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Just curious, but what ethnicity are your ocs? Do any of them have cultural backgrounds?

All my ocs have the same face but here we go

Ok so as a disclaimer basically NONE of my ocs live in actual real world scenarios, so this is what they WOULD be (or what i headcanon them to be at least) if they lived in an Earth setting :’>

for this same reason i cant talk much about cultural backgrounds but they all had their different upbringings, some more turbulent than others

The ones with the most cultural background in their own settings would have been Riptide (his family and him were technically foreign), Alex (hes straight up from another planet), Engel (his place where he was trained had a lot of people from all over the world and each one wove a piece of their culture into the others before tragedies started to happen) and Hal (back when he used to be human still he was from ancient greece so his ‘upbringing’ as a human would have been different from the others lmfao. Then got adopted by death and got taught a bunch of stuff idk if that counts as a cultural background)

Bonus!! The main jaj cast ;0c  

They never found peace.

That is not how tales are supposed to end end, but it is how theirs finished.

You see them in church, eyes sad but still on fire: You reach out to hug them, and a shattered halo slices your palm. Wings are tattered and bleeding, feathers decorating the floor and––

And you love them. Lord, you love them so much it hurts. They were burned. They are about to burn. They are burning still, and you are not afraid to touch them. You never feared fire. You never feared pain. (It hurts to love them, but maybe that is why you do.)

You are a sinner, unholy, rot in your bones. You are cold, cold, cold, and they burn so very brightly: You are peace, frozen and unfeeling, and they are war incarnate, burning brighter than the stars. 

They never found peace. They never will.

You never felt war. They always have.
—  on loving an angel. (CNS)
You Have Me

after finding out your sick you feel like you have to let your boyfriend go aka nathan sticks by your side regardless 

word count: 1,505

“I’m so sorry.”

Those were not the words you had expected to hear when you came back for a follow up doctor’s appointment. Over the phone your doctor had seemed so much warmer, like an actual person. Instead he was now delivering you the worst news of your life, he was playing grim reaper.

“If you’d like I can start taking you through what these next steps are?”

The problem was, in no way did you want to think about what these next steps were. You had never known anyone with cancer; it didn’t seem fair that the first was you. There was not a thought in your head on how to proceed, none of it seemed real or possible in the slightest. The thoughts you did have going on in your head had to do with the future, and whether there would even be one. Maybe these “next steps” would help prolong that future, but there was no definite guarantee. You knew that much. The biggest thing you thought of was Nathan. How this would affect Nathan.  

Clearing your throat, not wanting to get caught up in any emotions, you tell the doctor the truth, “I- um I don’t think I’m ready for that quite yet. If it’s okay I’d just like some time to process this all first…”

“Of course. I mean the sooner the better, but I completely understand. We have some great support groups available if you need to talk to anyone who’s in a similar situation.”

Similar situation

“No thanks, I think I’m okay.” Grabbing your purse off the ground you make the move to leave the office. The office that you knew would be haunting you for the rest of the time you had left. 


You looked at the clock in the kitchen for the fourth time in ten minutes. Nathan was going to be home from practice any minute and you were nervous with what you had to tell him.

After leaving the doctor’s office you went over what must have been millions of options on what to do about Nathan. There was no possible way that you could put him through what a long, emotional process this would be. He had his swimming to focus on, a professional career that would only dwindle if his mind were somewhere else besides the pool. You felt like you couldn’t tell him the truth; he would drop everything for you at a moment’s notice, which was the complete opposite of what you wanted. Ending it was the only thing you could think of that would leave you without feeling completely guilty. Of course you would feel guilty in the slightest because not only were you breaking your own heart, you were above all breaking Nathan’s.

The front door opens and you hear the 6’7” boy’s heavy footsteps walk from the front of the apartment into the kitchen. As soon as you see him you feel your heart race from his award-winning smile and also from what you’re about to do.  He comes closer and engulfs you into a hug holding you for a moment.

“Practice was tough today. Coach kicked my butt but I just thought about coming home to you the whole time and that helped me get through,” he looks down at you in the hug and kisses the top of your head. You break apart and he leans against the counter.

“Do you still want to make dinner tonight? We can always just go out, I mean I think I definitely deserve a cheat meal,” he says wiggling his eyebrows at you and smiling brightly once again. It was infectious and you had to break out into a smile yourself. He wasn’t making this any easier.

“Can we talk?”

Nathan laughs a bit, “Oh no, I’m in trouble” he says with a bit of humor in his voice. Motioning for him to follow you into the living space, you both take a seat on the couch.

“You don’t have to play up how serious this is. I know I used your razor again but I was late this morning and I ran out of clean blades, it’s not that big of a-” he tries to defend himself from a small issue that hasn’t bothered you since the first week of living together but you cut him off. “Nathan…” You sigh, unsure of how to go on. “I-I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

There’s a long pause, both of you just staring at each other for a moment. You had done it, said the words that you never thought either of you would say in your relationship. When you used to think about the two of you together you only saw a long future, but now with the feeling of an impending death on you, it wasn’t too clear.

“Please tell me you’re joking.” His voice breaks in the middle of his sentence and you feel the guilt begin to ooze into your veins trying your best to hold back any tears. You couldn’t have him suspecting anything; it would only make things worse.

“I-I’m not. I just don’t think we’re good for each other anymore.” Your voice takes on the same shaky qualities as Nathan’s. There was no way you could get through this with dry eyes.

As soon as the words are out of your mouth he quickly stands up from the couch and looks down at you, “Bullshit. We’re made for each other! We’re soul mates!”

“People sometimes have different, multiple soul mates.” Your heart only continues to tear in two. It’s hard to look at him anymore, your eyes move to the carpet of the living room as the first tear rolls down your face. “No! Not us… Why are you doing this?”

Nathan sits back down and you feel the weight of the couch change. You feel him grab your hand and gently rub his thumb over yours.

Since the first tear came out they’ve only continued, getting worse as they go on. You had to tell him. There was no way you could betray your best friend, the love of your life that way. To cheat him out of the truth.

Looking back up at him, it’s obvious to see that he too had shed a few tears. Something you had never seen him do in your lengthy relationship. Taking a deep breath in you let the words fall out of your mouth, “I’m sick. I have cancer a-and I don’t know what to do.”

The tears never stop, they come out faster and they come out wetter. You have no idea how to stop and you feel as though you can’t remember what it was like before you started crying. You just feel Nathan hold you, rubbing your back softly and let them continue.

“I love you so much and we’re going to get through this together,” Nathan finally says after about ten minutes of just silence and your tears.

His words warmed you because the thought of you two doing this together was more than what you could ever want, but you knew that Nathan didn’t understand how much it would hold him back. “No,” you say as soon as you can speak again. “Nathan I can’t let you watch me go through this. You’ll only suffer and I can’t let that be because of me.”

He shakes his head instantly, “y/n, we’re a team. It’s you and me. There’s no way I’m letting you do this without me. I’m going to be there every step of the way.”

“Don’t you understand?” You being to raise your voice, “I don’t even know if I’m going to survive! You have swimming you need to focus on!”

He looks into your eyes, “If you think that swimming is more important to me than your life, then you’re completely mistaken. You’re the reason I do anything, the reason I get up in the morning.” With that you once again find tears on your cheeks, “Swimming will take a back burner to this, and I can’t let that happen. I can’t do that to your passion.”

Putting his head in his hands, he groans. It’s clear as the conversation continues he gets more and more frustrated. “Please don’t be this way. Why would you ever want to do this by yourself when you have me right here? We’re going to manage as things come our way, I love you so much and I can’t let you walk away from me.”

You crawl back into his arms and throw yourself into him because it feels like everything’s okay and everything’s all right when he’s holding you.

“What if something happens to me?” You ask with your eyes shut tight.

“I promise nothing’s going to happen. I’m going to keep you safe.”

With him and his warmth all around you, you know that he’s right. He’s the only one that could keep you safe, the only one that you could get through this with.

A Thank you

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