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Some people??? Steal all seven of their ex’s keys and threaten to throw them into a volcano unless the ex brings current bf back from the dead?? To cope????

when ur hanging out in ur apartment u’ve got some candles lit ur feeling good u’ve had 8 glasses of wine then down in the street u hear two beautiful boys skateboarding or doing flips or something so u invite them up and they say where’s the bed and they ask if they can sit on the bed and u tell them sure but the sheets are expensive japanese linen and they tell u they’re not even soft:

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i LOVE your drawing of lance playing hockey! i feel like he would play hockey and keith would do boxing (hockey and boxing are sometimes strikingly similar lmao)

thanks!! sorry i’ve always loved the idea of martial artist keith so rather than boxing, here you go orz. they are probably in their college team or something

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