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This shit right here pisses me TF off


First of all, Caitlin is NOT being emotionally neglected. Cisco has always been there for her since day one but you’re just gonna cut him out the picture? I wonder why. “Barry and Others” are focusing on other shit because she hasn’t bothered to tell anyone what she’s going through, even though -  her words not mine -  “In science, we share.” She WENT OFF on Barry from hiding shit and she didn’t even know him that well then! She has an entire team who she knows will look out for her. She goes to her Mother of all people who could give two flying shits about her, OVER going to Cisco who has been a fucking rock for her since Ronnie died.

You wanna know someone who is Emotionally neglected though? Cisco Ramon (Wow, Shocker) He’s had to deal with his brother dying and all he got from that was Barry telling him to suck it up cause it was making him feel bad. Iris telling him that they’d all made mistakes, like him giving up Barry’s Identity to Captain Cold, which was insensitive (and out of character) because that’s not nearly on the same level as Barry being the cause of his brothers death (and listen, I love Barry so don’t come on this post justifying his actions I don’t give a shit.) On TOP of that he’s dealing with Barry’s ass living with him because Cisco’s a good fucking person even though he’s clearly and obviously not over what he did. No one has asked him how he’s feeling, as a matter of fact last episode, HE WENT TO TALK TO CAITLIN TO SEE HOW SHE WAS. He even mentioned understanding how hard it was to lose someone and not having resolved your issue with them and what did she do? nothing. Not a hand squeeze, no rubbing his back, not a sympathetic smile, not even a “how are you dealing with that”

And don’t even get me started on Cisco viewing the team as family just fro Barry to use that to get him to use his powers to open the breach (in season 2) when he didn’t want to! When he was uncomfortable with it. That is not being there for your friend whether he successfully did it in the end or not. Cisco mentioned COUNTLESS times that he was having bad vibes and the e2 hat was giving him “nightmares” and asked to get rid of it but Barry was like NOPE. He had to watch himself be killed by a man he was so close to and considered a father figure and who asked him if he was ok? how he was coping with that? No one. He had to watch Reverb die and who asked him how he felt? No one. He had to watch his brothers doppelganger die the same way he did and who asked him about that? No one. THEN he’s going to grief support because his actual brother was killed, his time travelling friend denying him the chance to change that JUST to find out said friend did the same thing for himself. 

It is insulting that you’d even refer to him as the ‘others’ of “Barry and others” and to even suggest that Caitlin’s been emotionally neglected when Cisco has been there through everything. From Ronnie dying, to finding Ronnie with her, to him being concerned about guess what? HER BECOMING KILLER FROST. Sitting by her bedside as she slept after she lost Jay to make sure she was ok. Cisco has ALWAYS been there. All while suffering internally and alone and some of you ungrateful ass mf’s don’t deserve him or the KillerVibe friendship for that matter. But of course, we all know the reason you don’t give a shit about him caring for your fave…

Because he’s not Barry fucking Allen. Get a grip.

Flickers Of Gold

Yah, I’m not even sorry, I straight up feed off of daddy wrestlers and were-wrestlers. And I mean. Baron is the love of my life. So. HERE WE GO FRIENDS. Spoopy boopy.

Oh yeah, I should add. Warning. There’s gonna be smut. And cursing. And lots of clumsy space noodles. Mostly because I myself am a very clumsy, spacey person. Yeah. Nsfw. Like. Serious nsfw. So. HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABES.

Also tagging @hardcorewwetrash bc thirst party Saturday and Halloween. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW IT IS, I AM NOT 100% CONFIDENT IN MY SMUT WRITING, THANKS BUNCHES.


Shit, shit. Run, running, annnnd shit. Your thoughts swarmed around your head, your focus being lost as you found yourself tripping over your feet. Curse this stupid costume. It didn’t even make any sense, Red Riding Hood would never wear this, they didn’t even make dresses this short way back in the.. wait when did Red Riding Hood take place, wait, no this is not the time to be questioning Alexa and the costume forced upon you. Or was it… a deep growl erupted from the other room. Nope. No it wasn’t. Before you had the opportunity to get back up, you were face to face with a set of glowing yellow eyes.

What the hell was your life right now?


You took another look around, a shiver running up your spine as you felt as though you were being watched… again. Your feet moved a little faster as you went to find Alexa, one of the few people you had actually known before you made your recent debut in smackdown. Speak of the devil, you heard your name being spoke, seeing her begin to round the corner.

That’s when you tripped over one of the many wires that had been finding their way around the stadium. Before you could hit the ground however, you were saved. Your eyes drifted over the familiar gray shirt, partnered with the very familiar ‘End of Days,’ wolf, whom you named Douglas Wolfy the Third. Surprisingly, no one was a fan of the name. Weird. Wonder why him and Alexa were together. You beamed a bright smile up at him, not bothering to unravel yourself from his arms, a light blush dusting itself across your cheeks.

“You alright?” He whispered, his eyes flickering gold before switching back to their normal color. You let out a light gasp, before focusing back on the arms you were in. You gave a small nod in return.

“Thanks for saving me,” You let out a light laugh after hearing Alexa mutter 'again.’ You broke free of Baron’s gentle, yet restraining grasp as you made your way to Alexa’s side, completely oblivious to the knowing smirk Alexa had been giving Baron.

“So funny how Baron always seems to be around just as you’re about to hurt yourself,” sass dripped off of every word, as she raised an eyebrow towards one of her closest guy friends. Baron rolled his eyes, ignoring the sass master.

“My hero.” You let out a flirty giggle, maintaining the eye contact you held with Mr. Corbin himself. A scoff was the only response from your very own personal Harley Quinn look-a-like.

“Alright, we have to go shoot a promo,” Your eyes switched from the very obvious wolf daddy in front of you to the equally as daddy, Alexa Bliss to your side.

“Lead the way,” Your focus switched back from Baron’s quick changing eyes. You turned to wave a quick goodbye to said golden eyed man, but he was nowhere to be seen. Weird. Your attention faded back to Alexa as she begun to question you. Well. It was more like scolding you. Again.

“I don’t see why you don’t just tell him already,” She spoke, not giving you time to speak. “It has always been obvious to everyone that you have feelings for him,” he was another one of the people you had known back from your days in NXT. Another round of blush pushed itself onto your cheeks, as you went to chew on one of your nails nervously, only to have it smacked away. (HA get it, smackdown, smacked. I’m funny)

You hadn’t had the most normal history with the End of Days wrestler. The two of you had been close, almost disturbing close, before one day he just started avoiding you. It came out of nowhere really. Any time the two of you were even in the same room, he would bolt before you even had a chance to look in his direction. Your heart broke a bit more when he finally left for Smackdown, taking a small team of the people you had considered to be your closest friends with him.

When you had been added to the roster however, things changed. Baron had always been there whenever you were in a jam, whether it had been some creep hitting on you, to tripping over some unknown object. All the feelings you had for the man in the past came rushing back and hit you like a freight train.

But you refused to let your heart get broken again. You refused to fall in love with someone who was just going to abandon you for no good reason.

When you gave no response, a quick 'whatever,’ was thrown your way. You let out another light laugh, as you went off, deciding now to be the best time to run off, using the makeup artist given to you for your promo as an excuse.

Alexa rolled her eyes and you bounded away, making quick conversation with the seemingly nervous girl assigned to you. “Looks like it’s up to me to play match maker.” A smirk plastered itself onto Alexa’s face as walked away, eyes drifting towards a certain secret admirer.


Eyes drifted from the blonde in order to follow her, his woman, his mate, his. His jaw clenched forcing him to run his hand over his mouth. He had to bite back a groan as his nostrils filled with your scent. Images of your naked body writhing under him, begging him for more, fuck Baron, more, filled his thoughts, as the alpha inside him demanded he just make her his. His feet moved on their own, trailing after the scent that had been driving the damned beast inside him mad.

“Hold on,” he paused, not even having to turn around to see that stupid smirk plastered on her face. Why had he told her?

Oh yeah. Because they were friends. A groan of disapproval passed his lips as the scent began to fade further and further away. He turned to look at her, annoyance evident on his face.

“Don’t give me that look,” She snapped, walking to catch up with him. “How’s the big bad wolf doing in there?” She chuckled knowingly. Of course she knew. Besides Corey, Alexa was one of the few people Baron actually liked. She knew something was up the second Baron begun to avoid you back in their NXT days.

When she had found out that her beloved best friend was Baron’s mate, she couldn’t help but make it her personal mission to get them together. Though neither of you made it very easy, him with the stubborn “avoid until it goes away, but still be creepy and protective,” thing and you with the “I’m oblivious to the dude who is literally stalking me all the time,” thing.

“What do you want,” it came out as more of a demand than anything. Alexa let out a scoff, rolling her eyes along with it.

“Just what I said. How is wolf you doing? From my side, it looks like you’re about to, well.” She snapped her fingers together, her point being made. A growl was the only response she got.

“Testy, I was just wondering.” She turned on her heels, a plan already forming in her head. She’d be damned if they weren’t together by Halloween. Alexa turned to look behind her. She let out a chuckle as she saw the lack of 6'8 wrestler there, already knowing where he had gone.


“Alright, just tilt your head a little more to the left,” You followed, blushing slightly. For the Halloween promo, you had been asked to wear a costume that was a little shorter than used to. A flicker of gold caught your attention, causing your eyes to widen and your body to turn, trying to catch what it was. Eyes. You could’ve sworn they were eyes.

“Hey, sweetheart, back to me please.” Slowly you turned back towards the photographer, finishing the shoot quickly.

You were greeted by the makeup artist from before, as she walked with you back to your dressing room. As much as you tried to focus on the conversation in front of you, you couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being watched. While there were a few things wrong with this being watched thing, the main issue was this.

You kinda liked it.

You felt drawn to whoever the hell this person was. Like some big rig in the universe was telling you that you belonged together. Fate. A shiver rattled itself through your body as the tiny voice in the back of your head begged for it to be Baron. You quieted the small voice down as you were reminded that you had the next week, including Halloween day, off. You silently cheered, before saying a quick goodbye to the girl as you shut the door on your dressing room.


“I’m sorry, you want me to wear what?” The look on your face was pure bafflement, as Alexa held up the small dress paired with heels. And of course, a small basket.

“You’re going to be Little Red for Halloween.” A very obvious groan passed your lips, as you knew how stubborn Alexa could be. Before you could even question her, the costume was shoved into your arms.

“Hurry up and change. It’s Halloween night, we are going out, and you are going to meet someone.” She turned in order to wait on the couch for you, throwing a quick, 'get on with it,’ behind her. You groaned, your feet pulling themselves slowly to the bathroom in order to get ready.

An hour later, and you were in love. The costume, while shorter than appreciated, was adorable. Your eye makeup was left simple, as you had a deep red lipstick coating your lips. Your eyes followed your reflection, as you made your way out, a bit suspicious of the lack of Alexa’s sass as you got ready.

“Alright, you win, I guess it’s kind of cute,” You begun, turning towards the living room to be greeted by well. A minor inconvience.

There was a wolf. A huge fucking wolf. Laying on your couch. Cuss words racked around your brain as you made eye contact with it. Gold.

Shit, shit. Run, running, annnnd shit. Your thoughts swarmed around your head, your focus being lost as you found yourself tripping over your feet. Curse this stupid costume. It didn’t even make any sense, Red Riding Hood would never wear this, they didn’t even make dresses this short way back in the.. wait when did Red Riding Hood take place, wait, no this is not the time to be questioning Alexa and the costume forced upon you. Or was it.. a deep growl erupted from the other room. Nope. No it wasn’t. Before you had the opportunity to get back up, you were face to face with a set of glowing yellow eyes.

You looked all over, trying desperately to locate your best friend. She was nowhere to be found. Conclusion? She was eaten by the random fucking wolf. You let out a light whine, trying to stop yourself from shaking as you begun to slowly scoot your body back.

“N-nice puppy,” the wolf stared at you, staying where it was. “T-that’s a good boy, s-stay.”

A scream ripped itself from your throat as the wolf lunged at you. Your arms immediately went to cover your face.

“Alright, listen Wolfy! If I’m going to die, I’m gonna say the things I’ve always wanted to say, even if it’s just to you.” You slowly removed your arms from your face, as you had a stare down with said wolf. Dying really gave you a lot of confidence. The wolf tilted it’s head a bit before sitting. That’s when you noticed something in its mouth. Please don’t be a body part.

“A-alright. For starters, it was me that broke that one camera,” you confessed, in which the wolf gave you a very judging stare. “The wire was in the way, and I didn’t expect it to go down with me, okay?” You’re explaining yourself to a wolf. A. Fucking. Wolf. “Secondly, I actually like this costume a lot, it makes me look cute and I wish I could wear cute shit like this all the time.” Another judging stare. You proceeded to flip the wolf off. You took a deep breathe in, your voice becoming shakey as tears then begun to form in your eyes.

“L-lastly. I’ve been hopelessly in love with Baron Corbin for years and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel the same.” You carefully wiped at your eyes, not wanting to smudge your makeup. You were not going to be one of those people who died with smeared makeup.

What happened next came as a bit of a surprise. The wolf came up, dropped what he had in his mouth and begun to lick your face. I mean, you could be wrong, maybe he was just tasting you before he actually dug in, but it seemed he was well.. trying to console you.

Honestly, the wolf could not be anymore awkward if it tried. You chuckled a bit at the thought. An awkward with emotions wolf. Reminded you of a certain someone. The wolf stopped licking you, nudging the block with his nose.

A cellphone? It definitely wasn’t yours.. and it didn’t look like Alexa’s. Your confusion grew 3 sizes that day. You gently tapped the home button, revealing a picture that Alexa had secretly taken of you and Baron back in your NXT days. Immediately a smile pushed itself onto your lips as you admired the picture lovingly.

Password. Shit. The damn thing needed a password. Your eyes drifted back to the wolf. Was the thing blushing? Can wolves even do that?? It stood, going back to the living room, before coming back with a piece of paper. You could barely make out the numbers do to the sloppy nature of the scribbles. Punching the numbers in, the phone made a click sound as it unlocked, revealing a video and a play button.

Weird. Okay. You looked at the wolf with yet another confused expression. He nudged at your hand with his nose, before laying down, his head resting on your lap. Your fingers gently played with the wolf’s fur, as you gripped the phone tightly. Pressing the play button only created more confusion.

“Shit, okay, listen to me, I know you’re probably freaking out,” Baron. It was Baron. What the hell was going on. “I-I got too comfortable. Should’ve seen it coming. Place reeks of you. That sounds bad. No, you don’t smell bad babygirl. Just. Your scent drives me crazy and-” he let off a light growl, his eyes flickering between his normal brown ones to a golden color. You knew you weren’t crazy. “Fuck, okay, this is gonna sound, shit. Gonna sound crazy but it’s me. The mutt is me. I’ll be back to normal in a few hours, but shit. Just. Don’t be scared. Please, I’m begging you, I won’t hurt you, won’t hurt mate, won’t hurt-” the phone cut off, the video feed dying off. You dropped the phone to the ground, your fingers pausing, your eyes staring holes into the wolf, Baron.. shit, this was really Baron.

“U-um. So you’re a wolf. A werewolf.” You did it. You said it out loud. And it honestly sounded just as crazy as you thought it would. You withdrew your hand from his head, using it to cover your face as you hung your head.

Thoughts swarmed around your head until. Shit. You told the wolf you loved Baron. You told Baron you loved Baron. Your head snapped up, a blush covering the entirety of your face as you stared at wolf Baron.

“Oh god,” you groaned. You stood from your place on the floor, moving towards the sink to get a much needed glass of water. “I think I’m going to vomit.” You confessed to the love of your life. This is not how you planned it. This isn’t what you hoped for at all, not even in the slightest. You heard the sound of paws papping against the kitchen floor, figuring Baron was walking towards you. You felt his head nudging gently at your stomach, a whine erupting from his throat.

Your hand drifted back towards the head that was now buried into your side, running your fingers through the thick gray fur. A light chuckle bubbled past your lips. This is crazy. This is insane.

You just needed to sleep it off. This was crazy. You just needed to close your eyes, and think. Your stomach did another flip. Where was he going to sleep? He couldn’t exactly go home looking like that.

“W-well, I’m going to go head to bed. Um. J-just make yourself comfy,” thatta girl, you got this. You downed the rest of your water before leaving said wolf in the kitchen. You slipped out of the small dress you had on, throwing on a random t-shirt. Well, that was the plan anyway. Until wolf Baron came in, nudging something into your hands. A black tshirt. A would be a dress on you black tshirt. One eyebrow was raised as the wolf started to tug on the tshirt you were currently wearing. You swatted him away, chanting and 'Alright, alright’ as you retreated to the bathroom to quickly change.

Wolf Baron was sitting in front of the door by the time you got out. You held your arms out sarcastically, doing a little twirl. “Happy Alpha?” You scoffed out. He let out a huff, licking your thigh a bit at the use of the nickname. Immediately you found yourself climbing into your bed, your arms wrapping around one of your pillows. As your eyes begun to close, you felt the bed bend, then something heavy laying itself on your leg. Yup. This was great. Not making you nervous at all. Nope.


You whined yet again, tossing and turning had been the curse of tonight’s sleep. You just couldn’t get out of your own head. You immediately froze at the sound of a deep groan. Arms wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling you closer until you were against what felt like a wall. “Babe. Just go to sleep.” A deep mumble filled your ears. You turned in the arms, face to face with a bare chest. You suddenly smacked his chest, excitement filling your bones. He’s back. Eyes shot open, another groan filling the room as he released you, turning on his back. “Shit, woman, I am trying to sleep.” You sat up on the bed.

“You’re back!” You exclaimed happily, only to revert back to shyness as you remembered your confession. “I- I mean.. do you remember anything?” He watched you from the corner of his eye, a tired smile forming on his face. You got her man, she loves you. Just gotta make it official. You went to bite your nail, only to have it taken away.

“Don’t bite your nails,” Another tired mumble. He rolled over on his side, pulling you by your hand back into his chest. Arms immediately wrapped around your waist. “I remember things for the most part. Some stuff is blurry,” one of his hands began to trace gently up and down your thigh.

“I remember Alexa leaving,” ha, so he didn’t eat her. “Should’ve known what she was doing. Worked though.” He scoffed, resting his chin on top of your head, his hands moving further up, forcing the shirt you had been wearing to ride up a bit. “Remember you tripping. Tried to see if you were okay.” Of course, you forgot you had tripped. “Guess ’m not so good at communicating like that.” A quick nod was your response, as you begun to gently trace over his chest piece.

“Remember you breaking the camera,” he let out a deep chuckle as you whispered a quick 'shut up,’ afterwards. “Most important, I remember you love me.” Your fingers froze, as his hand moved to grab a gentle hold of your chin as he tilted your head up. His voice grew quieter as your eyes were glued to his. His lips hovered closely over yours. “I love you too. Have for years.”

You moved quickly, lips attacking his as you poured years of passion into this one kiss. Your first. Certainly not your last. Baron moved gently, worrying that this, whatever spell it was, would break if he so much as moved the wrong way. You now lay on your back, his giant form hovering over yours as you tangled your fingers into his hair, relishing in the fact that it wasn’t in a bun for once. One arm was used to hold himself up, as the other kept an almost bone crushing grip on your waist, your shirt now revealing your bare stomach, and a deep red pair of lace panties.


“B-baron,” it came out as more of a whimper than anything, as his lips moved, placing playful kisses and nibbles on your neck. You blushed as you thought over earlier that night. “M-my alpha.” His gentle nibbles and kisses stopped. A deep groan left him partnered with the fuck word.

Another whimper left your lips and Baron bit down on your neck, deliberately working on leaving on a mark of some sort. His hands slowly drifted from your waist down to your now soaked panties, working themselves in.

Shivers ran through your body as his fingers gently rubbed at your love button, the moan that had been bubbling in your throat finally bursting.

“I’ve got you. Shit, alpha’s got you.” His eyes burned holes into your skin, watching your body, soaking in the way your hips moved, trying to find something, anything, as long as it was him, to fill you.

He removed his fingers, smirking down at you when you whimpered at the loss. The tshirt that had been covering you was removed with ease, leaving you bare in your red panties. He let out of a groan of approval, drinking in the sight of your naked body quivering underneath him. He shushed you down, kisses bruising your lips.

“My beautiful mate. ’m gonna take care of you.” He placed loving kisses slowly down your chest, carefully removing the last piece of cloth on your body as he did so. He bit down when he had reached your hips, a light chuckle leaving him when they had bucked back towards him. Marks were left behind as he trailed down your leg, spreading them slowly with his hands.

Gentle, teasing kisses were placed on the insides of your thighs, your fingers burying themselves in his thick hair as antbicipation grew. You were never one to resort to begging, but God dammit, you had waited for this for so long, you needed it, you needed him.

“Baron, please just, I need you,” You threw your head back, leaning it against the pillow as he continued to slowly kiss up and down the inside of your thigh, his lips continously ghosting over your flower, but never delving further.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” he mumbled against your thigh, placing one last final kiss there, before his lips left a quick, sloppy kiss on your clit. The hand buried in his hair tightened it’s grip as Baron allowed his tongue to slide tentatively through your slick. His deep groans rumbled throughout the room. “Taste so good. Fuck.” You let out a moan of approval as his hands quickly ridded of his own boxers, one hand jerking his hard, throbbing member, while the other had a bruising grip on your thigh.

His tongue delved in, burying itself inside your clit without warning. The teasing control Baron had before was quickly dissolving, as he withdrew his tongue, gently biting your clit before going back to using his tongue.

His hand left his cock, as it drifted up to your other thigh, pushing your legs further apart in order to have a deeper angle. His hands also worked to hold you down, as the anticipation began to overtake you, the bubble in your stomach about to burst.

“So close, Baron, shit, please,” Your words began to jumble together as you came closer and closer to the first orgasm of the night. You whined out as you tried to move your hips closer, only to have the grip on your thighs grow tighter as they were held down.

His name became chants on your lips as you finally unraveled, your body shivering in delight. Baron lightly licked up once more after you had finally come down, your hips twitching as you were still sensitive from the earlier onslaught. He used to back of his hand to wipe away the excess slick around his mouth, before he crashed his lips against yours in a heated kiss. You tasted yourself on his lips and tongue as he pushed it into your mouth, easily winning dominance over you.

He rested his forehead against yours, his rapid breathes intertwining with yours. His eyes bore into yours, asking, no begging for permission. His voice was hoarse as he croaked out a simple please. You nodded quickly, leaning up to place one more gentle kiss on his lips, further confirming your approval.

“I love you,” he whispered, aligning himself before he began to slowly push into you. He was big. Bigger than you had ever had before. Your eyes closed as he started to fill you up. “Look at me,” His voice was firm yet gentle at the same time. “Come on babygirl, I need you to look at me.” His voice was quiet as his fingers ran up and down your waist gently, before placing a hold on it.

You opened your eyes, forcing them to stay open as he begun to move again, burying himself up to the hilt. An almost animalistic growl left his throat, as he buried his head in the crook of your neck. Before he could, you saw his eyes had turned a beautiful golden color.

You gently rubbed Baron’s back, letting him know that he could move, which he did slowly. You bit back a moan as his hips begun to move a bit faster, as if testing the waters.

“Baron, don’t hold back,” you were beginning to grow frustrated with the gentle pace he was taking. Using that frustration, you quickly decided that to make him animalistic, you would need to appeal to that side of him. “Please, baby, shit, my alpha, ple-” you let out a small yelp before letting out an accidental moan as his thrusts became rougher, hitting deeper than before.

“Mate’s so warm, so God damn tight, fuck,” he leaned up, his eyes looking down at yours. His grunts turned to growls as your fingers raked down his back. The bed shook beneath you, the headboard slapping against the wall as his thrusts turned more animalistic the louder your moans and chants became. He threw one leg over his shoulder as he begun to hit at a deeper angle. You felt a familiar bubble begin to form.

A loud groan erupted from him mixing with your name as your muscles clenched around him. “Not gonna last much longer if you keep doing that,” he grunted out, using two fingers to rub circles on your clit as he continued to thrust into you.

“Gotta feel you cum baby, come on,” His encouragements made the knot inside you tighten, as you moved your hips, trying to match his rough ones. “Cum for me babygirl, cum on my cock.” You mewled in pleasure at his words, finally allowing yourself to let go, your orgasm shifting through your body once again.

A deep moan rumbled from his lips as he felt you tighten around his cock, wetting it with your cum. You whimpered lightly, your pussy more sensitive than before as he continued rocking into you after your orgasm fell.

“Where do you want it,” His teeth were gritted together, his thrusts becoming sloppier by the second.

“I-inside, please Baron, I want to fe-” A mind numbing kiss was pressed to your lips, immediately shutting you up. You moaned against his lips, your eyes drifting down to the erotic scene of his hips meeting yours.

His cock stayed buried deep inside you, mixtures of curse words and your name fell from his lips as he emptied himself into you. After he was finished, he moved to his back, pulling you with him. He carefully pulled himself out, groaning at the loss of warmth. You whined a bit, now feeling empty. You looked up, watching Baron’s golden eyes turn back to the brown color you had fallen for. His eyes moved towards your face, a rare smile lighting up his features.

You let out a light laugh, placing a quick kiss against his chest, before snuggling into it.

“Tired?” His chest rumbled as he spoke quietly, trying to stay in this moment as long as humanly possible. You nodded slightly, mumbling a quick 'mhm,’ back at him. His lips found the top of your head, as he placed a loving kiss there.

“I love you,” he whispered after a few seconds of silence. You moved to look up at him, his expression looking almost worrisome. You smiled at him lovingly, your lips moving up to meet his.

“I love you too, my alpha.” You let out a loud laugh as he smirked, pressing playful kisses to your face and neck.

Lord knows you’re going to have to get used to this whole werewolf thing. But right now, in this moment, you felt safe. Loved. With him, you knew everything was going to be okay. His eyes flickered gold.

“Round 2,” he mumbled out, chuckling as you groaned tiredly.

Oh yeah. You were going to be just fine.


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1. First Date- Blink 182
2. Love Bug- Jonas Bros
3. Rebeldes- Dvicio
4. Animal-Neon Trees
5. Better than Me- Hinder
6. Say You Won’t Let Go-James Arthur
7. The Kill- 30 Secs to Mars
8. Burn- Ellie Goulding
9. No One Here- The 88
10. Not Gonna Die-Skillet

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I was tagged by @grab-my-boner (not a porn blog so go follow her work is AMAZING.) To put my music on shuffle and write the first ten songs that show up! I’m gonna use Spotify bc I have a shit ton of music on there. I used my top songs of 2016 playlist so ayeee here we go!

1) Satellites (Act III) by Crown The Empire

2) Permanent Vacation by 5SOS

3) Pimpin’ by Hollywood Undead

4) March To The Sea by TØP

5) The Edge of Tonight by All Time Low

6) Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

7) Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga

8) Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

9) Hurt by Johnny Cash

10) Somebody That I Used To Know (cover) by Mayday Parade (Punk Goes Pop 5)

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name: megan
four letter word: mace
boy’s name: mark
an occupation: mechanic
something you can wear: maple leafs beanie (which, coincidentally, i am wearing right now)
a food: maple syrup
something in a bathroom: makeup
a place: massachusetts
a reason for being late: making breakfast
something you shout: MOOOOM
a movie title: moana
something you drink: milk
an animal: mouse
a type of car: mustang
title of a song: maybe idk by jon bellion

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top 3 bois

The wonderful @foolishneko tagged me a while ago, thank you!! We love a lot of the same characters, I love everyone on your list! I’m so sorry this took me so long, it got buried in my email and I just now saw it again. But here we go, though I have no idea who i’m gonna choose >-<

The best boys in no particular order:

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Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler, he is in fact a little shit, but he’s my little shit and I love him.

Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu!!, I love my snarky salty child so much.

Keith Kogane from Voltron Legendary Defenders, my pretty, kind of emo son.

Takashi Shirogane from Voltron Legendary Defender, otherwise known as Space Dad, or the most adorable man in the galaxy, much love.

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Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri On Ice, he is my smol salty son and I love him.

This was very fun, I love all of my kids <3

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Here I go again but

I feel like from the bits we got to see Homura’s devil persona/self is five things:

- super duper depressed (she’s got that witch self-loathing still going strong with e.g. her nice clara dolls)

- convinced of her own evil and absolutely dedicated to acting out that role in the most hammy and despairingly nothing-matters-anymore almost playful way (really? really you’re gonna break an immaterial teapot right next to Mami I just really can’t take that as serious deep symbolism or some shit Homura c'mon). Perhaps to convince others and to convince herself, so that giving up on her salvation becomes easier

- really incredibly happy that her wish finally came true and Madoka is human and safe and happy (look at those tears welling up in those eyes) but

- really a total wreck over the fact that she can never really be with Madoka again in any significant sense (symbolised by loneliness loneliness two straws only one chair, letting herself fall from a cliff dancing alone only one half of the moon being visible always, giving Madoka back her ribbons a.k.a. nullifying the promise of them someday seeing each other again, and returning the ribbons to having their original symbolic meaning: the possibility of the future of a normal girl - while Homura remains forever stuck for real this time)

- EMPOWERED, triumphant in how her suffering has finally paid off and vindictive in her treatment of Kyuubey. Some of her (tired) arrogance (towards Sayaka) is for real, and not just a show to fit her self-proclaimed role as villain.

The Signs as Annoying Songs
  • Aries: iiiim about to whoop somebodys assss
  • Gemini: we're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship soaring THROUGH the SKY
  • Leo: nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom
  • Libra: heres a llama theres a llama and another little llama fuzzy llama fluffy llama
  • Capricorn: TURN DOWN FOR WHET
  • Aquarius: motherfucker im awesome (no ur not dude dont lie)

agents of shield season two extended scene: agent skye in quarantine

Wamber Over Yomber

Okay so, this is probably gonna be a long post so here’s a quick explanation of what you’re going to see: shit. You’ve been warned.

Starring: WAMBER














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Okay, so here’s the story.

About a month and a half ago I was checking the FanExpo website and saw that G was added to the guest list. I flipped my shit. I’m pretty sure I tagged all of my Canadian mutuals, even if they were on the other side of the continent.

So Sam ( hopelesslyspooky) and I and I got talking. The plan was I was gonna meet her and Megan ( foxymildew) on the Sunday and we were going to make a day of it. We had asked Ash ( wheretherealityat) if she wanted to join us, but her schedule wouldn’t allow it.

So the three of us are stoked, but unfortunately things fall apart. And I’m scheduled for Sunday (and today). I was so pissed I swore I was going to go if I had to astral project. Enter my crazy past two days.

So yesterday I work out how I’m going to do it. I’m going to wake up at 9am, back a lunch, change of clothes, and cash for transport, the con, and the autograph. Of course I’m so stoked I pull an all nighter.

I started getting ready at eight. Everything’s super stressful and it looks like it’s not going to work until last minute (praise God). I get to work at twelve. One manager knows I need to get out at 3:45 exactly. He doesn’t pass it on. I tell another manager. He doesn’t pass it on at the end of his shift. So, nearly ten minutes late I get out and take my taxi to meet the 4:11 train.

I arrive at Union by 5:10. It takes forever, and the amount of running I did around Toronto fills my weekly cardio requirements probably. I get in, and $100 later, I finally see Gillian. I was freaking out. Expecting a two hour line. There were two people ahead of me. I’m flipping shit. What is this? I have no time to prepare!?

I give her handler the autograph money and he sees I’m super nervous. When I’m nervous, I stutter horribly. He tells me not to be nervous. Hahahaha. I pic one of the Scully crouching pictures for Gillian to sign.

I can’t believe it’s her in front of me. Like… it’s actually Gillian Anderson. The woman scattered across my blog and my sketchbook and any informal assignments. The first thing that comes to mind for me to say is “you’re so pretty.” But I don’t say it. I don’t want to weird her out.

Instead, what comes out is “Gill… you’re Gillian Anderson!” Her face is lit up and she responds “that’s right, hun!” She shakes my hand and her hands are so pretty. She should be a hand model.

She asks me to hand over the picture I wanted signed and says “Do you know who this is?”. I legit stop and think for a second and then say “Scully! You’re Scully!” And then she laughs and we talk about Vancouver for a bit.

She was so freaking cute! I don’t usually get star struck but wow. And I think I might have accidentally flashed her my boob soooooo. I accidentally grabbed a low cut shirt, a badly fitting bra, and she was sitting high enough to see down my shirt.

What a freaking day.

PS: Ignore the gucci bags under my eyes