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Okay here’s my first thought about Justice League…


No person other than PATTY JENKINS should be allowed to tell your story!!!

Can you believe Diana of Themyscira, daughter of HIPPOLYTA AND ZEUS was as useless in battle as Lois Lane (LOIS WHO??? I’M so sorry for you too sweetie) I’M SURE PATTY WILL FIX THIS MESS (AGAIN!!!!)

Before Midnight (fluff)

happy birthday to me~ lol. im aging help

Title: Ten Minutes Before Midnight(Jungkook)
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1474 jk it’s messed up.

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“We’re here,” Jungkook nudges your shoulder but you were already eagerly sitting up on your seat, wide eyes looking around, observing people passing by. Jungkook chuckles as he got out of the car and opened the door for you, his hand outstretched to you, “Here you go, princess.”

It was six in the afternoon. The afternoon hues of the sun momentarily blinded you as you looked around the wide space and the buildings crowding you and Jungkook. The sliding doors automatically opened and both of you enter, a blast of cool air hitting you two in the faces.

You and Jungkook tread among the small crowd of people. Jungkook looks at you with wide surprised eyes. You smile, not believing what was actually happening. There were a few people only. Most were just chilling by the fountain at the center of the mall. Christmas songs were playing while clarinets boomed in the background.

“I can’t believe this,” you hear Jungkook mutter underneath his breath. You chuckle and wrap your hands around his arm, you lean against the boy you loved so dearly. Jungkook smiles to himself, the spirit of Christmas was obvious in his face even if it was only the third week of November. “I’m glad Jin-hyung suggested this mall, it’s not crowded like I had expected. It’s perfect, Y/N.”

“Of course it is,” you mindlessly say, drunk with happiness of just strolling around a not-too-crowded mall with your boyfriend. “As long as I’m with you, it’s perfect.”

Jungkook shakes his head, smiling, “Agh, let’s just go see the movie house, you’re getting cheesy.”

Jungkook pulls you to the escalator, both of you were still entangled, not wanting to let go and let each others warmth seep out. It’s been three days since you and Jungkook had arrived in this city. Jin had arranged the week for both of you, hiring a tourist guide, lending Jungkook his car,  and booking hotel rooms (separate rooms, of course, Jin was the one who booked the rooms). The three days were spent strolling around the amusement parks and touring around the city. Today was the only day the tourist guide had left the two of you alone and half of the day was spent binge watching cartoons and trying and failing to bake a cake. Nonetheless, it was fun especially since it was your birthday and Jungkook wasn’t out trying to juggle his dance practices and his days with you.

A bright lady was waiting in the counter nearby. Posters of Justice League were plastered everywhere and some people were lounging on the couches that were placed for waiting. The picture of Wonder Woman made you grin to yourself. You couldn’t believe it. You had been waiting to watch the movie since last year. Jungkook squeezed your hand, aware that you were internally fangirling.

“Hey, how may I help you?” the lady flashed a blinding smile.

“Um, we want two tickets for Justice League.” Jungkook smiled and the lady happily nodded as she looked at her monitor.

“Which seat would you like?” she turned the monitor over to the both of you, revealing a picture of boxes and many different letters you didn’t understand.

Jungkook looked at you before speaking, “Um, the best one?”

She only grinned and pointed at the boxes at the center, “That’s the best place to watch the movie.” With that, the lady returned to her monitor, typing a few words and procuring two tickets which she tore off and handed to Jungkook. “Have fun!”

Once you and Jungkook had bought sufficient buckets of popcorns and water bottles, you both gave the tickets to the guy by the entrance and entered the movie house. Your eyes adjusted in the dark and when you looked around, you realized there was no one else. Not a single person inside the moviehouse. Just you and Jungkook.

You ran halfway through the aisle as Jungkook searched for your seats. “Oh my god, Jungkook. It’s just the two of us?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He said as he pointed his phone at you, snapping a picture of you in pure joy. He looked at the picture, a smile gracing his lips, before he sat on his seat. His heart swelled, your happy state making him feel like he was falling in love with you over again.

“Oh my god. This is possible? Justice League is really popular,” you say, grinning, as you sat next to him. You were sure he had set it up, probably with Jin. “I can’t believe this is possible.”

Jungkook only smiled at you as he handed you your buckets of popcorn and water bottle. You place your bottle on the handle and the buckets were on your lap. You lean back, intertwining your fingers with Jungkook’s. The lights dim and your free hand finds the bucket of popcorn, stuffing it in your mouth before the movie even started.

“That. Was. Amazing.” Jungkook only grins at your excited state as you fangirl to him about Wonder Woman and the Flash and Batman and how hot Henry Cavill is.

It was ten thirty in the evening. 

“Am I really your boyfriend?” Jungkook chuckles as you relay to him your intense feelings for Henry Cavill for the umpteenth time. Both of you were having dinner at a nearby restaurant in the mall. Even after the three buckets of popcorn, both of you still felt hungry. The two of you had been playing arcade games after the movie and the touring around the mall.

You flick him in the forehead, “No, you big dolt! You’re just the guy who takes me out to places and says sweet and cringey things everyday that I have to swallow my barf.”

“Ugh, Y/N, that’s gross. Also, cringey? Me? I don’t think so,” he laughs, flicking back at you.

 You rub your forehead with the mock expression of pain, “What do you call the pick-up lines you memorized from your phone? I don’t even need ‘picking up’, Jungkook.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes at you and both of you continue bickering, making the staff raise their eyebrows at both of you. One of them had eventually walked up to the both of you, telling you and him that your bickering and flicking were scaring the customers. 

After that, Jungkook brings you to the rooftop garden of the mall. He had wrapped his jacket aground you and now you smell like him. It was okay, you relished it. Both of you were sitting on the cold stone floor among a few people. Some were with family, some with friends, some with their significant other, and some were alone.

It was ten minutes before midnight.

All the wild excitement was replaced with a different kind of excitement–the calm, nervous, hearts in throats kind of excitement.

You and Jungkook had been talking about random things that had been happening in your separate lives. His tight schedule, your classes, his sleepless nights, your annoying instructors, his rude fans, your cramming on projects…just random nothings that meant so much when it was him talking about it.

Happy birthday, Y/N.” Jungkook finally said, brushing a stray hair from your face. You gawk at Jungkook. And you can’t help but drown in the sea of stars in his deep brown orbs. It was beautiful. He is beautiful. A beautiful human being with something more than precious jewels. 

Jungkook detaches his hand from your face and takes something from his pocket. It was a necklace. It had a little shooting star hanging on it. And you slap your hand on your mouth in awe. “For you, Y/N, happy birthday, jagi. I know it’s cheesy but I see you as my shooting star…my lucky charm…the person I could spend a hundred years with.”

Pink rises up to your cheeks as Jungkook leans forward to lock it around your neck. You could feel his breath against your neck as he delicately locks the clasp and the pink in your cheeks turn red. When he finishes with the clasp, he pulls back to supposedly look at the necklace on your neck. But Jungkook doesn’t pull back enough that there was just and inch of space between the two of you. Both of you could hear each other’s heartbeats against the fabric of your shirts. It drowned the Christmas songs in the background. You were caught by Jungkook’s gaze.

It was midnight and the last thing you saw were the streaks of red, orange and blue dazzling Jungkook’s features–especially his eyes and the curve of his lips.

The next thing you felt were his lips crashing against your soft ones. Every memory of how his lips felt were long forgotten. It was like your first kiss all over again. Euphoria made mini fireworks in your brain. He had his hands at your back, supporting you as he kissed you delicately, carefully and sweetly. And you knew you could felt him smile against the kiss so you smile too, breaking the kiss just to look at him again until he pulls you back into the comfort of his euphoric kiss.

The last thing you heard before his kiss has made you oblivious to the world around you were his ‘I love you’s and the loud crackling and whistling of the blazing spectacular display above the two of you.

i feel pathetic for writing this haha. why am i like this aghh. highkey regretting writing this but oh well, you guys can cringe at it. i hate it too but i is posting it because i want to haha.

Zack Snyder: *puts his heart and soul into directing Justice League, even during a family tragedy because we seriously don’t deserve him; already had a beautiful vision with beautiful scenes for a beautiful cinematic universe that never needed to be “fixed”*

WB: *allows Joss fucking Whedon to destroy that beautiful vision with unnecessary reshoots filled with ass shots and sexual tension when literally no one asked for it; straight up betrays Zack and the trust of loyal DCEU fans*

Me, knowing damn well we’ll never get to see Zack’s beautiful vision because WB doesn’t care:

hey i saw justice league on friday night n here are some quick spoiler free thoughts

  • the most fun dc movie they’ve put out
  • this is not a zack snyder movie. the reshoots are extremely obvious and paint a picture of how extensively whedon edited the movie from the original version (there seems to be only one, maybe two scenes where henry’s moustache isn’t edited out) let alone the fact he got a different composer in on this
  • the post credits scenes are both great
  • some characters are ooc some are the best they’ve ever been
  • this is definitely a step in the right direction tone wise
  • henry cavill’s moustache removal is damn renaissance art when put next to the 2004 video game cutscene villain
  • it’s the first time i’ve left a dceu movie smiling

in conclusion

go see it

because Ma’at is built on balance of justice, i really think fighting for equality in society is crucial to kemeticism. the scales of oppressor and oppressed are EXTREMELY unbalanced, so much so that i label it as that. oppressors have so many things in their favour, while the oppressed are left with next to nothing. we need to even these scales by knocking down people like racists, transphobes, homophobes, antisemitics, etc, while aiding in efforts to bring equality to poc, trans people, gay people, jewish people, etc. we need to bring balance to majority rights vs minority rights, and because Ma’at is balance, Ma’at is social justice.

equality among peoples might only be one form of Ma’at, but its important and easily one of the most urgent.

Justice League (2017)
Movie Review by: Will Whalen

What are we… some kind of Justice League? Justice League is finally here and is the latest film in the DC Extended Universe. The past DCEU films, except Wonder Woman, have been near disasters. The franchise kicked off to a bad start and has basically been on a downward slope ever since. But is Justice League an exception to this?

Justice League is about Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince recruiting some allies to try and come together to defeat a greater enemy who is trying to, of course, destroy the world and form a League… of Justice.

Zach Snyder has now done 3 of the films in the DCEU and Man of Steel and Batman V Superman have both been not so great. He returns to direct Justice League (most of it anyway) and I feel as though some of the major criticisms with the past films he did, have been listened to because Justice League isn’t such a serious drag and it’s actually quite a bit of fun. Despite the reshoots, rewrites and some of the film having a different director, it’s not near of a disaster as everyone, including myself, were anticipating. You really can’t tell that some of the film is done by a different director because Joss Whedon captured Snyder’s style really well.

Now let’s talk about the league of justice themselves. All of the members from the Justice League are great here. Batman and Wonder Woman are both entertaining to watch as they recruit these members for their team and we finally get to see The Flash on a big screen film which was so exciting and one of my favorite things about Justice League. Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash was such a delight and had some great scenes and brought a lot of humor to this film. It’s clear that they’re trying to change the course of the DCEU a little bit because this is much more enjoyable and fun to watch and not so serious and mundane. Jason Momoa as Aquaman was a lot of fun to watch here and really likable as this character. Which is surprising considering hardly anybody cares for Aquaman.
Our newly introduced heroes are the most compelling and fun characters to watch on the screen. That being said, all of these characters are given about the same amount of screen time and this actually did a good job at balancing all these characters out.

One of my biggest flaws, besides the sometimes poor CGI, is that there just wasn’t enough time to have a great set up. We’re thrown into it so fast and it tries to balance all these character arcs and there just wasn’t enough time to do it the way that it should’ve been done. Especially with The Flash and Cyborg. These characters are going through such pivotal moments in their lives and it’s so rushed that you barely have enough time to get invested. Don’t get me wrong, they try and it’s done well, but it just goes too fast and Justice League could’ve easily been 30 minutes longer.
Now, there’s a reason I haven’t talked about the villain yet. Steppenwolf as the main villain of this film, was just not good. He was the basic “I am the destroyer of worlds and the god of death, bow to me or die” over the top villain and he was sometimes such a noticeably CGI character that I hated seeing him and didn’t care for him as the villain one bit. If it weren’t for the dynamic team that is the Justice League and all of their isms, it would’ve made this movie and the scenes with Steppenwolf a lot worse.
However, the cherry on top to the entire film and mind you, I enjoyed a lot of this film, was Henril Cavill’s CGI’d face. When the production for Justice League had to go under reshoots, Henril Cavill had already began preparations for a new role. In that role, he had to grow a mustache and was under contract not to shave it. So, they decided they would CGI it out and all would be fine… right?
Well, let me tell you, it was not fine and was hilariously laughable. His face looked so incredibly off putting that I was so taken aback by it. It actually looked like a video game at times. That being said, every scene with him didn’t look like that of course but the ones that did, it was so distracting. Here’s a picture of this amazing disaster for you to witness.

Justice League does have its flaws no doubt but there’s also fun to be had with the latest installment in the DCEU. It takes not of some of the major criticisms with the past films (except Wonder Woman) and is a lot more lighthearted and fun. We get fun character performances from everyone involved and some pretty cool action sequences and even some good humor. Is this a great film? Of course not and it’s far from it. That being said, it is one that I feel like most will enjoy and surprised me a bit. Hopefully the next films in this universe will just get better and have a lot better villains.

I’m going to give Justice League

3 out of 5 stars.