here ya go anon!!

Life aesthetic: It’s 3am, the love of my life is behind the wheel driving somewhere without a destination. My best friends are in the back seat passing the aux cord around, all arguing over who gets what next. The road is dark and empty, the only light being the stars above us. We all talk about our past, our future, and everything in between. We all sit in silence for awhile, listening to the rain patter against the window. Everything is calm.

theyre on a date!!


“my happiest memory

Slug Club Party where yuuri got drunk off of firewhiskey and swept viktor off his feet (the comic is a shortened version of what actually happens, but in reality, like come on it takes a long time to convince a friend to go to a party)

more hp au

extra(s): (it’s about to become his saddest memory)

//rip viktor;;; when your fiance doesn’t remember your happiest memory :’)))

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Its just a prank, bRo ! !

But seriously, have a good 1st of April and don’t play any harmful tricks on anyone! :)


death count: two walls, a chair, wally’s sanity

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how to go from this

to this

things you’ll need

  • photoshop ( i’m using cc 17 but i’m sure this’ll work in any version that supports the video timeline format! )
  • knowledge in photoshop
  • this psd

note: this is the way i did it— i’m sure there’s a much simpler, easier way so pls bare with me and my shitty explanations, okay?! 

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