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for the au thing, how about an apocalypse/zombie au?

Headcanons: Zombo au. this is gonna be dark.

-Steven is always so grossed out that it isn’t funny

-James was originally part of a group of ravagers or something, but he had gotten kicked out due to his circus eyes

-The gang had considered putting Steven down as soon as he had gotten mono, but he had firmly said “fuck no” and that was that

-Yes they are the gang fuck off

-Alfredo is a zombo whose mind isn’t totally ruined yet. He still tries to eat the gang’s brains on occasion.

-Jeremy is perfectly at home all the time. The zombos always leave him alone.

-Cib had left Parker in an infested building and had barricaded him in. He only reopened the door after Steven and James made him. All that remained of Parker was a really gnawed on corpse. It was yucky.

-Autumn is constantly being snuck up on by zombos. She’s lucky that she has James there

-James is protective of all his boys, and Autumn, because of an incident involving a lot of zombos and a pickle. Don’t ask


If u want me to be real, I mostly did seven’s route just to get more info on these two lmao can u tell who’s my fav
They totally talked shit about him when they were together and you cant change my mind on this
I’m well aware i didnt draw his tattoo at the end but i drew it once and that was enough lol

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Hey, hope it's not too late for another JonDami Like Soulmate au. People gets their matching soulmark when they reached 18 but Damian didn't get any when he reached 18. He tried not to show he was upset because he had always love soulmate tales. But when Jon turned 18, he finally received his that matched with Jon. It looked like Kryptonian's mate only receive their mark if their pair reached 18. So I'm imagining some angst. But Jon is still there with him without knowing he is the soulmate.

Yo bro, here ya go. (Oh my fucking god, I sound like Sky, what the fuck-)

Damian’s three the first time he learns of soulmates.

It’s the same time he discovers the tradition of the League killing them.

“But, Mother, if we have someone to fight for, won’t we fight stronger?” He asks. It’s a logical question, one drawn from reading books and listening to gossip about the Justice League from the maids.

“No.” Mother replies, running her hand through his hair once. Damian savors the contact-it’s a rare occasion indeed that Mother touches him outside of training.

“No, Damian. It is best that those in the League fight for the league, nothing else, because love makes us betray and love makes us separate. When you meet your soulmate, you must take your sword and kill them, as I did to mine.”

“Mother, who was your soulmate?”

“A lovely young woman named Adilah. She was the cleaning lady at the nearby village. I ended her life myself. You must do the same, understand?”

“Yes, Mother.”

This lesson didn’t stop Damian from devouring everything he could learn about Soulmates.

He secretly hopes that he never meets his, because although he will finally be together with his other half, they will have to die.

Damian…doesn’t want that. Not for them.

The first time Damian sees a soulmark in real life, he’s five. The words, Oh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking. is imprinted on on Mother’s skin.

If Damian closes his eyes, he can imagine Adilah.

Brown skin, amber eyes flecked with gold, strong arms, and a witty and mischievous smile.

Damian doesn’t understand why anyone would kill Adilah.

When he’s ten, he meets his father.

He knows that Father’s soulmate is not Mother, and yet he doesn’t care.

Because he gets to leave this place where he has to skill his other half, and though he may be a bastard born out of seduction and passion, he wants to meet his soulmate.

He wants to finally feel whole.

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@reader115 Here ya go bro, some quality fanart of that epic fic of yours. ;D

(It’s on AO3 as ‘Keeping Raphael’, and it’s basically just an adorable fic about dorknardo being jealous of his 2016 self. LxR, of course. ;D)

  • Smackdown: “Yo, I heard you wanted to see Bobby Roode so here ya go friend :)”
  • Me: “Oh thanks bro obviously this is as good as it can—–“
  • Smackdown: “Oh I’m sorry did you say something about Shelton Benjamin”
  • Me: “No...why?”
  • Smackdown: “Well we also gave you Shelton Benjamin”
  • Me: *External Screaming*
  • My Skin: *Clears*
  • My Will to Live: *Triples*

when omi appeared lol look at gun-chan’s reaction  (≧▽≦)

then omi be like, “here ya go, bro. congrats bro”   (≧◡≦) ♡

 and gun-chan wanted to shake hand, but got a hug instead (ಥ﹏ಥ)

 lastly… hug again  o(>ω<)o 

 why so cute???  。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。

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64 with tree bros

HEY HOE HERE YA FUCKEN GO (sorry this is awful… using @limpblotter‘s scale, i am -90000/10 inspired)

Connor sneezed loudly, turning red as the students around them in the cafeteria began to stare. 

“Bless you,” Evan said quietly, smiling nervously across the table at his boyfriend.

Connor ducked his head in embarrassment, shivering slightly. 

Evan leaned forward. “Do you have a flu?” he asked concernedly. 

Connor shook his head grumpily. Evan reached over as subtly as he could to touch his boyfriend’s forehead and found that it was burning hot. He pouted as another shiver went through Connor’s body. 

Evan reached down into his backpack. “Here, take my blanket,” he said, producing a large, fleecy throw and holding it out to his boyfriend.

Connor stared at the boy in disbelief. “Why the fuck do you have a blanket in your backpack?” 

“Are you complaining?” Evan demanded, and Connor smiled lightly, taking the blanket and wrapping it around his shaking shoulders. “Good. Now let’s get you home.”