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Just one of my many random thoughts post

Last week, @tripp-sixx came to my house after being at chalice all day. She also met a friend of mine from out here that night. Mind you, she came looking cute as fuck, wearing a green pleated school girl skirt and a little black crop top
So I’m here all heart eyes toward my friend right? Keep telling her how cute she is, and how much I love her lol which is totally normal in our little group of friends….
my other friend who joined us that night, is a bit on the lonely side… she is a new mom with an aint shit baby daddy and friends who have since high school let their friendship fall by the wayside… they still keep in contact but I doubt are anything like us…. like our group of friends talk EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
So anyways, Gabbie and I there hyping up @tripp-sixx because hello how can you not??? And my friend, lets call her Alyssa, is like telling us how lame we are, how gay we are, and why are we so weird???
And I was just like….. ???? I’m sorry your friends don’t hype you up…… like????? That’s what we do every day…. we hype each other cause wtf look at her lol
And Alyssa is like really pretty and that just put into crazy introspective of how insecure even the prettiest girls can be all because they don’t get any love….
just tripped me out a lot to experience first hand why she is constantly coming off jealous of my friendship with Gabbie and now with other people
It’s sad when people are so ugly on the inside that no one cares about their outside appearance. No one will tell you you are great because your nose is so high in the air you already think you are…. but really you suck worse than us hahahah

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kingshit-of-fuckmountain  asked:

omg really did you like it??


Yeah I fucking loved it, I think anyway, I’m still processing BUT

1. Finn and Rae finally, FINALLY being friends again 

2. Danny melting my cold black heart (wonderful acting here) and Liam cutting that bitch off in group (made me love him a little bit)

3. Actually all of Rae/Liam this episode (even thought I’m a Rinn shipper til I die, you can’t deny that they have chemistry and I saw the kiss coming from the very very start of the episode when he held her hand in the library.  

4. Finn in the pub looking up when Chloe says “you have been spending alot of time with him (Liam)” Jealousy

5. Finn’s eyelashes when he offers to teach her self defense

6. The entire boxing scene (has been watched 20+ times and I’m still not over its perfection)

7. Archie coming out and Finn already knowing-again beautifully acted by Dan Cohen

8. So many lovely Rae/Archie moments in this episode.

9. Chloe was brilliant in this episode too as was Rae’s mum-the bacon speech was simply perfect

Things I didn’t like

1. Finn’s date-bleh whatever, bitch is no Rae Earl. 

2. Izzy’s tone with Chop in the cafe was cutting (methinks there is trouble in paradise) 

3. Actually Chop was a complete nobhead wanker at the end of this episode so I’m doubting my chizzy love-so maybe it wouldn’t be the worse idea if they split up.

4. Rae and Liam kissing (obviously) Even though it was a pretty nice kiss I just wanted Liam to be a fucking good friend-though to be fair the kiss was all on him-she did kiss him back but he initiated it. 

5. None of the gang turned up to the fight except for Chlo even though they promised. 

6. I wish to fuck Finn could have been there so we could have seen his puppy dog face when she told Amy she kissed Liam. 

7. Kester-we need more Kester. 

8. Rae smoked with Liam she never smoked with Finn (not that we know of-but its headcanon in my head) and that makes me sad for some reason-what else is she going to do with Liam that she hasn’t done with Finn?? Anyway that’s why I loved episode 4. Now the clips for episode 5 have left me terrified and highly aware that there are only three episodes left-seriously what the actual fuck.