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ed sheeran's divide: [½]

“The whole album being called divide…There’s a lot of schizophrenic sounds on here, very different.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

Since I told one of the many anons I’d tell my college stories, here’s one of those.

So this is the story of a man who I will refer to as Douglas MacGreggo.

Is that really his name? No. But he is a villain. Definitely Chaotic Evil. And boy am I glad he’s a part of my life!

So it all started when we were in a room with large TVs that are open for people to use as they wish. I gathered the gang up so we could use it to play a little visual novel known as “Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme”, which is as deviantArt as it sounds. We get pretty far into it, we’re having a good time, but then suddenly this man, this creature, walks into the room. He’s a man with a haircut similar to Leon from Resident Evil (he doesn’t anymore, but that’s the closest thing I can compare it to at the time), glasses, and resting bitch face. He then asks me how I got my laptop to display on the TV. I tell him I just used an HDMI cable and plugged it in my laptop. His response was, and I quote “Uhh do I look like the guy who knows what that means?”

Already off to a pleasant start.

I then tell him how it works and he sits down to watch because he doesn’t have anything better to do. Alright, sounds good. He then shows pictures of his girlfriend by starting the conversation with “This is my favorite Elizabeth”. It was awkward as can be and no one liked it. But that’s not where this adventure begins.

The adventure begins when I ironically shit talk anime.

As I’m wearing my drill core necklace, I start saying “oh I hate anime. It’s such trash” and stuff like that, in a very clearly sarcastic tone. His response?

“Uhh there’s the door and my foot and NOT in that order!”

I’m saying this verbatim. He legitimately said this to me.

He then asked me what anime I like. I tell him “Oh, JoJo, Steins;Gate, TTGL, GTO, Watamote” and things of that nature. He tells me how much he likes Attack on Titan and then we have a very civil discussion about it, my input being about how it’s overrated but still good. But then he drops the bomb. The SAO bomb.

I then proceeded to spout every single reason why I hate SAO, rapid fire. He was chill about it, but I could see in his eyes he wanted me destroyed.

After about 10 to 20 minutes of further non-anime related discussion, he left.

I would not encounter him for about half a year, when I shared an Action Analysis class with him. That’s when we became friends. We’re not close friends, but he comes to me for anime recommendations from time to time. He’s pretty chill, but boy is he the edgiest human being.

So later, the gang is hanging out and I meet up with Douglas MacGreggo for a class meeting that we went to. I show up to where the gang was hanging out with the evil man and it already starts off pretty bad. Why?

1 - The rest of the group doesn’t care for him, especially my roommate for little to no reason.
2 - He walks in with fingerless gloves, a bright anime shirt, and a leather jacket. He’s already ready to brawl.

Now, if it wasn’t mentioned before, the gang LOVES to engage in physical conflict. It’s always in good fun, but it gets violent very fast. So conflict begins, and Douglas MacGreggo threatens lethal violence almost immediately, saying he’s ready to break necks if he needs to.

I’m dying of laughter as fight engages. No necks were broken. It was super silly.

So, since that class with him, Douglas MacGreggo has been in my life, even seeing me as a rival to him. My all-time favorite moment we had together was when I was walking back to my dorm at night.

Now, the setup for my dorm is like this: there’s a large building where all the classes are, and across a long straight pathway is a dorm building. I live in said dorm building, but that path is pretty long. 

I approach the door to the dorm building, but then I hear a loud scream. 


I turn, and there he is, standing all the way across the path like a fucking villain. 

I scram his name back and stand like a JoJo character with an S curve and a hand on my hip. What do we do?

Simultaneously, we start walking towards one another, which quickly turned into a run. 

Now I’m running like this is about to become a stand battle. Think like Jotaro v DIO. But he doesn’t.

His coat flies back, and so do his arms. He runs at me like Naruto/Sonic. As we reach the halfway point of the pathway, we both do a big jump and throw missing punches. As we stand opposite to one another, we stand and look to one another like we were ready to fight to the death. Immediately, laughter erupts, and we walk into the dorm building, just talking about how silly that was.

We make comments to one another from time to time about how he’s an everlasting evil in my life, which may be true. He’s edgy, he’s a freak, and he’s a complete weeaboo.

But I’m so glad he’s apart of this timeline.




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