. Before saying anything he began taking off some of his layers.

At first you didn’t know what was happening, each shirt had different words on them and before you knew it they had formed a sentence. ‘Will you marry me?’ The realization hit you hard and all you could do was laugh hysterically. He got on one knee this time with a small black box. You shook your head continuously as if this had been a dream and you and Conor were still in bed sleeping.

“Y/n, from the first day that I had met you up until now you’ve made me have all sorts of emotions. The good kinds the bads and most of all you’ve been supportive of me through it all.” He gave you a few seconds to react before continuing his speech. “I know I can’t always be with you and for that im sorry but y/n l/n will you marry me?”

You wiped your last tears and accepted with a quick nod. He put the ring on and hugged you as to support you from falling. “Yes yes yes yes, Conor Maynard absolutely yes!”

Anon asked: if u do transformers? can u draw tfp smokescreen knockout and bumblebee in sexy poses??? idk if u do tformers but i follow u and ur art is amazing :)) -tf anon <3

Wooooow I used to be so big into Transformers (yeah I was a major geek, still am :D) and this was a nice throwback?? Kinda sad that I remembered a bunch of their design parts… Not sure where you got the idea but thanks for the request! :P

MC is on their period (RFA+V)

Here ya go. V under the cut as usual. I am sooo sorry it took so long, I hope you can forgive me x - Mod 606.

Jaehee: She knows what you’re going through. She’ll keep your cycles written on the calendar if you’re regular so that neither of you will forget when they come. Always has pain reliever handy just in case your cramps get too painful for you to handle. Carries around an extra pair of pants and underwear for you.

Jumin: Looks up online how to help because he has little to no experience with a person on their period. Buys every kind of period medication he sees at the store, gets ten different heating pads, six boxes of tampons, three family sized bags of pads, a gallon of ice cream, and a box of tissues. “Jumin… why the tissues?” “… I read on the internet that you’ll be crying a lot.” 

Yoosung: Will probably ask you if you can bleed out from having a period. Might treat you like you’re a sick patient. Always asking if you’re okay, if you want him to help you shower, if you need any snacks or something to drink. He’ll start to hover the second you tell him it’s that time of the month.

Zen: Totally the type of dude to try and fix your cramps by fucking them out of you. “Orgasms are a good way to cure the pain, right?” Will lay in bed and watch movies with you while rubbing your stomach when he has the time. Gives you tons of attention. Laughs when you lash out at him for eating all the chocolate. 

707: Acts like he’s on his period, too. Gets really clingy. Always wants you around him. Tries to convince you that if you think hard enough your period will just go away. Checks the back of your pants for you when you’re out in public without making a big deal of it to make sure you haven’t got any stains. 

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