here there be original art


Hey folks new art of the same idiot son of mine

more cheeb practice!

Dash did a Thing


So it’s not often that i get to do this … 

But my dash did a Thing. 

Commander Fox, peeps. 

( I am amused that the reblog and the person tagged are different, yet the upper comment is posted by someone tagged at the bottom … am amused!! )

( art courtesy original link: here )

@booty-anon  - keep having awesome timing on my dash, ne?

I love their squishy faces so I animated Chi smacking some sense into Yuu. Adding sound was a pain because I had to search for Yuu noises that would work and it honestly sounds kinda bad but oh well.

Here’s a gif verison too.


okay but what if gosling colours

also he got beak growing pains as a teen ‘cause it sped up like whoa