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Which of the children is the biggest dork? They deserve a hug.

Well, the kids are all dorky in their own way, so it’s hard to compare.

Luckily enough for you, I made a graph to explain !!

Some of them, like Hanayo, Ruby and Kotori were very hard to put in there, but we counted their very specific sense of humor in. So these three are a little apart.

As you can see, you’ve got four categories.

  • The clumsy looney square is for the kids who trip over nothing, don’t get the jokes but laugh anyway, and the likes. They don’t expect to be funny, but somehow they’re glad they are.
  • The Living gag zone is for the kids who have come to terms and embraced their dork side. It’s part of them, they wouldn’t be themselves without it and they’re very attached to humor.
  • The sneaky prankster corner is for a bunch of kids who get into mischief within a heart beat, but you’ll never find out it’s actually their work if you don’t know them very well.
  • The denial land is for the most unfortunate ones. They don’t want to be funny, but somehow they are. Some of them are even hilarious, but they don’t want to hear about it. It will haunt them for days. Every time somebody dares to mention their unintentional jokes they scream internally (or externally, depending on the kid.)

There you have it, it’s actually a good way to know the type of kids you’re interacting with !

By the way mod Nocti belongs in the clumsy looney square idk what you’ll do with this information but h e y

I look at Mereel and I see a man hardened by years of grief and trauma and resolve, and yet when he smiles for a moment he looks like a young man again—the kind of man unburdened by the responsibilities he’s taken, the role he’s played, the sacrifices he’s made in providing his brothers hope when no one else could. He’s older now, less spry, less reckless, more world-weary around the edges; but he’s never lost that spark, that mischief that sometimes shows in the glint of his eye just before he goes to unleash hell on someone unsuspecting (whether that means taking out an Imperial compound on his own, or discreetly filling Ordo’s personal quarters with squeaky toys, it’s hard to tell).

Oh, how you’ve aged, Mereel. Eyes still on the stars, moving ever forward. I wish you’d remember to take some time to yourself, every once in a while. As often as you need to—the rest of the galaxy can wait.


FOX Says Farewell To Bones | Season 12 | BONES

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Hello, I'm not a 'larrie' but anyways i wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts-on-Liam post. It feels so weird thinking of him as an actual father. Now, I'm a Louie girl but his kid doesn't stop me from thirsting over him and i was wondering why that was the case and i guess its cause he doesn't give two shits about being a dad for freddie lmao but with Liam its different because he's so genuine with it. (And If larry is a thing, then I'm sorry Harry for thirsting on your man sorry not sorry)

“And If larry is a thing, then I’m sorry Harry for thirsting on your man sorry not sorry” - I need this framed and also harry to see this 

Seen/Need To See (Anime Edition)

I need to open up my anime list…

I’ll take recommendations, old and new! Yoai or Yuri anime is appreciated.

*Seen all Episodes

Shows I’ve Seen:
- School Days*
- Black Butler
- No. 6*
- Free
- Yuri On Ice*
- Diabolik Lovers
- Searaph of The End*

Need/Want To See:
- Attack on Titan
- Future Diary
- Hunter x Hunter
- Haikyuu
- Sakura Trick
- Love Stage
- Fruit Basket
- Prince of Strider
- Kiss Him Not Me
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Ouran High
- Hey, Class President
- One Punch Man

I also have a cartoon list.

Because of circumstances, this blog will be posting much lgbtq+ positivity this week.