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“No one is what they appear.”

Very true, Bonnie. But now, let’s start this:

Hey, lovelies :) I hope you’re all doing fine. I actually wanted to do this tomorrow, but since I’ll be busy with B-Day stuff it’s going to happen today. I’ve Bonnie for 2 and a half years now, one year (and something,  I think) as an independent rp blog. I couldn’t be happier with this blog. Truly, it’s my favorite. Perhaps, because Bon was my first muse ^^ Anyway, enough of me. I want to thank you all of putting up with my shit, and supporting me in any way <3333

Special Shout-Outs (aka Super Baes) to: @decadc @thedonjuanofdarkness @chimeristic @thequeenbennett @valianthuntress @sculkeeper @lovingusisxdeathsentence @lovelylittleelena @sjxfni @justwakeupstiles @damaseisotiras @heirofgodfrey @petrovanity @niallthedarkking @sullenalpha @knowsdeath @exitiosaxe @crowofwaranddeath @kinkylilfxckers @traiitorprince @msncthing @elenaishuman @stefansbunnies @jacksonxwhittemorexmiller @originallymikaelson @icxnholdon @thetylerhenderson @katheriinefacade

The Kings & Queens (aka those that I rp with & adore <3): @banefulbloodstream @wetpuppyargent @shriekinglydias @magicsecrets @mercycries @objectivelyhot @hunterofpie @thxlittlxbirds @freelancessoul @deeployalty @goldenfreckled @battlemighty @hcwlingmartin @lydialittlemiss @stubbornisms @thesoullesshunter @violentlyimpulsive @georgie-mccall @doesntlovehumans

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Non RP Blogs that I love <3: @bonneibennett @bonibennett @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @layla-lives-in-mordor @alwaysbellamyblake @cassandrablake  @dear-indies

That’s it. If I haven’t mentioned you don’t be sad or anything. Remember: You’re good. You’re beautiful. You’re unique. You’re important. You’re loved. I love you too *hugs and kisses to you all*