here tumblr i know how much you like these pics

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I was wondering if you have ever drawn a character based on yourself? Or just a self portrait in your own style?? Cause like... I (and I'm sure others) really want to know what you look like? Cause I bet you're amazing??? Like.. If your looks match how you act you're a fucking flower 👌💞

lmaoo I have several photos of myself on my tumblr! I mean I don’t really like taking pictures of myself tbh, if someone were to go through my phone, they’ll just find a bunch of art stuff, memes, and maybe a lil bit of d*ck pics I drew LMAO. But here, I’ll post links if ya’ll are really curious ahaha facemore face, and face Thank you so much lovely~ <3333 (I change my hair color a lot– haha)


Astoria From From The Q - Part I 

Thanks so much for the comments on the China Town Edition of A New Yorker’s Summer. You guys sure know how to pick me up! Here goes set of images I made whilst on the Q line. 

Hey buitiful pics, good looking out on that reblog of that set too, love you like cooked food!! Hey JIM haha love the reblogs dude.