here u go steph

amazing things that have happened in my first three days of uni:
- met a girl who shouted YOU ARE SHINING at me from a doorway and then vanished for hours
- about a day later, I taught her how to use a toaster
- “how many freshers does it take to make a piece of toast”
- made a pasta bake and ate it all at once
- danced with a million people
- made friends with the coolest people ever
- found out i’m not the only not-hetero in the flat and there is a BUNCH OF US and we feel so comfortable now
- a girl almost cried last night because she loved us all so much already
- i almost cried because i love them all so much already
- life is fucking GOOD

an older marinette 🐞🐞🐞 !!

sqoiler  asked:

i was scrolling ur blog & found a pic of robin steph and in the tags you said "here we go!" and then u asked urself if it was a robin steph quote and i am here to tell you that "here we go" was the last line of steph's bg run. just fyi

Oh thank you, I did not know that! But you saying that reminded me of where I’d heard it before; earlier in Steph’s run when she where’s her costume for the first time!

There we go.

Tag people you want to get to know better!

Ta theyknowhowto-swim

Round two my peeps (yes I did one yesterday and these are different…mostly.)

Name: Lys

Bday: September 1st

Gender: Female

Orientation: Hetero

Height: exactly 5′2 (157cm)

Weight: 66 last time I checked

Favourite colour:  Black and pastel

Time/Date: 6:49 pm

Last thing you googled: Aveline Dragon Age (drawing refs)

Currently reading: Dracula/Silver Shadows

Favourite films/tv shows: The Walking Dead, X-men Days of Future Past, Falling Skies, idk

Last film I saw in theatre: The Kingsman

Dream holiday: Japan

Dream job: Game Designer (concept artist) and/or voice actress

Tagging some peeps:

hummminghemmings, xx-and-weed, roostersdohaveteeth brialaa