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Some OTP holiday greetings for you all, Merry christmas to all of you trashbags.

(Also its the expression challange but cant link right now)

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Allie can you do a playlist with like chill vibe songs??

okay this is kind of all over the place but here ya go lmao lemme know what u think

Follow - Tom Misch & Laura Misch

Body - Syd

(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano - Sampha

Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar 

Didn’t Cha Know - Erykah Badu

Land of the Free - Joey Bada$$

Wats Wrong (feat. Zacari & Kendrick Lamar) - Isaiah Rashad

Best One - NxWorries

Where Did I Go? - Jorja Smith

Saved - Khalid

Why iii Love the Moon. - Phony Ppl

Over (feat. 6LACK) - Syd 

Nights -Frank Ocean

Un-Thinkable - Jamie Isaac

Crazy Dream (feat. Loyle Carner) - Tom Misch

Love Test - The Growlers

Palo Alto - Devante Hynes

Amnesia - Blu

Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones

Time Moves Slowly (feat. Sam Herring) - BADBADNOTGOOD


One Million Lovers - The Growlers

Limit to Your Love - James Blake

Replica - The xx

Kutless - NxWorries

Bonita Applebum - A Tribe Called Quest

The Season / Carry Me - Anderson .Paak

Shot Down - Khalid

8 (circle) - Bon Iver

River - Leon Bridges

GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak) - KAYTRANADA

Chanel - Frank Ocean

Downloaded a new brushset and drew this on my break. Asked friend if i should post she said yes so okay RIP in pieces 


What up, bitches? This is Jake. I’m not gonna die. So, the only reason I can think that you’re even watching this is because you snuck into Noah’s files, cause you were thirsty for an extra taste of this rock-hard, grade A man meat. But sorry ladies, this ladies man is…a lady’s man. Miss Brooke Maddox. Take that, Mr. B! Took 16 years of friendship foreplay–some shady tactics–but we’re here now. 


When @queenlypirate thinks she can handle my angst and I think she cannot. We shall see who comes out on top. Kinda rushed because it’s 3am but I wanted to get it posted before bed.

Chat Noir was prowling around on the rooftop of the Dupain-Cheng bakery again. Well, on the rooftop of what used to be the Dupain-Cheng bakery. Now, a new building stood in its place, a new, shiny building that had no knowledge of the fire that devastated its predecessor or the family that use to live in it. The new building was nice sure, but it wasn’t warm and it wasn’t home. Nothing felt like home after the death of his mother, but the Dupain-Cheng residence had come pretty close. Marinette and her parents were the kind of people that made you wish that you could in fact choose your own family, and then, ignored societal rules and practically adopted you anyway. Adrien had found comfort in that house, protection in the strong arms of her father, affection in the soft arms of her mother, and love, Adrien had found love in the warm arms of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. But now, as he paced back and forth over the building that no longer held anything for him, he just felt cold. 

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That ending was ABSOLUTELY AMAAAAZING!!!!! I loved it so much, you really are an amazing writer and you just keep proving that. It was soooo cute and sweet, I was on the verge of tears when they were looking through that memory box and the anticipation?!?!? Did not disappoint.... and then they KISSED!!! And I felt my heart leave my body to do a somersault. Incredible! love you, Keep being glorious xx - Z

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I seriously don’t deserve messages like this. I love you. Your words changed my life. My skin is clear. My bank account is full. My crops are thriving. thank you so much i’m crying <33

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I can not belieb you spread heterosexual propaganda on your blog Bethan, that last ask made my eyes bleed I need something cute with Tom GC to compensate, stat

ashfdksfhsljfhds. okay here u go look at this pic of harry literally giving tom bedroom eyes whilst tom is just standing there holding harry for like literally no reason at all