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BTS Asking their S/O how to say “I love you” in their native language

Requested by @armysyehet“Heyy !! Can I request the boys asking their s/o to learn them how to say “I love you” in their native language? Thank you !!”

A/N: sorry this took a while! :D i was out for a bit


It was during the middle of dinner when you realized that Jin had something on his mind. His eyes never left yours, yet you weren’t even looking at him, but you felt him staring at you. You turn your head to him to compliment his cooking and you lean across the table for a kiss. He smiles and returns the favor before you whisper to him that you love him. He stares at you with a soft smile, you’re left wondering why he didn’t say it back. His mouth hangs open as if he’s trying to find words then he finally sucks it up and asks you how to say “I love you” in your native language. You laugh and tell him, but he butchers the pronunciation which makes you laugh even more.

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You ask Yoongi to freestyle a rap and he smiles at you, “Sure, Jagiya. It’s for you though.”

You look at him with doe eyes, “Really? Yay!”

He confirms with a slight nod and asks you how to say “I love you” in your mother language. You tell him quicker than expected and he blinks multiple times for it to sink in. He laughs it off and starts to rap. He was quick, but slowed down when he tried to say “I love you.” Instead, it comes out as words that have a completely different meaning and you fall to the ground laughing.

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Hoseok randomly asks you how to say “I love you” in your main language and you teach him, even if it takes tens of minutes. For the rest of the day, he would just unsystematically say it to get a beaming grin from you every time. By the end of the day when he says it the last time, you reply with it in your native language as well and he is in awe.

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Namjoon is producing a new song dedicated to you and he paces the room back and forth on his phone, trying to figure out how to say “I love you” in your native language. Then, he gets an idea. He opens up the recorder app on his phone and sits down next to you. You look over at him, wondering why he suddenly sat so close to you. “Jagiya,” he asks while taking out his phone and opening up the latest tab on his browser, “how do you say this?”

You look down at the phone and read “I love you” in your language like it was nothing and it took you a while to comprehend what he just did. He repeats the way you say it until perfection before he goes and records his song. When he finally shows you the final product, you hear your own voice in one of the hooks of his song and you become flustered. He leans over to you and whispers he loves you in your language once again.

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You’re practicing dancing with Jimin for four hours today and three pass by in no time. Within those three hours, Jimin is beating himself up over the fact he cannot perfect the dance as quick as he expected himself to. You assure him of many things and hug him, “You know I love you, right?” your accent slipping.

 He pulls away from you, hands on your shoulder still and gulps, “How do you say that in your mother language?”

You pause before telling him and he flashes the eye smile at you.

“I see, Jagiya~” The corners of your lips curve up in expectations of what he is going to say and he finally says he loves you in your language.

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Taehyung’s script in one of the dramas he is in requires him to say “I love you” in your language and he asks you to teach him. You teach him until perfection and when he comes home from filming, he yells at the door your name and that he loves you a lot. You question what got into him and he just yells it again. He continues until you yell it back and respond with a kiss.

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You and Jungkook are on a date, walking down the streets of Seoul, until you spot an advertisement on a board that has a part written in your language. Laughing at the joke, Jungkook looks over and stares at it in hopes that he would miraculously understand. The thought of you saying “I love you” invades his mind and he straight up asks without a second thought. You stare back at him and tell him, hand gripping his tighter out of nervousness.

“I see.” he replies, but he never says it back.

It takes him until the end of the date for him to build up the courage to speak your native language and even though it wasn’t perfect, you laugh at him and kiss him anyway.

“I love you too.”

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DEADLY EIGHT @ramblingcoyote

      ❝ Felicia, I could use your help with something if you have a moment. I don’t want to take you away from your own duties for the day. ❞ But it also wouldn’t stop him from using every excuse he could to just be beside her. With so much to do and so little time, it was a crime that they could only see each other in passing, and barely that. Pleasant excuse rises when ice pitchers were empty, and no doubt he needed a ‘ cool down ’ as well.

      Waving her over as he moves a few things to the side, watching over his shoulder as a few small children push by him on their focused hunt of finding any eggs that may have been left hidden about the castle. It was nice to hear laughter instead of silence in the halls, even if it were only for just one day. 

      ❝ Rambunctious, aren’t they  ?A laugh of amusement once she walks over, turning his attention back to the direction that the children had ran. Even in the past years they hadn’t seen them so happy to be within the castle—perhaps a nice sign that this war really was starting to turn over for the better.


         Pressed skin wastes zero time on falling into the sheets, labored breathing giving him away to any attempt at keeping what happens behind closed  (  and triple locked  )  doors a secret. The cool sensation of air-chilled silks accompanies the aide of a wind-down. Being pulled in close in a new adoration as wandering fingertips ghost over old scars on the other’s chest. Numerous of which he’d been told stories of, every detail even though many were from the same circumstances.

      Exploration leads him downward, dragging across over healed slice marks, ones that indent so deep into the skin it left the mercenary almost hoping that Saizo had repaid the other guy tenfold for giving it to him in the first place. Not usually a man of vengeance and payback, but for someone else it would have been warranted, even if there were plenty of other scars that could be spoken for the same way.

      ❝ This one’s new, his tone is more concerned than stated, rubbing a thumb over the freshly scabbed-over wound across his beloved’s abdomen. Stretching too far across to ignore, and it left him a little more than upset he hadn’t been informed of it. Of course, Saizo didn’t have obligation to tell Laslow anything when it came to injuries, and it would seem the ninja knew better than to come around without getting it properly cleaned up if he didn’t want him to sniff it out. 

      Flared up from physical movement, brown eyes flicker back up towards him, then back down to the mark in question: thumb pad keeping it the forefront subject as it ran back and forth along the vicinity. The most he could get out of it was a story, and sometimes, those alone could put his mind at ease, knowing the ninja wouldn’t, and didn’t, go down just taking a beating. That was hardly the case with any of the multiple handful of nicks and scratches.

       ❝ Where’d you get it from  ?  a question that’s been asked many times over, about near every single one. First the one that had struck itself on his face, then it only traced the map from there. Every single one had a tale to tell, and yet, it would seem Laslow had kept many of his own out of conversation.

     Trauma displayed its own masterpiece across pale skin, tragedy etched its way to draw blood in places it was almost too painful to bleed from. Covered up with layers of clothing in pursuit of forgetting them, they were his only reminder that when he spoke of his home, that he wasn’t just dreaming of it. 

      A soft smile was offered in return, underneath numerous bitemarks and skin markings from the other’s teeth lay old ones, but like them, the ghostly white of the amount of time spent healing only seemed to illuminate them. Perhaps in the best way possible, ❝ Story for a story, then  ? Five for one  ? I think . . a pause now, giving himself a moment more to think. His name no longer being much of a secret between the two of them, and with the scroll’s worth of things Saizo had told him, there was barely anything offered in return. And now, it was time to amend that. There wasn’t anything Laslow needed, or wanted to hide from him,I don’t think it’s fair that I haven’t told you what mine are from, and you cannot pretend that you haven’t been aching to know something about it every time you see them so . . you can ask, you know. ❞       


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1, 13, 20, and 51! :)

1) Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.
eeeeek they’re old since i dont listen from my phone that much!! but here u go bby :)

1. Sia - Reaper
2. BTS - Hold Me Tight (lowkey a v sexual song to me lolol)
3. Parov Stelar - Catgroove (OH GOD this is just an inside meme song between me and my roommate lmao)
4. Jayesslee - Officially Missing You (yaaaaaaas)
5. Pitbull/Chris Brown - Fun (mr worldwide 😎)

13) What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?
id say love is my weakness and my strength lol. it enables me to care deeply and be compassionate to everyone i know, but it also leaves me way too dependent on my bf, friends, and family 

20) Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
i believe in ghosts but i think that they’re invisible to the living :) i think that there are both good and bad spirits present as well. uh, aliens? not really!! 

51) What is your current desktop picture?


leaning back in her chair, lainey huffed out a sigh as she crossed her hands over her tummy.  have you ever thought about modeling or anything ?? the question seemed random, but the way the light hit the girl’s face at that exact angle forced the idea into her brain.  i bet you’d be good at it.

Fit For A King

Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 

Kageyama isn’t the only one in the photograph. Hinata is with him, too, palms pressed to the gym floor and his head turned up to look right into Kageyama’s face, wearing that ridiculous flower crown with its sagging, wilting leaves and stems and petals, eyes bright and alive and Kageyama’s never really noticed before, how the sleeves of his jacket slide a little too far over his hands, how the collar creeps right up to his jaw, how the fabric hangs just the slightest bit too big over his frame, and he can see now why the Him in the picture looks the way he does.

(An early birthday gift for @seraphim-saurus!) 

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"I need you, though" - yoongi. Angst pls

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader || Genre: Angsty angst || A/N: here u go bby :’) i hope this makes sense aksjglka i’m so tired haha


Yoongi grasps the handle of his luggage harder and stares at you running towards him through the crowd of people. Of course, you stand out to him out of everyone else in the crowd and he waits for you.

You’re running towards him, pushing past the crowd to reach him in time. The loudspeaker turns on, “Flight number twenty-four will be departing in ten minutes. Please make your way to the correct terminal as soon as you can to get on board.”

You almost trip over your own feet taking the last step to reach him and you look up at him, hands on your knees and panting to regain your breath. He looks down at you and bites the inside of his cheek. He then averts his gaze from yours as if he has nothing to say to you.

“Yoongi,” you stand back up, “I think you know why I came here.”

“Yeah.” He mumbles.

“I wanted to make this good-bye for real.” You bluntly admit.

“I know.”

Your eyebrows knit together at his responses, “Can’t you at least talk to me?”

He shoots his head back to you, “What do you expect me to say, Y/N? ‘I’ll see you later, maybe?’ When there’s clearly a chance that I won’t?”

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