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Oh, Baby - Part 5 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,514

Summary: The reader gets distracted and crashes into Baby, making Dean an instant enemy. What happens when they get stuck working together?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


You’re feeling seriously conflicted and for some reason you’re just staring at his beautiful face.

“Are you gonna say anything?” Dean pleads looking nervous.

Are you gonna say anything?! You can barely breathe right now. Talk about mixed fucking signals. Is this guy trying to drive you insane? 

Dean is watching you closely and he has no clue what you’re thinking. He definitely expected a reaction but instead you’re just staying mute.

“I guess you don’t feel the same.”  He sighs and swears under his breath before getting up and walking towards the door.  

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Radio Chaos (Pt. 1)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook

Word Count: 4,155

Warnings: Sexual content, drinking, swearing

Summary:  The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A/N: So tell me if you want me to continue this story, as always, your opinion means a lot to me. I didn’t read it through, so there are probably some errors. Enjoy! :) NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MINE, CREDITS TO THE OWNERS

They’re already here.

You can see the cars as you’re approaching, and you can barely distinguish a couple of figures that are leaning on them.

You can hear them talking, a laugh slipping out here and there – it all sounds like a murmur of voices, boyish voices; deep and rough, but soft at the same time, playful in a way, beckoning you over. Sharply cut strands of hair playing with the wind, pierced ears – and you think to yourself that ‘earrings have never looked hotter on boys’.
The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

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A New Addition

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader
Request: Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader finds out she’s pregnant.
Hope you like it anon!

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You were brushing your teeth for the second time that morning when you heard a knock at the door. You knew it was probably Dick; Jason was currently away on a stakeout and he had offered to come keep you company for the day. You spit out your mouthful of toothpaste with a grimace, yelling out “Just a second!” and wiping your mouth with a towel. You had been feeling unwell recently; although apart from getting sick and feeling generally tired you had no other symptoms. You had already thrown up twice that morning, and you were starting to get concerned. You hadn’t mentioned anything to Jason, assuming you just had a bug or something, but maybe it was time to see a doctor..

You hurried to the door, unlocking the latch and opening it to reveal your best friend standing on the other side. You gave him a weak smile. “Hey Dick, thanks for coming,”
He was carrying a brown paper bag in his arms, lips turned up in his usual easy grin. His smile ebbed a little when he saw you, expression turning concerned. “Hey, are you feeling okay? You don’t look so great,” You winced, shrugging a shoulder as you stepped aside to let him in. “Honestly? No,” You admitted. Dick placed the bag on the counter and then turned to lean against it, arms crossed over his chest as he waited for you to continue. The worry on his face was obvious. Since you’d started dating Jason almost three years ago, Dick had become like a brother to you. He was your protector and confidant, second only to your boyfriend.
You sighed, running a hand through your hair anxiously. “I’ve been getting sick a lot in the mornings recently… I didn’t think it was anything at first, but it’s kind of been going on for awhile now..”
Something flickered across Dick’s face at your words. He opened his mouth to reply, then paused. Something about seeing Dick hesitate - Dick, who was usually so cheerful and straightforward - made your stomach flip with nerves. He started again, his tone gentle. “Sweetheart, is there any chance that you might be pregnant?”
You felt your blood run cold. Pregnant? You couldn’t be… could you? You and Jason were always so careful. “I… ” You mentally counted back the weeks to your last period, realizing with a dizzying jolt that it was a lot further back than you had thought. You took in a shaky breath, placing a hand against the wall to steady yourself. The world was starting to spin. The next thing you knew Dick was standing in front of you, hands firm on your shoulders as he guided you over to sit on the couch. “Okay, just sit down for a sec, you’re going to be fine,” You looked up into his concerned blue eyes, trying to focus on the present. Your mind was racing. “Dick.. what if I am?” you whispered, feeling completely overwhelmed. How would Jason react? Would he be unhappy? What if he left you? You didn’t think you could handle it if he did. “Hey, it’s going to be okay, I promise,” Dick sat down beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and squeezing you gently against his side. “We’ll all be here to take care of you, both of you. And Jason will be over the moon,” You bit your lip, unconvinced. “What if he isn’t? What if he doesn’t want it? Us?” “Sweetheart, there is absolutely no chance of that happening,” The certainty in his tone was comforting. He gazed down at you warmly, then chuckled. “We don’t even know if you actually are pregnant yet. You want me to run down to the drug store and get you a test?” You gave him a wobbly smile and wrapped your arms around him in a fierce hug. “You’re the best Dick,” He hugged you back tightly.


You leaned back against the kitchen counter, tapping your foot anxiously on the tile. The pregnancy test was clutched so tightly in your hands that your knuckles were turning white. The little screen displayed a single symbol - a plus sign. Your suspicions had been confirmed; you were pregnant.
Dick had left half an hour ago, when you’d gotten a text from Jason saying that they’d finished up and he was on his way home. Now you were just waiting to tell him the news. Dick had done his best to take your mind off of it all day with movies and food, but you were still incredibly nervous. You had been with Jason for years now, and you didn’t doubt that he loved you. You trusted each other completely, and you knew that he was in it for the long haul. But even though both of you knew that, you had never really discussed your future together. Jason being a vigilante meant that there was always a risk that one day he wouldn’t come home. Because of that you didn’t even allow yourself to dream of marriage or children, it just wasn’t practical. You had never even asked if Jason wanted kids, so you had no idea how he would react. The possibility that he might react badly made you feel sick to your stomach.

You heard the sound of a lock being opened, and your eyes went immediately to the door. A moment later it swung open and Jason appeared. He had already taken the helmet off, leaving him in his suit and domino mask. He looked tired, but when he caught sight of you he smiled lopsidedly, the tension bleeding from his shoulders.
“Hey there babe,” He walked over to you, tugging off his mask and dropping it on the counter before wrapping his arms around you, placing a light kiss to the top of your head. You couldn’t resist the temptation to melt into his embrace, breathing in the scent of leather and gunpowder. “Welcome home Jay,” You struggled to steel your nerves. “I, um. I have something to tell you,” your voice wobbled and you cursed yourself silently. Jason pulled back, frowning down at you when he noticed your worried expression. “Everything okay doll? Did something happen?” He raised one hand from your waist to cup your cheek, stroking a thumb soothingly over your skin. You gulped, unable to meet his clear blue gaze. You opened your mouth to speak but your voice abandoned you. Instead, you pulled away from his embrace, wordlessly holding out your hand with the pregnancy test still clutched in your shaking fingers. Jason’s forehead creased when he took it from you. “What’s this?” He held it up to examine it. You held your breath.

You could see it in his face when he put the pieces together. His eyes widened in disbelief, and he looked back down at you, awestruck. “Doll, are you..?” He trailed off, and you nodded. “I’m pregnant,” you whispered. “Holy shit,” Jason pulled you against his chest in a tight hug, laughing shakily. “Really?”
“Is it okay?” You mumbled against his chest, heart pounding. Jason cupped your face in his hands, grinning hugely. “Is it okay? Sweetheart, this is amazing. I’m going to be a dad..” You breathed out a sigh of relief. “I was worried you wouldn’t be happy about it, I know we never discussed it..” Your boyfriend just leaned in to press a firm kiss to your lips, and you smiled against his mouth. Jason was okay with this. More than that; he was ecstatic. For the first time since finding out that you were pregnant you actually felt excited. When you parted, Jason rested his forehead against yours. “I promise I’ll take care of you. Both of you,” As he spoke he moved his hand from your hip to rest on your still flat stomach. You looked into his eyes, both of you smiling like idiots now. “I know you will Jay. I love you,” “I love you too doll,” He leaned in to kiss you again.

You spent most of the evening curled up together on the couch discussing everything from nurseries to baby names. Eventually you were interruped by loud banging on the door and Damian’s shouting. “Todd! I demand that you let us in at once!” This was followed by a polite “Please!” That sounded like Tim. Jason glanced at you, eyebrow raised. “You told Dick, didn’t you?” You just smiled sheepishly. “Maybe?” Jason groaned, getting up to let his brothers into the apartment. It looked like Dick was right; you would have plenty of support after all.


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“You can try to forget what happened, but you can never forget what you felt.”

Summary: Seeing you that night was just a careless mistake. It was just another party and another one night stand… But why was it so hard to get rid of you… Why did you have to be around? Why couldn’t I seem to let you go? Was this fate… or just a coincidence?

“What’s the matter? Afraid of a little temptation?”

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 //

Part 9 everyone~

More Parts: 

Part 10 // Part 11 //



Jaebum decided to be a doll and invite the boys and you to breakfast and to be honest you were thankful. Jaebum was putting the effort that we wanted to spend time with you after last night and you actually were happy he wanted to be around you more.

All the boys agreed to come to get breakfast with the two of you expect for Jackson. You had no idea why Jackson didn’t want to join. Was it because of yesterday? Or was it because of this morning, just because you didn’t speak to him? You just thought maybe distancing yourself from him was a good idea.. But for some reason you weren’t liking this idea.

“Y/N,” You noticed Jaebum calling you out trying to get your attention and you looked up right at him and looked concerned.

“What’s wrong?”

You were so busy lost in your thoughts you didn’t happen to notice that you were making a puss face the whole time.

“Oh… Nothing!” You forced a smile and Jaebum gave you a smile before continuing the conversation with the rest of the group.

“Hey guys!”

You looked up and there you see Jackson standing in front of you all.

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Ur natsume fics are so ??? Cute and pure??? And I feel like they really capture the essence of natsyuu, the message of friendship and family that's at its heart!! I hope you write more :o just nishimura and kita protecting this soft boy and getting him to come out of his shell (being amazed at sarky natsume) Aaa I just love ur stuff so much

haha you said kita and my brain saw katsumi my bad mY BAD


Katsumi is used to being popular with girls. So when he introduces himself to the bright-eyed brunette by the school gate, he’s entirely unprepared for the way her face goes cold and closed. 

It’s something like a window slamming shut bare inches away from prone fingertips, and Katsumi very barely manages not to take a step back in face of the very immediate dislike.

“I, um,” he flounders, then rallies with what he hopes is a charming smile. “I’m here to see Natsume? Uh, Natsume Takashi?”

The girl stands in front of him with narrow eyes in an otherwise friendly face, arms folded, like some kind of security guard. When she turns away, its only to ask her curly-haired companion to please go and get someone called Nishimura. 

But I asked for Natsume, Katsumi protests inwardly, without the nerve to say it out loud. This town is so backwards

A bright, eager voice fills the school grounds whole moments before its owner comes into view. “Taki? What’s up? Tsuji said you wanted to see – You!”

Katsumi is already wincing into the abrupt silence when Nishimura draws up short. He recognizes Nishimura from that first time he came to see Natsume here what feels like ages ago. He remembers the heated way Nishimura sprang to Natsume’s defense the second their conversation took a cold turn. The glaring girl seems to be a mutual friend. 


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Thor Odinson Imagine

Imagine going undercover with Thor.

You sat there with your legs crossed and your eyes constantly glancing at your watch, you were waiting on Thor’s makeover to be over with. The team was helping with his makeover for going undercover, they didn’t want you to help because they thought you weren’t qualified. As you sat there, the more impatient you started to get, your foot was tapping on the ground impatiently.

‘’Come on guys! We need to get going!’’ you shout, uncrossing your legs.

‘’We’re almost done! Hold up!’’ steve shouts back.

You sigh and continue to sit there very unhappy, but after a few minutes, you hear Tony yell with satisfaction.

‘’Perfect perfect!!’’ tony shouts.

‘’Can I see now? We’ve gotta go!’’ you exclaim, getting on your feet.

The door opens and everybody scatters out of the bathroom, everybody but Thor. You stood there and crossed your arms, you raise and eyebrow.

‘’Thor get out here!’’ tony exclaims, motioning to come out.

‘’No! I look absolutely terrible!’’ thor complains.

‘’Come on Thor! You look awesome!’’ steve shouts.

Thor steps out of the room and your eyes shift to him, your mouth dropped open from surprise and shock. He looked completely different from his normal look, for starters, his hair was short. He had a buisness suit on, which looked absolutley stunning on him, and he was wearing glasses. Your mouth was still open and you walked over towards him, when you reached him, you lifted an eyebrow.

‘’Are the lenses in your glasses.. Gone?’’ you ask, observing his glasses.

‘’Oh, well, they just kept getting dirty, so… I took em out.’’ thor shrugs.

‘’Handsome ain’t he?’’ wanda smirks.

‘’Totally unrecognizable that’s for sure.’’ you smirk, biting your lip.

‘’Whatever, let’s get going with the mission so I can change out of this nightmare.’’ thor sighs, throwing his jacket on him.

‘’Alright team, let’s go.’’ steve smiles.

Rejected - Part 2

After Jason was so far away that you could no longer hear his motorcycle, you turned back to the rest of the Wayne family.

“What was that all about?” Bruce demanded, grabbing you by the scruff of the neck, “What did you do to Jason?”

Nothing! I didn’t do anything!” you whimper and lie down on the ground, ears pinned back, “I just tried to talk to him, and then … then we connected, I – I felt him, he’s my mate.

Tim stepped forward and crouched down beside you, “It’s okay Y/N, he will come around, he’s a good man, but you just have to get him to trust you before he shows you that”

You yelp in surprise when you feel a small body flop on your back, “You aren’t allowed to leave now! You’re family, I want you to stay!” Damian whined, clutching your fur in this fists.

It’s alright pup, I can come back, and if your father approves I can join you two on your patrol

Damian shot up and locked eyes with this father, “Father I would like for Y/N to join us on patrol, you will be able to assess her trustworthiness while she is in your presence”

Dick spoke for the first time since Jason left, “If you don’t say yes B, then I am going to take her back to Bludhaven with me”

Damian wrapped his arms around your neck and glared at Dick. You huff softly and stand up, Damian still clinging onto your back, “I will let you think about it Bruce, but if you don’t mind I would really appreciate it if you allowed me to stay the night here

Bruce straightened, “I actually already had Alfred make up a room for you, and there is also cloths in your size and hygiene products that you will enjoy ready for you”

You cock your hear, “How did you know … you know what never mind, I don’t want to question the great Batman!” Your tongue lolled out of your mouth in a big wolfish grin.

Everyone went back inside to get ready for bed, Bruce had decided not to go out tonight because he didn’t completely trust you yet, even though you had already won over his sons. Once you finished showering and had changed into the comfortable silk pajamas that Bruce had purchased, you heard a knock on the door. Walking over and opening it you were startled to see Jason standing on the other side. He looked unhappy but determined to be there.

“Jason, I, um, I didn’t expect to see you here” you mumble, your shoulders hunch slightly and you take a step back into the room. “When you left I really didn’t think I would see you for a while”

“Well, when it turns out that I get saddled with a bitch for a mate, I need some time to process” Jason sneered.

Suddenly you felt your anger burn red hot, your eyes flashed wolf yellow and you growled at your mate.

“Now you listen here you blood-sucking piece of shit, I didn’t ask to be your mate, I didn’t pick you out of my own free will. If I did do you really think I would choose you? Do you really think I would choose a man who hates everything about me, without really getting to know me?! I’m not going to take your shit anymore Jason! All night everything you have ever said to me has been an insult! I can’t help that I was born a wolf, that I’m not the perfect little vampire that you probably want!” You stand up as straight as you can, “Well you can just forget about me. I’m done” With sad eyes you step back into your room, “Goodbye Jason, I hope you find the one who you really want”

You close the door on Jason’s shocked face, and click the lock. You know he could get in if he really wanted to, but you have a feeling that he won’t. You throw yourself onto the huge four poster bed and wrap around a pillow. You felt like you might cry, but the tears never came.

As the night wore on you made a promise to yourself, you would forget about ever meeting Jason Todd.

Alright it's 2050

You gave up hope that a Trump was ever going to step down.

The new one said he couldn’t, because America is in danger and he has to remain in power for the safety and wellbeing of the American public.

Bannon or some form of him is in charge of all forms of news.

If he says the economy is growing thanks to our generous Chancellor Trump, then it’s growing and anyone who says otherwise is a dangerous terrorist dissident who’s merely trying to weaken the American empire.

Those who oppose the new order are just trying to disrupt the peace and justice of the empire.

The media is controlled by those who know what they’re talking about, the corporations, who have your best interests in mind, of course. 

DeVos or some form of her is in charge of education.

Which is segregated once more, not de jure, but just de facto.

Because only the rich can afford the decent schools.

The poor may be educated, but these schools are inefficient, poorly funded, and not equipped to give their children proper education.

They’re also all private and not state funded at all, which means that poor people are fucked, they can expect to live their lives working low paying jobs with no chance of advancement.

What else can they do? 

Work HARDER, of course.

Take on more jobs.

If they’re too lazy to, then they deserve to stay where they are. 

THIS of course affects people of color more than anyone because anti discrimination laws have been reappealed.

Because colored people getting more benefits than white PEOPLE is RACIST.

So we’re just holding hands now, just like those bleeding heart liberals always wanted, and letting people decide whether or not they want diversity in the workplace. 

And it’s fair now, isn’t it?

Everyone gets an equal shot.

No chance of bias, and if there is, then you didn’t want to work there anyway. 

Equal shot. 

It just so happens that the rich, the always rich, have more resources.

And they have better schools. 

Natural selection right, of colored people wanted better schooling, they would WORK harder, RIGHT?

Also education is religious now, as it always should’ve been. 

Since all schools are private, a lot of them are full of rich white kids.

THEY of course are dutiful little conservatives just like mommy and daddy.

they’ll grow up to perfectly replace them.

White culture, so rich, so important. 

It’s superior to other forms of culture because, natural selection. 

If other cultures wanted to be valued, then they wouldn’t KILL each other, right?

How can you respect a culture that kills, right, a culture that’s been antagonized and subjugated under your own for so long that its meaning has warped. 

Speaking of religion and culture, gay marriage is on the books still, of course, but seeing as gays have no anti discrimination laws on the books anymore and the federal government allows off parents to “convert” their children if they desire, why would you out yourself?

Trans people don’t exist.

That was just a dumb millenial fad, it went away after we decided they don’t exist anymore, or at least not as anything but a public menace since men dressed as women are just trying to sneak into women’s bathrooms.

As for healthcare, well, survival of the fittest.

Those without money aren’t contributing to the human race, right?

Worthless creatures just removing their dead weight.

It’s how nature works. 

Natural selection. 

It’s just a shame their bodies have to litter the public streets, why couldn’t they roll under a bridge somewhere, right?

All healthcare is private and owned by companies that can charge whatever they want.

Why not?

If you have money you’ll survive, and if you don’t, well, you shouldn’t be a drain on our working class, right?

No more social security, but hey, that was a waste of our tax dollars. 

We can take care of ourselves, we don’t need hand outs, our family has been wealthy for centuries, living off of those who might have needed social security. 

Besides, why do you want to live so long, anyway? You’re working until you physically can’t. 

You’re wasting valuable air.

Oh and btw, I hope you like cities and urban overcrowding because the majority of people will live in both.

We’ve made no attempt to regulate our housing economy, so apartments and work cubicles are in abundance.

Houses are for the super rich who can afford the land they’re build on. 

You don’t even have to walk to work anymore, you live in your workplace, eat, sleep, and defecate in there. 

Those rich enough of course, will live in lovely 2 million dollar flats far away on the hills where they can look the other direction, not at the ugly steaming mess of poverty but at the lovely green acres of meadow stretching out behind them.

There’s of course a nuclear plant beyond that, but if you ignore it, it’s a lovely view.

Additionally, that’s about the only green you can see.

Preserved green.

Everything has been flattened by companies looking to develop on it or to find resources.

Without regulation of any kind, companies can do whatever they like. Build pipelines in grids across an entire continent. The braces America never got to remove.

But hey!

It’s helping the economy!

People are maintaining these pipelines!

And best of all, when they die of health complications, they contribute to the economy because any money would’ve made goes to their families, who then spend their money on rent or food.

This helps the economy.

Trickle down economics; money trickles.

It trickles from oil pipelines.

It trickles through the blood of dying patients who can’t afford medical care. 

Right into the pockets of those who truly matter, those at the top of the business hierarchy. 

Business, my friends.

Economy and business will flourish. 

Human lives are a cash flow, a constant cash flow, and we’ve finally cured ourselves of all that useless prolonging of useless lives. 

And food!

Don’t you worry, you’ve still got beef.

Unfortunately, due to the overuse of water to both produce cash crops and feed and water livestock, it’s at the cost of ground water, but that’s alright.

As the ozone traps more and more heat, the ice caps are melting!

They’re fresh water, you see, they’re going to fix the acidified ocean!

Just add a little fresh water and bam, no more toxic, plastic-filled waterways! 

Eventually we’ll get around to fixing it, but in the mean time, the ECONOMY.

Keep dumping in the ocean, it’ll fix itself. 

Plus global warming, right?

More water is a good thing, it’s always good. 

Besides, even if it’s bad, you’ll be ok. 

You can afford the sustainadomes. 

Scientists are working on creating a sustainable environment within a segregated, cleansing dome with fresh water and clean air and trees to replenish the latter and medical care and shopping malls and a perfect little world within a globe. 

It’ll be paradise.

There won’t be any animals other than rats, insects, and other pests capable of living off of human waste.

But that’s fine.

We don’t need any pesky other animals living on OUR planet.

And soon, that will include the weak humans too, the ones who live in the urban areas, who can’t afford to live in the sustainable environment with you.

Natural selection.

It comes for all.

Soon all those pesky non working lazy resource draining lowlife violent criminal wastes of space will die.

You just have to outlive them and of course you’re going to.

You have the money for healthcare, a nice house, breathable air, drinkable water, and beef, of course, beef.

You’re here because you deserve it, because your hard working ancestors deserved to make millions off the backs of people whose lives you stole.

Natural selection.

The weak and useless die, and that’s how it always will be, nay, what it should be.

You’re a little unhappy, I mean there’s not much to do, but so what? That’s the price of power.

When you shut yourself in completely and never again look at the poverty stricken masses of what was once your race but isn’t anymore, because culture and money transcends basic shared human DNA, you can sleep well at night.

Soon the only sound will be yours.

You won’t have to hear them for much longer.

Natural selection.

Cruel but fair.

Life isn’t fair.

You’re here because you’re the strongest and the luckiest and the smartest.

They’re there because they were born without what you have.

And that’s just.

Natural selection.

Life is short: some ooc thoughts

The loss of someone you know, even just peripherally, it can hit you hard when you aren’t expecting it. Sometimes it makes us look at our own life with new eyes. I have sort of been doing that the last few days.

Life is too short to do things that make you unhappy or anxious or that you don’t completely enjoy.

That has been my back of the mind thought for a long time, I just never really articulated it until this morning when someone asked me how I was doing.

I adore what I get to do with Risri. I adore what I get to write here with or without the people that follow me. I love WrA and all of the people that inhabit our little piece of Azeroth.

But that said, I have almost always put other’s needs before my own. I am going to try to do what I want more. I always had this thought that being nice meant you sacrificed your own happiness. I never realized it until I sat back and thought about what my life is like right now. And I came to the self-awareness that being nice is still possible while taking care of yourself.

It will be baby steps I know. It will take time to adjust. But I know that I can give while still holding onto what I find fun and things that make me happy. And part of the thing that makes me happy is making others happy. I just need to make sure I am not losing my own self because I am trying to please someone else.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope that you find some time today to do something that makes you happy. I am going to.

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Wolffe x reader "Make me" please?

The alarms were blaring in Y/n ears on a small outpost her, their master, and the 104th Battalion were stationed on. Separatists had just pulled from hyperspace and they were beginning to enter the planet’s atmosphere. As soon as information of their sudden attack hit the base, they called for backup; which was to arrive soon. They were going to have to hold out against the Separatists till then. So Y/n and Wolffe ran through the hallways of the base, both having completely ideas on their mind. Y/n wanted to fight and defend the base and her clone comrades, Wolffe wanted to keep her in the control center where it was safe. They were heavily outnumbered, which could mean casualties would be at the maximum, and he didn’t want Y/n getting into any trouble that could possibly hurt her. He cared for her, probably far too much than a clone was allowed to; but unbeknownst to him, Y/n felt the same way towards Wolffe.

Slowly as they reached the blast door that led to the control center, he slowed down, reaching out to tap Y/n’s should to let them know to slow down and stop. She quickly stopped and spun around, a puzzled look on their face. “Why did we stop?” Wolffe never stopped her in the middle of a battle unless if it was something extremely important. “I am not letting you fight in this battle. You know Plo Koon wouldn’t allow it, so i’m stopping you here, you’ll be safer in the control center, away from everything and you’ll help let us know when backup has arrived.” Wolffe nodded and pointed her to the blast door, “Go.” His voice was dull as he began to guide her to the door.

“You are not in control of me Wolffe! If I want to be in this battle I can!” Wolffe was clearly unhappy, and he blocked all of her attempts of sliding past him. His armor made him see much larger than his original size was. “No, you are staying here whether you like it or not.” Y/n shot him a glare and tried pushing past him, “Make me, then!” Wolffe looked around, the hallway was empty, meaning that most of the clones were probably on the surface battling. Quickly he shoved Y/n against a wall, ripping his helmet off and pressing his lips roughly against hers. Y/n was completely stunned, but she soon caught on into this kiss and pressed into his lips back. Before they knew it, they were completely making out in the hallway. They have never done anything like this, they just kept their feelings for each other suppressed afraid of showing each other their feelings, but this was a clear sign they felt the same way. Y/n’s arms wrapped around Wolffe’s neck, his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him. After a little while of this, he pulled back with a smug smirk, “That is how I make you stay. Now, you are staying here, where it is safe and where I could easily find you after this battle. I promise to return alive.” He kissed her lips a final time, letting them linger a bit longer before putting his helmet back on and walking down the hallway. He knew she wouldn’t follow, he made his point through to her and he knew she was sure to follow it. After this was all done, he did return back, barely a bruise on him.

in which Simon and Baz are love interests in a play and enjoy practicing the kissing scene way too much


Baz hated kissing scenes for one simple reason: the girls. Because, kissing them felt wrong. It was stiff and awkward and nothing like how Baz imagined an actual kiss would feel like. These ones lacked fireworks.

Maybe it was because they were staged.

Maybe it was because Baz was too gay.

Either way, kissing scenes were tedious and awful, yet here he was, caught in a whirlwind of excitement because of the school’s (totally gay) rendition of Romeo and Juliette titled, ‘Romeo and Julian.’

Creatively named? Completely LGBT? Fun.

Baz had even nicked one of the main roles as Romeo, which seemed to be a win until he figured out who was playing Julian.

Simon fucking Snow.


“You don’t have to look so unhappy.”

“This is how I normally look, Snow.”

“Well, fix it.”

Baz rolled his eyes and started reorganizing his script folder. Simon watched him, and let his eyes wander. He had really nice cheekbones.

“Stop staring at me,” Baz muttered, stuffing the folder into his messenger bag.

“The play is in two days and we haven’t rehearsed the kissing scene.”



Baz’s head snapped up and he glared at Simon with wildfires burning in his eyes. Because I’m afraid I’ll like it too much. “That’s because you haven’t gotten your lines down, you moron.”

Simon clenched his jaw stubbornly. “Yes I have.”

Was Simon inching closer to him?


“Have you even ever kissed anyone before?” Simon was close enough now he could smell Baz; something vaguely pine.

“Plenty of people,” he replied airily, taking a subconscious step back from Simon.

“Acting doesn’t count.” Simon remembered being in the audience of nearly every school play and watching Baz kiss girls with something like envy burning in the pit of his stomach.

“Then why is this such a big deal for you, Snow?”

Simon shrugged. “It isn’t, so just kiss me.”


Baz pressed his lips against Simon’s with such hungry fervor, even he was surprised. They were so soft, softer than any girl’s, and Baz was finding it too easy to get lost

Fuck it, Baz didn’t care if this was staged.

They both pulled away flushed faced.

“Not bad,” Simon breathed. His eyes were fixed on Baz’s lips. “But let’s try another, we could use the practice.”

“I agree.”

They practiced until their mouths were sore.

In My Veins (19/20)

Title: In My Veins
Rating: K+
Pairing: Ten/Rose, human AU
Summary: –Telepathic bond soulmate AU– Everyone kept saying kids couldn’t develop telepathic bonds, that it was completely impossible. John Smith and Rose Tyler defied the impossible.

Notes: Well I finally managed to hash out a soulmate AU enough to be happy with writing it. All the blame for this entire story goes to @lastbluetardis​, who not only encouraged it, but also allowed me to yell at her about it until I was happy enough to start writing it. Blame her entirely.

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Note: Guess I found time write after all.

Seven more months.

Rose was starting to get anxious. She knew she wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with, and sure, John was in her head all the time, but that wasn’t the same as living with her.

It’s pretty much the same as living with you, John pointed out when he picked up on those thoughts. Rose shrugged miserably.

Living with me means you have to put up with me taking too long in the shower and staring at the fridge because I can’t decide what I want to eat or if I want to eat and getting up every ten minutes because I can’t sit still—

Oh, well when you put it that way you’re right, that sounds awful, John cut Rose off dryly. Take a breath, Rose. I love you. Believe it or not I already know about a lot of your little quirks because I experience them every single day. There’s almost nothing you could at this point that would surprise me. Unless you have a secret cache of bodies somewhere that you’ve been hiding from me for almost ten years. Then we might need to talk.

Rose giggled a bit despite herself. No bodies. She paused for a moment. We’ve known each other for almost ten years. Feels like longer.

Why, because I’m so insufferable? John teased, and Rose rolled her eyes.

No, I just… I feel like you’ve always been here, you know? She couldn’t remember a time when John hadn’t been here, in her head. And she liked it that way. She liked having him here.

I like having you here too, John said, and Rose could just imagine the stupid little smile on his face as he said that. I love you.

I love you too. Rose definitely didn’t have a stupid little smile of her own as she said those words. Definitely not.

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[Mystic Messenger Fanfic][Jumin x MC] Love Me Like You Do

Author’s note: Heyhey~ This is my first attempt at fanfic (and smut, by extension lolol). I blame MysMe for this. >:O As you would’ve guessed by now, this fanfic is M18. Yes. It’s the sinful kind ;) But if you want to read it without the smut scene, I did put in an indicator of where and when to stop and start :D Enjoy~ (And please tell me if there are grammatical errors. It’s 3am and my brain can’t function anymore) I would say this is 80% fluff and um, just a heads up… there’s a bit of BDSM in this so ~ :D Jumin calls the MC ‘Kitten’ in this fanfic (I’ve always thought ____ was kinda weird and abrupt so I thought of a nickname he would call the MC huehue) forgive me if I went too far with this fanfic though, because I feel like I did. And I tried to make a lot of references to the scenes/phone calls in the game to make it more realistic yeah? Hope you enjoy it!

*Soul: Reference to Seoul (Capital of Korea)

[RFA Chatroom, 8:34pm]

[Chatroom members: Zen, You]

Zen: Omg, guys. Guess what?

You: ???

Zen: I just got a new role! And this time it’s a famous production. It’s going to be a TV Drama called “Mystic Messenger”…

Zen: Apparently it’s based on an insanely popular otome game..? The Director says it traps the soul of all who plays it, lolol. How funny.

Zen: Well, obviously I’ll be the best pick of all the love interests~ I’m so perfect, no girl would be able to resist me~ ;)

You: Wow, congrats Zen! That’s so cool~

You: Haha yeah, I’m sure you’d be able to execute the role perfectly~

You: If I were the main character, I would definitely choose you! (Assuming Jumin isn’t one of the choices, that is~)

Zen: Aww babe, if you say it like that, Mister Trust Fund Kid might just get jealous ;)

Zen: Then again, why don’t you just leave him and come to me~? I’ll treat you way better than him~ ;)

You: Aww haha stop it you, my heart belongs only to -

[ Jumin Han has entered the chatroom ]

Jumin: …

You: Jumin, you’re finally here~ Are you done with your work now?

Jumin: Kitten. In my office. Now.

You: ? What’s wrong?

Zen: Oh boy, he really got jealous lolol

Jumin: Now.

Zen: Bro, take it easy. That was just a joke!

You: Oh.. okay, I’ll come immediately!

Zen: Wha- Jumin Han! You better not do anything weird to her, you beast! If he lays a hand on you without your consent, just call me alright? I’ll be right over!!

Jumin: Stay away, Zen.

Zen: AGHHH!!! Get that thing away from me!!!

Jumin: *smirks*


You giggle, laying down your phone beside you on the fluffy mattress. You love how Jumin and Zen constantly banter like children. Although they may appear hostile towards each other, you know that their teasing is full of affection. Looking at the digital clock on your bedside table, you realise that it’s getting late.

“8:38pm already? Goodness, Jumin’s been working for so long. I better go see him now~” You mutter to nobody in particular as you lurch up from the king-sized bed that Jumin and you share. You can’t help but tremble in excitement at the thought of seeing him. Even though you’ve told yourself that you mustn’t distract him from his work despite the yearn for his attention (JaeHee would go ballistic after all) , and even though you’ve only been separated him for 3 hours or so, you miss him; his warm gray eyes and his gentle touch, unbearably.

As you skip towards his home office, you wonder why Jumin sounded so serious over the phone. You smile, amused. “Maybe he’s really jealous?” The thought of it makes you shy and you chuckle.

Knocking on the door to his office, you sing, “I’m here, Jumin!” You cheerfully swing the door open, expecting yourself to be greeted with his smile. Finally, you can see him again. 3 hours away from him is 3 hours too long, after all.

However, what greets you isn’t the usual caring and doting Jumin. Instead, you find yourself facing the back of his office chair, behind the large mahogany desk he usually works from (and that he specially requested for in order to work from home and to spend more time with you). Jumin is seated with his back facing you and makes no move to approach you, despite the fact that you’re sure he heard your greeting. All the while, he remains silent.

Immediately, you sense something amiss. Jumin would have been fussing over you by now, dragging you out of the office to the bedroom and pulling you into a tight embrace. He would cling onto you, taking the time to rest his head on your shoulders, and refusing to part until he must.

Perplexed and troubled, you ask, “Jumin, are you okay? Is something the matter?”

You walk towards him, concerned. He is facing the windows, which presents a scenic view over the Soul* - no doubt given the fact that the penthouse is located on the 40th floor. His study is neatly kept, with mahogany bookshelves to each side. They are lined with books on cats and business, and framed photos of the RFA, Chairman Han, Elizabeth 3rd and the both of you. On his desk is evidence of his meticulous and careful personality - all of the documents are neatly piled onto a corner,  whereas on the other and, a lit lamp sits, illuminating the room.  Behind his desk, the walls are completely replaced with a glass window that gives him full view of the skyscrapers, the roads,the people in the city below and the vast sky. Come night time, you thought as you look out, the combination of the many brilliant-coloured lights in contrast to the dark night sky creates a breathtaking sight.

“Kitten, come here,” he ordered in a curt, and you notice, a slightly agitated, bothered tone.

You obediently comply, and when you’re in sight of his face, you notice him lost in thought while observing the scenery of the night sky. You immediately sense that he is unhappy.

“What’s the matter?” You question, worried. You don’t want him to be upset, you love him too much to let him be.

“Sit down on my lap first.” Jumin patted his lap, still refusing meet your eyes.

Settling down on his lap, you snuggle into his strong arms and rest your head on his chest contentedly. Absentmindedly, he strokes your shoulders with his thumbs in a circular motion. Lifting your head to gaze up at his strong jaw, you can’t help but want to comfort him and appease his restlessness.

After a long pause, he finally begins, “Don’t talk to Zen anymore.”

Taken aback, you sit up straight to look at him on an equal eye level, searching his eyes for whatever exactly he could mean. As hazel met gray and gray met hazel, both of you stare at each other with equal intensity.

“Why? I thought the both of you were starting to get along well, Jumin?”

“We were, but… I can’t take it anymore. He is getting too overboard with his antics.”

“What antics? He’s been nicer to you nowadays, hasn’t he?”

“Yes, but…”


He pauses and faces down. It was evident that he was trying to school his face into maintaining the stoic expression he usually displays, although without much luck.

Suddenly, he comes forth and embraces you tightly, burying his face into your collar. Then he mumbles softly with uncertainty, “I’m jealous…”

You wonder if you heard that right. Your heartbeat accelerates and you can feel your cheeks flushing. “What? I couldn’t hear you.”

Another long pause.

“I’m… jealous!” He pouts again, albeit this time slightly louder and with stronger intensity. He is embarrassed and you can feel it radiating off him in waves. He looks up to face you and you notice that he has pursed his lips.

You, on the other hand, are melting at how adorable he is. It’s not everyday that Jumin Han, the seemingly impregnable corporate heir of C&R, shows his vulnerable side. Is this gap moe?

Stifling a chuckle at how cute he was, you tear away from his hug and stand up, take a few steps back, and lean against the window without breaking eye contact with him. Your eyes can’t help but to crinkle and unwittingly, the corner of your lips rise.

“Jumin, you know that I belong solely to you, don’t you? I love you and only you. Zen can never compare to you, I was only joking on the chat, my love~” You laugh as you try to reassure him. You know that it is true - Jumin is the only man in your eyes. Around him, nobody else can match up. From the moment you met him, you knew that he was the one for you, and decided to devote yourself entirely to him - this amazing, broody businessman.

Jumin remained silent for a moment, staring at the marble floor. You tilt your head slightly in confusion. “Jumin?”

In one swift motion, Jumin stands up and in a long stride, corners you against the glass window. Placing his right arm over your head to your left, he towers over you and leans dangerously close, his face coming within centimeters of yours. You can feel your heart rate going on an overdrive as he takes you by surprise. No, this is not good for your heart.

“Wha- J-Jumin?” You barely let out, given the shock.

“Kitten.. I don’t think you understand.” Stroking your hair with his left hand, he whispers into your ears with his smooth, deep and raspy voice, “You don’t understand how afraid I am of losing you..  You don’t understand how much you affect me. Only you can set my heart on fire.  Only you can make me feel all these emotions that were once very much foreign to me, and on such an intensity… Everyday I look at your beautiful face, listen to your melodious laughter, and relish in your excruciatingly adorable behaviour, I fall deeper in love. With every passing day, it seems that it becomes harder for me to control myself or to stop this roller coaster-like obsession. No, I don’t want it to stop. You are my life, and I love you, so, so much.”

He kisses your hair gently and focuses his gaze on you. His hooded, intense gray eyes seemingly reflecting the overwhelming love he has for you. You become increasingly conscious of the close proximity between your body and his. You can feel the warmth of his body and smell the spicy, musky cologne he’s wearing. His shoulders; so broad and masculine compared to your petite frame, his clear gray eyes, deep and penetrating into your very being, and the strong, muscular arms he has trapped you with. Both you and he are aware that people could probably see you through the window. Your palpitating heart is driven into a frenzy. You want him. Oh, you want him so bad.

As his gaze lowers, his unwavering, hungry eyes can’t seem to leave your lips, and you notice that they start to reflect the glow of lust. “How ironic, isn’t it? I’ve always warned myself against becoming like my father, dropping everything for the sake of a woman. Always thought it was ridiculous and frivolous, that is, until you came along…” He leans closer, to the point where you can feel his hot breath on your soft, pink lips, which his gaze has never left. Your heart is about to burst, you can already feel your knees becoming weak. “But you know what? If it’s for you, it’s worth it. You’re different from those women… you’re special, so incredibly beautiful and amazing. I want to hold you forever, Kitten…”

“J-Jumin…” You moan in a weak, airy voice as you fail to suppress your growing lust for him as well. You can’t handle it any longer. You want him to take you. Now.

Hearing you call out his name so sensually, any form of self-control snaps and dissipates in Jumin. His lips crashes onto yours passionately, and you reciprocate with equal intensity. He nibbles at your lips, which to him, tastes like a drug - full of heavenly ecstasy. He presses with a greater need, unleashing his complete desire for you. You allow his tongue to seek entrance into your mouth and you smooth your hands over his face, his hair, and his back. Pressing your body closer, your nails grip into the back of his shirt as you experience fierce pleasure. His broad hands slide down to your hips, bringing you to a closer, tighter embrace. As the frenzy of the kiss continues, his hands slowly slides down even further - to the curve of your back, and then coming to a rest on your butt. You involuntarily shiver at his touch and let out another moan of pleasure. Your legs grow weaker and weaker, to the point where you’re unable to stand up on your own any further. Without breaking up the kiss, Jumin picks you up and walks out of the office, heading towards the bedroom. As the both of you relish in each other’s touch, his need to take you becomes more urgent.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Jumin hastily sets you down on the bed, all the while still caressing you. Supporting his weight with his left arm and holding your waist with his right, his body envelopes yours perfectly. You press your right leg between his legs and stroke his leg with your left and you break the kiss to stare into his darkened eyes and his panting lips. You find yourself heaving alongside him. “Jumin, please..”


“Oh Jumin, take me now, please,” you mutter in between deep, heavy pants. Your ladyhood is throbbing with need - a need only Jumin can satiate. You can feel your white Victoria’s Secret lace panties becoming increasingly wet. Hungrily, you undress him, taking off the very tie you chose and tied for him this morning. Similarly, he starts to unbutton your blouse. At some point, he becomes so frustrated with the buttons that he tears off the remaining ones, tossing the blouse aside. He does the same to your skirt, and pauses to appreciate your slender body, adorned with a matching set of the white lace bra and panties he picked out the other day. You, too, can’t help but check out his lean but muscled body (After you came, he started using his private gym more often).

The glorious sight of him panting over you, half naked arouses you even further. Jumin, too, could feel his member hardening - the thought of him claiming you enticing it. He initiates another kiss, both of your tongues fervently interlocking with each other, and then he starts to kiss your earlobes; nibbling and biting them playfully. You shiver again - you can feel his smirk - as he rains kisses down your neck. More hickeys were bound to appear, but you didn’t care. He could put them all over your body for all you cared - you weren’t afraid to show the world that you belong to him. He continues to leave a burning, hot trail on your skin with his lips as he goes further down, and when he reaches your breasts, he lifts up your bra and starts to gently, teasingly lick, bite and suck at your erect nipples. He knew that you were sensitive in that area, and deliberately wanted to tease you. Waves of pleasure threaten to bring you to orgasm, but you will yourself not to; not until you feel his warmth enter you. Not until he completely dominates you.

His fingers continue to explore the lower and most sensitive part of your body… he sensually caresses your thighs, your calves, and then it reaches -

“Ahn~!” You let out a moan of overwhelming pleasure as his slender but strong fingers reach under your panties and stimulate your clitoris. “Yes, yes, Jumin!” Your fingers dig into his scalp as the intensity and speed of his fingering increases. Your moans become louder and you press your body into his with further need. Yes, yes! You are reaching unprecedented levels of heavenly sensation, and then -

He stops and gets up.

You immediately whine at the loss of his touch. Your entire body is shaking from the ecstasy-like touch. Only Jumin can make you feel so damn good. Only he can be so godly in bed.

Jumin stands up, regal as a lion, as he observes you with a penetrating, unwavering gaze - the gaze of a predator watching its prey. Evidently, he was enjoying your writhing and whining. He wants you to yearn for him the same way he yearns for you.

“J-Jumin…? Why did you stop?” You whine in between heavy breathing. You could hear from your husky voice the extent of your arousal, and you were sure Jumin could too.

Jumin’s gray eyes darkened further. “Now, now.. Let’s not get so impatient shall we, kitten? With your misbehavior with Zen just now, I can’t let you go unpunished, can I?” He smirks darkly as he picks up a key from the dresser and opens up a section of the cabinet that’s locked.

As you look on with curiosity and arousal, Jumin takes his time picking out some accessory-looking items, his broad figure blocking out vision of what exactly he has chosen. The thought of being ‘punished’, combined with the sight of Jumin’s sexy back, only serves to excite you further. You whine, urging Jumin to hurry.

Jumin pauses for awhile, and after what seemed like an eternity of deliberation, he finally turns around and returns to you. However… in his hands were a cat headband, a collar, handcuffs and… an animal tail butt plug - a cat tail butt plug to be specific. The cat headband and tail were a pure white in colour, whereas the collar was red with a bell attached.

You can feel more heat crawling up your neck as you realise what Jumin is intending to do. Surprisingly, you don’t feel fear at all. In fact, you become more aroused, and your thighs become wetter. Ever since you got together with Jumin, a submissive side to you awoke - a side that loves being dominated thoroughly by Jumin. You were anticipating this all along. In fact, you craved for it from the inner depths of your heart.

“Didn’t you mention in our phone call the other day that you wanted to do this and that with me?” He chuckles in a dark, teasing manner. “I went to personally pick out some toys that I thought the both of us might enjoy… Hmm, Kitten?”

“Jumin… I-” You shyly reply, crumbling under his predatory gaze.

“Shh Kitten, don’t worry. I’ll make sure you won’t dare to look or think of any other man after this, you naughty, naughty girl,” He lets out, his voice laced with a hint of mad obsession. “I’ll teach that sensual, sweet caramel-coloured eyes of yours to look only at me; that pretty pink pussy of yours to overflow with juices at every thought of me…”

He lifts you up gently, putting first the headband over you, then the collar around your slender, pale neck. Afterwards, he turns you over so that you’re bending over doggy style, and handcuffs your arms to the bed posts. You tremble with excitement and you could feel becoming more turned on than you’ve ever been before, shaking in anticipation of Jumin’s every word and action.

Jumin leans over you to caress your body from the back - you could feel the warmth of his chest as he encompasses your back. His fingers part your hair to expose your neck, and he begins to rain kisses from your neck to your shoulders, down to the curve of your back. Then, he slowly unhooks your bra, tossing it aside, and gently he pulls your panties down to your knees, exposing your throbbing, wet ladyhood for his eyes to feast on.

“Dear gods, Kitten…” He sucks in a breath and you shiver, “The sight of you, bent over like this while wearing these.. I have truly made the best choice to personally attend to the selection of the toys…” He commented, pleasured.

He holds you still and then -

“Ahhn!” You let out a small scream and jerks slightly as he inserts the butt plug into your tight ass. The pain that shoots through you, however, is quickly replaced with considerable waves of pleasure. You can feel the tail brushing against your leg and the bell ringing out from the sudden movement.

“J-Jumin, please… G-Give it to me…” You beg, no longer able to handle your desire.

“No Kitten… this isn’t the way to beg is it? Call me Master first and I shall consider,” He chuckles darkly and teasingly.

This time, the tables have turned. You’re the one who has become shy and embarrassed beyond comparison, but you love it when Jumin speaks like that. Any form of shame that wrestled with your craving dissipates and you fully embrace your shameful desire.

“M-Master, p-please…” You plead once more. Strangely, you feel incredible pleasure despite the touch that has yet to come.

Jumin, not yet satisfied, playfully teases you further, “What? I can’t hear you, sweetheart. What must you promise not to do again?”

“M-master! I love you with all my heart, I promise not to talk to Zen again! I’ve been a bad girl, n-nyaa! P-please punish me, Master! Punish me until I lose my mind!”

Jumin’s dark eyes glints with intense, feral and raw desire as he relishes in your begging. The beast inside of him wanted to be let out; and he did.

“Of course. I would gladly do that, my Kitten,” he growls out as he unbuckles his belt and pulls down his pants, exposing his huge, throbbing, erect member.

Jumin pounces hungrily like a wolf and pushes his thick, gigantic stick into your tight ladyhood, any form of self-control lost. The moment he enters, the warmth of the sudden assault causes you to crumble and release all the sexual frustration that has accumulated. You shake uncontrollably - your first orgasm - but Jumin of course has no intention to stop there. He ceaselessly and roughly pounds into your pussy, and as he pushes into you, the collar’s bell violently jingles. His weapon was so huge that whenever it hit the walls of your vagina, you could feel it hitting against the butt plug as well, doubling the pleasure.

“Ahh, ahhn~ Ah, ah, M-Master~~! J-Jumin!” True to his words, you were about to lose your consciousness at the intensity of the sex. His relentless assault, the endless waves of pleasure - you are close to blanking out.

“Say that you love me! Say that you only belong to me!” Jumin growls out as he continues his assault. As he pounds into your pussy, loud smacks resound throughout the bedroom. With the combination of the jingling, your moans and his low growls, a heated rhythm is established.

“I only - yes! - belong to you, Master! I - Ahn - love you - ah! - so much~” Your body becomes so weak, you can’t help but fall onto the pillow. You muffle your loud moans with the pillow, biting it, all while Jumin kept pounding. At this rate, you might just go insane.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more heated, Jumin continues to increase the intensity and speed of his hard pounding, his animalistic side manifesting itself as he dominates over you; as he claims you. Your moans of pleasure doing nothing but exciting him further.

“Oh my god, M-Master!” You’ve probably already reached your 5th orgasm - you couldn’t even differentiate anymore - and when the both of your hips are gyrating and moving at seemingly impossible speeds, and the pleasure at its peak, Jumin lets out another guttural growl, “I’m cumming!”, to which you reply, “Y-yes, cum in me M-Master!”

“Argh!” He growls as he lets out a stream of warmth into your stomach.


As you snuggle closer to him for warmth, your bare skin meeting his under the sheets, you purr contentedly. The both of you have your bodies intertwined, cuddling each other. He plays with your hair, stroking and twirling it, occasionally bringing it to his lips to kiss or his nose to smell.

“Kitten, if you toss and turn anymore, you know what’s going to happen.” He warns sternly but playfully. His gentle, loving gray eyes taking in and ravishing in your beauty.

You chuckle boldly, “What if I blow into your ear?” You tease as you let a stream of hot air into his ears. “Haah~”

He tenses and stays still for a moment, and then gives out an exasperated sigh. “Kitten…” He growls huskily, “You should know better than to tease me… if not, we’d have to go for another round 2.”

Your cheeks heat up at his words, the intense affair earlier replaying in your head. His touch is still fresh on your skin - no doubt the love bites being a telltale sign.

“How’d you like it if I blow into your ears?” He asks, and then lets out a longer, hotter “Haaaah” into your ears. Hell, it tickled and aroused you to no end. He cocks an eyebrow in question and smirks, “Well then you should understand my woes perfectly.”

Under the moonlight, the both of you gaze at each other lovingly, unable to tear away.

“Jumin?” You ask, still unable to calm your restless heart. How could you after all, in the presence of this God?

“Hmm, my sweet love?” He teases in response.

You cannot help but let a smile tug on your lips, but you return to being serious: “Do you like children?”

Jumin perks up. He takes some time to think. “Well, I can’t be sure… I’m not sure if I can be a good father. I’m afraid my father might influence me.” Your heart sinks. “But I know I would like to start a family… if it’s with you…” He kisses your forehead and your heart revives from the dead, resuming its happy skipping.

“I’m not sure if I would be able to outwardly express my love for our children, but I know that with you by my side, our children will grow up to be beautiful and loving.” There was the subtle crinkling of his eyes as they twinkled. “I know that I can open my heart as long as I’m with you…” He pauses and his expression becomes that of mirth. “Let’s see, we would have 6 children, and maybe find Elizabeth 3rd her own family as well?”

You panic. Six?

Jumin notices your flustered look and chuckles. At this point, he is full blown smiling, and there was laughter in his voice, “Ah, but I wouldn’t want them to snatch your attention away from me, so maybe 3 would be enough. Then we would live as a happy family. Me, you, our children, Elizabeth 3rd and even her family too. Our children will take after you, kind, strong and amazing. You would spoil them as a loving mother and I would be the strict father to keep them in check.” He chuckles, and you can’t help but you chuckle along as well. You gaze at him, thinking to yourself how incredibly lucky you are, to belong to such a man and for him to belong to you.

“I love you, Jumin.” You can’t help but repeat it again.

He returns your gaze. “I love you too Kitten…”

The two of you gaze at each other in silence, and then he suddenly shifts on top of you, gently kissing you.

The two of you kiss in a sweet, romantic slow.

“… I did say that I would claim you over and over, until you lose consciousness…” He adds as he leans in for another round of lovemaking, “I’ll love you forever, my beautiful kitten.”

The one with the muffins

Summary: You get into trouble by a couple muffins, which leads to a funny and crazy day in the Avengers Tower, Bucky has to take care of you. (Based on an episode from “Freaks and Geeks”, when Lindsay smokes weed for first time and she gets completely stoned).

A/N: Hello! This is my first fanfiction ever, I’m sorry if it some characters are OOC, I hope to get better with practice. I thought it would be funny to see the reader in this kind of situation, and how the others avengers would react. I hope you like it, oh! and english is not my first language, so I started to write to practice too, thanks, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: mention of drug use, cursing, sexual innuendos, alcohol consumption and some fluff.

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All started with some innocent muffins or so they seemed. You woke up hungry looking to have a nice breakfast, finding Bucky in the kitchen.

“Hey doll” he said with a sly smile, he got close hugging you and kissing your forehead. This put an smile on your face “Hey handsome!” you answered, kissing him on the cheek. “You already had breakfast?” you asked him looking disappointed noticing he was about to leave the room.

“Yeah, I’m training with Steve and Sam today…” he looked at your pouting. “Don’t give me that look doll, I had to get up early today, by the way you sleep a lot!” He chuckled as you smacked him on his flesh arm.

“Yeah well, I need more hours of sleep, I’m not naturally beautiful as you are” he just rolled his eyes at your answer.

“Look who’s talking, everyone thinks you’re hot and you know it, so drop that lame excuse” He said, kissing you on the lips this time. You lost yourself in the sensation, whining as you felt him ending the kiss. “See you later beautiful”, he said with a sweet smile, and left the room.

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BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and Dysphoria are completely different

Im sick of people saying BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and gender dysphoria are the same thing. Me, I have both, so here is my explanation for those of you who say it is the same. Gender dysphoria is a feeling of unease and unhappiness with your body because your body does not match up with your gender identity. Yes, that can lead to disorders such as depression, but BDD is completely different. The definition of BDD is: “Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), or body dysmorphia, is an anxiety disorder that causes sufferers to spend a lot of time worrying about their appearance and to have a distorted view of how they look.” Look at the last line there. “to have a distorted view of how they look.”

So as someone with gender dysphoria looks into a mirror, they would feel uncomfortable with themselves, noticing their own percieved flaws. If someone with BDD were to look in a mirror, it would be like looking into a funhouse mirror. Your mind would make up flaws that you dont have, and hyperfocus on those. A very good example of this is Anorexia Nervosa. I do not have anorexia, so please dont hate me if i dont explain it right, im just using it as an example. Anorexia, as you may know, is a loss of appetite to a dangerous point, where people might stop eating entirely, because they fear they will gain weight. Even when people with AN are underweight, starved or malnourished they still possess an intense fear of gaining weight or becoming overweight. In some cases, they may look like a walking skeleton, and be malnourished and starving, but to them, they may still look fat. BDD is seeing yourself completely distorted compared to what you actually look like. Many people with BDD try to change themselves or hide their percieved flaws from others. In most cases, the person will seek out surgery to change their appearance, and still not being satisfied with the results. Please, stop saying they are the same. They really are not, even if they might be similar. Thanks if you read all if this.

You may or may not have noticed that there’s been a lack of content on my blog in the past couple weeks…well, there’s a big reason for that. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on the current state of my life and the direction I want to be heading towards—something over which I’ve been at war with myself for a long while now—and although I don’t envision myself detaching entirely from the Tumblr community, I think the time’s come where I need to move on from Supernatural.

My decision has nothing to do with the show, the actors, or the fandom in of itself. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid negativity/hate for the most part, and I’ve met some pretty darn amazing people because of Supernatural, fans and actors alike. I’ll always hold those experiences close to my heart. My reason for leaving has more to do with the fact that I’ve allowed the show to have a much stronger hold on my life than what’s healthy, and I haven’t really been living because of it.

Point blank, I’m fed up with being someone who does little more than exist on this planet.

I’m an introvert. I don’t make friends easily. And when I do have relationships, they run deep. I am someone who feels emotions wholly; compassion, understanding, and sensitivity to others are among my stronger personality traits. Packaged with a predisposition to depression and anxiety, I’ve never been able to deal with change and/or loss of a relationship very well. I won’t go into the details, but after experiencing hurt, rejection and betrayal on multiple occasions, I shut down and cut myself off from others completely, and I did it by escaping to the fictional realm—because at least then, I had a sense of control. It gave me the benefit of experiencing emotions vicariously through fictional relationships but without the pain of real ones.

For a while, I was comfortable and complacent in that place. The outside world no longer mattered. But over the years, remaining in that place made me cold and callous, and whoever I used to be, whatever dreams I had for the future, were suppressed and buried. My own growth had stagnated in my emotional stasis, and I eventually realized that my life was atrophying, slipping right through my fingers. The more unfortunate matter is that I had also become stubborn, refusing to move forward and out of that place because, quite frankly, it terrified me. I knew that the moment I opened my eyes and tried to step outside of the fantasy bubble I’d created for myself, I’d be staring into this black, gaping abyss with no idea how I was ever going to pull myself out of it, especially since I didn’t know who to trust.

I’m sure there are fans who’ve dealt with similar situations far better than I, but when you look beyond the surface, it doesn’t take much to see that the SPN fandom is a largely unhappy place. There’s a lot of good that’s come out of it, too—there’s no denying that, either—and that J2M have been running campaigns to raise awareness of mental health issues and setting up a crisis network to respond to those kind of needs still completely blows my mind. But there’s a correlation here that no one seems to be willing and/or informed of the situation enough to broach: perhaps there are so many depressed people within the fandom (and fandom culture in general) because we’re looking to the medium, the characters and the actors as a way to escape an undesirable reality, and in turn, by essentially substituting the real world with an imaginary one, the depression is never truly addressed, thus propelling the downward spiral.

Granted, escapism is only a coping mechanism, not the root of the problem. I would also be remiss not to acknowledge that there are healthy forms of escapism. Sometimes we simply need a little reprieve from our daily lives, whether that be watching a movie, playing a game, reading a book, or partaking in any kind of hobby for a short while. But that’s not the type of escapism I’m talking about here; I’m talking about the type that evolves into prolonged evasion, the type that limits or prevents us from functioning in our normal lives because it’s more or less a form of addiction. And at the core of it, I think one of the main reasons why a good chunk of this fandom is so unhappy—why I’ve been so unhappy—is because some of us are looking to fulfill a deeper need that the instant gratification of fantasy cannot and will not ever come close to satisfying. You can go as far as meeting the actors and having conversations with them, but at the end of the day, they can’t give us what we’re looking for. Not really. And we likely already recognize that to some extent, but when it comes to what we feel in our hearts, because they’ve made such an impact on our lives, often there’s a longing to communicate that to them because we want to be able to return even a tiny fraction of how much they’ve touched us. Because we want to be validated. Because we want to matter. These are perfectly natural feelings to have. It’s part of what makes us human. But if you’re looking for these kind of answers in a place where your soul isn’t being fed, where parts of your life are wasting away or being destroyed instead of flourishing, then clearly it’s not the answer.

I get it. Tumblr is one of the biggest (and most effective) conduits of escapism. No one wants to think about the cold, hard truth because we come here to find a haven in temporary comforts, and the fact that we often presume people in real life would brush off our interests as a weird obsession only pushes us further into isolation. But you know what? I hate that no one talks about it. I hate that we live in the fear that we’ll be shamed for it if we do, labeled as “crazy” or “pathetic.” Because at best, outsiders don’t understand. At worst, they’re cruel. Either way, we end up stuck in that vicious cycle all over again, burying deeper and deeper until we’ve insulated ourselves from everything and everyone.

Until we feel safe.

Maybe we’re running from someone or something else. Or maybe more to the point, we’re running from ourselves. Maybe we despise our lives so much that our only escape is to rely on the happiness of two fictional characters. Because even if it’s fake, even if it’s nothing more than a distraction, it’s better than having to stare down into that void, that utter brokenness inside ourselves. You know those posts about being invested in a fictional couple’s love life more than your own? Honestly, the idea makes me want to break down in tears now because it’s so. True.

I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

In hindsight, that my Jensen and Misha op at Minncon turned out to be a bust was actually a blessing in disguise. At the time, I was inexplicably upset about it, and I tried to blame it on hormones and shrug it off. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wasn’t upset because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted; I was upset because that deeper need to connect with people and forge meaningful relationships was not being met. I was upset that I had poured so much of my thoughts and time and effort into something that I knew would never be able to reciprocate. And so I was forced to make a painful choice: continue down the same path and deny the fact that I was absolutely miserable, or muster up the courage to break free of the prison I’d created for myself and drastically change my life.

I finally picked the one that’s long been overdue.

I still think the SPN cast is full of some of the nicest people in the world, and I will eternally be grateful for Misha. Truthfully, he’s been an integral part of the catalyst that brought me to this conclusion in the first place—the example that he’s set for reaching out to others and finding ways to meet their needs woke me up, nearly literally. It reignited a passion I had for helping people on emotional levels that had been buried for years, and although I initially fought against it because I was scared of putting myself out there again, I couldn’t ignore that voice forever. I can’t really explain it other than when you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do, you just know it (hint: it’s usually the most difficult thing to do). I knew that I wasn’t meant to be living life the way that I was; I knew that I needed to open my eyes and step outside of myself; I knew that I was meant to make a difference; I knew I was meant for more.

I’ve started by getting involved in volunteer opportunities or ways I can give to my community, but on what I hope will eventually be a much larger scale, I have a vision for the future. It’s something that will take years to build, I’m certain, but Misha’s also taught me to dream big, and I know the idea won’t let go of me until it comes to fruition. Somehow, I want to create a network that would bridge the gap for those who want to find a way out of their isolation and escapist tendencies, those who want to do more with their life than simply exist, and then provide them with the tools and motivation to work through their issues and fill the needs that would open doors for establishing and cultivating real relationships and discovering their own true passions so that they can bloom into the person that they were created to be. There are resources and support groups for people who suffer from mental illness and/or struggle with addiction, but there really isn’t anything that specifically focuses on problems related to the detrimental effects of how disconnected from society people have become. And I want people to feel like they can be more open about these kinds of struggles so that maybe there wouldn’t have to be this huge negative stigma surrounding escapism. So that maybe it wouldn’t give people an excuse to sweep it all under the rug and continue to fight a losing battle of ignoring the problem; that people would realize that escapism is a much more serious issue than it gets credit for, especially with the advance of technology and social networking sites allowing it to become much more prevalent. That it isn’t weird or pathetic at all because at the heart of it, we’re all the same. Sooner or later, we all end up dealing with an emptiness that we try to fill up. We just have different ways of doing it.

So, even though I’m bringing this post and my involvement in the SPN fandom to an end, this is really where my story is just beginning. I may eventually delete this blog and my AO3 fics, but for the time being, I’ll leave them up. I won’t be responding to any further asks/messages on this particular blog; however, if you wish to remain in contact with me, I’ll be more than happy to continue corresponding with people on my personal blog @tinfoilunicorn, which I plan on using more often again; just kindly note that I don’t really want to talk about anything SPN-related if it’s pure fangirling (if it’s important to bring up for purposes of discussing personal issues/experiences, that’s totally fine).

If I don’t talk to you, I wish you all the very best, but as my dream about Misha earlier this year oddly seemed to predict, it’s time to move forward with my life. Honestly, now that I’ve finally gotten unstuck, I don’t remember the last time I had this much joy and hope for what’s to come.

Otayuri headcanons #9

-Yuri is usually up to date with his favourite bands, but unfortunately they hardly ever come to Europe, let alone Russia. And even when they do, they oftentimes have concerts in the middle of the week so that Yuri’s parents forbid him to go, or it clashes with training, or his parents say a sixteen-year-old shoudn’t go by himself. So really… even if he has the money, he doesn’t get to go.

-When his favourite band announces a few additional tour dates for Russia, Yuri can’t freaking believe it! God, they even announce a concert in St Petersburg! His parents immediately say he’s too young, and Yuri is close to throwing his laptop out the window.

-His Skype announces a call from Otabek and a brilliant idea sparks in Yuri’s head and he slams the Accept button and Beka is halfway saying Hello, when Yuri yells at him: “BEKA PLEASE COME TO ST PETERSBURG NEXT MONTH!!!”

-Yuri excitedly tells the older boy that his favourite band comes to St Petersburg and that he’s just dying to see them. If  Beka would come with him, his parents would surely say yes.

-Beka pretty much shares Yura’s taste of music, and he does like the band . However, he may like the music, but he is not fond of concerts. At all.

-But he also doesn’t want to spoil Yura’s motivation. Beka tentatively agrees and looks for cheap flights. He really looks forward to seeing Yura again…but not going to a concert where thousands of noisy, rude people are going to be.

-As they get to the stadium where the concert takes place, it’s already so crowded with people, many of them already buzzed, that Beka and Yura have trouble getting to the entrance. Beka feels his mood worsening and his already minimal joy replaced with concern and mild annoyance. He grabs Yura’s hand so he won’t lose him and he glares at every dude who tries to chat up the pretty Russian boy

-Beka tries hard not to show Yura that he isn’t enjoying himself at all, but about halfway through the concnert, it just becomes too much. It’s too loud, too crowded, the reckless crowd is dancing and jumping mindlessly around.

-Beka feels uncomfortable, whereas Yura next to him seems to have the time of his life. Beka taps his shoulder and yells into his ear that he needs to step outside for a bit but Yura shouldn’t worry.

-Beka sits down on the ground close to the restrooms. It’s completely empty and silent here. He sighs in relief, closing his eyes. Concerts really aren’t for him. But at least Yuri got to enjoy himself. He is surprised when he feels a warm hand coming to rest on his shoulder and he lefts his gaze to see Yuri crouching in front of him.

-“Are you ok?” Yura asks him concerned.

-“Yes, of course. You better go back inside – ,” Beka begins, but Yura cuts him off.

-“No! Listen – I didn’t know you hated it so much!” Yura says, now looking so unhappy Beka’s heart squeezes in his chest. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have asked you! I’m sorry, Beka!”

-Beka looks at him for a moment, before he smiles and pats Yura’s hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry I spoilt the concert for you.”

-“I – no! You’re more important than this stupid concert,” Yura says with burning cheeks, avoiding Beka’s eyes. And when he hears Beka laugh softly, he playfully punches his shoulder. “And don’t make me say that again!!”

-In the end, they leave early and thus are the first at the merch stand. And Beka offers to buy Yura all the merchandise he wants.