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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?


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Fave blogs?

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this is gonna be a long one

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Could you do a lance and s/o where he dreams about being with his family but only wakes up to find out that he's still away and is comforted by s/o? Thanks so much!!

here u go pal!!! I wish I could’ve edited it more but sadly I couldn’t! Pls do enjoy tho!

Laughter erupted from different areas of the welcoming home, wrapping gently around the birthday boy’s ears, when he grinned with pure happiness. A feeling in his chest circling throughout the rest of him, he’s felt this way every year to this very day because of the comforting embrace of his family. He was so happy, almost too happy as this was meant to be a sad day for him, despite it being his birthday. Seeing his family and a few friends smiling and conversing as though nothing bad were to happen made him feel weird, but there wasn’t anything he could do about that feeling, for it would reside in him for years to come.

Eventually, most of his family would leave to go home, and he’d finish packing suitcases filled with valuables and his clothing. And as soon as the clock struck midnight his father would drive him to a train station and bid him good luck with an, albeit sloppy, comforting kiss to the cheek and rough pat to the back that would send Lance reeling with emotions for as long as he lived. With that pat to the back a feeling of loneliness would manifest within his chest like a cavity, headaches would come often as his head filled with deafening thoughts that cramped between his brain and skull, poking and prodding as his heartstrings.

But he was here now and that’s all that mattered, he vowed to himself to make the best of this night with a stare at his tired face in the bathroom mirror. A freshly cleaned one at that. His father’s favorite recliner encased him with the emotion of love, pure and absolute, any other day his father would force him out of it but tonight was a night of occasion. A birthday, a day where you get just about everything you wish for, which wasn’t exactly what he felt was happening but it’s the best he could get. When a third of his family burst with cheers he almost began to regret wanting to go to the Garrison.

He heard the familiar shout from his mother, that the cake had arrived and as he turned his head he was shocked to see his best friend Hunk there, with more boxes than needed that were no doubt filled with sweets from his mother’s bakery. Lance’s mother gave Hunk a quick kiss to the cheek before bringing the cake to the kitchen to get the candles prepared. Hunk took off his soaked coat, peeling a glove off and placing a blue envelope into a small basket, only adding onto the ever-growing pile of letters, piling up just like his family as they made their way to the boy to welcome him here. Hunk seemed perfect, he seemed excited and happy for this party but inside his feelings mirrored that of Lance’s, I mean, who’d want to leave their family for years?

The effort being put into their shouts at the large tv screen was soon put into a chorus of happy birthday’s that overwhelmed Lance. The smell of the candles blowing back into his face from the ceiling fan was comforting despite his eyes growing watery from the smoke. Cheers and claps came to everybody’s ears, camera flashes being heard from just about every part of the room as they tried desperately to get a picture of their boy. Blurry or not.

His mother came to his side, bending over slightly to place a kiss upon his head and murmur, “I love you.” His heart began to snap, he couldn’t bare to think about losing his mother for however long he’d be gone, he couldn’t bare to lose anybody and it’s hard to get back home from the Garrison. Something was bound to happen while Lance was gone. He had this fear where if anything even remotely good happened to him karma would land upon the surface of the Earth with great trembling earthquakes, and cause terrible destruction.

He watched arms and hands of different tones reach across the table with containers, plates, and bowls of food to be passed to another hungry family member. Lance pointed at a cousin of his, laughing intertwining with shouting as they struggled to swallow a large piece of steak, tears of laughter came to their eyes. This feeling was impeccable, really, it covered just about every millimeter of his nerves and muscle and made him feel terribly warm.

It was raining, an act of Mother Nature that he loved so very dearly, but yet he’d never be able to hear the pitter patter of the rain again and be calm for it’d remind him of this day forever. He’d grow to love the rain in due time once more but that’ll never prevent his brain from grasping at this memory and shoving it forcefully to the front. It’ll never go away and he’d have to live with that.

Perhaps he was overreacting, perhaps he was being dramatic. But his family is all that’s left to him that gives him true unconditional love, and doesn’t meaningly compare him to others as his other no life blank faced kids and teachers do. He’d be leaving the home he’s been in most of his life, the same home where he broke his arm and both of his legs in the span of five years, the same home he brought home his first girlfriend and they disliked her so much that he and her had to eat outside to get away from the glares. Those same glares proved to be right as she had cheated on him days before.

The pain he felt when he found out about that was minuscule compared to the broken sob he let out as his mother kissed him goodbye. The pain he felt when he broke all those bones was nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the feeling that erupted inside a vessel of his heart as his father sat with him in the car yet said nothing. The silence that filled the car like suffocating water below sea level was so uncomfortable that Lance almost grew sick. He wanted to throw up then and there but he didn’t want his father to think less of him, to think he can’t commit or to think he’s afraid.

But he is, he is so very afraid of just about everything to come. He’s afraid of coming back home to faces filled to the brim with faultless calamity as he couldn’t seem to make them proud enough to welcome him back with the same laughter and smiles as the night of his birthday. He’s afraid of messing up even in the slightest although messing up is apart of life, one slip up and whatever entity that controls the puppetry of the Earth will come down and use a labeling machine to slap a big fat ‘Failure’ on his back, one that he’d never be able to peel off unless he’d want to peel back every layer of compassion he built up over the years.

Every traffic light they passed by grasped at the front of the hood and pulled them steadily to their destination, the car door vibrating against his elbow with every deep bass of the song that played from the speakers. He didn’t realize he began to cry until he tasted salt by the corner of his mouth, Lance’s throat felt tight and began to ache and so did his heart as all he could do was cry in the passenger seat of his father’s Cadillac that he no doubt wouldn’t see for very long. He leaned forward, hands cradling his head in attempts to scare off the oncoming headache for it did nothing but provide him with an aching muscle-wrenching pain.

“Lance.” His father mumbled, and Lance heard him but he struggled to keep his tears hidden behind his usual facade. After a chorus of his name spewed from his father’s mouth Lance forced his body to push itself back up, though he could never force his eyes in the direction of his father’s as he knew he’d contract into a ball once again. He didn’t realize the car had stopped until he heard the familiar beeping to warn of someone’s seatbelt being unbuckled, his father had gotten out of the car and shut the door, but he didn’t go around the other side to retrieve his son from the passenger seat but got straight to the point of releasing his suitcases from the trunk and backseat.

“Come on, help a guy out.” He heard through the thick glass of his father’s car, in small intervals he inhaled the most of the encouraging air he could and left the vehicle, grasping at the roller’s handles and forcing the remaining tears from his eyes, as none would come again. Thoughts flooded his mind as they made it to the walkway and sat on the painfully cold steel bench, waiting for the train that would take him to the airport. He thought of leaning into his father and giving him none other than a bone crushing hug, but what was the point if his father failed to return one back to him?

It’s not that his father hated him, or was glad he was leaving, no no no. The complete opposite at that. His father raised him to be the person he is today and his father placed every fiber of rarity into his son in hopes that his son would grow to be better than him. In hopes his son would reach heights no one else in his family was able to achieve. He refused to hug back because if he did, as soon as his finger touched the fabric of his old jacket that remained wrapped around his son he knew that he’d snatch him away and take him back to their home.

Lance and his father boarded the train together to the airport and as soon as he felt it stop he could feel his walls crumble like sand castles during high tide. As soon as Lance were to board his flight his father sent a hand clapping to his back and as much as it send a jolt through Lance he couldn’t help but feel at home again. Maybe Lance would feel okay, maybe another clap to his back at the Garrison would make him feel at home as well. And maybe, the jacket that gave him warmth on cold summer nights would make him feel loved some more.

And with a last look out of the plane window Lance sighed with the strength of a billion beating hearts and closed his eyes, a tear slipping away into the soft blue carpet of the planes floor. Turbulence came and now he was back in that castle. You rubbing his back as he lay on his stomach audibly sobbing still, tears passed your eyes eyelashes and it broke Lances heart. Perhaps the love his father’s jacket gave him has disappeared but the one you gave him was impeccable and indubitably was like the cool refreshing summer winds that wrapped around him during his last months with his family. Like the laughter that provided warmth to his heart and ears.