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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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~ Him telling you how beautiful and smart you are every two seconds

~ “You’re so bloody gorgeous, darling. Honestly, you could tone it down a bit. You’re making me look bad.”  

~ Doing homework by the Black Lake on nice days

~ Him sneaking into your dorm late at night 

~ Stealing his clothes 

~ He would complain about it but secretly think it was so attractive

~ He would show you off with so much confidence

~ Going to every Quidditch match and cheering on Draco (even if you’re in a different house)

~ Him ordering Crabbe and Goyle to get things for you 

~ Them hating you

~ Holding hands during long walks around Hogsmeade

~ Draco would be so confident in you and believe you could do anything you set your mind to. It would just be so encouraging. 

~ Narcissa would frequently steal you away and Draco would be so annoyed

~ Professors taking points from Slytherin and your house for PDA


~ Sneaking into the kitchens well after midnight and cooking five course meals 

~ Draco would be such a good cook omg

~ Narcissa would’ve taught him how

~ Holding hands under the table during class

~ When Draco became prefect, he would give detention to anyone that so much as looked at you wrong

~ After dating Draco for a while you would turn into such a badass just like him

~ He would be so proud

~ Going to the Yule Ball together

~ Him loving dancing with you after that

~ Draco would tease you all the time

~ Christmas at Malfoy Manor

~ Baths in the prefect bathroom

~ Stupid pick up lines

~ “Are you a snitch?” 

~ “What?” 

~ “Because you’re the greatest catch here.” 

~ “Hey, Y/N? I don’t need ‘accio’ to make you come.” 

~ Really good sex

~ Sneaking firewhiskey into the Slytherin Tower

~ Draco would be so touchy 


~ He would obsessively make sure you’re content 

~ “Y/N, are you cold? Do you want some butterbeer?” 

~ “No, I’m fine. Thanks, though.” 

~ “Here babe, take my scarf. Crabbe, go get two butterbeers.”

~ Watching the Black Lake from the common room and pointing out all the creatures

~ Him taking you on broom rides and doing crazy tricks to impress you

~ Which usually scares the hell out of you

~ But you loved being in the sky

~ Harry Potter would not be allowed to even breathe in your general direction

~ A first year Hufflepuff accidentally bumping into you and knocking your books out of your hand

~ Draco pinning him against the wall and threatening him until he cries

~ “Draco, what the hell is wrong with you!”

~ “He hurt you!” 

~ “It was an accident! Bloody hell, Draco! He’s eleven!” 

~ “’M sorry darling, just instincts…” 

~ Him helping you with homework 

~ You getting so stressed because you don’t understand and just having a mental breakdown because O.W.L.S are so close

~ Him just doing your homework for you

~ Snape recognizes his handwriting but doesn’t say anything

~ Yelling at him about the word “mudblood” 

~ EVERYONE in the entire school would know that you were his 

~ When the basilisk is out and about he walks you to every class even if he’s late for his own

~ Since Draco is a literal genius you two would both put your names in the Goblet of Fire

~ He would love to kiss you

~ The kisses would rang from little pecks to him literally trying to suck your face off

~ Harry would hate you

~ Ron would think you were the hottest creature on the planet

~ Hermoine would secretly admire how smart and independent you were

~ Lucius loving you and always telling you embarrassing things about Draco 

~ Lucius would be like a second father to you 

~ He would be so hard on Draco, but the second something upset you he would be threatening to kill

~ Him and Narcissa would send you on shopping sprees all the time

~ Draco would love shopping with you

~ “Will you try on lingerie for me?” 

~ Little arguments all the time

~ Exploring Hogwarts and knowing about lots of the castle’s secrets

~ Discovering the Mirror of Erised together

~ “What do you see?” 

~ “You.” 

~ Him loving to play with your hair

~ Jealousy 


~ You sharing notes with Goyle and Draco ignoring you both for the rest of the day

~ “Draco, what is your problem? I need love and attention, stop ignoring me.” 

~ “Go get some attention from Goyle.” 

~ You HATING Pansy Parkinson

~ Her knowing and trying to get in arguments with you every day

~ Her twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at Draco in the hallway, “Dracy, are you still helping me with my Potions later? You promised.” 

~ You just walking up and snogging Draco right in the middle of their conversation and whispering something super dirty in his ear

~ “N-No, Pansy. I,” he has to stop and clear his throat “I don’t think that I can.” 

~ Him just loving you so, so much 

~ Draco would just be the best boyfriend

~ Like despite everything he goes through he always puts you first 

~ He just loves you so much ugh 

~ It would be so good

This was probably entirely too long but I love everything about Draco Malfoy so I can’t help it.

“Meet Me” Part 5

*NSFW*Read Part 4 HERE 

The First Time

You regretted the words as soon as they left your mouth.

You’re my first.

Harry held his stare for a second longer and then pushed a hand through his messy hair. Reaching behind him, he grabbed one of the many blankets piled up on your bed and handed it over to you, covering you up as he did.

“Y/n, we don’t –,” he started, but was cut off quickly by your rushed words.

“Harry, no, listen,” your tongue stumbled over the words and your brain was unable to keep up.

He shook his head, not like he was disappointed in you, but instead in himself, because he almost let that happen.

“I can’t take that from yeh, y/n,” he avoided your eyes, “I know yeh said it, and I know yeh said yeh meant it, but it was a drunk thought.”

You sat in silence, the feelings of warmth and desire something of the past.

“I won’t be the one to rush tha’,” he concluded with a few nods of his head, “care about yeh too much.”

And with that, Harry slowly pushed off of your bed to stand up. He started towards the door, but you called out after him in a small voice:


He stopped in the middle of your bedroom floor and slowly turned back to you.

“Y/n, we don’t have to talk about this—,”

“I want to know,” your voice was shaking, “Why?”

“It’s … it’s nothing, y/n,” he stuttered, doing a far better job covering up his nerves than you.

“Was it something I did?” you pressed.

Harry shook his head, looking up to meet your stare for just a second, “God, no,” he took in a deep breath, “Yeh’d never be the problem here.”

You relaxed slightly, “Then what is it, Harry?”

He paused and bit on his bottom lip, “I don’t deserve to.”

“Deserve to…” you questioned, growing nervous again.

Harry looked down at his feet, the very tops of his cheeks growing red, “I don’t deserve to take such a thing from yeh, y/n. Yeh deserve someone so much … more.”

You looked up at Harry, the blushing boy standing in your room, and waited for him to look up at you.

“You’re all I want, H.”

The feelings of tension seemed to lift out of the room, and were replaced with a vibe similar to that first night on the couch. You ignored the pain in your head as you locked eyes with him, all nerves gone. He slowly made his way back over to you and sat at the side of your bed, hand on your blanket-covered thigh.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

A single nod moved your head up and down, and he leaned in to meet your forehead. He sat there for a moment, the only thing you could hear was his steady but shaky breathing and the hum of the fan in your window.

“Hey,” you sat up away from him, taking his face in your hands and making his eyes focus on yours, “I wouldn’t tell you it was okay, that I wanted it, that I trusted you,” your voice grew quiet, “if I didn’t.”

He stayed quiet, too, eyes glinting with the slightest hint of apprehension. Silence hung in the air around the two of you like a blanket. It wasn’t uncomfortable; it felt safe.

Harry sat there, studying your face as you watched his.

“I want you to touch me, Harry.”

You guided his hand closer to your hips and shrugged off the blanket from your shoulders, exposing more skin. His eyes followed your every move, seemingly growing darker with every pass of your hand.

Taking some of his curls between your fingers, you pulled his face closer to yours once more and reintroduced your lips to his. They melded together instantly, the short and sweet kisses being peppered between the two of you quickly turning hungrier, more passionate. Your tugs on his hair grew in force, as did his hands at your waist, at your chest, anywhere he could hold onto you.

It didn’t take long for you to end up underneath Harry. He had you pressed up against your headboard, the metal rails beginning to press into the sin of your back. The blanket that once hid your skin was long since thrown to the ground in a hungry attempt by Harry to get closer to you.

In between kisses on your neck, Harry asked you, “You still want this, pet?” the name rolling off of his tongue as if he’d practiced it before. Your ears perked up at the new noise.

“Mhm,” you hummed, all you muster at this point. Your head was swimming as your heart rate picked up again, eager to get farther than last time.

His fingers traced down your chest, goosebumps following in their wake. Your eyes were closed as you laid there, Harry moving down your torso. Chills ran up your arms when he grazed over your inner thighs and caught your breath in your throat.

“Look so beautiful, love,” he mumbled, voice slightly muffled by the pillows up near your head.

He nudged your legs a little farther apart causing the nerves you’d worked so hard to get rid of come flooding back into your stomach.

“Gonna get you all nice and warmed up,” he hummed and snuck back up to your mouth to give you another kiss, “Gonna give you what you deserve.”

You opened your eyes to see the mop of short curls between your legs and felt his lips pressing soft kisses on your thighs. His hair tickled your skin.

Harry took no time to introduce his tongue to your sweet center, licking a broad stripe up and suckling on your clit. The moan that fell from your mouth sounded like nothing you’d ever heard before and caught you by surprise. He continued to swirl his tongue around the tip of your nerves, your legs already trying to squeeze in around his head.

You could feel him smirk against your skin, “Gotta relax fo’ me, love,” he said, groaning under his breath, something about being ‘so fuckin’ tight’. He used a strong hand to hold your leg down, “Don’t start to undo my work already.”

Without taking another pause, he was back to licking, kissing, and sucking on your clit. He paid specific attention to the way your back arched up when he sucked here or how you all but cried out when he used his hands there, doing whatever he could to elicit those melodious sounds again.

You started getting restless, caught in a place too far from where you started out, but not nearly to the point of orgasm yet. Tugging into his hair, you pulled him closer to you and begged with your moans for him to keep going. Harry was happy to oblige, taking the way your legs pressed in around his ears and the harsh pulls on his hair as praise.

As your release drew nearer, all of your energy and focus was on Harry’s mouth, whimpering as he sped up his motions and moaned hungrily into you.

Your hips tried so desperately to escape the pleasure that was becoming all too much, bucking up with each lick and kiss. Harry didn’t let up though, continuing to hold you down with one hand and sneak the other into your folds. Your moans egged him on, echoing off of the thin walls of your bedroom.

“Stay still, poppet,” he spoke lowly, lifting his head for just a moment, “M’gonna help you finish.”

His slow fingers painting your insides were almost too much to handle. A sharp cry rang out from your pink lips as he pumped in and out, trying to drag this on as long as possible.

With a final sweep of his tongue, your back arched up suddenly and a wave of relief passed over you as your eyes squeezed shut. You were left sprawled out and panting on your bed, and Harry gave you a moment to recover.

“Fuck,” you breathed out, hands moving to lay on your forehead.

You lifted you head up to see those devilish green eyes cockily staring back at you, not breaking eye contact to take a few more nips at your core. You shivered at his touch.

“Yeh taste lovely, pet,” he slurred, taking a finger in his mouth and licking it clean, “Never tasted somethin’ so sweet.”

Sitting up, you reached out for him, taking his hand in yours and locking eyes with him. The adrenaline was still fresh in your veins and surprised you with the confidence you’d stirred up. You slowly (and rather dramatically) took another finger in your mouth, swirling your tongue around and licking him clean. His eyes trained on you, narrowed when you sucked all of the way to the tip, letting off with a ‘pop!’ of your tongue.

He shook his head with a smirk, “Tha’ tongue o’ yours, s’gonna kill me.”

Harry leaned forward and took your head in his hand, bringing you closer to give you a deep kiss. He quickly earned back any dominance you’d tried to take from him, and gladly melted under his touch. You could feel his cock straining from underneath his boxers, nearly screaming for attention. It pressed into your thigh as the kisses grew deeper and sloppier. Harry couldn’t get enough of you.

He broke away for just a second to peel his boxers off of his hips, tossing them to the side.

“Rubbers are in the top drawer,” you whispered and motioned to the nightstand next to your bed.

“Been thinking about this for a while, yeah?” he teased, taking one from the drawer and sliding it back shut.

You blushed, caught in a spot you didn’t like, “I … I grabbed a few from the clinic when I was there, I dunno, it seemed—,” you stuttered.

“Shh,” he laughed, rolling the condom down onto his cock, “S’okay, love. Jus’ teasing.”

You must’ve stared for a second too long because Harry chuckled again, noticing the way your eyes grew at the sight. He climbed back onto the bed and hovered over you, lips ghosting yours.

“We don’t have to if yeh don’t want it, y/n,” he reassured you.

“No,” you shook your head and swallowed the lump in your throat, “I want it. I do, remember? Wouldn’t have told you otherwise.”

Harry nodded, ducking down to give you one last kiss before shuffling to the spot between your legs. He carefully moved them apart, settling right in front of your entrance. You looked up at him eagerly and he smiled down at you.

“M’gonna go slow, and yeh tell me if yeh need me to stop, okay?” he asked, “relax for me, poppet.”

You nodded and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

Harry lined himself up and slowly sank into you. Your breath hitched up in your throat as he stretched you out, much more than you’d ever imagined could happen. You squeezed your eyes shut as you tried to decide if this new feeling was painful or pleasurable. His bicep had your hand wrapped tightly around it, surely leaving marks.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell,” he swore under his breath. You peered back up at him and saw the face of a god. His eyes too were shut and his brow furrowed. Harry took measured breaths in, and out, and waited for you to give him the okay.

“Keep going,” you breathed out, hoping the burning would soon subside.

He gently pulled back out and sank in again, the same slur of curses flying from his mouth.

“Promise it’ll feel good, love,” he sounded pained, “Wish yeh could feel what I feel now.”

The moans that you’d heard from him earlier were reduced to weak whimpers as you clenched around him. He started to build up a slow and gentle rhythm, getting your center warmed up once again.

“Gotta relax, love,” he groaned, “Don’ wanna finish me off before we have a chance to make yeh feel good, yeah?”

You did your best to relax the muscles that were fighting against his cock, earning praises from Harry as you did. He started to push a little deeper each time and each thrust grew in force.

He was working so tenderly with you and the burns of his cock stretching you out soon became something indescribably blissful.

“Harry,” you moaned out his name. It was soft, but it was there. Harry swore he felt his cock twitch at the way his name sounded around your lips.  

“Feels good, yeah?” he asked as he continued the same pattern of thrusts, needing to hear that again.

You nodded your head furiously, another moan taking place of a response. The breaths were becoming ragged as they left your mouth and you felt your stomach coiling up. You were nowhere near the finish line, but it was nothing like the pain from earlier.

Harry’s thrusts were growing sloppy and haphazardly, his stamina from going so painfully slow nearing its end.

“Wanna be on top,” you said breathlessly.

Harry looked down at you, wide eyed, “Really?”

“Not gonna finish,” your brain was getting foggy from how wonderful you felt, “Wanna make you feel good.”

Harry eagerly pulled out and the absence of him felt wrong. He switched places with you, helping you up and over to his torso. Looking down at him, his cheeks were perfectly rosy and his eyes watched your every move.

You were positioned right above him, bracing yourself against his heaving chest.

“Go on, pet,” he coaxed you, “Show me how well it fills yeh up.”

Taking him in one hand, you slowly sank down on him, the bliss rushing over you again. Harry’s whimpers flooded your ears. You took his hands and placed them on your hips, looking for his guidance in this unknown territory to you. He gladly took you in his hands and helped rocked you back and forth, gripping hardest when you squeezed around him.

“Bloody fuckin’—,” he groaned as you rose up and ground down onto him, “Fuck, y/n!”

It was your turn to smirk as Harry turned to putty under you and quickly came undone.

A few more rolls of your hips and he was gone – a mess of grunts and the most wonderful moans spilled from his mouth.

“So … so fuckin’ good,” he sighed and you rose off of him. Harry laid breathlessly in your bed, skin glinting with a thin sheen of sweat. You crawled up to him, wincing at the pain that was already radiating from between your legs. Before you curled up next to him, he peeled off the condom and threw it into the bin beside your bed.

He took you into his chest, your head tucked neatly under his chin. He smelled like the most perfect combination of cologne, sex, and a hint of your strawberry shampoo. The two of you laid there for what seemed like forever, taking in the other. Harry occasionally pressed a kiss into your hair, and you snuggled in closer to him. His arms held you tightly there, not wanting to let you go.

“Thank you,” you whispered against his chest.

He pulled away from you to look down at you, smile pulling up slightly at the corners of his mouth, “Yeh really wanted it, right?”

Your lips turned to a playful pout, “Yes!” you laughed, “I promise.”

“Good,” he kissed your forehead, “Didn’t want that to be the only time we got to do that.”

  • Missy: Oh, don’t be disgusting, we’re Time Lords, not animals. Try, nano-brain, to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little food chain, and contemplate friendship. A friendship older than your civilization and infinitely more complex.
  • also Missy: I hope my boyfriend wasn't too mean to you...He can be very mean sometimes. Except to me, of course, because he loves me so much.
  • also Missy: *makes out with Doctor against wall*
  • also Missy: My heart is maintained by the Doctor.
  • the Doctor: Two hearts.
  • also Missy: And both of them yours.
  • also Missy: Oh Clara, Clara, Clara. You know, I should shoot you in a jealous rage, now wouldn't that be sexy?
  • also Missy: Stop shouting, love....
  • also Missy: Ask me! Come on, you know you want to. You want to know what my plan is. You'll be surprised. I've got a gift for you. You know, I've been up and down your timeline, meeting all those silly people who died to keep you alive. And you know what I worked out? What you really need?...To know that you're just like me!
  • also Missy: I need you to know we're not so different. I need my friend back. Every battle, every war, every invasion. From now on, you decide the outcome.
  • also Missy: We can, we can go together [to Gallifrey], just you and me. Just like the old days.
  • Doctor: You'd be clapped in irons.
  • also Missy: If you like.
  • Clara: Since when do you care about the Doctor?
  • also Missy: Since always....
  • also Missy: Doctor, listen to me. I know traps. Traps are my flirting. This is a trap.
  • also Missy: Listen to that. The Doctor without hope. Nobody is safe now.
  • also Missy: The Doctor gave it to me when my daughter....
  • also Missy: *travels through a Dalek infested sewer and city in heels while keeping his pet safe* No. No, no, no, no. Doctor, what have you done? *runs towards danger to save the Doctor from his own stupidity*
  • also Missy: *laughs at the Doctor's sarcastic comeback like a schoolgirl with a massive crush*
  • also Missy: In a way, this is why I gave her to you in the first place. To make you see. The friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the friend...Everyone's a bit of both, everyone's a hybrid.
  • also Missy: Please, I'll do anything. Just let me live...I'll be good, I promise. I'll turn, I'll turn good. Please. Teach me, teach me how to be good...I know I'm going to die. I have to say it, the truth. Without hope, without witness, without reward, I am your friend.
  • the Doctor: Of course she's not dead, she's a friend of mine. I may have fiddled with your wiring a little bit.
  • also Missy: *stays in Vault for decades even though she could escape at any time*
  • also Missy: C'est super. So, what have you got so far? *drapes herself across piano whilst encouraging the Doctor to puzzle out how to defeat the monks*
  • also Missy: *cries* ...You didn't tell me about this bit.
  • the Doctor: I'm sorry, but this is good.
  • also Missy: Okay.
  • also Missy: *peers shyly around console rotor*
  • also Missy: Sure, that's fine...But Doctor, please tell me, really. Are you alright?
  • also Missy: *cries* I don't even know why I'm crying. Why, why do I keep doing that now?
  • the Doctor: I don't know. Maybe you're trying to impress me.
  • also Missy: Yes. Probably some devious plan, that sounds about right.
  • the Doctor: Well the alternative would be much worse.
  • also Missy: Really?
  • the Doctor: The alternative is that this is for real and it's time for us to become friends again.
  • also Missy: Do you think so? *Takes step forward. The Doctor steps back, then tentatively takes Missy's hands in his own. Missy gasps in surprise.*
  • the Doctor: I don't know. That's the trouble with hope. It's hard to resist. *Lets go of Missy's hands and walks away.*

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Jace laughs under his breath at Alec’s cursing, or more specifically, at the fact that he managed to take Alec down in record time, for the fifth time today.

“You’ve gotta step up your game, brother, I know you sit behind a desk more often these days, but we can’t have our Head of the Institute this easily beaten.”

The look Alec gives him is murderous, but it loses some of its edge seeing as Alec is still on the ground. Jace offers him a hand and Alec takes it, but then immediately uses his grip to drag Jace down on the mat.

“Someone’s grumpy,” Jace teases as he moves into a sitting position next to Alec.

“Someone is experience the worst hangover in his life, and the fact that you know this and are being an ass right now makes you the worst brother ever,” Alec mumbles before letting himself fall onto his back and placing an arm over his eyes.

“And I didn’t even drink that much last night.”

Jace bursts out laughing at how serious Alec’s voice is and even Alec glaring at him does nothing to help him to calm down.

“Alec, you were flirting with Magnus,” Jace says slowly, his laughter still bubbling at the surface, ready to burst out at any moment.

Alec’s brows furrow and he says, “So what? He’s my boyfriend.”

Jace takes a breath and bites his lip in order to calm himself, because Alec apparently doesn’t remember how the flirting went.

“You asked him if he was single and almost cried when he said he wasn’t.”

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ME:A Companions Reactions

Mass Effect Andromeda companions reactions to the Pathfinder having a meltdown after everything they’ve been through.

Liam: Shit, he knew this was coming. After everything they had been through? He’s surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner. He sits with them, their backs propped up against the wall, beers in hand as he just listens to them talk and cry. He puts a hand on their shoulder, offering support and telling them how he admires how far they have come. If romanced: He scoots over and scoops them almost into his lap, squeezing them closely as their chest heaves in sobs, and he rubs their back as he starts telling stories of his past to try and get their mind off of things.

Cora: She makes sure to get them somewhere calm and quiet, and gets them to sit down and rest. Her commando training kicks in and she uses this to get them to breath in, and out. In and out. She recites Sarissa’s manuals calmly and softly until the Pathfinder calms down at least a little, and Cora tells them how proud she is of how they are doing at this job, especially with not having any training whatsoever. Their father picked them for a reason; they can do this. If romanced: she wraps her arms around their chest, hugging them gently. After they calm down a bit, she takes their hand and drags them to her room on the Tempest and has them help her water the plants. It’s not much, but it’s at least relaxing.

Vetra: Oh, no. She’s seen this before. She remembered when Sid had a breakdown after losing mom and dad left. After doing a lot of hunting and digging, she manages to find a package of the Pathfinders favorite cookies and brings them to a nice spot on Kadara, overlooking the scenery. They sit and talk about anything and everything; their lives before the Initiative, their parents, their plans and dreams. If Romanced: Vetra spends all evening making their favorite meal (somewhat butchering it, but the Pathfinder still loves it) and they sit down and watch a movie together. A sappy, romantic thing that lets the Pathfinder let out their emotions and be able to blame it on the movie, all while Vetra hugs them to her side.

Peebee: Uh oh…it’s finally happening, huh? She sometimes forgets everything Ryder has been through. But she’s not really good at the whole…weepy, supportive thing. She knows what helps her, though! So she drags the Pathfinder to her escape pod and they create a zero gravity environment and just float, letting all their pain and worries drift away. If Romanced: After they spend a lot of time just floating, she takes the Pathfinder to their quarters and they enjoy some…stress relief together, after which they just lay together, silently holding and supporting each other, no words needed.

Drack: Oh, jeez. He knew this was coming. He can’t blame the kid; they’ve been through a lot. He thumps them on the shoulder and drags them out to Kadara, where he has set up a shooting range with various targets, many of which are canisters that explode. While they are both shooting, he gives them a talking to about how tough life can be, but he knows how tough they are (for a human) and that they’ll get through it. After a lot of ammo and a lot of explosions, they share a lot of drinks together at Kralla’s Song.

Jaal: Poor Ryder! He cannot believe how they have been holding this in for so long; it’s a surprise they haven’t fallen apart even sooner. He drags them to their quarters and makes them sit down and talk it all out; he refuses to leave until they have gotten everything of their chest. He feels so sorry for all they have been through that even he shares some tears with them, and they spend hours together just talking and letting everything out. If Romanced: He holds them in his arms, stroking their soft hair as they shake and sob. When they finally cry themselves out, they are stretched out on the Pathfinder’s bed, Jaal stroking their cheek and looking lovingly into their eyes. He asks them about everything; their live before they game to Andromeda, their family, their childhood. It’s a long night, but by the end of it they both feel so much better.

Kallo: He isn’t surprised; they’ve been through so much. He isn’t sure how to make them feel better, but eventually gets an idea! He finds a large area of open space and has them come over so that they can fly the Tempest around themselves. He stands behind them, a hand on their shoulder as he instructs them what they have to do. By the end of it, the Pathfinder has a huge grin on their face, and they give Kallo a huge hug (that is returned a little awkwardly).

Suvi: Oh, she feels so bad for them. She meets them in their quarters and makes them a nice cup of her favorite tea (some of the last she has) and she makes them sit and drink it to calm down a bit. She doesn’t know quite what to do, so she launches off on all of the things they have learned about the life in Andromeda. Plants, creatures, even the rocks, she explains everything until the Pathfinder calms down, smiling into their cup of tea. If Romanced: She holds them on the couch, sipping their tea and she reads to them out of the book she is currently reading. Ryder just loves to listen to her voice, and eventually they drift off, tucked against Suvi’s shoulder as she continues reading out loud, stroking their back.

Gil: Well, shit. Had to come eventually. Well, the only thing that can solve this is alcohol and a lot of cards. He takes them out on the town, and they spend the evening playing cards against each other, dancing, and just enjoying themselves to get their minds off of everything. If Romanced: After they enjoy their night out on the town, they go back on the Tempest and Gil takes through the rounds of what he does to take care of the ship, and Ryder sits happily (and somewhat intoxicated) watching him as he waves his arms around, happily describing everything. Eventually they end up in each other’s arms, dancing to music that only they can hear.


Reyes: When they stumble into his room, he can immediately tell something is wrong. When they collapse on the couch next to him, head in their hands, he leans forward and orders some of their best whiskey, and they share a few drinks as the Pathfinder just talks about everything that has gone wrong so far. Reyes listens quietly, putting a hand on their shoulder in silent support; he knows how hard life can be out here. If Romanced: He wraps them in his arms and stands them up, softly dancing to music (a lot slower than the music that is playing), swaying side to side. After Ryder cries themselves out, they fall asleep with their head in Reyes’ lap on the couch, and he sends a message to make sure no one disturbs them for the next hour or so as he lets them rest, running his hand through their hair.

Avela: She feels so bad for the Pathfinder, and here she is asking even more of them. They’ve been through so much, it hardly seems fair. The next time Ryder visits, she takes them on a small tour through the museum, talking softly about all the pieces they have gathered. If Romanced: She takes Ryder on a tour through Aya, taking them to her favorite spots, letting them see all the grace and beauty of their city. They find a nice spot by a waterfall and Avela surprised them with fresh fruit, which they share together as they listen to the sound of the water. Ryder talks to Avela about everything, what they’ve been through, their stress, all they’ve lost. Avela wraps them in a hug and they sit there, silently enjoying their time together.

⚜️//On and on the ravens flew, even to the misty lakeside manor where THE COUNTESS dwelled. It was said that she felt no warmth, no cold, no joy, and no sorrow.//⚜️


• When you told him that you had a child he was confused

• I mean, he wanted to have a child with you, but when you said you already had a 5 year old son, he wanted to meet him immediately

• He loved your son so much

• You had to explain to him your situation with your ex, and the reason why you had a son

• He was angry. He just wanted to kill your ex, but he knew he couldn’t do it

• “Don’t worry MC, I’ll be the perfect dad ever!”

• Going through this situation wasn’t easy to be honest

• Sometimes you were terrified of something happened to you or your son

• And sometimes when someone touched you, you felt horrible and terrified

• He felt his heart break every time you looked at him with fear in your eyes and a hurt face

• You were the light of his life, and when he met you, he understood the true meaning of a good relationship

• So he wanted to give you back all the support that you ever gave him

• So he gave you time for yourself, and all the support he could gave you

• Your child was so happy with Zen, and you were happy too

• And one day you saw your ex at a convenience store

• And you were terrified

• Your hand took his arm so hard

• And he looked at you confused, he had never seen the guy

• But your trembling hands and your scared face

• He knew who he was

• And he was mad

• He wanted to kill him with his own hands for what he did to you, and make him pay

• But your hands were shaking and he knew he wouldn’t fix anything by getting into a fight

• So he hold your face between his hands and looked at you straight in the eyes

• “Look at me jagiya, you are with me okay?”

• “I would NEVER let anyone touch you and hurt you ever again”

• “You’re safe”

• “You are safe, MC”

• He just hugged you close to him, and glared that bastard who did that to you

• He made a promise to himself that he would protect you, no matter what


• When you told him you had a daughter, he was amazed

• He had always thought he would be a great dad

• He was too shy to ask about his father, so he decided to give you time for you to explain

• And when you finally explained everything, he was shocked

• You were always so positive and caring with everyone, so he would NEVER imagined you had through something like that

• He admired the way you could be so strong for you daughter even when it wasn’t easy for you

• So he wanted to help you

• He was still mad at your ex for making you go through everything alone

• He was caring and loving to you and your daughter, and he felt like you were actually a true family

• Your daughter was his daughter, and he loved it

• Sometimes you were just scared of everything and when you felt like that, he would hold you close to him

• “Listen to my heartbeat MC”

• “You’re okay. Our daughter is okay. Everything is going to be okay”

• He was always positive and supportive for you

• And the day he met your ex for the first time, he just kissed your forehead

• “Wait for me, princess”

• He confronted the guy, and realized that the guy was an asshole

• His eyes looked at the guy with anger and hate

• He looked so different to the cheerful and happy guy, you knew

• His voice was low and dangerous when he talked to your ex

• “If you touch my girl or my daughter, and I will end you, understood?”


• When you talk to her about your son, she was amazed

• She knew you were an strong woman, and she loved you because if it

• But you having all those troubles? And you still managing to be hopeful and caring?

• You must be an angel

• She met your son, and fell in love with the cuteness of your child

• She understood that the reason why you went through all this was because of your son

• She admired you a lot

• She wanted to help you with everything she could

• So when you were busy, she took care of your boy

• She wanted to take care of you and your son

• Some nights you cried because of nightmares

• And she just hold your hand and whisper loving words for you

• “I love you so much MC, I’m here for you”

• “We can do this together, okay?”

• One day, she decided to take you and your son to an amusement park

• She just wanted you to relax, and have fun

• But on your way there, you saw your ex

• She saw your terrified face and by the way your hand hold her tight, she just knew

• She knew that it was HIM

• Your ex

• So she just looked at you and smiled

• “We are okay, yeah?”

• You nod slowly at her warm and kind voice

•She guide you away from that guy

• And when you were distracted, she just went to talk to a police man

• “I saw that guy over there trying to steal something from a old woman”

• She knew lies weren’t good but

• She felt good


• When he asked you to move in with him and you explain at him your current situation

• He was a little confused

• Why wouldn’t you told him before?

• He demanded to meet your little daughter

• And his heart melt when he saw a little you walking inside his office with her hand on yours

• He smiled a little when the little girl called him ‘Mr. Han’

• He discovered that he was born to be a good father

• He would buy everything you and your girl needed

• He would make sure to pay for a good school for the girl

• He loved her a lot and just wanted the best for you both

• He asked you the info of your ex

• “I need to report him MC, what he did to you is wrong and he needs to pay for his actions”

• So you told him everything

• And he took care of it

• He made sure you NEVER see your ex again, and you were glad because of it

• He just wanted to do everything better for you

• And when times were hard for you, and you just were scared

• He would hugged you

• And read you some of his books

• “I love you, MC”


• He knew you had a daughter because of the background check

• He didn’t knew why you were apart from his dad tho

• And when he met you in person

• And saw that beautiful girl of yours

• He was enchanted

• He played around with your daughter and make her laugh by his funny sense of humor

• He usually plays with her and makes sure everything around you and your daughter was safe

• After some time, he decided to ask you about his father

• He felt so angry about it

• This guy was an idiot and he deserved to pay with his life

• So he did a research for him

• He made sure this guy pay for his actions

• Of course he didn’t told you

• You didn’t needed to worry about this kind of things

• “Everything is fine now, MC” he had told you one night, when you both were watching your daughter asleep

• “I’ll take care of her as if she were mine okay?”

• So he did


• He knew you had a daughter

• He had saw you with the little girl by your side

• He thought it was amazing how a person could take care of himself and a child by themselves

• He grew up in a aggressive home, so watching you all caring with the girl made his heart melt

• So when you present him your daughter

• He didn’t know how to react

• He awkwardly played with her

• Your daughter invited him to the “Tea time” and he was just so confused

• Like: 'there’s no tea in this cup, so why would you drink of it?’

• But watching you played along with a smile made him understand it was a game

• He slowly fell in love of you and your little daughter

• He didn’t asked for his father because he thought it was not his business

• But one night when you were having a nightmare, you just said your ex’s name with trembling voice and covered in sweat

• He was sure that guy did something wrong to you

• So he did a research of the name you said in your sleep

• This guy looked like an asshole

• So he just took care of it

• He looked for the guy and question him about everything

• He was pissed that the guy simply said everything like if it was nothing

• So he torture him

• He wasn’t proud of hurting someone, but this guy deserved it

• He let him live tho

• Because he needed to live with the fear that made you carry all this time

• “You’re okay now” he had told you one night after one of your nightmares

• “I’ll kill anyone who tries to harm you, MC”


• When Seven told him that you had a kid, he was  shocked but he didn’t judge

• The moment he met your daughter, he fell in love

• He noticed how you always shied away and how you flinched if he got too close

• He loved to shower you in love and kisses, he was always so gentle with you

• You were on a date, Jumin was babysitting for you whilst you guys had some alone time, you finally relaxed around him

• The moment you made eye contact with your ex, you froze, terrified

• He noticed and he instantly grew protective over you

• Your ex was being pushy, trying to destroy your date, scaring the life from your eyes

• He tried to remain calm around you, but the moment he started talking about how good you were in bed, he became deathly quiet

• He punched him hard in the face, and said in a deadly tone “If you EVER dare to harm my Angel again, I will destroy you until there is nothing left for you to even cling to in your pathetic, miserable life. Do you understand me?”

•V officially became your hero, you became much more affectionate towards him, constantly holding onto him, no matter where you two were

Enlighten Me, Babygirl (Part Two)

Part One

Six Months Later

There was a soft hum in her room, it was there all the time so it didn’t bother her too much. To go with it, there was also the calming sounds of birds soaring by the window every so often or the branches of the trees colliding with each other. That was pretty much the only sounds she could hear.

It was cold night, so cold she had three blankets hugging her and she could still feel an unusual breeze coming from an unknown location. Her legs tangled together in hopes of seeking warmth from each other but they were both cold, meaning chills ran through each of them whenever she’d rub them together.

She felt the familiar emptiness in her heart; it hadn’t stopped bugging her, almost begging to her to do something about it. She just didn’t know what it was that she had to do to stop the aching.

Her window was locked; she didn’t want to risk even the slightest segment of ice cold air getting through and into her bedroom, and she didn’t want to be any more colder than she already was.

With loneliness and worry, she was struggling to sleep as she did every night. Her insomnia was only worsening each night, even though during the day she found herself wishing to do nothing but sleep; her body was begging her for rest all day while the second her head touch the softness of her pillows at night, something was forcing her awake.

Migraines came inside the package with her insomnia and she found herself thinking she could do without them. Fatigue was hard enough to deal with when her days were so busy, so when she felt her head feeling weighed down as soon as she sat up, she didn’t think the rest of the day was physically possible for her.

Despite her mental complains however - and with some strength unknown to her - she managed each day without collapsing and even though she rarely slept anymore, she was more than thankful for the comfort of her bed at the end of each day.

It was all Jason’s fault. As much as she tried to find something else to blame, her mind always found its way back to him. Jason was the reason she was suddenly so alone, he was the reason she wasn’t able to sleep; he wasn’t around for her to be angry at and that made her frustration rise even higher.

She sighed and, for the hundredth time, rolled over onto her back. Her eyes were alive, just like her body was. When she realised she wasn’t going to sleep, her mind decided to join them.

If he hadn’t have got himself caught, if he was just a little bit more careful, he’d be here.

There was a loud thud downstairs and it sent all of the air she had in her body elsewhere; it abandoned her completely and she felt herself at a loss. As though something had set deep into the pit in her stomach, all of the muscles in her body stood to attention, although she was in no way to do anything useful with them.

More noise followed and it caused her to sit up rapidly. She didn’t have to place her hand to her chest to know that her heart was stammering heavily. Panicked, her throat tightened and she, as quietly as she could, she dropped her feet onto the floor. The wood felt so cold it caused a burning sensation on the bottom of her feet. She attempted to ignore it while tiptoeing towards the bedroom door that sat closed firmly.

Out in the hallway, the house looked even more daunting and she instantly wished she hadn’t moved from her bed. She contemplated turning around and making a beeline straight to it as it sat there calling her name. However, she didn’t have time; she heard the flick of a switch before she watched the entrance of the living room being illuminated. She gasped rather loudly.


She didn’t move. For once, for the first time in so long, it wasn’t because she was scared or panicked or too tired. It took her back to all of those months and sent her body into some kind of trance.


Letting out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding, she could feel her legs working frantically in order to carry her down the steps of the stairs. She didn’t care how cold the floor was anymore.

“Jason?” she whispered; her brain wasn’t really believing it because, of course, how could he be anywhere near her? It was impossible.

Turning the corner into the kitchen, her brain was contradicted. She began to cry almost instantly while her legs threatened to give in under her weight; she didn’t feel strong enough to do anything in that moment. Jason was stood in front of her, he looked untidy and tired, but she didn’t care - he was there.

She didn’t have time to say anything else because he had collided with her. His hands were pressing her against his chest and she couldn’t help but have missed how his hard chest felt against her. He was warm and safe, and for the first time in months, she felt like she was home.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered with a shaky breath; it felt like someone was gliding a feather across the dint in her neck. She inhaled and delved in his scent. “I was starting to go insane, and considering I’m already half way there, it was getting dangerous.”

“How are you here? Did they let you go? Jason, what’s happening?”

She had so much she needed to be released from her heart that every second felt like the perfect time to ask him, she had to remind herself that he was probably just relieved to be home. Taking a deep breath, she told herself to keep calm.

His hands ran up and down her sides with so much hunger and she had to resist the urge to let her hands move freely. To distract them, she moved them up to his hair; it felt like a jungle between her fingers.

“I have to go away, babygirl,” he said breathlessly. She could hear the regret; it was evident in the tightness of his tone. “I escaped, there’s no way they were letting me out of there any time soon. Come with me.”

She frowned. “W-wha-where are you going?”

“I know some people. They’re gonna get me out of here.”

He sounded breathless and everything felt as though it was happening so fast, she was struggling to comprehend. Her fingers grip the orange jumpsuit in desperation.

“Where are you going?”

“Just away. I can’t stay here, you know that,” he said, draping his arm around her waist. “C’mon princess, get your things.”

In a split second, his touch was no longer with her. [Y/N] watched as Justin made his way around the room, gathering anything he might need. Her feet felt glued to the floor.

“J-Jason..” she whispered, but he didn’t hear; he was already flying up the stairs when she let out a large breath of air.

It only took him five minutes to be back downstairs in a black t-shirt and jeans, a style that [Y/N] would have taken the time to compliment him in if the situation was different. He held a backpack in his hand and dropped it to the floor, that was when he clocked [Y/N]’s statue still stood where he’d left it. She watched his face twist in a horrible way as he gained on her.

“[Y/N]? What are you doing? Do you not realise that if we don’t leave in the next ten minutes, the cops have probably already noticed I’ve escaped, and will be round here as quick as they can be, either to look for me or question you. Now move.”

His stare was too intense that it felt as though he was physically making her move. She made sure to be out of his sight before she let the tears fall down her cheeks. With shaking limbs, she walked up the stairs, feeling weight crushing down on her chest.

She didn’t want to have to pack as quick as she could, she didn’t want to leave, she just wanted answers. Confused and hurting, she grabbed her own backpack and shoved necessities into it. Teardrops fell onto her hand and roll down to her wrist.

“[Y/N]! Come on!”

Was he being selfish? Did he know he was hurting her? Where were they going? All sorts of questions processed through her mind as she jogged down the stairs, wiping her cheeks on her sleeve.

Jason held out his hand for her to take and, in need of some warmth and reassurance, [Y/N] took it instantly. As it turns out, Jason’s hands were cold and felt like ice against her skin.

“You okay?” he asked and a wave of relief washed over [Y/N].


“Fuck, they’re here. Come on, we have to go.” He pulled her towards the door, she didn’t even have the chance to take on last glance at the place she called home.

Jason’s grip tightened on her hand and she could’ve cried at such a tiny expression of affection. Pulled up in front of her house was an usually large black van. She couldn’t help but wonder if their plan was to look suspicious.

“Get in the back,” one man said out of the window of the van. His beard twitched as he spoke.

Jason didn’t say anything as he yanked the door doors apart, allowing her to climb in before him as though it made up for everything. She still wasn’t sure if she should be feeling so much anger. [Y/N] climbed inside and saw nothing but a bunch of blankets in the corner. The back of the van wasn’t big enough for her to stand straight so instead of letting her back ache, she dropped herself down onto the pile of soft blankets.

The door was still being slammed shut by Jason as the van pulled away and was hurtling down the street. Jason sat down in the other corner, sighing as he did so.  

“You’re gonna be in there for a while so we gave you some things to make the journey a little more comfortable,” a muffled voice said through the wood panel blocking the front interior of the van. Jason, nor [Y/N], replied.

[Y/N] could hear the life outside of the vehicle; the birds whenever they stopped at a red light, the wind that stroked the black exterior, car horns, shouting. It all made tears sting her eyes, although she couldn’t understand why. Jason’s head snapped in her direction when she sniffed.

“[Y/N]?” he asked while shuffling towards her. “Baby?”

She covered her face when the sobs broke out from her throat. Feeling Jason gripping at her wrists, she dug her fingers into her face in hopes he wouldn’t succeed in pulling them away.

“What’s wrong? Talk to me.” He was pulling her onto his lap as he spoke, he wrapped his arms around her body. “Tell me what’s wrong baby, please.”

The anger was bubbling in her stomach and rising up her chest, along with an uneasy feeling that made her feel as though if she parted her lips in the slightest, she’d throw up her empty stomach. A rush cut through her veins.

“How can you ask that?”

His expression was a mixture of confusion and shock, but [Y/N] didn’t care in that moment. She didn’t bother to attempt to be released from his grasp; she didn’t think she had the strength.

“You’ve let me worry and lose sleep over you for months, I haven’t been eating, I can’t close my eyes without picturing you behind that glass, and all I’ve done is cry; you burst into my house in the middle of the night, claiming you’ve got to leave that second without giving me anything but a mediocre explanation and just expect me to run alongside you without even asking me how I feel.”

Jason didn’t move for a few seconds; his eyebrows didn’t stop furrowing and his mouth refused to close. He looked lost for words, it was an unfamiliar sight for [Y/N]. Meanwhile, she felt some sense of relief. They both slowly sank into the silence and it filled them. But eventually, someone had to say something.

“[Y/N], baby, I had no idea you felt like that-“

“You wouldn’t,” she said. “You didn’t take the time to think about how I felt or if I even wanted to get in this van, you just-“

“Wait,” he interrupted. “Are you saying you didn’t want to leave with me? [Y/N], they’d interrogate you before you could say a single thing, it wouldn’t have been good for you there.” Jason looked hopeless as she shuffled into her previous spot.

“And whose fault is that?” she muttered, and tried not to notice the shock flash across Jason’s face.

“Baby, look.” He moved closer to her. “I’m so, so sorry for not thinking to ask you how you feel. I know, I know I should’ve. This is hard for me but I know it’s taking a toll on you too. I’m sorry.” Jason clutched [Y/N]’s hand tightly.

A sigh escaped her lips and fell into the air around them. “I’m scared, Jason.” The weaker side of her, the side that called out to Jason to comfort her in moments like these, gave into his touch. Her body fell into his. “I just wish none of this had happened.”

“You don’t have to be,” he rasped against her neck, making goosebumps come alive. “I’m here to keep you safe. I can keep you safe, I can be here for you, but I can’t promise that things like this aren’t going to happen. This is the life I live, I can’t help that but you know that I love you so, so, so much and I don’t wanna lose you.” While he was speaking, his thumb was busy stroking the back of her hand.

“I knew what I was getting into when I said yes to being your girlfriend, I’m not leaving,” she smiled through the wetness of her cheeks and snuggled deeper into Jason’s hard chest that was warm and inviting underneath the blanket.

He hummed. “You’re an angel, you know that?”

“You might have told me that before,” [Y/N] chuckled, but it was partially blocked out by the sudden growl of the van’s engine.

The journey lasted another two hours or so, at least that was what her phone told her once she’d been escorted into a small and shabby two story house in the middle of nowhere. It gave her a sense of longing for the home that she’d abandoned only hours ago. [Y/N] wondered how Jason was feeling.

“Lay low here for as long as you can. See anything suspicious, you should leave this place within at least five minutes. You should be fine here as long as you don’t draw attention to yourself.”

“Aw shit, that’s exactly what I planned on doing,” Jason muttered, throwing his jacket down on the chair. [Y/N] set herself down on the couch, pulling her knees up to her chest.

The two men left and drove away in their van eventually, meaning Jason and [Y/N] were left alone. It was silent for far too long, so long that she could feel her eyes falling shut, but she jumped into complete consciousness when she heard movement from Jason.

She watched as he sat down next to her and moved impossibly close so that his warmth wrapped around her. His head fell into the nape of her neck and she didn’t hesitate to run her fingers across the back of his neck before brushing them through his hair. Jason seemed to enjoy the sensation because the softest of moans left his lips. It was then that she thought maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe it was the silence, or maybe it was because Jason’s tongue was circling the skin on her neck while his hand grazed her thigh.

Isn’t She Lovely?

can I request a blurb in which harry and reader have a newborn baby girl, and one day she wont stop crying, until harry starts singing ‘Isnt she lovely’ to her and only then she calms down? :) – anon

This anon is personally responsible for my death; Dad!harold is one of my (many) weaknesses.

You were exhausted. Between trying to get your home in some type of order and your daughter’s never ending cries, you’d been stretched thin and your patience was thinning. Harry had been out for the day, the first time since you’d come from the hospital, and would be back soon.

The cries shrilly rang out over the baby monitor sitting next to you in the living room. With a tired shove, you reluctantly got off of the couch and headed off down the hall to the nursery.

She only cried harder the longer it took you to get to her, and your heart ached at the noise. What else was there to do? You’d already changed her, fed her, burped her, and held her, rocking back and forth, for nearly twenty minutes with no luck.

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Yoonjin + baby!Jikook

Starring in a lil’ Office AU

Word count: 1.1k+

Fanart that inspired this ♥

Originally posted by yoongichii

“Papa! Papa, look!”

Min Yoongi turns to find little Jungkookie jumping up and down, holding something between his tiny fingers.

“What is it?” he asks, following the boy’s movement.

“It’s a HAT!”

“Is it?” Yoongi says with a chuckle.

“It’s a BUNNY HAT!”

“I see.”


“You do?”




In his enthusiasm, Jungkook somehow trips on his own feet and loses his balance.

“Careful!” Yoongi exclaims, catching the kid in extremum.

The boy blinks and gets back up. As if nothing had happened, he starts jumping again.

“Papa, I need this hat!!!”

“Hm…” Yoongi lets out, an overly attentive expression on his face. “In exchange, will you clean your room?” he asks.

Jungkook stops moving. A few seconds pass.

He takes a deep breath, thoughtful. His eyes fall on the piece of clothing.

“Okay!” he says with determination, holding the hat up.



“Then… fine. It’s yours,” he says, putting the item into the shopping cart.

“YAYY!!” Jungkook exclaims, and he starts running around again.

Yoongi sighs, but he can’t help but grin.


“Stop trying to take your shirt off,” Kim Seokjin demands.

“But it’s too warm…” Jimin says with a pout.

“I know, love,” Jin replies, picking the boy up. “But it’s not warm enough to only wear one layer. Plus, this looks really cute on you.”

Jimin glances down at his chick hoodie and puffs his cheeks.

“You’re the cutest cutiepie!” Jin declares, pulling the hood on his kid’s fluffy hair.

“But Daddy, it’s too hot!”

“Shush,” Jin retorts with a half-smile. “You wouldn’t want you to catch a cold, now, would you?”

Jimin shakes the hood away and Jin sighs, giving up. Holding Jimin with his left arm, he somehow manages to get out of the house in one piece. He walks to the car.

“Good morning, boss,” the chaffeur greets him.


As he’s pulling the seatbelt across his boy’s belly, Jin notices the kid is avoiding eye contact.

You can’t be serious,” he thinks.

“Are you mad at me…?” Jin asks.





No answer.

“Ah…” Jin lets out. “I was going to bake you some cookies tonight, but since you’re mad at me…”

Jimin slowly turns his head. They stare at each other.

“With chocolate chips?” the boy asks in a small voice.

Jin smirks. “Loads of it.”

Jimin purses his lips and slowly pulls his hood up.


Jungkook hides behind Yoongi’s leg, peeking at the stranger before him.

“Is there anything we should know?” the woman asks Yoongi.

“Well,” he replies. “He’s a bit shy… And, you know, we just moved here, so he’s still a bit disoriented.”

“I can see that,” she chuckles.

They talk a bit, and already it’s time for Yoongi to leave. He carefully pushes little Jungkook towards the woman.

“I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“But…” the boy breathes, lips trembling.

Yoongi bends down to Jungkook’s level.

“Hey…” he breathes, putting a hand against the other’s cheek. “You’re gonna met new friends, and it’s going to be fun, I swear. I’ll be back before you know it. Okay?”

“Papa…” Jungkook says, his eyes watery.

Yoongi kisses his forehead.

“I have to go. I love you, and I’ll come pick you up as soon as I can.”


Yoongi’s lips curve into his cheeks. “Promise.”


The new daycare’s employee bows when Jin comes into the room. They politely chat for a minute, but Jin can tell she’s uncomfortable. It’s almost like “CEO” is written in neon letters above his head. He excuses himself.  

“Bye, Daddy!” Jimin shouts.

Jin gently pats his head. “I’ll see you in a bit, lil’ mochi.”


The fact that the coffee is still too hot doesn’t stop Yoongi from taking a long sip. The amount of social interaction a first day at work demands is truly draining.

And lunchtime hasn’t even passed yet,” he thinks as he offers a forced smile to an umptieth new colleague.


Kim Seokjin loosens his tie. It’s been a long day.

He walks towards the daycare center. Jin’s eyebrows dart up when he hears loud voices and cries. His pace quickens.

“-can’t stay here forever, Kookie!”

“Yes, I can!”

“You’ll be back tomorrow! Now, come on, take your backpack. We’re going home.”

“No, no, no!”

Jin arrives at the scene, head slightly tilted. Before him, a man is crouching next to a little boy… who appears to be holding Jimin’s hand.

“What’s the matter?” Jin questions, taking a step forward.

The daycare’s employee jumps. “Sir! I- I didn’t see you enter. We, uh- We’re having a bit of trouble…”

“I can see that,” Jin replies, and the employee blushes furiously. “No, I didn’t mean-” He pauses, internally sighing. “Jiminie, what are you doing?”

“I’m playing with my friend Kookie.”

The man who was talking to the pair turns to Jin.

“This is your kid?” he asks.

Jin blinks. Strange. People rarely even look him in the eye, and this man talks to him in such a familiar manner.

“Yup,” Jin answers.

“Then, can you help me out? They won’t stop holding hands!”


“Kookie won’t let go of your kid’s hand! He wants to… Uh- I’m not actually sure what he wants.”

“I wanna stay with Chimchim!” the boy declares, and Jimin nods with vigor.

“I already told you-”

“But I like Chimchim! I wanna be with him!”

The man turns to Seokjin, an exhausted expression upon his face. “Help,” he mouths.

Jin remains silent a few moments, taking in the absurdity of the situation.

“You wanna stay with Kookie too, Jimin?” Seokjin asks.


“How much?”

“Hmmm,” Jimin mumbles. “As much as I love you!”

A laughter escapes Jin’s lips, and he turns to the other boy’s father.

“What your name?” he inquires.

“Me? Uh- It’s Min Yoongi.”

“Yoongi…” Jin says thoughtfully. “What about dinner?”



A silence.

“We could eat out together with the kids. On me.”

Yoongi appears confused.

“Do you happen to have plans tonight?” Jin inquires.

“N-no, but-”

“Then it’s settled!” Jin says with a grin.

Yoongi is too stunned to reply. By the time he has gathered his wits, the children are uttering happy shouts. Eyes on Jungkook’s beaming face, Yoongi feels his protest die in his throat.

“Shall we?” Jin asks, already holding his son’s bag.

Yoongi hesitates. He takes a last look at Jungkook.

He’s got me wrapped around his little finger…” he thinks.

“Well?” Jin questions.

“Sure… Let’s go.”


Little Jungkook is soundly sleeping on the side of the booth. His head is leaning against Jimin, who has drool dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“They’re pretty goddam adorable, aren’t they?” Jin whispers, bringing Yoongi back to reality.

Yoongi takes a few seconds to answer, observing the kids. “They sure are…”

The children breath regularly, strands of hair falling on their foreheads.

“I could watch him sleep for hours,” Jin murmurs.

“You don’t even know how much I relate to that statement,” Yoongi says with a soft chuckle.

They remain silent, smiling.

“So…” Jin says, and Yoongi turns to him.


“Is it time to head home?”

“Oh,” Yoongi lets out flatly. “I guess it’s getting late-”

“Unless you want to chat.”

Yoongi opens his mouth. Closes it. Lightly frowns.

Jin feels his cheeks heat up. “Not that you have to, of course, I just mean that- well, I thought since you’re new and all I could uh- tell you how things are around here and- and all that… You know…”

He mentally slaps himself and thinks of what an idiot he is… But then Yoongi’s lips curl up, and Jin’s mind goes blank.

“Why not?” Yoongi lets out.

I love to write about smol!bts so much asdfghjkl :’)) Thanks to @yorlenisama for her beautiful fanarts and to @weakforjin on twitter for the basic idea ♥

The Pirate: Esme ‘The Raider’ Blackbeard (Part 2)

Title: The Pirate: Esme ‘The Raider’ Blackbeard (Part 2)

Originally posted by lindsemorgans

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Author: Gráinne x

Summary: Part 2 of Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand. Reader has gone to Auradon with her younger sister Evie although something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps because she doesn’t have Harry.

A/N: I swear I never meant for this to turn into a mini-series basically. But this has given me so much to work with I just couldn’t fit it into one or two parts. So Yes, there will be more because I’ve so much to give for this. I hope you like this one like you liked the last one. Your love for the first part has been amazing. Enjoy. x

Part One/ 

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Maisey’s Diner

Summary: You and Cas can’t wait to get back to your motel to get a piece of each other.
A/N: This is one of my creations that happens in less than an hour so you know it’s good! (hopefully) <3
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Warnings: Language, Public Sex, and I think that’s it?
Word Count: 1,894


You knew that it wasn’t an innocent request when Castiel told you that you should wear a skirt to dinner. But during the rush of getting into this town for a hunt after a long drive mixing together with being extremely hungry, you didn’t think much of it.

That is until you were about halfway through your sandwich, and Cas’ hand was slowly but surely creeping up your thigh.

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Hell on Earth: Too Good (Part 2)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester, Crowley 

Length: 2295+ words

TW: Mentions of Torture, Rape, Child Abuse, Child Soldiers, Etc.

A/N: Nothing, but cute fluff here! 

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

Sam walked into the kitchen, laptop in hand. “So get this-“

“Let Garth send someone else,” Dean cut him off, taking a big gulp of his coffee.

“Dean, it sounds like demons.”

The eldest Winchester shrugged.

Sam eyed his brother, and took a seat in front of him. “I know you don’t want to leave Y/N in the bunker, but-“

“We’re not leaving her. End of story, Sam.”

“We can take her with us.”

“No,” Dean said sharply. “This is not up for debate.”

Sam sighed, knowing he wouldn’t get anywhere with his overprotective brother. He had someone else to take care of now, and his instinct to protect was showing more than ever. So, he made his way to Y/N’s room, hoping she could understand his perspective better than his brother did. He walked to the hall, bumping into someone on the way.

“Oh, Y/N! I was just about to see you,” Sam said with a smile.

She looked at his like a deer in the headlights. Eyes wide with fear, and her body shaking. She immediately stumbled a few steps back. “I- I’m sorry! I-I di-didn’t mean to- P-Please don’t hu-hurt me!”

Sam looked confused for a bit, wondering why she was so terrified of him bumping into her when he realized she must have heard the conversation. “It’s okay,” he said softly and calmly. “You’re not in trouble.”

“What’s going on here?” Dean asked, walking past his brother, and leaning down to the girl’s figure. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

She shook her head, fleeing it to her room.

“Dammit, Sam. What happened?”

“I think she was listening to our conversation, and thought she would be in trouble when I caught her.”

“Dammit,” Dean cursed, running his hand through his hair. “She’ll never leave her bedroom now.”

“Dean, I’m sure-“

Dean didn’t wait to hear the rest of what his brother had said, he followed Y/N to her room. He knocked on the door a few times before calling out for her, "Y/N? I’m coming in.” He slowly opened the door, not wanting to startle her. The room was empty, but he could hear sniffles from the small closet. “Y/N, I’m gonna open the closet door, okay? I’m not going to hurt you.” He opened the closet door, his heart breaking when he saw her figure stuffed at the corner, making herself as small as possible. “Oh, sweetheart. It’s okay. We’re not going to hurt you.” He went on his knees, opening his arms. “I’m going to get you out, okay? It’s not good for you to stay in here.”

“N-No,” she cried, shaking her head.

“Okay, okay.” Dean quickly retreated back. “I’m going to stay here. You can come out when you’re ready, okay?” He leaned on the slab of wall beside the closet, his hand purposely inside the small room for her to take when she’s ready. After a few minutes of small sniffles, he called her again. “Y/N?”

She didn’t answer, but he felt her warm hands grasp his fingers. Dean smiled, taking her hand in his, and helping her up from the closet.

“You okay, sweetheart?”

Y/N nodded, wiping the rest of the tears from her face with her free hand. Dean moved his hand to wrap around her shoulders, leading her to the kitchen once again.

“You still need to eat.” He brought over a plate of food, and placed it in front of her.

“You should go,” she said quietly, putting a small amount of eggs into her mouth.

“What was that?” Dean asked, missing her words.

“That hunt. You should go,” she repeated. “I can stay here.”

Dean sighed. “I don’t want to leave you alone just yet.”

“I will be good. I will stay here. I won’t touch anything. I won’t go anywhere. I will be good.”

Dean’s eyebrows were furrowed. Her speech sounded too perfect, as if she’s been rehearsing the same sentences for years. His face softened when he realized she must’ve rehearsed when she was still with the demon. “I’m not worried about you doing anything bad,” he said slowly, reaching out to grab her hand. “I’m worried if you will be okay by yourself.”

She titled her head, not understanding. “O… Okay?”

“If I leave I’m going to be worried if you’ll be safe, if you’ll eat and drink enough, if you’ll sleep well- things like that.”

“I will be okay.” She squeezed his hand, and smiled.

But, Dean was sure she wasn’t going to be okay. So later when she retreated back to her room, he approached Sam.

“I’m not going to leave her alone,” Dean said. “Call Garth, tell him to call someone to go with you.”


“End of discussion.”

“What are you afraid of? The bunker is the safest place in the world!” Sam exclaimed, exasperated at his brother’s stubbornness.

“What am I afraid of? This girl has gone through hell, and was raised to be invisible. The first night here, we had to convince her to eat because she was never allowed to eat. Do you think she’ll eat if we’re gone?”

“We can bring her with us.”

Dean scoffed. “And risk her getting kidnapped by demons again? They’re going to take her for leverage once they see us with her, and I am not taking that risk.”

“Look, I care about her too, but we can’t just ignore our job out there!”

“OUR job, Sam?! Our job is never going to end. You think if we kill those demons, we’ll be done?”

“What about those innocent people-”

“What about Y/N?”

“I’m just saying, Dean-” Sam cut himself off when he saw her by the door, eyes wide with fear.

Dean must have noticed his brother’s attention diverted somewhere else. “Y/N, go back to your room. You don’t need to hear this.”

“I think she can speak for herself,” Sam argued.

“There’s nothing to discuss.”

“Please, just go,” she begged. “I will be good, I promise.”

Dean turned to face her, his eyes and posture were non-threatening. “Sweetheart-”

“Please, Dean?” She was pleading with him to go. She hated the fact that she was putting a wedge between the brothers. “I will be good. I’ll eat, and sleep.”


She nodded. “I promise.”

“Fine, but I’m calling you everyday.” He turned to face Sam. “We’re leaving in ten minutes.”

Sam nodded, knowing now was not the time to argue with his brother any longer. The eldest Winchester left the room, leaving her with the hazel eyed man. He gave her an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry you had to hear that, Y/N. I really do care about you.”

“I understand,” she mumbled, keeping her head down. 

“We’ll be back before Thankgiving. I promise.” He ruffled her hair, smiling down at her, and she knew he was sincere about his intentions. 

She nodded, offering him a smile before leaving his room so he could pack.

The boys said their goodbyes, and she waved them off, sighing a breath of relief once the door slammed closed.

You know what you have to do now. 

The voice told her, and she nodded mindlessly. She went to her room, grabbing her backpack, throwing in a few clothes- not wanting to take too much, and left the bunker. She knew she was holding back the brother by staying with them, so she ran. There was no way she could say with them. They were going to grow to hate her, and hurt her- like everyone else.


That night when Dean called you, you were on a deserted park. He told you they had arrived at their destination, and you told him that you were just reading some books from the library. Your heart stuttered when he asked you what you ate, and you remembered the bread in the pantry, so you told him you made a sandwich. He seemed satisfied with the answer, and left you alone. You slept for a few hours in the park, and left before dusk. You had no destination in mind. You were just walking aimlessly around. Dean called in the morning, but you ignored him, picking up only near noon when you made an excuse that you overslept. He again asked what you were going to eat, and you told him you were going to finish the other half of the sandwich.

“Y/N, dear,” a voice interrupted your train of thought.

Your skin crawled, but you relaxed when you turned to see who it was. “Crowley!”

“What are you doing out here?” he asked. “Why are you not at the bunker?”

“I ran away,” you answered quietly, looking at the ground.

“Why?” He walked over so he could lift your chin with his finger. “What did those boys do?!”

“N-Nothing!” you answered quickly. “Please don’t be mad at them!”

“Why the hell didn’t they stop you from leaving?”

“They don’t know… They’re on a case.”

“So they left you alone?!”

“Dean calls me everyday, and Sam texts me to keep me company.” You pointed to your phone.

Crowley sighed, knowing that it probably wasn’t an easy decision for Dean to have left you alone. “C’mon, you’re staying with me. Squirrel and Moose will have a heart attack once they realize that you’re not in the bunker.”

“I shouldn’t.” You shook your head, biting on your bottom lip. I don’t want to bother you.”

“You’re not. Now c’mon.” With a snap of his finger, you were underground. You took in your new surroundings, seeing the bricked walls, with candles hanging from them, and you whimpered in fear. “What’s wrong?”

“This is where they tortured me.”

“Nothing is going to hurt you anymore. Look at me,” he instructed softly.

Your eyes met his, and he smiled.

“I promise you, nothing will hurt you anymore. Not while I’m around, okay?”

You nodded, trailing behind him as he led you to a room. It was quite dark, but had a sense of home.

“You can stay here. If you need anything, you let me know, okay?”

So, you stayed there for a week, telling Dean that you were safe, and you were eating well. It wasn’t a complete lie, but not completely true either. Crowley would come, and spend some time with you, bringing different kinds of board games. He downloaded a few games on your phone as well, teaching you how to use it. He was surprised that the boys never taught you, but was happy that he could be the one to help you. Soon, these walls didn’t remind you of torture anymore. They reminded you of Crowley, and the different games he brought to you, not to mention, the food he brought. Unlike Dean, he never pushed you to eat more than you wanted to, or the voices wanted you to.

It’s been a week after you left when you got a phone call from Dean.

“Y/N, where the hell are you?!” he asked impatiently.

“I-In the bunker,” you replied.

“Bullshit. We’re here right now. I’ve ransacked the place, and you’re not here. So, I’m going to ask again, where are you?”

“With Crowley,” you replied in a small voice. 

There was a few heartbeat of silence before he spoke again. “Tell him to get his ass over here. Now.” 

Crowley put a hand on your shoulder. You blinked, and you were in the bunker again.

Dean was pacing in front of the couch where Sam was sitting, his fingers running through his hair.

“Oh don’t get your panties in a twist, Squirrel,” Crowley said with a hint of amusement, rolling his eyes. “Little bird is safe.”

You were hiding behind Crowley, hoping that Dean won’t be too mad at you. Dean took a step forward, but Crowley stopped him.

“You’re scaring her.”

Dean peered over Crowley’s figure, trying to get you to notice him. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said softly, opening his arms. “I’m not mad at you, Y/N. I just need to know you’re safe.”

You approached him hesitantly, standing in front of him, but not meeting his eyes. His fingers fluttered across your arms, as if to make sure you were physically there. He bent down, trying to meet your eyes.

“I’m not mad at you,” he repeated, offering you a smile. You smiled back, and he straightened his posture, acknowledging Crowley again. “Why the hell did you take her out of the bunker?”

“I didn’t.” Crowley shrugged.

Your eyes widened in fear, you shook your head, begging him not to tell Dean.

“I’m sorry, little bird, but they have the right to know.”

“The hell is going on?” Dean demanded.

“Little bird ran away from the bunker.”

“What? Why?”

Crowley looked at you expectantly, seeing as he never forced the answer out of you.

“I didn’t wanna bother you guys anymore,” you answered quietly. “So I left.”

“And, I found her wandering around the city.”

“You could’ve gotten hurt, Y/N,” Sam said in a disappointed tone.

“Speak for yourself- I would never let her get hurt,” Crowley hissed. “I took her back to hell.” He paused. “Well that didn’t sound as nice as it did in my head.”

Your face brightened, and you nodded. “Crowley played games with me! He taught me how to play!”

“I’m glad you had fun, love, but you have to stay here now.” Crowley patted your head. “You’re safer here now.”

Your face fell, and you frowned.

“I promise I’ll visit.” He kissed the top of your head, and snapped, leaving you with the boys.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, lowering your head once more.

“You really scared us,” Sam lectured, kneeling down in front of you so he could look into your eyes. “And you’re not being a burden by staying with us. You don’t have to leave for that reason.”

“Sweetheart, we just want you to be safe, and we can’t keep you safe unless we know where you are,” Dean added. 

“I understand.” You nodded your head in compliance.

(Part 3) 

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royed week / day 2: time travel

Ed exhales raggedly, then reaches into his shirt and tugs his necklace off. When he opens his palm, Roy can see what’s attached to the black string. It’s a golden ring.

“Doesn’t really stay on my automail. Take it,” he says. “To remember me by, or whatever. Maybe even give it to me someday, although then you’d have to explain why it’s all old and scratched and not brand new.”

Roy takes the ring as Ed’s hand crumbles away into ash.

for @artenon’s beautiful time travel fic that broke me into a thousand pieces please please please read it over here, IT’S SO GOOD, i Cried

anonymous asked:

I started reading I Bloomed for You a while ago because you posted it a while ago (I saw you posted about the update today which was sO GOOD??!? im in tears halp) so thank you so much for introducing me to it!! Do you have any other kookie angst of hurt/comfort fics you've read that are good? I'm having trouble finding good fics. Thanks!!

OMG I’m so glad you liked it! Come cry with me T^T I haven’t cried over a fic in a while but the angst is really freaking real and I will cry you a river. I feel like I’ve read a lot of hurt/comfort fics but I’m totally blanking out on a lot of them. But here are some I remember!

When Control Is A Grey Area AO3, Complete, JungkookxEveryone, please beware of the trigger warnings though!

This Series AO3, Ongoing, I remember I read these series of Taekook fics awhile ago and they were like really smutty but near the newest installments, it got really freaking angsty and I’m still waiting on that comfort. 

Red AO3, Oneshot, Yoonjin, basically a twist on the red string of fate au and I loved the angst

Let’s See Where We Wake Up Tomorrow AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, this is another fic I cried too, temporary character death. 

Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too) AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, I really love my jikook hurt/comfort okay.

Golden Boy AO3, Complete, Namkook, oh boy the angst in this (buffered by smut).

Marrow AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, a classic angst, I forget if there’s a happy ending.

Sometimes the moon looks brighter than the sun AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, Jungkook finally has someone to wipe his tears away. 

Hanahaki Disease AO3, Oneshot, Sugakookiemin, I love hanahaki especially when kookie has it (why do I hurt my bias this way). 

Why Can’t You See AO3, Complete, Junghope, I looooooved the angst in this, it’s my favorite kind of angst, broken yoon/seok.

How an Ariel Cartwheel Can Change Everything AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, Gymnast au, kind of like the we broke apart and got back together trope, Jimin has a thing with a girlfriend and cue hurt but things work out. 

Yeah, i’m totally blanking on the hurt/comfort fics I’ve read but I hope these suffice even a little bit!

Bad teacher. (Alex Standall)

Title: Bad teacher.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: heeyyy i love your account and was wondering if i could get an alex standall imagine when y/n has a panic attack in class and texts alex and he meets her in the hallway and helps calm her down?? if not that’s chill but if you do thank you!! have a great day :)            

Word Count: 800 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Bad teacher, bad grade, principal’s office.

Warning: Panic Attack (it’s on a low level, but I want you to be prepared in case it can hurt someone’s sensibility.)

Author’s Note: I love you all. Continue requesting. I felt like I kind of familiarize with this one because once I had a problem with​ a teacher. And it ended a little messed up. Also, I’m having a lot of trouble with my laptop. It’s just doesn’t work like it should, so it’s harder for me to post. I’m sorry. On Wednesday, I’m not posting anything because it’s my birthday ;) I’ll keep you informed when I’ll post.

Two hours of this class, I never liked it. The teacher hated me, a lot. He always stared at me for an hour while everyone else did the examples he wrote on the board. Then, when I finished mine, he said they were wrong and he never signed anything I did. He thought how bad student I was, and told the director I should reconsider another school to study Maths.

Every week I had this class, I freaked out. I tried to skip class, but Alex always told me it wasn’t the best. Now, here I was.

“Y/n, he wrote your name on the board.” Sheri whispered to me and I at first surprised.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, would you make me a favor and tell me what did you do for homework?” He said rudely.

“We had to-” Everyone was looking at me, and some started giggling. “Check the exam you gave us. With-” The teacher stood up and made a weird noise from his throat.

“I’m tired of you, Mrs. Y/L/N. You can never do something good. I ask you to do a simple task, and you can’t even do that. Are you sure you can even think?”

Some girls at the front laughed and I had some tears coming out already. He laughed again.

“Someone can answer me that question? Because it looks like Y/n, can't​ do it.” He ended and Sheri took my hand.

No matter how much I studied, he just didn’t like me. He wasn’t like this with everyone, only with me. Sheri held me stronger and I felt so weak at that moment. Tears already were on my face and my hands were shaking. The teacher stood up and start to deliver the past exams. I studied really hard and I knew I had a good result.

“Here’s your exam. You’re so silly.” He said while I took my exam from his hands.

I got an F. Really? I studied hard enough for this test, this must be wrong. But unfortunately, before any words came to me, tears arrived first. Something was stuck in my throat. I felt my mouth drier than usual and it was getting harder to breath.

“Sheri, I need to go out.” I told her and she nodded.

I stood up and walk to his seat trying to clean my face.

“Can I go out?” I whispered and he laughed.

“Get out of my class, you’re not doing anything anyways.” He pushed me a little and I went to the corridor on my way to the bathroom.

“Y/n?” Alex’s voice interrupted me. But I tried to keep walking. “Hey.” He touched my arm and pushed me against his chest, and I hugged him. “Clay, can you leave us?”

Clay was here too? Now he saw me crying, but Alex’s chest was comforting. He caressed my back slowly and rested his jaw on my head.

“Hey, I’m here. What happened?” He continued hugging me but I cried again. “You want some water?” I nodded and he took his water bottle out. “Here is some paper.” I cleaned my nose and handled him my exam. He opened the paper and looked confused at it. “First of everything, are feeling better? Take some chocolate.” He gave me a chocolate bar he had in his pocket. “You’ll feel better, I promise.”

I grabbed it carefully, and take a bite of it. He took from his backpack a notebook and take out a paper. Then started to compare it with my exam.

“Come with me.” I held his hand, and we walked. He holding the two sheets of paper, and holding my hand while I ate his chocolate bar. We arrived at the principal office but he never stopped holding me. “Hey, can we talk to the principal?” He announced to the principal's​ secretary. I ended his chocolate bar and he touched carefully my hand. “I promise you’ll be fine.” We waited around 20 minutes, not doing anything just sitting there. Alex holding my hand all the time, or hugging me. I just wanted to have him with all during everything. Sheri texted me, but I ignore the notification and continued waiting with Alex.

We entered with the principal. And he saw us with a concerned look. I had a messed up make up, and Alex looked angry. His grin was usually calm, but this time he wasn’t like the principal expected.

“We have a problem with a teacher.” Alex stated and he put the two pages on the table. “This are the same questions, both are our exams but hers has a bad grade. And it’s unfair.”

And just like that. Mom came to see the situation, the teacher got mad, and they finally took me out of his class.

Alex stayed all day there, holding my hand.

Let's Try Something

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader (pre established relationship)

Requested by: @brooke0297

Warnings: smut, shower sex, unprotected sex (use condoms y'all), cursing, drinking, Barry being a gentleman, oral sex, mirror usage, slight Dom!barry

Prompt: “They always make shower sex so appealing, but honestly this is getting dangerous.”

A/n: First request! Happy to see people taking an interest in my imagines! Thanks! Hope you like it :)

You and Barry had just come back from a really nice dinner. He took you out as an apology for missing so many others because of Flash work. You told him it was alright as long as he’s saving people, otherwise you’d be pissed. Tonight, he didn’t get called away, interrupting your laugh at a cute joke he told you. Tonight he didn’t get sent away into a situation, that might not let him leave. Tonight, you had fun, with the one you love.

When you two got back, it was all giggles. Well, you wee all giggles. Barry was fine, thanks to his metabolism. You may have had one too many glasses of wine before coming back, and now you were tipsy to say the least.

Barry smiled at you giggles and sat you on the couch, walking away he stated he was going to hop in the shower but you grabbed his belt loops to anchor him in front of you. Suddenly your expression, and his, turned serious. You stood up and kissed him deeply, pulling him closer by his belt loops. You wanted him. He pulled away and tries to push you away. You show him a look of surprise and shame.

“No, Baby, it’s just– you’ve been drinking. I don’t want to take advantage of you like that.” You smile brightly at his statement.

“I’m perfectly fine. It’s not like this is the first time we’ve been together. I want you.”

“But… What about my shower?” He said, pouting.

“I’ll join you.” That sparked a fire in his eyes. Even though you’ve had sex before, you’ve never done anything really… Adventuress? Playful? Kinky. And he was clearly excited about it. Kinky S.O.B.

He grabs your hand and leads you to the bathroom, fast walking while undoing his tie and throwing it somewhere. When he reaches the door he turns around and kisses you lightly, as sweet as it is, you deepen the kiss and pull him closer, undoing his shirt buttons and pushing off his jacket. He reaches behind him and opens the bathroom door, pulling you in, braking the kiss to turn on the water.

He unzips your dress slowly, making sure to have his fingers lightly dance against the newly exposed skin, which sends shivers throughout your body. He pushes down the straps of your dress to see you’re not wearing any underwear or a bra, which draws a growl from his throat. He unzips his pants and pulls them down along with his boxers, his erection springing free.

He takes your hand and pulls you into the warm shower. Once in, he pushes you against the wall which causes you to slip and let out a Yelp. Thankfully, Barry catches you before you fall in the ground.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” He asks worriedly grabbing your face between his hands. As response you kiss his lips slowly. He returns the kiss and not much longer the mood returns. He attaches his mouth to your nipple, causing you to arch your back and moan in pleasure. You lace your fingers through his hair and tug lightly.

He returns to your face and you drop to your knees in front of him. You grab his length in your hand and lick off the precum forming at the tip, then lick a long stride along the bottom. He cries out as you lick the sensitive vein on his length and his knees start to buckle. He stumbles back into the wall, in the process almost falling.

“They always make shower sex so appealing, but honestly this is getting dangerous.” He laughs at your honesty.

“Yeah, I hate to be like this but, can we like not in here? It’s scary.” You giggle and take his hand, turning off the water.

You grab a towel and start to wipe him down, paying special attention to his lower regions. Once you’re done, he takes the towel and does the same to you, playing with your boobs in the process. When he’s done he looks at your face and bites his lip.

“Can we… Try something?” He asks worriedly. You furrow your brows in confusion. Has the sex really been that bad?

“Uhm, yeah, sure.” He smiles brightly and then picks you up. You let out a squeak in surprise. He places your knees on the counter in front of the mirror.

“I want you to see how beautiful and sexy you are when you come. I want you to see what I see.” He starts to rub your clit in circles which causes you to close your eyes in delight. Then, you feel his hand stop. He puts his head on your shoulder and your open your eyes in annoyance at the loss of contact. You look into his eyes silently asking why. “Keep your eyes open.” You quickly nod your head and he continues to rub circles.

He takes his fingers and inserts them into you which causes you to moan loudly. His thumb is still rubbing your clit as he starts to pump his fingers in and out. He kisses and nips at your shoulder lightly. You looked into your own reflection. Barry completely having his way with you turns you on, but watching it, makes you come. And you come hard. He works your through your climax then pulls out his fingers and let’s you down. You lean against the counter, trying to catch your breath.

“Did you like that, baby?” He asks, pushing the hair out of your face and kissing your forehead. You nod your head yes, because of your shortness of breath. “Mm, I did too.”

He picks you up again, but this time only sits your on the counter. He spreads your legs open and this time gets on his knees. He laps at your folds, cleaning you up in a way, but only making more of a mess. You grab his hair as he sucks on your sensitive clit. He continues to suck, then with one last lick, separates and stands back up. He grabs his own length and lines up with your entrance. He pushes into slowly, giving you time to adjust to his size.

“You feel so good, baby… All mine… God, yours so pretty…” He thrusts in and out, getting faster with each thrust until you’re coming again. Then, his thrusts get sloppier he comes too. You can feel his hot seed filling you as you come down from your climax.

He pulls out and pulls you off the counter. You wrap your arms around his torso and rest your head as you try to catch your breath again. He’s also breathing heavily but he treats you like you’re priority number one, which is correct to him. He picks you up bridal style and brings you to the bedroom where he lays you down, then lies beside you.

Once you both catch your breath, you snuggle closer to him and rest your head and hand on his bare chest (A/n his Barr chest haha).

“I love you, (Y/n).” You hear right before you drift into a blissful sleep.

la douleur exquise (3)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


Appearance of another EXO member

I’d be lying to myself if I said that I didn’t enjoy work since it was a rewarding job to say the least. The company was extremely well known and I had met a lot of very important people in the business world. The only thing that I could live without was the awkwardness I felt whenever I was around Sehun, and I didn’t think that it was going to end anytime soon. I still felt like he was teasing me whenever I was alone with him in his office.

I’ve already been here just under a month and I have already learned a lot about how Sehun has changed since the time we were together. Most of the things I heard about him was from Jay since she has worked for him for about 6 months now and the rest I’ve picked up myself.

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zeldawrecks  asked:

Heyyy can you write a fluffy piece where betty surprises jug on his birthday and they spend the day together :D (Isn't his birthday coming up in the show) Thank you!

Hey, I hope you like this!

This is a little AU in the fact that Archie is totally okay with Bughead (since we don’t know how he feels about that yet).

Here we go. HUGE shout-out to @tewgrunge​ because she basically came up with everything.

Birthday Surprise

Betty and Archie had gone over the plan several times - Jughead was going to spend the day with Archie and Fred Andrews. Fred was going to let them sleep in, cook them breakfast (aka his special Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes at noon), then Jughead would open his presents from Fred and Archie. He and Archie would spend a few more hours together, then Archie would make sure Jughead was outside of Pop’s Choklit Shoppe at 5:30 sharp.

Betty smoothed her floral print dress over her torso, hooked her purse over her shoulder, and made her way out her front door.

She made her way to Pop’s, ushering her surprise guests into a booth at the back. She made sure they were comfortable, then went back outside to meet Jughead at the doors.

At exactly 5:30, Jughead strolled up in front of Betty. She smiled, then quickly stood behind him and covered his eyes with her hands. “No peeking.”  She murmured.

Jughead laughed. “Bets, it’s Pop’s. Plus you can barely reach my eyes.”

“You shush,” Betty smiled. “Just walk.”

“Yes ma’am.” Jughead laughed again and walked toward the entrance.

“Open the door, right in front of you,” Betty guided from behind.

Jughead opened the door, walked a few steps, then paused, waiting for Betty to direct him again.

She had him turn to the right, take a few steps, then pause.

“Okay,” She murmured, taking her eyes off his eyes. “Surprise.”

Jughead’s eyes narrowed in on the booth at the back. “Mom?” He said in awe. “Jellybean?!”

“Juggie!” Jellybean cried happily from the booth, running to hug her big brother.

“Heya,  Jel,” Jughead murmured, smoothing his little sisters hair back as he embraced her.

“What are you guys doing here?” Jughead said happily, guiding his sister and girlfriend over to the booth.

“Well,” His mom smiled. “Your girlfriend here reached out to us. Seeing you on your birthday is important, honey.”

Jughead slid in across from his mom, gripping her hand as he did so.

The four of them ordered their food, catching up and laughing the entire time.

“How long are you staying?” Jughead asked, mid-bite of his burger.

“We have a room at Sweetwater Inn for the night. You can spend tonight with Betty and all day with J.B. and me tomorrow. Betty and I arranged it,” Gladys laughed.

When Gladys was finished eating, she tried to wave Pop Tate over to pay.

Betty shook her head. “It’s been taken care of,” She smiled weakly.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been taken care of,” Betty laughed. “You came all the way down here. It’s the least I could do.”

Mrs. Jones knew there was no use arguing - Betty was obviously smart enough to pay ahead of time.

Jughead said his goodbyes to Gladys and Jellybean, promising his little sister he’d see her in just a few hours.

Betty kissed Jughead on the cheek, taking the last sip of her milkshake as she slid out of the booth.

“I left a book I need at school, will you walk with me?”

“Of course,” Jughead smiled, grabbing Betty’s hand as they left Pop’s.

“So where’s this book?” Jughead murmured as they ambled the halls of the school.

“Just in here,” Betty answered, pointing towards the office of The Blue and Gold.

Jughead smiled, grabbing Betty’s hand and pulling her into the room, flicking on the light.

There were black, blue and gold streamers intertwined throughout the room, balloons in each corner, and a stack of cupcakes on Jughead’s work space.

“How did you get this?” Jughead gasped as he saw the old projector from the Drive-In stationed in the middle of the room.

Betty shrugged. “I begged Mayor McCoy.” She smiled.

Jughead saw pillows propped on the floor, a wrapped present in the center of a blanket.

“What movie do you have set up for us?” Jughead smiled, embracing Betty.

“Harry Potter.”

Jughead burst out laughing.

“What!” Betty protested.

Jughead kissed the tip of her nose. “Nothing, nothing! I’m excited, I love Harry Potter. I just… wasn’t expecting Harry Potter.”

Betty tried to look mad. “You better not be making fun of me,” She smiled.

Jughead shook his head. “Never,” He kissed her lips gently, then plopped down on the blanket. “Can I open my present now?”

Betty nodded, sitting next to him.  Jughead gently took off the bow and stuck it to Betty’s head, then ripped the paper off.

Jughead held the books in his hands.

“It’s a signed limited-edition copy from 1948.” Betty explained. “It’s two volumes.” She murmured, noticing Jughead hadn’t said a word yet. “Crime and Punishment. It’s your favorite book, right?”

Jughead nodded. “Betty this must have cost you a fortune.”

Betty shook her head, blushing. “No, not a fortune. I got a deal. Really, Jughead.” She inched closer to him, touching his arm. “I know that you’ve never really… gotten presents. I just wanted to make your birthday special. Do you like it?”

Jughead opened the book, a card slipping out.

‘Happy Birthday, Jughead.



“Oh, I almost forgot.” Betty said, reaching behind her for her purse. “This is from my parents.” She handed him a gift certificate for Pop’s.

“This is too much, Bets.” Jughead whispered, setting the book down.

Betty shook her head slightly. “Jughead you deserve the entire world.”

Jughead slowly caressed Betty’s cheek, pulling her into a kiss. “Thank you,” He whispered.

“You’re welcome,” She smiled. “Now, you’ll have to put the movie on because I have no idea how to work that machine.”

Jughead laughed and got to his feet, sliding things into place and pressing the correct buttons.

He got back on the floor with Betty and put his arm around her, pulling her closer.


“Mm?” She murmured.

“This is the best birthday I’ve ever had.”