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Theater Struggles #1

The horrible anxiety you get when waiting for a cast list to finally come out. 

And the waiting

The waiting 

The waiting

The Waiting


things that keep me up at night:

  • my worry that the Stranger Things team doesn’t understand that I’m Free by Kenny Loggins is the most Steve Harrington song to ever exist and they won’t let it play over the radio of his car while he’s going off to save his boyfriend and girlfriend

anonymous asked:

Oh man. Single dad Geno killed me. I'm just imagining how freaking much Sid loves kids and will be secretly so pleased to date hot Russian guy plus adorable kid as part of the package. Moooooore please (at your own wonderful pace of course!!!)

Thank you so much, the encouragement is needed and greatly appreciated. 

I’ll let you see just a little bit more. It’s a bit directly following what I shared before, with the authors note of “In Which Sidney Crosby Thinks He Is Hallucinating Everything He’s Ever Wanted”

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How to Get Started Smash Booking When You’re Broke

Since some of my most popular posts are about my smash book I figured I’d make a little tutorial post about how to smash book on a budget and show what’s in my box that I keep my smash booking supplies in! 

Long post ahead under the cut!

The Box:

it’s nothing really pretty to be honest, but I might decorate it in the future. I work in an ice cream shop and I snagged it there before it was thrown in the recycling bin lmao. I’d recommend something pretty big. I know some people use photo album boxes to keep their stuff in, but I prefer this because I can keep everything in it and my stuff is relatively contained and not spread out everywhere around my house. 


I know the point of a smash book is the patterned pages, but I often like to put down tissue paper, leftover wrapping paper, paper bags, etc. just to tie things together a little bit. I never buy this stuff, it’s all recycled from other things I get (like most things I smash book, as you’ll find out if you read the rest of this post lmao), it’s cheaper and it makes things a little more sentimental that way too!

Pretty Paper:

I do buy scrapbooking paper from time to time, but I only do when it’s on sale or under $5. Pages from catalogs (like the Lush one pictured) can often be used here too! Take advantage of free stuff. 


Stickers are one of my favorite things. I buy most of mine from the dollar store and the clearance aisle at craft stores. There are also lots of places to buy them for really cheap on etsy! Be sure to check that out too! Letter stickers in particular can be really useful and I suggest getting some of those and building up a collection c:

Die Cuts:

Basically the same thing as stickers as for what I have to say about them. I have a lot of them tbh… But clearance aisles, dollar stores, and specifically the Target dollar spot are really good places to check out.

Sentimental Things - and the most important thing - Trash: 

(no picture because I’ve used up most of what I have in this section) Obviously the bulk of your stuff in your smash book is going to be with things you get while out and about and doing things. My best advice for this section is to not throw stuff away. Save pretty wrappers. Save receipts. Save pictures and postcards and letters and maps, basically just anything you find that makes you happy or is tied to a good memory or you think looks cool! My friends all think I’m a pack rat because of my smash book tbh.

The best thing to do to get started smash booking is to get out of the house and do stuff, and to find beauty in little things while out and about. Press flowers! Take pictures! Save receipts and wrappers! Smash booking doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it’s all about using what you have and arranging it strategically so it looks cool. That’s it! 

So thanks for reading this whole thing! Hope you got something out of this and either keep on or start smash booking!!

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Valentine’s day was a holiday that Lily had been looking forward to.  Well, she looked forward to spending any time with James, but she felt as if days like these were a little more special.  No outside distractions, no worrying, just the two of them on a nice evening together.

She even made sure to dress up a little – a flowy, black dress – just because she wanted to look nice.  Lily was still in the bathroom doing makeup when there was a knock at the door.  She quickly finished getting ready, applying a layer of lipstick and grabbing her present to James from her bedroom, before meeting with her date at the entrance of the flat.

“What a coincidence, meeting up with you like this,”  Lily teased, her lips being tugged into a smile as she saw James.  “Since we’re both here, together, on tonight of all nights, it seems like it’d only be natural to spend it together.  What do you say, do you want to be my valentine?”

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1938: Fitz and Jemma have settled into their new lives quite nicely, thank you; being together is so blindingly perfect that neither the turbulent political situation or the corpse they discovered at a benefit in July can dampen their spirits entirely. They know they’re luckier than most. Then, all at once, they are sucked into a maelstrom of deadly serious business: the deceased’s family asks them to investigate the murder; Jemma and her friend Sylvia descend to the depth’s of London’s socialist underworld in an attempt to save Sylvia’s fiance; Fitz must create a weapon for a shadowy member of the government who relies on veiled threats rather than patriotism to get things done. As September marches on, FitzSimmons find themselves increasingly in over their heads, losing sight of essentials and fighting desperately to uncover the truth before everything falls apart—the world, their lives, or their relationship.

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