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The reviews of the movie (Alien) hasn't been all that bad over here (europe), but not like tip to either. The worst thing I've read about Katherine at least has been just that she's too sweet for a badass role (which personally I disagree), but at least it didn't claim her as terrible. And that thing you posted the other day about Daniels being all teary eyed... which yeah she was. But I personally hate movies where characters move on from someones death like it's nothing. So I liked that.

Yeah, the reviews I’ve seen have been pretty good with the exception of a few (and that guy who complained about Daniels crying, like what the fuck, she lost her husband and most of the grew who she was friends with) but the stuff said by some of the more diehard fans have been rather negative. 😔 Yeah, the reviews weren’t exactly overwhelmingly positive - some were along the lines of “its a good addition to the series but not quite as good as the original” so that could put people off too if they’re expecting something like the original.

The emotional aspect was what I liked about Daniels - she wasn’t presented as some tough warrior trained for battle but as a relatively normal woman; her plan was literally to go to the new planet and build a cabin on a lake with her husband. She’s a pretty sympathetic and great character in my opinion (but I’m biased to be honest)

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Heyo! Klutz's mod here! I just saw that really sweet message from that other anon who loved my newsie character and I just want to say thank you to whoever that may be! And mod, thank you as well for loving my character!! It made my day, thank you both! ~Klutz Mod <3

cute!! I’m glad it made you happy. I do love Klutz, she’s such a funny lil’ cinnamon roll, I always smile when I see asks from you!

Hope you have a great day!!

Apparently there are 400+ of you fucks following this little fuck, so I suppose it’s time for one of those there fancy “follow forever/bias lists.” (Apparently I’m so old that I don’t remember when they got named bias lists bc that’s a new thing? idk man, I’ve been on Tumblr for like 5+ years now. what the heck.) Anyways!! 

To save y’all the dash space, I’m putting a cut down. Feel free to like, idk, click through if u wanna see me gushin’ on dorks and saying who I think is bae.

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