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“We all have the galaxy in our hearts. But there are some people who never find that out until they die. I wish you would find your own galaxy.” - Namjoon

All the I love you’s in the world

I wasn’t actually planning on doing one of these posts but so many people have taken my by surprise and tagged me and it’s kinda got the emotions flowing. So firstly, thanks to any of y’all who’ve included me on their list! Y’all make me so happy and I love the interactions we have ^.^

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First, always, is @neveraines . I’ve told you how much you mean to me all the time but I’m still gonna say it here too! 

 @kiazareni , my writing bae, ily and your patience astounds me

@angstgods my go to vent when i need to get shit off my chest

@francowitch for always being so helpful and supportive!

@phaytesworld the fandom mom who’s taken so many of us under her wing

@theinsanefox and @yours-julie , the most gorgeous girlies in the world, inside and out. ily and you mean the world.

everyone in owc (if i miss people out i’m sorry just know ily all) @otayuriistheliteralbest @rodiniaorzetalthepenquin @the-stoned-ranger @blownwish-blog @eclair @penciltrash @ghostmoonchild @pllsetskyonice@rubyjooce@ashiiblack@softieghost  @accidental-mormon

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If I’ve forgotten someone, I’m so sorry. It’s so late here and my brain is fuzzy from writing all day. Ily <3

As a little token of my affection, I’m proud to finally announce that Chapter 11 of It’s Just a Spark, But It’s Enough is here! 18.8k of pure fluff! One chapter that’s a fifth of the size of the fic itself, as an apology for taking so fucking long to update.

Now if y’all excuse me, it’s nearly 5 am and I have to be up for work in 4 hours. I’m officially dead.

Love you all!

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Heyyo! I was just wondering if i could make a request for headcannons of Kirishima, Kaminari and Todoroki with a s/o who is in a haunted house with them and they are absolutely scared to D E A T H. I get scared pretty easily with things like that till it feels like I'm having a panic attack and i just really need this.

Anything for a fellow scenario blog!


  • Honestly he’s gonna feel pretty bad because it was so his idea to go in so he could show off how manly and not afraid of anything he is.
  • Gonna put one of those strong arms around you and march towards the exit. He’s got a way of making a person feel safe when he’s so close, you know nothing can really hurt you.
  • Might actually just princess carry you out of there and plant you down on the nearest bench. 
  • He’s rather touchy feely so he is gonna try and cuddle you until you feel better, unless you tell him that won’t work. 
  • “I’m really sorry, _____. Hey how about from now on you call me whenever you feel this way? It happens in other places too. I, Kirishima Eijirou, will be your personal escort!”


  • At first he thought you were messing with him because he’s more the type to start pointing out how tacky everything is but the second he understands that you are definitely not having any fun  he’s gonna grab your hand and hightail you out of the building.
  • Only he doesn’t really stop walking. He always found movement helped him cool down from panic attacks. 
  • Probably ends up taking you somewhere you can get something phenomenally high in sugar. 
  • Keeps an eye on how you’re breathing. If he notices any hyperventilation he’s gonna start counting breaths in and out with you until you settle. 
  •  “It’s alright. We all have things that do that to us, I mean I know I have. Here, you want some of my ice cream? It’ll make your tongue blue… Sorry, I figured you needed the energy… feel better?”


  • Literally neither of you know how you got there because that just isn’t somewhere he’d think to go. You probably tagged on with a larger group.
  • Absolutely will not tolerate anyone being rude to you or making fun of you. He’s not here to put up with that kind of shit. 
  • Probably the most likely to try and have you stick it out until the end, albeit hurry you through; but he wants you to feel at least some kind of accomplishment. So long as you aren’t in danger he’s gonna be leading you on one step at a time. 
  • Gets chatty for once. It’s what happens when he’s nervous and he just hopes it keeps you grounded.
  • Takes you home and does anything you want for the rest of the night because he feels mean.
  • “You did it. We can head home now if you like, _____. Pick any film you like, any food. You deserve it…. Could we stay in tomorrow morning too?” 
‘Tis I. The momther.

I dun did a goof

So um basically. I was trying to delete a different blog because I have like 50 trillion right?? So, I’ve done it a lot and I was going through the motions and basically.

I fucked my shit up.

I goofed.

I messed up.

I played myself.

so for those who still haven’t gotten it,

This is my new blog because letshaveskeletonsoffun is no more

So ye. ((And we were so close to 500 followers too. rip))

Could you guys let people know that I’m here on this blog now.

Also, if anyone has any of my old posts, hmu because I want to reblog it here

I’m gonna be tagging many of my chums so they know what’s up. under a read more because I have many people I consider chums even tho I’m pretty sure only about half of them like me lol

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What would YOU say to the TMNT turts?

Tagged by @durtleticks (I’m talking 2014/2016)

Leo: BOI *roast hand* you need to not. You asshat. You pretty, stupid asshat. Get the scissors and cut it the fuck out. Get outta my face *smack crack and pop*

Raph: AND YOU! Fuck you and your face - how are men gonna compete to that bod. GODDAMN. Put a shirt on loser.

Donnie: Where the hell you think you’re going Kilimanjaro? Get back over here and let me touch you. Lemme measure them legs - hot damn.

Mikey: 1) Ya nasty and 2) I like it nasty, so what’re we gonna do about it?

I tag everyone - go.

Everyone else: 22 days until the Lego Ninjago Movie is here!!! :D

Everyone in the U.K.:

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"im trying to protect her" *calls wanda a weapon of mass destruction* *brings a literal high schooler to fight his battle* steve is such a hypocrite. lol ok "So tell me, Steve Rogers, in what way would letting her go to Walmart be a good idea?" maybe because this is a free country and wanda has the right the to be free.

“Can I point out that Steve picked to take “She’s just a kid” Wanda into combat over combat veteran James Rhodes and indestructible android Vision?” not to be rude, but tony is the one who literally funded the facility where steve trained wanda and the others. FOR COMBAT. in front all the other ADUTL avengers
ok but wanda is at least trained. she was trained by fucking black widow and steve rogers. the best of the best. where tony just took a high schooler from his home. who has a life, a family, a place to live unlike wanda. and drops him in the middle of the battleground. like that’s so much worse. i love tony too, but goddamn that post is flawed.

First of all,
if you have a problem with what is said on the post, why dont you send a message to those people who commented on it?? why are you venting out on me when none of those comments belong to me???? I reblog it because I agree with what the reblogged tags said, the first part of the comment, that is pointing out what Tony was going through up till that point, if you actually read what those tags were saying, here:

#Tony’s SCARED AS SHIT HERE; IS WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY #he’s not all Angsty Accountability Speeches anymore; he’s worried and fumbling #and then it all comes down to ‘GIVE ME A BREAK! I’m doing what has #to be done to stave off something worse’ oh my god fam HE IS SCARED OF WHATS GONNA HAPPEN#at this point he KNOWS HOW WRONG THIS ALL CAN GO FOR STEVE AND THE OTHERS #later on we see ross rubbing people’s deaths on tony’s face after bucky’s escape; telling him that if steve kept antagonizing he was gonna get shot. #ross holds tony accountable for the airport fiasco as well and says he deserved to be in a cell because OTHER PEOPLE escaped  #like tony is viscerally aware that everything they’re doing; they’re doing with political AND LITERAL guns pointing to their heads #and that awareness is already present during the early berlin sequence #when tony’s line of argument has gone from Ideal to Pragmatic Shit - sign this so bucky won’t GO TO A WAKANDAN PRISON #I’m doing this because WANDA IS A POLITICALLY UNSTABLE WMD #he isn’t talking like the accords are the Right Thing To Do anymore #he’s talking like the accords can be ‘amended’ and they need to ‘put out the PR fires’ #and he’s behaving as if someone outside these walls had a gun pointed to their heads #(GLASS WALLS by the way THEYRE IN A LITERAL GLASS CAGE)

I did say in my tags that ‘#they both could have handled the whole thing better’, ‘#but tony has a legit point and concern and it’s out of fear and worry’ If only they can only sit down and talk and understand each other’s concern and pov, instead of you know, storming out the room. My whole point being is I don’t understand why people can’t understand Tony’s concern and worry, with Ross breathing down his neck, the accords, the UN, the media, the government, the families of the deaths, are all giving the Avengers, Tony pressure, and they’re never shy to express that they are more than ready to arrest Wanda. Tony is truly trying to protect and prevent Wanda from getting arrested by keeping her in the compound, under supervision of an other Avenger. He’s relying on the accountability that he and Vision (who signed the Accords) have to gain the trust from the government the UN and the rest in order to keep their hands off Wanda. So I guess to answer your ‘it’s a free country, Wanda has right to be free’ comment, sure, she can leave the compound, Tony’s will to keep her in the compound holds no legal authority, but then she will have to face the consequences herself, because you’re forgetting the fact that everyone is out for her blood at that moment, and that she is not a US citizen, the police can arrest her, and people are afraid of her power, so when they’re afraid they’ll try to contain/attack her and she will react and god knows what will happen because even she doesn’t have full control of her own power. Yeah it’s not a nice thing to say calling her ‘weapon of mass destruction’, but it’s sadly what the rest of the world sees her as after Lagos. 

Do you understand the importance of having the public trust and good public relation in order for the Avengers to operate smoothly? The whole point of Civil war is telling you that the world, even the world with superheroes, is not black and white, just because you save some people it doesn’t cancel out the deaths you’ve caused, and just because you’re superheroes doesn’t mean you’re above the law and that you can ignore international boarders and get a free pass for the collateral destruction you’ve caused because you’re chasing the bad guys. There will always be consequences and the Avengers have to answer for it, it’s called accountability, and being accountable for your actions is how and why people would trust you. Without trust, the public would breed fear and resentment towards them, that’s why Wanda is better to stay at the compound and not out in the public until they can settle the incident in Lagos, because the public and the government doesn’t trust her. And like I said, Tony could have handled it better by personally speaking to her about this issue, he could have asked if she wants the protection, or if she wants to be held responsible of her own action, instead of making the decision for her. But I can’t fault him on his intention to keep her out of prison.  

LOL and the second part of your comment is just the typical ‘how to prove Tony is worse than Steve 101′ argument, Rule No.1: always bring up how he recruits a 15 y-o into battle! even the discussion has nothing to do with that! just throw it in there! because it will make him look BAD!
I’ve been through this  x , x   we’ve all been through it so many times, and it makes me wonder how many of you actually watch the whole movie and actually pay attention. You can fault him for being reckless to bring Peter in, but he also gives him a high tech suit specifically designed for him to protect him, and he sends him straight home when he sees the battle has escalated and is no longer safe for Peter. Also y’all always decide to neglect the fact that he did not go to Germany with the intention to fight, 

  • Nat: Was this part of them plan? Tony: My plan was to go easy on them, 
  • Peter: Mr Stark, what should I do? Tony: What discussed. Keep your distance, web them up.

Ross gives him 36 hours to bring Steve and Bucky in,

  • Ross: I’m putting Special Ops on this.
  • Nat: What happens when the shooting starts? What, do you kill Steve Rogers? 
  • Ross: If we’re provoked. 

After that, Ross’s team will start shooting, so Tony and Nat’s objective is to bring them in safely, by their hands, not Ross, and they clearly didn’t expect the scene would turn into a fight, a battlefield like you said. Tony brings Peter in, besides studio decision, is that because he has seen how Spider-man fight, he knows he’s strong and can hold his own, and more importantly, his fighting style is not lethal, Spider-man uses his webbing to capture the bad guys, which is exactly what Tony needs right now, that’s why he brings him in to help because for the love of god he’s desperate. He needs to make sure they have the upper hand and bring team cap in otherwise Ross’s team would come in and their style is shoot first ask question later. Y’all like to give him grief for bringing a child in, but ever think of if not for Steve and co, he wouldn’t be in that position being the human shield between Ross and Steve, and like I’m not asking for appreciation, I’m just asking for understanding. Tony makes questionable decisions but please dont pretend Steve is oh so much better and come to my inbox on your self righteous high horse :) 

Sometimes Cake Happens *Steve Rogers x |Male|Reader*

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Summary: Tony recommends a bike club to Steve, in order for him to get out there and make friends. The bike club houses his younger brother, who runs the club for suffer with mental illnesses or feel alone in the world, a few ex-military men are there because he served for five years.
Warnings: Swearing & talk of mental illnesses
Admins Note: Male reader x Steve is strictly platonic, although I am willing to do another part with romance between reader and Steve, so just ask if you want that.

“I really think you should consider it” Tony tells Steve as they walk through the Avengers base, Steve sighs gently, not really wanting to have this conversation again; the fourth time this month that Tony had brought this up “listen, it’s not some gang where they go steal children’s lollipops or whatever you think, a bunch of people who are alone or going through mental illnesses meet up and ride together” Tony explains 

“It’s a chance to make friends, feel part of this time, not as alone or a chance to find people who feel how you may do” Steve nods “trust me, you gotta bike and you don’t have many friends outside of here, give it a chance” he nudged Steve’s side, he nods and chuckles lightly.

“I’ll think about it,” Steve tells him “they’re meeting this Saturday at Central Park, right?” he asked and Tony nodded gently, Steve nods lightly and he doesn’t see any reason not to go and check it out, what harm can happen? “I guess I’m busy Saturday” he sighed and Tony chuckled at him, usually the team spends Saturday together, depending on if someone has a mission or not.

“I think it will be good for you” Tony pats his shoulder and Steve nods “if you don’t like it or not your thing, I’ll stop, I promise but I just want to know you’re okay, that you aren’t alone and you don’t feel complete… out of time” Tony tells him sincerely, Steve nods appreciatively at his friend for a moment.

Steve turns up at Central Park, shutting off his bike and shoving his hands inside his brown, leather jacket pockets he looks around for a second to find the meet-up. He finds a small group, maybe ten or less of people, standing and chatting about whatever; next to a few different bikes. 

He could easily turn away now, spend the day with the Avengers or at his apartment, Tony will be sorely disappointed but it’s not his decision. Although he did seem excited and proud of Steve for finally getting out there, finally doing something other than saving the world, the prospect of him making new friends.

Steve walked up to the group, a few giving him awe stares, of course, they’d know Captain America and a few smiling as he timidly tried to find the person that runs this. Tony mentioned it’s hard not to miss him, he has a familiar face about him, and Steve looked around till he is met with a tall, lean young man.

 Crazy dark hair, a kind face and it is oddly familiar to him, you walked up to Steve with your hand extended out; Steve shakes it with a small shy smile, he doesn’t exactly know what to say or do, what’s the protocol into joining.

“Steve Rogers, right?” he asked, smooth and deep voice, and Steve nods “honestly, I didn’t think you’d show up, ever, my brother mentioned trying to get you to join us but I thought he was pulling my leg” you chuckled as Steve frowned, brother? “Right, I’m (Y/N) Stark, Tony’s younger brother and much less known” Tony had never mentioned a brother, ever, or that he remembers.

 “I see the internal battle you are having, myself and Tony have a hard time seeing eye to eye on a lot of things, plus it’s easier living a normal life without people fawning after me too” Steve nodded and chuckled “if you’re up for it we are driving to Jones Beach State Park?” you could sense Steve was a little off “for a superhero I thought you’d be more talkative” you chuckled and Steve nodded.

“I guess… I’m not really the biker gang type” Steve comments, rubbing his hand on his neck in embarrassment, you raised your eyebrows at Steve for a few seconds and laugh lightly. Is that how Tony explained this, a gang? Far from that.

“This is a club, not a gang” you scoff back, Steve quirked an eyebrow at you, not really knowing a difference. 

“What’s the difference?” he asked and you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him, not really believing he had asked such a question, like you guys are gonna go do illegal shit with one another mostly because half the people here have anxiety, it’s a miracle they even get on their bikes let alone meet you here. 

“For starters, we don’t do anything illegal. We’re a group of like-minded individuals, socialising and riding together, sometimes cake happens” Steve chuckled and nodded. 

“Well… that don’t sound so bad” Steve muttered, you smiled and nodded, grinning when he agreed he’d tag along.

“You’re the oldest here, by the way” you call as he starts to walk to his bike, everyone getting together to ride also, he laughed and nodded.

It was just past six and no one was making a move to leave, although Steve had an early start the next day, but for some reason, he didn’t care if he turned up late tomorrow. Everyone’s bikes were parked beside one another, Steve even exchanged a few numbers with the ex-military guys, planning to go get drinks with them and bringing Sam with him. 

For the first time in what felt like years, he felt part of something, part of this time and he didn’t feel so disconnected from the outside world because he was now inside. He understands how this can help the mentally ill, feeling part of something, a family people who are going through something similar.

“Can I expect you from now on?” Steve looked up as you sat down beside Steve, he nodded and you nodded back, well that would be pretty awesome “great, I’m gonna need your contact, we change where we meet depending on where we ride, also then you can tell me if we should wait” Steve nodded and wrote down his number in the silence “I know you have a busy schedule, Mr. America, but got time for cake?” you asked standing up, stretching and he nodded, you called to the rest of the group.

Everyone sat outside the small bakery, devouring the cake and drinking coffee or hot chocolate, the sun setting on the horizon across the park; Steve could get used to this, to being surrounded by these people, watching the sun go down and just feeling no weight on himself. 

“Okay, well, we should welcome Steve to our weird club” you announced everyone smiled, he chuckled and nodded, shying away in his red velvet cake as you laughed with a girl called Susan “It’s an honour to ride beside the Captain America, but it’s a pleasure to ride beside Steve Rogers, although I may need to keep an eye on you; old age and riding, can’t be good for you” he rolled his blue eyes as you, everyone snickering, you were just like your older brother “kidding, I’m a stunt man, I’ll be dying before you” you joked, Steve nodded with a slight laugh.

The drive back was lazy; no one too eager or rushing to get back, the slight breeze was enough to cool the air around as they drive beside one another. Steve almost didn’t want to go back home, he wanted to stay with everyone, to chat and get to know them more but then he can wait till Wednesday for the next meeting. The hour’s drive was over before Steve wanted, everyone stopping to say goodbye at Central Park once more, shaking hands or hugging before getting back on their bikes.

“Okay, I’ll figure out our next ride, see you all very soon” You called “Susan, congratulations on a whole month without any accidents or incidents, we’ll celebrate that with beers on Wednesday” The young girl, probably twenty-one smiled and nodded, Steve knew very little about everyone’s conditions or illnesses here but she has the past with suicide and Steve hugged her extra tighter. Everyone left, waving and honking as they drive passed, you shake Steve’s hand once more.

“I owe Tony one” Steve sighed and you snickered “thank you, what you do for all these people, it’s actually really helping and nice” you shrugged.

“There’s a lot of reasons why Tony doesn’t mention me” you sighed “if anyone knows what’s going through most of those people minds, it’s me, I’m glad it’s gonna help you now” you tell him and pat his shoulder before walking back to your bike “ride safe, Steve” you chirp and he nodded, calling back something similar to getting on his own.

(Okay, so if you think I should do a part 2 with maybe a romance then let me know, this is my first time writing a male reader insert; it can be read as female but this is new territory for me. Let me know what you think. You can still request; one shots and imagines by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

oh my fucking god i don’t even want to do this just because i don’t want to see the fucking list

you can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea: current Main Project, I think it’s about half or two-thirds completed. Big gaslamp fantasy AU in which Dirk, Jane, and Roxy are part of an expedition team that’s grown kind of tired of the world, and jumps at the chance to fly halfway across the world to explore a mysterious magical island. There, they find a lot of weirdness to explore, lots of queer magical stuff, and a “lorelay” (frog-semi-merman) named Jake. Started out as a ridiculous romp but grew feelings.

patina: ASAFAF mini-sequel. Dirk’s POV, exploring the progression of Jake’s time settling into Derse and the evolution of his wardrobe.

The Fangame: collaboration with Nat and City. fucking overambitious as hell. if we pull it off, it’s going to be a goddamn riot. i’m hyped as fuck.

The Novel: collaboration with Nat. god we have so much work to do. but progress is happening.

a guy like you should wear a warning (the Bachelor AU): i tried to ruin City’s life with a terrible suggestion for an AU but instead I got really invested in the idea and it turns out i just played myself.

sleep and rest and relaxation: hahahaha bitch what yeah right


I would say I can’t believe how much my fandom wall has grown, but I’m trash, so…

The top is halfway through my freshman year of high school and the bottom is now (I’m about to enter junior year!)

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Purly (Curly Shepard/Ponyboy Curtis)

when i first saw this ask i was like “shit i know nothing about curly or this ship how am i gonna do this” but then i looked through his tag and now im like “MMMMMMMMM” HERE WE GO

-they met when ponyboy was 12 and he was pretty scared of curly

-they eventually became friends when ponyboy realized he was just a hood, he wasn’t necessarily a bad guy

-during a rumble when ponyboy was 14 he witnessed curly beating the shit out of some guy and pony just completely stopped moving and watched him. he doesnt like fights but he was like “o shit he’s hot”

-when they got home he immediately went to bed because he didn’t know what to do with his feelings

-he would watch curly from afar but when they were together try to be as nonchalant as possible

-curly noticed and started doing outrageous and daring things to impress ponyboy

-he picked fights on ponyboy’s behalf all the time and got in trouble

-they flirted around for a very long time before finally dating

-ponyboy spent so much time trying to come up with a creative and nice way to ask curly to go steady but he couldn’t

-finally he was like “im gonna do it” in the middle of class so he took a spare sheet of paper and kept writing something and erasing it or scratching it out so finally he just wrote “DO YOU WANT TO BE MY BOYFRIEND Y/N” but he wrote boyfriend in really small letters bc the word scared him

-he dropped the note on curly’s desk before going back to his seat at the front of the room and tried to act like he wasn’t watching him to see his reaction

-curly unfolded the note, read it, then looked up at ponyboy and smiled real big

-he scribbled something and dropped the note on pony’s desk on the way to “””ask the teacher a question”””

-he had circled the Y and drew a really shitty smiley face

-shit this is really cute i gotta draw this

-ponyboy’s very feminine around curly

-curly fucking loves it

-language arts isn’t curly’s strong suit but he tries to be interested in the books ponyboy reads

-their relationship involves a lot of sneaking out to see each other

-johnny’s the only one in the gang who caught on but he didn’t say anything

-darry fucking hates curly and thinks he’s a bad influence on ponyboy

-angela shepard caught curly sneaking back in one night. she had known he was doing it for a while so one night she waited for him

-she had found notes from ponyboy in curly’s nightstand when she was looking for something he had borrowed from her

-angela made curly sit down at the tiny dinner table with her in the dark. she put a few of the notes in the center of the table and asked curly what they were. at first curly was really defensive and said he and ponyboy were really close friends. angela asked him if he had gone out to see ponyboy and he said yes.

-angela was going to pry more but she just gave him the notes and told him to try and come back earlier next time

-she caught him sneaking out again one night but she just fixed his hair (much to curly’s frustration) and told him to be back soon

-angela’s the best

-ponyboy makes curly look at the stars with him and one night they started naming them

-curly would confuse which was which

-”that one’s james” “no that one’s kelly” “i thought that one was kelly” “no, the other one is kelly” “that one?” “no, that one!”

-they quickly figured out pointing out a specific star in the sky is really difficult

-when curly was put in the reformatory ponyboy cried

-sodapop and darry asked him what’s wrong but he said he couldn’t tell them

-i really like this ship now thank u for bringing it up

Top ten songs on my playlist

I was tagged by @hellacuteangelofthelord (hey there!)

In no particular order, because asking me to choose a favorite is like asking me to choose between breathing and sleeping. I NEED THEM ALL TO LIIIIIIIIIVE

1) Past Lives- BORNS

2) Still Breathing- Green Day

3) Scars- James Bay

4) Sugar, We’re Goin Down- Fall Out Boy

5) Death- White Lies (it’s less depressing than it sounds, I swear)

6) River- BISHOP

7) De Tu A Tu- Lasso

8) Way Down We Go- Kaleo

9) Angeles (feat. Jensen Ackles)- Steve Carlson

10) All I Need To Know- Thousand Foot Krutch

I’m gonna tag…

@hell-ofa-coco-bean @lonelyangelstardis @assass-is-here and anyone else who wants to do the thing! because i’m a lazy little shit

And so we had the first Aussie denied entry into the US because he has an Iraqi passport as well as an Australian one.

Why his class wants to go on a trip to that Fuck up embarrassment of a country is beyond me but I guess he misses out.

The things Trump is doing is scary and fucked up. Had to block the tag for a bit because it was freaking me the Fuck out, but I think it’s time for you Darling American babes to come to my house. We will grow plants and shit and play boardgames and be as gay and glorious and diverse as we were born ♡
Just get married first you’re still not allowed that here but we’re working on it

Trouble with ear hustlin'

Summary: Over hearing half a conversation is never a good thing.

Written for @claaruucha  hope you like hun the idea came to me pretty quick actually

Prompt #20 “H-how long have you been standing there?

Warnings: angst

Notes: Okay this wasn’t really planned but it’s how Dean came to me. I know it should’ve been a happy ending but he was telling me no not how he wants it to end. And when Dean Winchester, tells you how things are going to go you listen.

Tag list: @aquabrie

Set in season 11


“Shit Sam can’t you take it a little easy?” frustration lacing your tone, as another wince graces the features of your face.

Glaring, Sam kept pressure on your leg with one hand while searching for the gauze with the other, “If you hadn’t gotten yourself in this mess then we wouldn’t be here now would we Y/N.”

Rolling your eyes, trying to keep the grimace at bay, “Son of a mother trucker Sam just stick it in there already would ya. Christ Dean’s gonna be back any second and your dickin’ around.”

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