here u go:*

me ,  cupping hands to mouth :   GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY AU  where the guardians are looking to recruit more soldiers to help defend the galaxy from those attempting to steal the infinity stones , and so they explore every system and hand - pick individuals who are tasked with defending their own section of the universe.   they discover the planet berk , where dragons and man live as one , and despite visual discrepancies that make the others believe hiccup is far from worthy of the title , perhaps peter sees a greatness in hiccup , and that hiccup has what it takes to be a guardian.  plus , it’s also the fact that peter likely takes a liking toward hiccup because of their snarky personalities and deep compassion to save mankind.  however , to accept the fate of a guardian , hiccup must leave behind all he knows in favor of exploring the galaxy unknown to his own viking eyes.   but hiccup would take it , making sure toothless is eligible to come with ( be it human or dragon form? )  and they both take on the enemy one infinity stone at a time.