here we go again outro


So, here we are. Parahoy. 

So the reason you may not be seeing as many posts about it as you would like, its cause the internet fucking sucks. 


Not kidding

It’s awful 

The first show was fucking amazing. Like I can’t believe it happened. Hearing My Heart acoustic, fucking Renegade, Born for This, Looking Up, When It Rains, AND THE FUCKING HERE WE GO AGAIN ONE ARMED SCISSOR OUTRO FROM SO FUCKING LONG AGO 

Like I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this show was i’m still in shock. I got some fucking awesome for my phone only being alive for the first 4 songs. (380 photos for 4 songs im crazy) 

Last night during dinner we saw Taylor and he waved and smiled at us in his fucking adorable way and we all wanted to die. 

Passed charlavail like 10 thousand times but am a wimp 

Then today, I basically weaseled my way into musical squares without actually getting picked for it. Wait list for the fucking win. @weareparamooooooore knows what i’m talking about 

Basically Hayley touched my shoulder while walking in, she so fucking adorable, I danced with Taylor to Aint it Fun for a good while, got Hayley to laugh and yell “YEAH!” at my skipping dance moves, got high fives from all. And 6 fucking selfies with hayley and Taylor, and I havent even gotten my M&G photo yet,which I cant fucking post because again 


I’m only able to post this from the internet cafe which has no usb so fuck.  

Also did paraprops studio and took so pretty fucking awesome photos, got to hold the actual gold Paramore record and stand on Hayleys actual paramore box. 

I’m so fucking pumped and tired at the same time

I’ll try to post some photos but no fucking promises 

gotta get to my paramore photo soon 

I’ll check in later. 

<3 Alex 

PS If you have any questions or anything i’ll be online for a little while longer