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The Contest-Part 8

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Nikki and I were sitting just off camera killing time while I waited until they needed me again.   The guys were filming with Mark and Nikki had come over to ask me about a interview then stayed to keep me company.

I was reading a magazine and Nikki was looking at her phone intently and snorting with laughter.  “What are you reading?” I asked her.  She held up a finger telling me to wait.

“Samini fan fiction on Tumblr.”  She responded with a grin.

“Samini what?”

“I’m reading stories fans have posted online about Sam and Gemini having sex.  In detail.”  She waited for my reaction.

“Wait……people are writing sex stories about Sam and Gemini online?” I said, shocked.

“Oh, and about you and Jared too.” She added as an afterthought.

I swiped the phone out of her hand. “Let me SEE that!” I started to read, and my face turned bright red.  The scene finished shooting, and the guys came over to where we were sitting.  “Oh my God! That is disgusting, and not even anatomically possible!” I shrieked, throwing the phone in Nikki’s lap.

“What’s her problem?” Jensen asked, raising his eyebrow at Nikki.

“I just told her that people are writing sexy fan fiction online about Sam and Gemini, AND Her and Jared.  She didn’t believe me, so I showed her some.”

“Comes with the territory, Y/N. You’d better get used to it.”  Misha said matter-of-factly.  “Castiel has had sex with……well…..pretty much everybody.”

“Lemme see.” Jensen said, reaching his hand out for Nikki’s phone.  Jared and Mark started reading over his shoulder.  “This one is pretty good.” He commented.  Mark was laughing as he read.

“You guys are pigs!” I said, stomping off to my trailer.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I really like to draw and I want to learn how to do fanarts/digital drawings/etc... Can you give me any tips? Did you made any art course/degreed?

Hi there Anon, yes I did graduate with an Art degree! As for digital drawing tips (you may take anything I say with a grain of salt, I’m still learning too haha), I’d say start by getting used to taking advantage of “layers.” With, I think, most digital drawing tools like Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, Corel Painter, and more, you can draw on individual layers stacked on top of each other therefore making it very easy to do line art on one layer and color on another. This lets you not mess up your lineart/guide while coloring or vise versa. ALSO, because it’s so easy to fix/adjust your drawing on the computer, make sure to experiment with different brushes and textures! What’s nice about digital drawing is that you can easily jump from an oil painting brush to pencil to marker depending on the style you want. But it’s good to always keep practicing with traditional mediums as well. You pretty much translate everything you learn about drawing and painting by hand to a digital software, which imitates traditional tools but adds “quick and efficient” methods to adjust and enhance your drawing. Since you mentioned you like to draw I’m sure you will have no problems transitioning into digital :) just take your time and play around with all the tools and brushes so you can get a better understanding of how the software works (I’m not sure which one you are planning to use?). Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine ~ I apologize if this wasn’t extremely helpful ;A; I really can only recommend you to try everything and to always keep doing traditional drawings as well.

Answering all ASKS (in a batch again ahhhh) here! 

Hi there guys! @masovince @you-can-be-yourself Reposting anywhere that isn’t Tumblr or DeviantArt is 100% ok with me so long as there are credits (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ As for proper crediting, I think I would prefer if you included a direct link to my tumblr or deviantart so that there’s a connection to my accounts <3 thanks so much, it’s not a stupid question at all! And thank you guys for asking! 

HEH. LONG HAIRED YUURI IS MY NEW THING. hahah thank you Anon <3

Hey there! I use Photoshop ~ and oh man brushes. This is hard because I modify them so much from the originals. The base brushes I used are the standard default ones that are already in Photoshop5 but also a couple from Darek Zabrocki ( and Aaron Griffin’s ( free brush sets. 

Ahhh thank you so much, Anon! ;A; 

;___; Thank you so much! You’re making me blush ahhhahsgd I hope you had a fantastic new years as well! <3 

Oh my ~ thank you so much >///< it makes me so happy to hear you like my drawing enough to set it as a wallpaper !

@takaratime Ahhh thank you so much for your kind comment! I’ll keep working hard ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

@andifbyyes (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Omg you’re too nice! Thank you so much ahhh! I’m so glad you like those pieces and noticed the little details and everything. I think one of the things I appreciated the most about YOI was how human the characters, and especially Yuuri, were. I always aspire to properly translate that into my fanart so it makes my day to read your comment ;__; thank you again <3

@luchile Hey there! Thank you so much <3 and ahhh thank you for your interest in my drawings! Unfortunately I do not have a shop set up. I never really draw fanart with the intention of selling them, but I’ve had quite a few people ask about this now so I may possibly open a print shop/commissions in the future :)) I will let you know!

@rennomus Ahhh thank you so much! >///< I might one day continue it but considering that I’d want to color every panel it might… be a while.. hahaha. And as for the Yule Ball idea, 46Gohan already drew them dancing together <3 and it was actually that drawing that inspired me so much. It’s so lovely and endearing! Please go check it out
 and the second part I absolutely adore this AU :)

@vergoftowels Ohhh yeah. That happens. And I guess there’s only so much one can do about reposts. Tumblr still hasn’t gotten back to me about the first one… lol. But thank you for letting me know :) I hope you have a great rest of your week ~

@foxnewsanchor Hi there! Ohhh man I’ve really seriously been wanting to participate in a zine (especially a YOI one) for a long time but I honestly don’t know if I have the time to commit to one. My online courses start in less than a month and I’m not sure how much time I will have to draw new YOI fanart. 
。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 BUT thank you so much for the offer! I’m sure your zine will go well!

@ichigokeks Nooo omg thank YOU so much ahhh! (ಥ﹏ಥ) It’s really the greatest thing to hear that my drawings give other people joy. I’m so happy you like them, thank you again for your kind words, and I will keep practicing hard! <3 Much love!

@scarilypsycho *stalks you back* Ahhhh your comment makes me so happy! ;___; It is the biggest compliment to hear when your work affects people. Emotional atmosphere is something that I struggle with all the time so reading this gave me such a boost of energy <3 thank you so much!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! Also for future reference (and I’m so sorry about this) I will NOT be answering any more asks that are not a question, BUT I will respond via private message if you are not anonymous! :) You guys send in the sweetest comments and it makes my day to read them, but it’s just really hard doing screenshots over and over and then manually cutting out asks to do this in batches haha

I hope everyone had a fantastic new years ~ I’m super excited for my online courses to start! Have a few personal projects coming up too. Dabbling in animation lately so I MIGHT… Have something fun for ya’ll in the future depending on how it goes hehe. As for YOI week… Here’s what I’ll probably be doing next week lol.

My Muse (Steve X Reader)

Title: My Muse

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,422

Warnings: Sparring, Kissing?? Lots of fluff

Prompt: Steve and the Reader are very close and he draws her in secret until one day she finds out.

Originally posted by eme-themeatball

Sweat dripped down your face and back as you sidestepped a punch and kneed your sparring partner in the gut.  Your partner retaliated by letting out a quiet groan and kicking towards your legs.  You jumped over the kick and blocked the next punch aimed towards your ribs.  You quickly reached for your partner’s arm and swiftly flipped them over, letting you easily pin them beneath you. 

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Smoulder Chapter 11

Read the whole thing from chapter 1: ao3   FF.Net or tumblr 

Marinette slammed her phone onto the table, startling Nathaneal.

“Mari, everything ok?”

Her lips thinned until they almost disappeared, her brain had completely flat-lined. After a few seconds of stone-faced silence, she face-planted onto the desk, a high-pitched whine escaping her lips. Nathanael leaned over to peer at her screen. He chuckled.

“Huh. Looks like I get to say told-you-so to Alix,” he smiled to himself, returning to his work as Marinette sat bolt-upright. She hadn’t heard a word he’d said. A million questions flooded her mind, swirling like a vortex until she felt lightheaded. Her hands gripped the table, skin digging deep into the worn pine edges.

Why was Adrien sending her a direct message? He’d done it before, and it always threw her into panic-mode, but all he’d ever asked were questions about homework or school. He also had a habit of sending memes to people in a mass text. It was as endearing as it was annoying. She’d lost count of the amount of times she’d had a heart attack over what turned out to be nothing but a silly joke.

It’s probably another meme, it’s probably one of his mass texts, it’s nothing major…it’s definitely not because Adrien is secretly Chat Noir and he’s figured out I’m Ladybug. That would be totally insane. That’s never going to happen. Adrien isn’t Chat Noir. He isn’t.

Marinette repeated the mantra over and over in her head, aware that she was losing her mind, but unable to help the shiver that went straight through her. Trembling fingers reached for her phone. However, she left Adrien’s text unopened, deciding to consult the one person who she knew would help set her head right.

Marinette: Alya

No response. Marinette typed out another text. This time more forcibly, as if the added pressure of her fingers would increase the speed at which Alya replied.

Marinette: ALYA

After thirty seconds, Alya still hadn’t text her back, and Marinette was ready to hurl her phone into the sun.

Marinette: ALYA, either wake up or stop sexting your boyfriend for ONE SECOND! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

At last, Alya responded.

Alya: I am doing neither of those things. I am a good and upstanding student
Alya: ;) ;) ;) what’s up?

Marinette: ALYA ADRIEN IS TEXTING ME! HE SENT ME A DM! I haven’t opened it yet I’m too scared to. What do I do?!??!?

Alya: ;) eyyy


Alya: Ok ok calm down. We’ve been through this before xx
Alya: Just open the damn text. It’s Adrien. It’s not like he’s sent you a dick pic or anything. It’s probably just another meme.

Marinette let out a low whistling noise from the back of her throat, which sounded rather like a puppy being denied his favourite chew toy. Honestly, she was having trouble deciding who was more likely to kill her first. Would it be Adrien, Chat, Alya, or Hawkmoth?

She made a note to give Nino extra cookies from the bakery. He never put her through this. Nino was like her cuddly, supportive brother. But she couldn’t text him about this. Adrien was his best friend. It was bad enough Nino knew about her crush to begin with. She didn’t want to put him in the middle of things, or risk Adrien finding out how much she was freaking out over him.

Deciding to ignore the dick pic comment (and the mental images it entailed- the very bad but also very good, but also VERY BAD mental images), she instead focused on summoning her courage enough to open the text.

Fixing the phone with a stare so intense it could have melted the protective case, Marinette inhaled through her nose. So much for being a good, focused student (she made a vow to make the time up later, boys be damned she was NOT going to screw up her final grade).

Well, here goes nothing-

She opened the text from Adrien, her breath baited, arms pinned to her sides.

He’d sent her a photo of cute little otter. That was all. Just an otter. A very sweet otter, but an otter nonetheless. Its tiny paws covered its eyes and its head was dipped low, as if it were shy about something. Marinette breathed a sigh of relief tempered with disappointment, and typed out a text to Alya.

Marinette: You were right. It was just a meme. I take it you got it too?

Alya: Nope. Guess it was a meme made specially for you ;) awwwww he likes you! See? I knew it! About time too cause I have SO many double date ideas planned you have no idea.

Marinette blushed, her heart racing as she went back to the image. In her haste to open the message, she’d missed the text at the bottom of the photo. A meme just for her? It was disgusting how happy that made her. Not for the first time did she consider seeking professional help. She was clearly out of her mind.

The text underneath the cute otter read: ‘Sorry I’m so otterly silly!’

Marinette puffed out her cheeks with the effort of trying not to laugh. At least now she knew why he’d sent her a direct message. To apologise again for the iced coffee on her shirt (which wasn’t going to stain thanks to her father who, after years of working in a bakery, was a master of removing various stains from clothes). It really wasn’t fair. He was too cute, making goofy puns, being gentlemanly and silly. She’d long ago decided to stop putting Adrien on a pedestal, during the first time she’d tried to forget her crush on him, and moments like this helped.

After all, she’d told him she liked dorks. She hadn’t been lying.

Humming to herself, pink tongue poking out in concentration, Marinette responded to Adrien’s text.


Five minutes.

It had been at least five minutes since Adrien had sent that text to her and she hadn’t responded yet.

Idiot, idiot, idiot! He cursed himself, you should have been sincere and offered up a proper apology instead of a joke- she probably doesn’t think you’re seriously sorry about ruining her shirt. Good one Agreste. Really top notch thinking there.

He tried concentrating on the tricky maths sum his teacher had given him, as an extension for finishing his other work, but it was impossible. The numbers and symbols switched places as he blinked heavily, focusing and unfocusing. He ran an irritated hand through his hair in frustration.

Truth be told he’d just wanted any excuse to talk to her. Marinette.

It could be her.

Marinette and Ladybug both went to his school. Both wanted to work in fashion. Both liked pink. Both were beautiful, smart, funny. Both had dark hair and blue eyes. There were a few other girls it could be, but his mind kept going back to her, and promptly melting into a puddle of goo when he recalled all of the kisses he’d shared with Ladybug.

…The idea that he could have been kissing Marinette.

Adrien felt heat rise in his cheeks and pressed his palms into them, squishing his face. He was thankful he’d had the foresight to hide in the back corner row of the class. At least there nobody could see the utter fool he was making of himself. No, only Marinette currently held that luxury.

Just as he was about to snap, and send a text apologising for his apology, his phone buzzed.

It was Marinette. She’d replied.

Adrien opened the text, bracing himself for the angry, the incredulous, the disappointed response. Really he deserved it.

Instead, she’d sent a photo of what looked like an adorable dolphin, but with a squishy face. A different type of dolphin-like animal maybe? It looked like it was smiling. Adrien frowned. This wasn’t what he’d been expecting at all. What did she mean by it?

His phone buzzed once more, another text from Marinette.

Marinette: That’s ok! I know you didn’t do it on porpoise ^_^

Adrien read the text. And re-read it. And read it again.

He slumped back in his seat, his face redder than ever. The phrase ‘soulmate’ popped into his mind.

Woah, calm down Agreste. You don’t know for certain that she’s Ladybug yet.

Adrien thought for a moment. He didn’t want to seem stupid. These texts mattered. Putting a road block on any fantasies of Marinette being Ladybug aside, he considered his next words carefully.

Adrien: Really? Well I’m turtley in debt to you anyway! I’ll buy you another iced coffee on the way to Nino’s, and Alya too!

The reply was almost instant.

Marinette: Really? Thank you! You don’t have to though. But owl be very grateful if you do!


Adrien: Wow Mari, I didn’t know you were such a punster. I’m pheasantly surprised!

He hoped he sounded casual in his responses, considering all he wanted to do was roll around on the floor and scream. Much like one of the fangirls who’d tried to mug him that summer he spent in Italy. Adrien’s cheeks were beginning to ache from how hard he was smiling, but he couldn’t rid himself of it if he tried.

He wasn’t accounting for Marinette’s response.

Marinette: Maybe there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.

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sarahadelehefner-blog-blog  asked:

Hey I'm new could you help me with everything

Welcome to this madhouse^.^ Wow, help with everything? Well, I’ll do what I can. I hope you don’t mind that I’m publishing this short novel so others who see it might benefit as well.

Here are a few links to some posts for getting started:

These posts cover a lot of questions you might have and they already exist so I’m not going to write all of those things down again. Do go and read them. They’ll help.

Here are some of my own suggestions:


1. Pick a good theme.

If you’re okay with the standard Tumblr theme, that’s just fine. But if you want to branch out and make it your own, find a simple, clean, customizable theme that you love. Go for a theme that is easy to navigate and has a font you can actually see. The more user friendly it is the more visitors you are likely to have.

If you see a theme you like while you’re wandering around Tumblr, check the theme for a symbol (usually in the lower left or right hand corners of the theme) or link to the creator of that theme, or ask the blogger where they got their theme. Theme-Hunter is also a good way to find something you like.

*Basically customize everything you can customize: your url, your avatar, your header image, your blog title and description, etc. This makes your blog unique and can be done in your blog Settings on your dashboard. (see 1st red-outlined image below)  Even if you don’t have a mobile device to install the Tumblr app on, these blog aspects still show up when you hover over your avatar on the upper left hand side of your dash and show that you’ve got it together.

2. Follow kind, positive people. That makes all the difference in the experience you have while you’re here.

3. Enable your ask box. This can also be done in your blog Settings on your dashboard. 

You don’t have to enable anonymous questions. It’s fun to hear from nice, funny people and it’s ok to ignore/block rude people. 

4. Be as active and interactive as you can be.

This is a pretty general point but it’s important. Don’t be shy about participating. When you have something to say, say it (with courtesy and compassion). Share what you are comfortable sharing, within reason (by ‘within reason’ I mean don’t go all crazy and be graphic or hateful). Follow people. Like and reblog their stuff. It’s ok to add your own thoughts or comments to posts you reblog. Send people asks and fanmail. We all love that! Just talk to people. As you let others get to know you a bit you can form some incredible friendships.

5. Like/Reblog. People work very hard to make gorgeous edits and gifs. If you want those gorgeous edits and gifs on your blog, hit the little reblog symbol at the bottom of the post you like and reblog it.

6. Try creating your own posts.

Play to your strengths. You might be good at making graphics or gifs or edits or snappy text posts. You might feel like you aren’t good at any of those things. That’s fine. You’ll find your niche. Whatever it is, let it show your personality and have fun. It’s one of the ways other people with like interests find your blog. 

  • If you don’t have PhotoShop or an equivalent program but you want to make your own stuff, here are some sites/free programs to check out: -Instagiffer, -Canva, -Gimp, -Pixlr. These are just a few; there are a ton of great sites/free programs out there. Find one that suits you and go nuts.

7. Use Tags!

Tumblr is massive and the only way you really show up on the grid is if you use relevant tags on your posts. Adding a tag to something you make is like adding that post to Tumblr’s Index. If you tag a post you make with ‘jensen ackles’, that post will most likely be one of the posts that shows up the next time someone searches for ‘jensen ackles’ in the Tumblr search bar. This can lead them to your blog and if they like what they see, they’ll probably follow you. TAGS ARE SO IMPORTANT.

Tags are important for your own blog as well. It’s best to keep it simple so you and your followers can find things more easily.  E.g. #supernatural, #personal, #text post, #movies, etc. Go check out some of the blogs you follow and look at how they tag things. If they have a tags page, look it over to get a feel for how tags are generally used on Tumblr. 

8. Stick to a consistent style.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of blog you want to create, just pick something and stick with it. If you want to be multi-fandom, stick with that. If you want to be an art blog or a writing blog, stick with that. If you want to be a blog that is pretty much all over the place, stick with that. Just be consistent. For example, it’s weird and confusing when someone you follow is all about ‘The Avengers’ one week and the next week they only post cupcake recipes. Whatever it is you want to do, be consistent and do it all the time. And feel free to let people know what your blog is all about in your blog description.


1. Get XKitSeriously, go install it right now. It will simplify and streamline your Tumblr experience^.^


  • A Reposter is someone who saves an edit or gif they DID NOT MAKE from any given website and posts it to their blog as if it were actually theirs. The reposter removes the creation from the creator and gets all the credit, notes, and, in many cases, the followers that should have gone to the creator. This is incredibly rude, dishonest, and against the Tumblr Community Guidelines.

    So just don’t. You won’t have a very pleasant time here if you get into the habit of stealing. More on reposting here, here, and here.
  • Reblogging is when someone reblogs an original edit or gif someone else made by clicking the ‘reblog’ button. THIS IS GOOD and exactly what you are supposed to do. It ensures that others who see the edit or gif can easily find the creator/original poster of that edit or gif. The op (original poster) gets to see the comments/tags added to their creation and also gets the credit, notes, and followers that go with it.

3. Always credit the source. It doesn’t matter if you are posting a quote from a news article, a YouTube video, a capture of a tweet, or an edit you made from a picture you got from a screencap site: ALWAYS CREDIT THE SOURCE. It lends credibility to your post, it acknowledges the effort of those who provided your source material in the first place, and it enables others to go explore the source just like you did.

4. Become familiar with some basic code.

There is probably more I should include here but this is quite a bit to get started with and it’s late and I’m tired^.^ Don’t worry if it takes a little while to get used to the ebb and flow of Tumblr. Just be who you are and blog about the things that make you happy. 

I really hope this is helpful. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help if I can.

Good luck, be kind, and have fun!

anonymous asked:

AU where part of the reason Ford got so invested in the supernatural was because his twin, Stanley, had a tendency to attract them, in general, but as Stanley got older, the interest occasionally leaned towards romantic. Stanley had mostly been indifferent to it until all of his dates started turning out to be faeries, mermaids, dragons, and spider monsters. And even those weren't so bad compared to finding out his weirdness magnet also attracted demons. Who were harder for Ford to get rid of.

Did you know that I have a head canon similar to this? Like really thanks for giving me an excuse to write this. enjoy.

warnings: reference to kidnapping….that’s sorta it

   When they were children Stan’s uh gift wasn’t so bad. In fact it was actually really fun to the two of them that for some strange reason Stan attracted the supernatural to him. It meant that they could go outside to play on the beach and have some inhuman sea creature join them topside before lunch. Thus their childhood was spent with several different species of creatures playing games and generally being the type of friends they should have made in school. However once puberty hit everything started to shift. At first they couldn’t really tell the difference between how creatures acted before and then after that magical year. All Ford knew was that something had changed. It wasn’t until they both turned fifteen that the pieces came together to give him the answer.

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Lollipop (Michael Clifford Smut)

So here’s a Michael smut that I actually thought of at school… Oops. Hope you enjoy it! Sorry for the delay! Tumblr still isn’t working on my laptop and I’ve been feeling really sick lately so… Yeah… <3 - Alex


p>”Today a local man received…” the television droned on as I continued to scroll through twitter on my phone, Michael sitting on the couch adjacent to mine. He was sitting with his laptop across his thighs, tapping on the keys every now and then. I smiled as I read through the many comments I had received from the fans. I mindlessly twirled the lollipop I was eating with my free hand before putting it back into my mouth. It was my favorite flavor, cherry. Ever since I was little it has always been my favorite because it made my lips and tongue turn red, plus it was delicious. I quickly typed some replies to the sweet messages from fans and also answered some of the great questions that they asked me. I suddenly felt a strange sensation come over me and I glanced up from my phone to find Michael’s eyes on me. “Michael?” I raised my eyebrows a bit. “Uh, yeah,” he shook his head slightly. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine, just uh—just a bit tired babe.” “Oh, okay,” I smiled before looking back down at my phone. I felt my throat beginning to get a bit dry, so I got up to grab a drink. I took the sucker out of my mouth for a minute to talk. “Hey Mikey,” I licked my lips, “I’m gonna go get something to drink, do you want anything?” I put the sweet back into my mouth as I waited for his reply. “Yeah sure, that’d be lovely—-” he stopped. I gave him a questioning look. I examined his face and found that his eyes were transfixed on my lips, wrapped around the fruity lollipop. A light bulb went off in my brain as I finally understood why Michael had been acting so odd today. “Oh, okay darling,” I played it cool, “Do you just want a water or…?” “Yeah a-a water works.” “Okay,” I smiled at him before turning around to leave the room, slightly swinging my hips in the process. I walked into the kitchen grabbing two bottles of water. My sucker was already finished so I opened up the pantry to grab another one. I wanted to have fun teasing Michael. I chose a cherry lollipop out of our big bag of sweets. I threw away the wrapper of the candy and popped it into my mouth, savoring the sweet flavor. I quickly glance in the mirror and decided I needed to amp up my look so I quietly stalked up the stairs to our bathroom with my make up in it. I took the sucker out of my mouth and set it down on the counter so I could apply a red lip stain to my lips. After putting it on I quickly swiped a bit of mascara over my lashes since my makeup from earlier had sort of come off. I smiled at my appearance and then realized the clothes I was wearing needed to be changed as well. I quickly grabbed Michael’s Rolling Stones shirt with the missing sleeves and put it on over my blue bra. I shimmied out of my pants that I was wearing because Michael’s shirt was long enough to reach me mid-thigh, and you know, I wanted to tease. I pulled my hair out of my ponytail and fanned it out before running my fingers through it to make it look perfectly messy. Satisfied with my work, I stuck the lollipop back into my mouth and walked back downstairs into the kitchen. I grabbed the water bottles that I had left sitting there and then walked into the living room.
“Here you go Mikey,” I said sweetly, leaning over to place the bottles in front of him. “Ok thank—-” His breathing became a bit shorter as he looked up at me. His eyes widened and I could see his pupils dilate. “Mikey, you okay?” I gave him an innocent look as I pulled the sucker out of my mouth slowly. “F-fuck,” he whispered. “Hmmm?” I smiled, then leaned down to come face to face with him. “What’s wrong Mikey?” His eyes quickly darted down my, or his, shirt. He growled and roughly grabbed my hips, pulling me into him. “You’re a fucking tease, that’s what’s wrong.” I batted my eyes and spoke in the most innocent voice I could muster. “What are you talking about Mikey?” “You fucking know what I’m talking about,” I yelped when he gripped my ass in his hands. I smirked at how worked up he was before pecking his lips lightly. “No,” he spoke gruffly, “No more fucking teasing.” And with that I was in his lap, my legs on either side of his hips with our lips locked fervently. “Mmmmm,” he moaned into my mouth, “Cherry?” I simply nodded my head in reply. I ran my hands down his chest, tugging at the hem of his shirt to get the annoying clothing out from between us. Michael obliged to my wishes and removed the flimsy material, revealing his milky white skin to me. I rejoined our lips as my hands hungrily searched down his body. His right hand stayed stationary on my hip, lightly rubbing the exposed skin there while his left hand traveled up my thigh, inching closer and closer to my panties. I felt Michael’s boner poking up through his pants, pressing against my core and I moaned at the contact. I slowly to ground my hips down onto his hard on as I pulled at his hair with my fingers. “Fuck,” Michael moaned into my lips, “D-do that again.” I smirked at him before dragging my lips down his neck slowly. “You like that Mikey?” I whispered seductively, “You like when I grind myself onto your cock?” I pressed myself onto him even harder than the first time. A loud moan escaped his lips as his grip on my thigh and hip tightened. “Shit Y/N.” His head fell back against the couch as he screwed his eyes shut in pleasure. “Mmmm,” I moaned into his ear, sucking on the skin just below his ear, him eliciting a loud groan. “Fucking hell,” he mumbled before grabbing my hair and flipping us over so I was under him. I giggled at his obvious frustration. “You think you’re funny Y/N? Huh? Teasing me so much, fucking laughing at me?” Suddenly I felt my panties being ripped off of me and before I could say anything Michael stuck two of his fingers in me. “Babe,” I moaned at the feeling. “You like that?” He smirked at me as he slowly thrusted his fingers in and out of me. “Fuck Mikey, I need—” “What baby? Tell me.” He continued to slowly torture me with his calloused fingers. “Fuck Michael I need you please. I need your cock in me so bad.” “Shit,” he whispered before pulling his hand away from me. I whimpered at the loss of contact before sitting up on my elbows. I watched as Michael reached over me to grab a condom. I quickly untied the string of his sweatpants pushed them down, slipping them off of his legs. As he teared open the condom package I took it out of his hands and grabbed his cock in my hand, pumping him a few times before rolling the condom on. He moaned before quickly pushing himself into me. “F-fuck Mikey,” I groaned as he thrusted his hips. He brought his lips down onto my neck, sucking and nipping at the exposed skin. He kept thrusting into me at a fast pace and I could feel myself unraveling beneath him. “Michael,” I moaned. His thrusts continued to get a bit faster each time until he was pounding into me at an incredible pace. After one particularly hard thrust my muscles clenched around him. “God damn Y/N,” he panted, “You feel so f-fucking good around me.” I could feel my stomach tightening as he brought me closer to the edge of euphoria, his words affecting me greatly. “Shit Michael I’m gonna cu–” he cut me off with a passionate kiss to the lips. “Cum for me baby,” he whispered against my lips as his hand came down to press on my clit, rubbing swift circles against it. I moaned at the intense feeling and arched my back, pressing my front into his. “Michael,” I sighed as I felt my stomach tighten and then release. An overwhelming wave of pleasure overtook my body and a high pitched moan flew from my lips. Michael groaned as my orgasm triggered his, his face contorting with pleasure. He continued to thrust through our highs before collapsing over me, but not crushing me. Our chests met each other in short spurts of breathing as we calmed down. “That was-”

“So fucking hot,” Michael finished for me. I chuckled, “I was going to say amazing but okay Clifford.”


This is a tutorial for making gifs with the use of KMPlayer and Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS5. There are other ways to make gifs, but this is by far the fastest and easiest way I have found to make them. We’re going to start with the assumption that you already have the caps for making the gif, but if you do not, go ahead and view the KMPlayer tutorial for gathering caps for gifs.

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illexplain16  asked:

Ok, you probably won't read this, but I wanted to say one thing: When I see you, when I see this blog, I see a person- a very kind person- who is capable of so many things that I know I'm trash copmared to you. I see an amazing individual and it pains me that you think that this whole experience was a mistake. Because I honestly can't think of a single reason. You made friends. You inspired me and many other people. And the same goes for PJ. Don't just cut him off. Don't give up. Stay strong. <3


YEAH I kinda went on a ranting spree so I apologize to everyone about that. I was emotional…I wasn’t thinking fully straight.

((AND ALSO NO YOU ARE NOT TRASH SHHHHHh you are not trash!))

But here’s the thing. What I listed was a worst possible scenario. My brain loves to produce any kind of worst case scenario when I feel down. And after thinking about it… it is a possible last resort. I”m just gonna repeat that last set of words… it would be a LAST RESORT.

OH GOSH GUYS I’m not gonna give up on something like that THAT easily! Paper Jam has been the character I put the most time into and…. GOSH I have him integrated as his own being in Mediplane! However… there are people that do not see consequences when they do actions online. That and people just don’t bother to look up characters and ‘rules’ for those characters when they think of an idea. While I am fine with people making AUs with him without my permission (cause gosh… if my characters somehow fit in your AU idea then GO FOR IT!), but when people see one version of a character and spread that around where people assume that THAT is the official version of them… without going farther into where they came from… yeah. That kinda hurts a little. Not as much so for me as with others but yeah… it still stings. 

I don’t know why I am pretty chill with my own characters on the ‘misinterpretation’ topic… maybe it’s due to people always thinking that my characters were someone else’s from the beginning? Probably…

But yeah… that same thing applies for other stuff… like the sin. Something about google searching ‘paper jam tumblr’ …

oh wait…


*actually does that search *

….well dang that doesn’t really pull up me…


OH GOSH he has a wiki article on him!

Oh…ok… what does it say for abili..

PaperJam Sans can both destroy and create, an ability inherited from both of his parents. He can summon special Gaster Blasters, which can bring objects to life. Anything he creates he can corrupt and kill it then bring it back to life if he so wishes. He is more powerful than both Error!Sans and Ink!Sans. Paperjam is also able to see into the void and other Au’s as a effect of being born from Ink!Sans and Error!Sans. It is not confirmed but Paperjam may be able to create/edit au’s



Well then lets see the comm…


OH gosh… wait… no wait…

*laughs so much*




It’s… actually hilarious. 

Wait… does this count as my first anon hate? OH GOSH I DID IT GUYS I MADE IT TO ANON HATE LEVEL!

I’m not gonna give up that easily! 
I’ll still stay strong here with PJ as long as I can!

SO yeah…

(oh gosh I just need to laugh for a little bit now ooooh goodness)

Hartbig Fanfic: Heartbreak

FYI: Not a gymnastic thingy. I said I’d stop writing Hartbig but I was bored… so here’s another one. Please remember these are all LIES!  Any similarity to real life situations and events are merely coincidental.

Hartbig Fanfic: Heartbreak (SFW)

“Please, please, please don’t go. It was just one time and I promise that it will never happen again.” Grace frantically said as she tried to stop the other girl from leaving the apartment.

“I should have known. Those flirty looks, the laughing, the stroking, it was all out there for everyone to see. And there I was, this big dumb ass choosing to ignore what was right in front of my face. And the nerve to do it in our own bed. Is there any possible way, you can make it any worse?” Hannah shouted angrily as she tried to sidestep Grace.

“I don’t know what happened… maybe it was the drinks… maybe it was… I don’t know… but I didn’t mean it to happen.” Grace stammered as she held on tightly onto Hannah’s arms. “Don’t leave me.”

“Give me one good reason why I should stay.” Hannah said as she stopped struggling and looked Grace straight in the eye.

“Because I love you.” Grace answered.

Hannah laughed mockingly. “If this is how you love Grace, I don’t want it.” She then shook her arms out of Grace’s grip and unyieldingly added, “Get out of my way.”

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First of all I have nothing to do with what momo does it is his way of dealing with it not mine that being said I have to add I have no influence on what anyone else does either I NEVER once said report his files or his profile NEVER I also NEVER told anyone to attack him so before u state something make sure you are not making it up . Second I said nothing bad about david so feel free to go back and read my post again. I tried talking to him like an adult and I know for a fact other creators did to and he was the one that decided to ignore, I believe everything can be set in  a conversation but it takes two to do that.
I talked to more ppl that converted my stuff and they where nice enough
to remove the files some AWESOME ppl even came to me saying I didn’t know you are not ok with it I converted some of your hairs and deleted them. So it is that type of communication I wanted with him to. And I’m still willing to talk to him.
About money if you don’t know what adfly is google it you can also look up our profiles and see how many hits our hairs get. This wouldn’t be a problem if he did anything on his own like for example I don’t have problems with the ppl that retexture hairs using it IF the texture they use was created by them and they give proper credit for the mesh. 
I’m not creating for sims 4 at the moment because hairs have issues that we cant fix unless EA does something about it and I’m not willing to give poorly made hairs to a lot of fans that love and appreciate my work unlike you dear. If there wasn’t for ppl that created those hairs u would have nothing to convert in a first place so you would be stuck with 5 lovely hairstyles EA gave u. 

About copyrights you know nothing love so spare me this its  illegal with EA thing, first of all my hairs are FREE second I own the mesh it self the fact that I imported it willingly in sims has nothing to do with it, all my meshes are still 3D objects in the core and as such can be used in many ways not just in games. Also it seams like u haven’t been around that much donation sites where a part of this community ever since sims1 and to this day that hasn’t changed also once again I will say my stuff is free so threatening me with EA is just :)
I also never said I want or will sue anyone so that is just beyond ridiculous. And since a lot of you talk about it I’m going to say that I never mention legal issues the issues I had where artistic and moral

I’m ok with ppl having opinion about this that is different from mine like you and trust me I didn’t thought this will be heard as much as it was BUT please don’t put words I never said in my mouth.
I felt the need to speak about it since it has been broth by others on tumblr before I posted about it, and what made me sad is the fact ppl where saying why don’t creators do anything about it and a tone of comments saying I thought he created those hairs, because he didn’t even bother to give proper credit.

I can writhe for days and I’m afraid ppl like you just wouldn’t understand
I didn’t want to start fights and I AM SORRY David got so much hate,  I did 2. All I did was defend my hard work in the nicest possible way you have both post about converting here I said nothing bad. Like I said I cant control what others post about it so calling me a bully makes no sense

I decided to post this cause I hope it might clear some air 
I’ll blur you just in case so u can see I’m not a monster, I’m always willing to talk to ppl even if we don’t share same opinions so if you or anyone else have more questions feel free to ask and I’ll try explaining ;)

The thinking man’s guide for Photographers on Tumblr – Part III

So if you’ve read the first two parts of this guide you will have cottoned on to the fact that to be successful you need to invest a proportion of time into your page and do more than just follow another blog hoping that the favour will be returned or expect that appearing on Lensblr will bring your page long term success when it won’t on its own.

These are just one of many angles that can be covered on the topic of growing a successful photography blog and given my mind wanders off at a very diverse tangent what follows during the series could go from one end of the spectrum to the other so be warned, but hopefully it’s of some use to some of you at the very least.

I guess the notion of what some consider success maybe a useful place to start. Is it a case of how many notes one individual post gets or maybe how many followers someone has. Is it a case of how many accumulative notes someone has had over the past month? I guess the answer will be different things to different people but let’s see if we can look at every angle more closely. Having mentioned that simply following another photographer generally isn’t enough by itself to kick start a successful blog of your own then I am often left wondering why certain Tumblr users announce when they’ve hit a certain mark of followers. Here’s the reason I say this and it’s simply because the number of people within that number who really count are the number of active users.

I’m not going to mention the blog by name because that would be a little unfair but I am going to use them as an example because recently they posted something about them having in excess of 77,000 followers and their page shows that according to the figures at the time of writing they have 78,658 followers in total. Pretty impressive stuff – or is it. Let’s consider their last four posts and the numbers as shown so far in December. Now the first two posts have been live for two days and have received 259 and 365 notes so far. The latter two were posted today one of which was 3 hours ago and has 101 notes and another 28 minutes ago which has 78 notes. Let’s be fair and go with the two from two days ago as a focus. Post 1 with 259 notes means 1 in every 304* followers liked the photo or reblogged it onto their own page and with Post 2 the figure is 1 in every 216*.

*Please note both figures were rounded up to the nearest whole number.  

Now some might accuse me here of being childish or curlish or of picking on people but I haven’t mentioned them by name and by the time this appears it will have been two days after this has been written so narrowing down the user will be much harder if I haven’t made it hard already by mentioning no names. That is unless of course you follow them even after they were bragging about the total number of followers they had an didn’t hit unfollow before falling asleep on the keyboard.  Anyway, moreover the person in question was boasting about having over 77,000 followers so I think it’s fair game. So my question to you all would be what really quantifies success when it comes to having followers. Is it better to have 20 followers, 10 of whom regularly like your photographs as an example meaning you have a strike rate of 1 note for every 2 followers or by way of comparison 1 note for every 365 followers. You the reader can decide on that score.

The next question to ask yourself is how did they get that many followers? Is it because of some of the most amazing photographs you’ve ever seen. Could that person be accused of using that post that has around 7.8 million notes that says ‘if you follow me I will follow you back’ and the reality of the situation is that whilst they are followed by 78,658 pages, they in turn themselves actually follow 103,982 for example. Oh so cold and cynical one might suggest - don’t even go down the route of suggesting they paid for followers because I think that’s just an Instagram favourite and I haven’t really come across it on Tumblr. Or should we throw the last hat into the ring which is that age old trick whereby they actually only follow 300 pages but what you don’t see is the other 103,682 they followed and unfollowed in the first place. Who knows. Basically my point is that it’s bad maths and if you were impressed by the number at the start, maybe you aren’t so by the end.

Oh and in case any of you are thinking OK smart arse how do you compare, well at the time of writing my last two posts have 707 notes and 405 giving them a ratio of 1 in 4 and 1 in 7 which I think is mind blowing on the basis I can only point and click my camera and I’m still surprised I managed to get over 40 notes per post.

So my own personal thoughts towards success being indicated by the total number of followers is personally it comes down to the post itself and how many notes it achieves but, and here comes the good bit, that number is important only relative to the number of followers you have. So if you are an active user or a new user and you’re only getting to grips with Tumblr then even if you only have 20 followers and 5 notes per post, to me you’re doing something right. In time I see no reason why your page cannot grow to bigger and better things. Again this doesn’t simply come down to the quality of photographs and whether you shoot with an SLR or DSLR over the use of a camera phone. People buy from people and on Tumblr interaction with others can be considered more important to the overall quality of what has been posted. Sure, that isn’t to say that the post has to have something about it, but it doesn’t have to be crystal clear quality and look like it should be hanging in a photograph exhibition somewhere in the Tate. 

Set yourself a realistic goal of notes per post when you are first starting out and don’t worry about the Jones who may be getting 100s or 1000s of notes on their post. Remember we all had to start somewhere. Equally as important is if you get featured by one of the smaller independent blogs like this one then take advantage of the notes you received and check out the work of whoever gave them. Even if your post only got 30 notes if you were a salesperson and someone handed you 30 hot prospects as leads you’d feel pretty happy. If you’ve been featured on here and you’re serious about growing your page then look at it this way, I’ve seen something in your work that I like and have attempted to bring it to a wider audience and unlike on somewhere such as Lensblr for example, to me you have a better chance of forming a bond with mutual photographers from this kind of feature than you do of converting one note from a bigger blog into a follow and a mutual respectful two way following. Of course I could be wrong but the only way to find that out is to give it a try.

As your page grows you can of course re-evaluate your targets but don’t go from 10 to 50 in one jump per se, keep it realistic. Aim to go up in 5s or 10s. But my warning is don’t end up like a rat or a pigeon in a BF Skinner psychology experiment. More about that in the next post.

If you’d like to share or contribute to this series in any way shape or form then please send me a message with any comments or feedback you have. Please remember what is contained in the above doesn’t apply to everyone and the chances are those it does apply to will never read it but a lot of what will come over this coming series I feel needs saying and hopefully come of use to some people who genuinely do want to put the time and effort into growing their blog and reaching the top of the Tumblr pile.

Thank you for reading.