here u go:*


My mom left for good, I think. Oh, and, apparently, my dad’s the mayor now. So yeah, today really sucked ass.
Oh Nathan, I’m so sorry.

so uh, everybody wanted me to post pics of me as my 1k thing. So here it is. This is my fav pic of me so far and was taken a few days ago. I got the matte lipstick from my girlfriend and the lighting and filter is just A++

um, please dont give any creepy comments. like, saying im slayin’ or that im pretty is one thing but dont be like “oh my god, you’re so beautiful” or anything idk 

I even got a little beauty spot if y’all can see that lol 

he/him, xe/xem or it/its please,, 

when ur goin to the beach tommorrow and u got nothing to do today so ur just sitting on ur couch with a facemask on and ur whole bodys soaking in lotion and u got a hair mask on too and ur watching say yes to the dress and life is good bc ur on break and monday when u go back to school ur gonna be on track bc ur did all of ur work and missing assignments and u feel really calm @anxiety who