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do you guys have any new non-au stuff?

We probably do so I’ll look for them right away!

Something To Do With Hands by lethallergic [TaeKook, rated E, 49k]

Hold You Close, Tonight And Always by porridgemilk [TaeKook, rated E, 9k]

Let’s Not Fall In Love by hobe [YoonSeok, rated E, 8k]

call me a baby by codepink [Jimin/Everyone, rated T, 7k]

Hello, I’m Min Yoongi, and I’m not desperately in love with you. by Giveme5minutes [YoonMin, rated G, 13k]

Put my heart back together by Kaminari [JiKook, rated E, 7k]

Pastel by Supermans_crib [Jungkook/Everyone, rated E, 92k]

fake it [til you make it] by Yenelai [TaeKook, rated T, 9k]

it’s only the two of us everything I need’s between those thighs by colonized (colonized_main) [TaeKook, rated E, 6k]

hey you! (you steal looks with your body and face) by Throne [YoonJin, rated E, 5k]

I hope you enjoy all of these!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re all great, #bless all of the authors mentioned here!

-Admin Nana

Back To Your Arms...

Word Count: 2,552

Warning: Injured Robbie!!!!!

((I was feeling like shit sooo I decided to write some Robb Stark cause he always makes me feel better! To the anon who requested, I hope you like it!))

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Imagine Loki confessing his feelings for you

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Requested by Anon: How about Loki confessing his love for the first time?

You were sitting in your bedroom in your apartment, staring out the window at the rain as you sipped your hot chocolate. You were feeling sad, when the alien invasion happened in NY, you eventually met Loki, you had seen him before, and ended up creating a huge bond with him, even knowing him little, for only a few days. When Thor took him back to Asgard, you were devastated, you had already talked to Loki and had heard the whole story from his point of view, and although you did not agree with his actions, you understood his feelings.

A year went by, and on the news you saw that Thor was back, he was in London. But without Loki. Your hopes were gone again.

A few more years passed, and it was now, five years without even having heard of Loki, that was consuming you, making you depressed.

Suddenly your doorbell rang, you let a sigh escape as you got up to answer the door, you did not even bother to take off your torn sweats, or straighten your messy hair.

But when you opened the door, you had a surprise, it was Loki, he was there, smiling, standing in front of you, your only reaction was to let the cup of hot chocolate fall to the floor and break while you were going to hug him tightly.

“Loki, I can not believe you’re here!” You smiled as you hugged him.

“I am, but I can’t stay long, but I think I can spend the afternoon here, if I may.” He spoke quietly, hugging you back.

“Of course you can spend the afternoon here… But is everything okay? Where have you been for these five years?”

“Let’s go in. I’ll tell you everything, I promise.” He smiled lightly and you led him inside.

“Do you want something to eat or drink?” You asked as you led him to the couch.

“Just wine is fine.” He smiled and sat down as you took two glasses of wine.

It took about 40 minutes for him to tell you everything that had happened in those five years, and you listened carefully to every word he said, paying attention to every detail of his perfect face, and then he said he couldn’t stay long, That he would have to return to Asgard with Thor to solve some family problems.

“I’ll see you again after today?” You asked, clearly depressed.

“Of course, I can’t stand being without seeing you for years again, nor months … Maybe not even days.” He sighed.

“What do you mean?” You looked at him, confused by the sadness in his gaze.

“Look, (Y/N)… When I came here to dominate Midgard, you were the only one who wasn’t afraid of me, who’ve welcomed me and listened to me. You believed in my heart. When I was in the prison, the only thing I could thought about was your smile, and when I lost my mother, as much as it did not look like, I just wanted to come here and talk to you… But I had the opportunity to steal the throne and then I saw myself being selfish again, and now I have to redeem myself… But I won’t ever again stop coming here to see you..” Loki spoke calmly, gently holding your hands. “I only have you, and for me it’s enough, I only need you in my life, and now I know that… I want you to be mine”

Loki barely finished speaking and you were already pulling him into a passionate kiss, your hearts beating fast in unison and the rain were the only noises that could be heard, besides the hard breathing of the two of you during the kiss.

“I’m already yours, Loki, I’ve always been yours and always will be.” You whispered, and then kissed him again.

Queen of Asgard (part 6)

(Loki x Reader)

“Do you have a map?” You asked Loki. You had some free time and since both of you had been bored you decided to hang around each other.

“Why.” He asked.

“Cause I just got lost in your eyes.” You answered. He looked at you, trying to keep a straight face until both of you had to laugh.

“Do these horrible pick up lines ever work?” Loki asked.

“No I don’t think so.”

“Ok, one more.”

“I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart.”

“I can’t believe people actually say those things…humans..” He said.

“Hey!” You threw a pillow at him, hitting him on the head.

Someone knocked on the door and entered. Loki was needed in the throne room, apperently something had happened. He told you to stay here for now and promised to tell you what was going on. You were worried but agreed.

When he came back you could read the bad news on his face before he even said anything.

“What happened?” You said and jumped of the chair you sat in. He wasn’t sure how to tell you, you knew, “Just spill it!”

“Earth has been attacked but don’t worry I don’t think anything serious has happened.” He said trying to calm you down.

“I’m going back, right now.” You said and stormed in the direction of the door. Loki caught you by the arm and held you back.

“It’s too dangerous. I will go.”

“I thought you said it’s nothing serious besides if it’s not save for me than you’re in danger too.”

“I can take care of myself.” He said.

“Oh and I can’t?” You said angrily.

“I’m sure you can but I won’t let my wife get hurt.”

“Uugh…fine.” You knew there was no use arguing, he had already made up his mind.

You stood on the bridge leading to the bifrost, saying goodbye to Loki. You were worried not only for your brother and the others but for Loki as well. You didn’t really knew what exactly was going on and you were scared.

“Be careful. will you?” You said to him.

“You’re not worried about me are you?” He said with a little smirk.

“Nah I just don’t want to end up as a widow in my twenties.” You always made bad jokes when you were afraid. It helped to keep you a little calmer.

“See you soon.” He said before leaving.

After 2 days he still wasn’t back and there hadn’t been any news. You were worried sick, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat.

You tried to distract yourself with books but after you had read the same passage the fifth time you put it away.

You went on a walk but ended up going in circles for half an hour and gave up.

Finally you just lay down on your bed, waiting.

You fell asleep and almost didn’t hear the knock on your door. A maid entered and spoke softly which woke you from your uneasy dreams.

“The king is back.” She simply said.

As soon as you heard the words you ran downstairs. You walked into the throne room where Loki was standing, his back towards you. When he noticed you he turned around in your direction.

You ran to his side and hugged him tightly almost knocking the wind out of him.

“Are you hurt? Did anything happen to you? Are you ok? Say something!” You went on, not giving him a chance to answer.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. Everything’s ok.” He said and smiled a little, “Earth is fine too, by the way. In case you were wondering.” Continuing with a grin.

“It’s not funny I was really worried!”

He leaned closer, whispering into your ear, “"I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart,” before he tugged you even closer and kissed you. You felt the heat rising to your face and blushed.

“Looks like that line works after all.” You said breathless.

King of the Underworld (Chapter 3)

TITLE: King of the Underworld
AUTHOR: winterwolf57
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel
GENRE: Romance, fluff, smut in later chapters
SUMMARY: AU where Dean is Hades, King of the Underworld. 

“So you’re telling me that you really don’t see it?” 

“See what?” Dean asks without taking his eyes off you and his brother. “The way she smiles when you’re around. The way her eyes light up when she looks at you.” Castiel answered frustrated.

“Looks at me?” he turns his attention to Castiel, head titled slightly in confusion.

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You can be really clueless sometimes, and that says says a lot coming from me,” he shakes his head. “Whenever you’re together, she looks at you like she can’t see anything else; like you’re the most interest thing in a universe filled with interesting things. She looks at you as if you were magic, and you don’t even notice.”

A/N: Hi guys! Yeah I know this is long overdue. I’m excited for the next few chapters because I thought of adding a little drama to the story. Something, I think, that would possibly make you guys hate me a little. If I’m not too swamped, I’ll write it over the weekend. :)

P.S. Apollo is also known as the god of prophecies.

P.P.S. I suck at writing poems.

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