here u go u little shit. enjoy


we know its quite late but its still the 15th, so we hope u had an awesome day and  enjoyed it as much as you can :3 so here u go, the awesome tomoya is made by awesome haudini CHECK OUT HER ART ITS INCREDIBLE ♥ lol taka is done by me, we hope u like our little presentoooo :) so we hope that those two cutiepies brighten up ur day! >w<)/ ☆○•○☆○•~

[[yes this shit actually frustrated me bc im not good at digital drawings at all and jule had to endure my grumbling and crying all the time haha, so sorry, but we had a fun time drawing this together tho asdhasjdsdsd, nearly 7 hours skyping till now ftwww ´7´)/]]