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hi! can i request an ikon reaction? "ikon reaction to you want to cuddle" ^u^

Ofc sweet anon! ^^ (I am so sorry for the long wait!)

Hanbin: We all know how much Hanbin loves skinship, so skinship king here would be up for all the cuddles no matter when or where you were (with a few exceptions such as work of course). (A/N: look how soft he is i just TT)

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Bobby: I feel like he’s just the type of person who will cuddle before taking a nap or falling asleep. Like you would both come home from a long day of hard work and just drop down on the couch or bed and just fall asleep in each others arms. Doesnt matter who wants to cuddle, it’s just a thing you do. 

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Jinhwan: You really don’t need to tell him that you want to cuddle, because it would come so natural to him. If you did ask him when you weren’t already, as if you just ate dinner or something he would probably be a little surprised but would of course agree to some cuddles! 

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Yunhyeong: This cutie pie is always very open for cuddles, but you will usually be the one to suggest so. Just those watching-movies-cuddles. 

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Junhoe: Like Jinhwan, I feel like Junhoe would also be someone who is naturally very cuddly but would be surprised if you actually asked him to cuddle with you. Is up for cuddles 100% tho! (A/N: he’s a floof isn’t he??T^T)

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Donghyuk: He’s not all cuddly all the time, but more the “aw you’re so cute” type of person and more a mix of Yunhyeong and Bobby in this case. The lets-cuddle-before-falling-asleep and while watching movies. 

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Chanwoo: the i-secretly-like-to-cuddle-a-lot-but-no-one-knows-about-it type of cuddler tbh. What I mean with this is that he would be very cuddly and cute around you but if anyone else is in the same room as you then he would try to be more masculine and manly. He is a huge cuddle bear so would always be up for cuddles tho. 

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Apparently there are 400+ of you fucks following this little fuck, so I suppose it’s time for one of those there fancy “follow forever/bias lists.” (Apparently I’m so old that I don’t remember when they got named bias lists bc that’s a new thing? idk man, I’ve been on Tumblr for like 5+ years now. what the heck.) Anyways!! 

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