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Pardon the long wait, it’s been a rough first half 2015, and I couldn’t open commissions until now! ;0; Some huge outgoings are waiting for me now that I’m done with school, so if you want to give me an hand, you will have my eternal gratitude!

Basic rules:

- All my works are digital only. You will receive a full hd file that can be printed with no problems though :)

- You can ask characters from fandoms or your OCs, I have no problems with characters I don’t know, as long I have enough references to look at

- Paypal Only 👌

- I DON’T do nsfw stuff, sorry, I’m not the right artist for those

How to ask:
Send me an email at (ticcyart(at) [change the (at) with @ ] with the description of your commission, the type you want, and references, if you have some and I’ll reply at you with a price quote!

Thank you!

Real World AU || fangisawesome


Aeona walked onto the college complex and glanced around for the office. It was her first year of college and she was excited for it. Hefting the duffel bag of textbooks and clothes and everything she needed, the girl checked the paper for the dorm number. Which building was it in? She spotted someone and ran over to them quickly. “Excuse me? Could you tell me where my room is? I’m new here.”

Podcast Recommendation: Wolf 359

I’m unbelievably happy about Wolf 359 being mentioned in the WTNV tag. It’s become something of a personal favourite podcast.

Seriously, if you haven’t yet, I thoroughly recommend giving it a listen! It’s on podbay and iTunes, among other places, and wonderful people behind it also have a Tumblr.

The narrator - and main character - is Doug Eiffel, communications officer on the space station Hephaestus, and each episode is one of his logs of the crew’s deep space mission. Company aboard the ship consists of the station’s chirpy AI, a quick-witted commander, and an over-enthusiastic scientist. …Along with all sorts of mysteries that are more than a little worrying so far away from the rest of humanity.

It’s incredibly atmospheric, the writing is fantastic, the jokes still have me laughing on my third listen, the voice acting is superb, and the plot always seems to have me on the edge of my seat. It’s just a thoroughly enjoyable podcast!

EDIT: Only just realised that I got the numbers in the wrong order