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limitless or cherry bomb? good thing or running 2 u? heartbreaker or 0 mile? back 2 u or sun and moon? baby don’t like it or whiplash? angel or summer 127?

I Don’t Dance

A lovely anon requested “Hii could I request a Miles Wood imagine? Smut or just fluff if u aren’t comfortable with that thank u!!” so here you go i hope you enjoy!  Also Miles Wood is a cute bean. 


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It had been a long day and you were honestly just done making sure everyone was having a good time. ‘It is my turn to have a good time’ you think to yourself, you make your way to the bar take a shot and then turn around hoping to spot your boyfriend.  Thankfully your all too clingy cousin had made it her duty to keep an eye on your boyfriend while you were busy playing bridesmaid to your sister.

           “(y/n)!” Miles said quickly getting up and wrapping an arm around you “I’ve missed my beautiful girlfriend” he says emphasizing the last word.  You love your cousin but she’s very persistent and will do anything to get what she wants.  Unfortunately for you and more so for Miles, since the first time she met him she’s wanted him.

           “You wanna dance?” you ask looking up at Miles.

           “He doesn’t dance” your cousin weaseled her way into the conversation “he has two left feet.”  

           “I would love to dance with my beautiful girlfriend” he says once again emphasizing the last word causing you cousin to laugh a little.

           Once the two of you were away from you cousin and on the dance floor Miles wrapped his arms around you pulling you close to him and giving you a quick kiss.

           “I’m sorry about her” you say referring to your cousin “she’s a lot to handle but she means well she just doesn’t know when to stop.”

           “It’s fine, I’m just happy you saved me from her” he laughs “your mom tried earlier but it didn’t really work.”

           You stayed swaying back and fourth in silence for a couple minutes until the song ended and another faster one started up and Miles stated speaking again, “I really don’t dance ya know.”

           “I think you’re doing pretty well” you smile as he spins you around making you burst out laughing “but I know, dancing isn’t your thing so thank you for doing it.”

           “I only did it to get away from your cousin” he says smiling down at you.  

           “Oh really?  Maybe I should bring you back to her then?”

           “No way” he says quickly “I would do anything with you any where, the boys are so right” he adds the last bit laughing.  

           “Right about what?” you ask smiling at the beautiful boy in front of you.

           “I am so fucking whipped. When can we get out of here?  I feel her staring at me.”

           “Soon but not yet” you say smiling “she’ll get it eventually.”

           Not even ten minutes later your sister interrupts your dance complaining that she needs to pee but can’t because of the stupid ball gown dress she just had to have, claiming ‘I have to look like a princess.’  When you told Miles about it he simply said “you don’t need a big poofy dress to look like a princess.  You already are a princess, my princess.”  To which everyone else in the room promptly gagged at.  If the comment wasn’t directed at you, you would have gagged too.

           After what seemed like hours of trying to hoist all the fabric up your sister decided she didn’t even need to pee anymore so all the effort was for nothing.  Looking around for Miles was almost a difficult mission when you saw your cousin wasn’t getting all cozy with him, fortunately though all you had to do was follow her line of sight to see Miles talking to your new brother-in-law.  

           “I never thought I’d be that type of guy” you hear Miles say.  Not wanting to be nosy but also wanting to hear what he was referring to you choose to look out the window at the lights reflecting off the lake.  “I didn’t think I’d ever settle down, I mean you could ask anyone and they’d tell you that.  Love hasn’t ever been my strong suit but with (y/n), with (y/n) I could, I’d do anything with her she’s got me in the palm of her hand and she knows it but I would not change it for the world.”

           Your heart swoons at the though of Miles one day proposing.  Getting down on one knee and asking you that sacred question, or maybe the two of you just laying in bed and him popping the question.  You wouldn’t question your answer for a second, even if he asked you at this very second you would say yes.  He would do anything for you but you’d do anything for him too.  

           “Ready to go?” a soft voice comes in your ear while a chin rests on your shoulder and arms wrap around your waist.

           “Yeah” you say quietly turning your head to give him a kiss “you know Miles, I love you.”

           “I love you princess.”

RIP Kuroko

Jurassic no Basket 

i’ve seen some tags asking for this one … but i don’t think kuroko would survive, at all. 


whenever I see the Attention Sparkles™ I hear the Metal Gear alert noise in my head



Favorite character meme  || five episodes [1/5]

↳"Cassie" series 2
“Do you think it’s possible to truly enjoy power? I stopped eating, then everyone had to do what I said. That was powerful. But I had to stop before I died or else it wasn’t fun anymore…”