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Lalli, there’s something I have to tell you.

The words hung in the evening air as clearly as if Tuuri had spoken them, although she hadn’t.  As loud as the voices of the voices of the trapped ones–surely Lalli could hear them too?  If he did, he didn’t give any sign of it.  He just kept looking into the trees.

Of course, Lalli sometimes reacted that way when you spoke out loud too.  So maybe he had heard her.  But Tuuri couldn’t quite make herself believe it.

If only the radio was working.  If only Onni was awake.  She could have told everything to Onni, who was her brother who had always looked after her.  But Lalli was so strange.  Tuuri didn’t really know him at all.

Lalli, there’s something–

Once, soon after they’d come to Keuruu, Tuuri and Lalli had had a fight.  Or–Lalli had.  Tuuri never found out what it was about.  Lalli wouldn’t tell her.  She’d apologized, she’d cajoled, she’d yelled, she’d cried, but nothing worked.  Why couldn’t he just tell her?

Finally, she’d said something she’d heard from one of their teachers: “If you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help you.”

He wouldn’t even look at her.  He’d stared firmly at the ground, rigid with anger.

For a month, he wouldn’t talk to to her.  Wouldn’t play with her.  Left the room when she came in.

And then one day, everything had gone back to the way it was before.  So Tuuri had decided that was just Lalli.  He was like that.  And whatever had happened to set it off, it couldn’t have been that important.  If it was, he would have said something.


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All I could ever ask for

Alec insist they go buy groceries instead of summoning them and it ends up being the fluffiest thing I have ever written

“Alexander, why are we here?” Magnus asks as he shifts their blueberry on his arms and glances at his shadowhunter, who is currently trying to pick a shopping cart and make faces at max at the same time, “we didn’t need to go here, you know? I could have just summoned all the ingredients we needed for the pasta.”

Alec silently cheers when he manages to pull two carts apart and looks back at Magnus with an eyebrow raised. Magnus huffs, “and this time I would have left some money.”

“Yeah, right,” Alec says and smirks when he sees Magnus offended expression, “I’m kidding,” Magnus rolls his eyes before walking ahead towards the entrance of the oh-so-magical place called Costco. Alec follows him with a grin and laughs at Magnus horrified expression when the doors close behind them.

“I can’t believe you dragged me into this,” Magnus gives Alec a dangerous look and jumps when he hears someone through the speakers

‘Janice, to aisle 4, we need Janice’s help at aisle 4’

“More like at all aisles, don’t we, my dear blueberry?” Magnus cooes as Max babbles nonsense and touches Magnus’ face with a big grin on his adorable face.

“By the Angel, Magnus,” Alec says and takes Max from Magnus’ arms to seat him on the shopping cart and kissing his head, “It isn’t that bad, can’t you at least try?”

Magnus looks from Alec’s hazel puppy eyes to Max’s amazed face when he sees the balloon adorning some of the aisles and sighs before nodding.

“Yes!” Alec cheers and kisses Magnus’ cheek before looking down at their son -who was paying more attention to everything but their small argument and continues putting his fist in his mouth and kicking the air with his small feet- “We’re going to have so much fun, Max!” Max giggles when Alec kissed his head again and starts making grabby hands when he sees a giant bear. They notice and Magnus is just lifting his hand when Alec shakes his head at him.


“No magic, remember?”

“Oh , right” Magnus sighs and stays with Max while Alec walks towards the pile of bears.

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  • Me: the environment is fucked
  • Me: trump denies climate change and even if he didn't
  • Me: even if we all started right now there are toxic processes that we cannot reverse
  • Friend: but we have technology and stuff that might-
  • Me: which he de funded
  • Friend: ok but maybe one day we can escape to space-
  • Me: which he also de funded
  • Friend:
  • Friend: oh god
  • Me:
  • Me: I'm here to ruin your day and let you know humanity is fucked

anonymous asked:

I found the link to your tumblr on your FF after binge reading 1 of your fics that I quite liked. I was going to review but mainly because I had more things to say than "Yay I love it". I'm glad I checked here first because I don't wish to ruin even a millisecond of your day tho I have a question? You ask for reviews but as far as I know the definition of a review is: an evaluation of a publication, service... concrit is the essence of a review. Ask for appreciative comments instead.

Did you really leave me an anonymous comment to complain I think unsolicited criticism on someone’s hobby is rude?