here she just has to be natasha

Prompt: Maria likes to read

Maria enjoys reading in her spare time and Natasha has gotten used to finding the odd book stuffed in her go bag just incase there’s some down time.  It’s how Natasha finds herself reading Othello on her way back from a mission when her phone rings.  

“So I’m sitting here trying to read chapter twelve in my Alexander McCall Smith book…..” says Maria over the phone.  Natasha doesn’t recall the book off hand, but Maria’s tone says she’s missing something.  

“Okay, wait… trying?”  

“Yeah it looks like everything past page 237 seems to be stuck together and stained.  A rusty and reddish stain?  Like it was used to apply pressure to a wound?”  

Oh….that.  She’d meant to torch that book.  Maria loves her books and that new book smell.  

“Um… you don’t say?”  It didn’t look like she’d be able to talk her way out of this one.  There hadn’t been anything else to use!  Except maybe her pack.  But that was her lucky pack….   

This would not end well…


Natasha + Guilt

  • what she said:I'm fine
  • what she meant:Carmilla the series just wrapped its final season and the cast is posting heartfelt, emotional sign offs for the show on social media and I'm sitting alone in my room sobbing because this show did so many good things and also because Natasha posted a snapchat story crying about wrapping even though in the past she has said that she doesn't know how to cry and Elise has yet to say anything about wrapping the show so it's only bound to get more emotional from here

Natasha: …You’re still here.
Ana: That stray is sticking around, thanks to you.
Natasha: A lonely neighborhood for a cat, I suppose, Ana.
Ana: Yes. A lonely neighborhood, for all creatures. But this one waits for you, I think.
Natasha: I can’t let you in, I’m sorry. That’s one mistake I won’t make twice.

I think a lot has been made of Natasha’s commitment to loneliness, to what degree she is or is not a broken, solitary bird. In the case of this panelset, though, I think it is wise to remember the context. She’s just come back from a mission where she defeated the bad guy, but not before he killed some acquaintences of hers, people she seemed to like and genuinely wanted to help. Natasha stands in violent spaces, and people who keep too close do get hurt. That is the nature of her name: a black widow brings death to her lovers. Natasha has done bad things and holds that part of her regret close, but she is also fundamentally a survivor, and that carries its own guilt.

That Natasha feels this, and sees herself in some stabbing instances as a curse and a danger to the people around her is, to me, more proof that she’s working than proof that she’s broken.

Natasha names the cat Liho, in Slavic mythology the name of a creature of bad luck, ill will, misfortune. Black cats live in fairytales and often appear as omens, or at the side of witches. Liho is bad luck, and it is bad luck to be around Natasha. Misfortune is literally waiting for her. There’s a Russian idiom— не буди лихо, пока оно тихо— that means something like “let sleeping dogs lie.” Don’t trouble until trouble troubles you.

The thing is, of course, that Natasha is trouble walking. She can’t stick to the mission, she can’t keep her hands and feet inside the vehicle, she has to do better, has to help, has to keep trying. So of course, she eventually lets the cat in.

From Black Widow #2, by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.

i feel like a lot of people are angry about natasha in this movie for the sole reason that she’s more open and affectionate (esp with bruce) and i’m just like

did you miss the part at the end of cap2 where she literally says she has to reinvent herself and figure out who she is? scarjo even said in an interview  “At this stage, when you see the Widow, she’s – especially in Avengers, these characters all have a past, and hers is a very complex one, where she’s realizing – and it’s kind of a continuation of The Winter Soldier – ‘I’ve never made an active choice. I’m a product of other people’s imposition.’ That’s going to catch up with her. That’s bound to have a huge effect. There’s got to be a result of that realization… You’ll see her actively making some choices in her life, for better or worse.”

like, natasha is finally learning to make decisions for herself that don’t revolve around a command she was given. she’s learning to think for the purposes of her pleasure and nothing else. she’s figuring out what qualities she likes in herself and in others, and pursuing the things that make her happy regardless of if they’re not what people would expect of her

if you’re upset bc your otp was shut down then that’s totally fine - lord knows i’ve been devastated over the canonical wreckage of many a ship in my time - thank the universe for fanfiction. but don’t try and complain about hulkwidow or any other of natasha’s moments being invalid bc she’s a little ooc because that’s literally the point. the bulk of her character up until now has been fabricated and anything new that you see in her personality should feel foreign to see bc it’s just as foreign to her

anyway im gonna stop ranting in italics now but tldr; natasha is still figuring her shit out and just because she’s not exactly the same person she was in the previous movies doesn’t mean her character development is any less valid or natural than anyone else’s

I saw a post saying that people who dislike Black Widow being in a relationship are “part of the problem” and that is so disgusting to me. Women telling women that their critical analysis is wrong and is a part of why sexism flourishes? Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense.

Natasha is a fictional character, she has no agency, so every single thing she does was designed and approved by a man. She isn’t a real life woman who just fell in love. She was purposely paired off with another Avenger, purposely spent the entire movie mooning over him, purposely was made sterile, purposely had that sterility equated to being a monster, purposely taken in order to be saved and then purposely felt dejected about a man who didn’t respect her enough to value her fictional autonomy and pulled the “leaving for your own good” bullshit trope.

Fuck anybody who says the PROBLEM is women who notice this, who realise that these tropes play out over and over again and have the ability and despite to be critical about it. Fuck anybody who thinks that the PROBLEM is people are just mad that she has a romance when they specifically address the problems surrounding the creation of that romance.

Basically fuck anyone who acts like critically thinking women are negative and places the responsibility for the existence sexism on them and not on the deeply unimaginative men who write women in this shallow and unimaginative fashion.

I saw a post whizz by on my dash about a Happy Tony Stark fest and while I am crap at formal fests, I thought “Happy Tony Stark” and immediately thought “post-orgy naptime” so here, have this. Pepper/Tony/Steve/Sam/Bucky/Thor/Bruce/Natasha/Clint and yet only rated PG-13, booyah. 

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Friendly reminder that when Steve first meets Natasha he immediately acknowledges her as “ma'am”. I mean he doesn’t see her as this scary spy or just another pretty face. He treats her with respect like a lady should be treated. He’s been raised and taught to treat a woman with respect and we see it here as he so naturally refers to her as “ma'am”. And it just makes me wonder has she ever been talked to that way? With respect not just as a spy. Not a killer. Not just a hot chick. But as a woman. How many people have looked at her and just treated her with respect out of fear of her being a spy or out of admiration for her body? How many people have treated her as an actual human being with respect just because it’s the right thing to do? She probably never got treated with respect in the Red Room or anywhere else. Yet here is Steve Rogers who respects her yes as a spy but more importantly as a woman and as a human being just for being her. He knows exactly what she is capable of. He knows she can fight, but he, being the noble and kind person he is, still holds her in respect as a woman and cares for her well being and I just think it’s cute.

Steve Rogers imagine - how to dance

Ugh, I’m sorry I’m doing so many of these Steve imagines but I’m just in a Rogers/Evans mood. I will up some different imagines up sometime this week. 

Summery: Steve has to go on a date set up by Natasha and you help him get ready. 

Warnings: None

“Steven Grant Rogers, you better get your ass out here. She’ll be here any minute!” You call at the top of your lunges from the kitchen, you were busy cooking dinner for Bucky and yourself since Steve had a date. It’s the first big date Steve has had in a long, long time and since Natasha set it up you knew nothing about the lucky girl. 

You poke your head around the door to notice Steve looking rather flustered in front of the mirror, you inwardly groan to yourself as you roll your eyes at the man. He mutters something about how he should be picking her up not her coming to ours.

“(Y/N?)” Steve calls for you not realising your already watching him button up his shirt, you stroll over to the man who turns to you with the face of pure nerves. 

“Will you calm down?” You brush your hands across Steve’s shoulders brushing him down. “You’d think Captain America could handle going on a blind date.”

“I look that bad huh?” Steve cocks his eyebrow as you push up his collar. 

“No, you just seem nervous.” You lie to Steve who sees right through you, he shakes his head closing his eyes for half a second. You take the black tie in your hands feeling the soft fabric between your fingers. “Tie?” 

“What do you think?” Steve asks, you tilt your head sideways taking a step back to check Steve’s outfit.

“What are you doing?” You purse your lips as you think, you couldn’t help but notice how much Steve’s shirt hugs his arms.

“Well Romanoff set it up, didn’t she? So we’re going to dinner and Nat said some dancing.” Steve’s chest heaves as he inhales deeply, You smirk. 

“What kind of dancing like nightclub?” you try not to laugh at the idea of an old man like Steve going to one of the nightclubs in New York. He’s probably walked into one before only then walked straight out. 

“I don’t think so, there’s meant to be some sort of jazz band at the restaurant. It’s meant to be ‘more my style’. But I don’t know.”Steve sighs defeatedly. Meanwhile you already step closer to start tying the tie for him, you fold down his collar allowing your hands to run down Steve’s chest smoothing out his tie. 

You look up at Steve to see him smiling down at you, his face inches away from yours. Being the smart one you instantly take a step back changing the subject. You’ve had a crush on Steve forever yet you’ve never let your feelings show, dealing with Buck has been hard these past few months and there’s no real time to be having relationships with coworkers.

“Have you even danced since the 1940′s?” You ask whilst folding your hands across your chest, a smug smirk lingering on your lips. 

“Uh..Of course.” Steve bluntly lies, so you pull out your smart phone and start to play some music. 

“Come on.” You hold out your hand beckoning Steve forward, he cocks his eyebrow at you, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. 

“You dance?” Steve takes a step towards you, he claims your hand and pulls you closer to him. 

“I do a lot of things you don’t know about, Rogers.” You inform the captain, you place your spare hand on his shoulder as he holds onto your waist. 

“Not too low, not too high. Too low means sex and too high means you’re being watched at a middle school dance.” You tease him whilst adjusting his hand to sit perfectly on your waist. 

After a couple minutes of focused silence from Steve and lots of advice from you, he finally starts to dance rhythmically. 

“I’m getting kinda good huh?” Steve smirks, you roll your eyes once again at the man.

“Don’t get cocky, kid.” You chuckle quietly, Steve spins you before bringing you closer to his body; wrapping his arm securely around you.

“So I’m the kid now?” Steve beams a lazy smile, you nod your head.


“Well you know the last time I checked I was around 70 years older than you.” Steve pursed his lips into a thin line teasing you, 

“Keep out smarting me, old man and you’ll regret it.” You purposely step on Steve’s toe, he dips down pulling his leg away, dodging your attack. 

“Kid, old man? Make up your mind.” Steve laughs at your last attempt, you grunt playfully shoving Steve in light frustration. 

“I pity the poor girl who has to put up with your irritating self.” You nudge Steve again which causes Steve to catch your wrist and pull you onto the floor with him when he loses his balance. 

Steve’s chest softens your fall, Steve on the other hand groans still chuckling at your behaviour. Your hair has fallen covering both your faces from the mirror beside you. However you know you’re probably turning a shade of crimson.

Steve’s hot breath tickles your cheeks, his lips are so close to your own you couldn’t believe they were’t touching, you watch Steve lift his head closer to you, panicking you pull backwards. Rising to your feet as you feel at the hot blush creep into your cheeks. 

Fortunately the door bell rings, Steve jumps to his feet readjusting his clothes before answering. 

You feel a little piece inside of you ache as his face lights up with a bright smile, you bite down on your lower lip hugging your arms to your body. 

Steve grabs his keys then swiftly utters a goodbye, you watch him take his date away on his motorbike with a horrid twisted feeling inside your gut. 

You feel the cool grip of Bucky’s metal hand on your shoulder, you spin around burying your face into Bucky’s chest. Bucky wraps his metal arm around your back, embracing you firmly whilst his other hand entangles itself in your hair.

“I know.” Bucky whispers. 

And Bucky did know, he knew you had feelings for his best friend, he also knew that you couldn’t say anything but most of all he knew it hurt.

Whedon’s favorite character to write is Natasha. “She has a special place in my heart - there is one scene in each movie that was filmed pretty much unchanged from the first draft, and they’re both Natasha scenes. She’s just somebody that I feel like I get.” We’re starting the petition for a Whedon-helmed Black Widow movie here, guys. (x)
Click here to support Mason's Miracle Fight by Natasha Stewart
My sister Ashley has been hit with devastating news that her beautiful little boy has a brain tumor and they believe its cancerous. Its in an incredibly delicate spot so they cannot operate. She has been a phenomenal single mom and financially she is going to need help keeping up while Mason is r...

Hey guys! One of my friend’s students is in the hospital with an inoperable brain tumor. He just graduated from kindergarten despite missing school being in the hospital. We had talked about him over dinner the other day and I asked her to give me the link to share. Here’s what she had to say about him: 

As said, this little guy is only 6 years old and is going through something unimaginable for any age. He has so much ahead of him, please help give him the ability to experience life if you can. If you can’t, reblogs and prayers are wonderful too. Thank you so much!

Imagine Wanda and Natasha teasing pietro because he has a crush on you
  • Wanda:Pietro look, Princessa 's here!
  • Y/n:Ahh what are you talking about?
  • Pietro:Nothing she is just being stupid...
  • Natasha:Come on... Tell her...
  • Y/n:Tell me what?
  • Pietro:I-i
  • Natasha:lol bye
  • Pietro:I'm sorry it's just -
  • Y/n:I like you too
  • Pietro:What?
  • Y/n:I like you!
  • Pietro leans and kisses you hugging you tightly

Words cannot explain how much I love and admire and look up to natvanlis Ever since I first got into ‘Carmilla’, I’ve admired the entire cast and how genuine and sweet they all are, but there’s just something about Natasha that’s just ugh. For one, she likes fostering rescued dogs, that was a big thing for me, I’m a huge dog lover and I love when people rescue dogs. 🐶 She volunteered at a local centre for addiction and mental health, which is a beautiful thing. She’s wrote a children’s book. 🙊 She’s a huge advocate to the lgbtq community, she’s so outspoken about her sexuality and I think that incredible, I’ve read so many people’s stories on tumblr about how much they admire Natasha for everything she does, and that her talking about her sexuality has helped them in so many ways. Alsoooo, she sings, beautifully. 😍 She just released 2 demos (which she didn’t think the fandom would like but here we are all dead after them) which are unbelievable. 😭 She cares so much about her fans, and she just seems like the sweetest most caring human being ever, and I just want to take time to thank her for everything she’s ever done for me, I know Carmilla hasn’t been out for that long, but the show, and cast, and her have made a huge impact on my life and I’m forever grateful for that. ❤️

Ok I’m gonna try to breakdown this Grant Ward/Natasha Romanoff parallel thing some GW fans got going to further absolve their fave of everything he did by claiming he’s just like Natasha. 

Except he’s not, not at all.  Ward has a sympathetic backstory that explains why he did things.  As Jake states in B99 “cool motive, still murder” which basically sums up most of tumblrs fave white guy villain that they continuously try to woobie-fy.  Ward’s past - however tragic - does not excuse the actions he’s committed.  

In comparison to Natasha, what we do know about her past (if we stick strictly to MCU here) is that she was a KBG member since she was a young child and has killed for hire.  The biggest difference in canon between Ward and Natasha is that Natasha has shown remorse for her actions and sought to actually be better.  

When Clint “made a different call” and Fury accepted her into SHIELD’s fold, Natasha TOOK that offered chance to be a better person.  There was a hand that extended towards Natasha offering to help her pull herself from the world she had been forced to grow up in and she TOOK IT.  

Lets not act like Ward didn’t get the same chance(s), he did.  He had an entire season to form bonds and get close to these people enough to develop feelings towards Skye and be reluctant to kill Fitz and Simmons.  He’s offered chance after chance to be “saved” by the team and he refuses each and every one.  Fitz BEGS him to turn over, to come back to them, and Ward sends them into the ocean with no hope of survival (because no Ward did not know that Fitz and Simmons would figure out a way to break out and no he did not know Fury would save them from being stranded in the middle of the god damn ocean next to no one even knew Fury was alive when Ward sent them hurtling towards the ocean floor he did it with the intention to KILL THEM).  When Skye outlines what’s wrong with working for HYDRA (even if you’re not a “true believer” he still worked for them and an equally terrible madman) and she’s in tears does Ward begin to think over his actions?  Does he ponder the legitimacy of his orders?  Does he begin to see things in a different light?  No, instead he pleads his case to Skye by making excuses for his actions.  To top it all off, he gloats about his betrayal to Maria, he rubs it in her face that he fooled the best of SHIELD’s best and even insults both her and Natasha for the crime of being women in SHIELD’s top spots.  

You really want to compare Natasha to the guy who called her EYE CANDY?  You really think Natasha would want to be compared to Ward?  If anything Natasha would see the person she could have become if she hadn’t taken Clint’s offer and joined in with Fury.  

Someone who makes excuses for their actions and shows no remorse for what they’ve done.  For the people they’ve killed. 

See it’s not like we didn’t get episodes after Ward’s reveal that could have had him showing varying degrees of remorse for what he’s done.  What he’s aided in doing.  Natasha in both Avengers and Cap2 very clearly established that after YEARS of doing good work for SHIELD and the recent work with the Avengers still feels guilt over her past.  But does she blame it on the KBG or whomever?  No.  Natasha owns up to her own past and the bloody parts that come with it.  

Natasha has taken responsibility for it and continuous to work her ass off to redeem herself.  Ward hasn’t shown this resolve, he hasn’t even shown that he even regrets what he’s done.  

And if he’s redeemed it shouldn’t be on the backs of characters like Skye or the team, or Sam Wilson, or Maria Hill.  It should be by him and him alone.  Redemption comes from within and that’s what Natasha has been seeking, a journey to redeem the past misdeeds she’s committed.  And it isn’t the responsibility of others to redeem her, and she’s never put that responsibility on anyone else.    

Natasha has worked to be a hero.  Ward hasn’t even shown an interest. 

Okay kids, let’s talk about Black Widow for a sec

Spoilers for Age of Ultron ahead…

I’ve seen the movie, and I’ve also seen a lot of people who haven’t seen the movie get annoyed with the movie because people who HAVE seen it are saying shit about Natasha, and the fact she has a romantic plot with Bruce.

Here’s the thing… I think a lot of people are doing that “oh she has a romance, romance is for weak girly girls, they totally ruined her” thing… which is shitty.

 Like, if you actually look at her storyline compared with Bruce, who is also, you know, in the romance too, she has just as much action, just as much introspection, we explore her friendship with Clint, her dealing with the fall out from Winter Soldier, her past in the Red Room etc… as far as I can tell she’s far from been reduced, in a film which could very easily have pushed her to the side in favour of a Civil War set up.

Was it perfect, no, but to claim that the simple act of a woman having romantic feelings somehow makes her a weaker or lesser character is a dick move.

If I Lay Here *Avengers x Reader*

Originally posted by robertsdowneystark

(Requested by Anon) Hey guys, I love your writing! Recently I’ve been having really bad anxiety. On top of that, my grandpa has heart failure and is dying. Then my grandmother called on Tuesday and said she had been robbed. I’m sorry if I sound whinny but I’ve just felt really stressed and alone recently so I was wondering if you could write something where the reader has a family member die or is just really stressed out and is comforted by the avengers? (all, some, or one whatever you want!)
Warnings: Death of a family member, swearing, grieving and fluff
Admins Note: Sorry to hear about your situation. Hope it get’s better for you, remember to look after yourself and not stress out too much, you can’t control the Universe unfortunately. - Rosalee

You felt lost and alone, most of all you felt empty and hurt. You wanted nothing more than to just sleep forever, to leave your body and mind forever, everything was piling on top of you and you couldn’t handle the stress of it all. You are meant to be an Avenger, to handle everything that life throws at you, only this you couldn’t handle and you didn’t want to either; you wanted to wake up from the torture that is your life, to be happy and stress free. 

Your granddad had recently passed away, your mother has phoned to let you know and since last week all you had done is stay in your room, Natasha brought you food but you never talked to her; she understood though, she knew deep down you wanted to talk about it but you just needed time. 

A small knock on your bedroom door drew you from your thoughts. You remained silent, hoping who or whatever it is will leave if you pretend to be asleep, they come in anyway and it’s silent for a few seconds before you feel your bed dip by a lot. 

You feel more than one body, you gathered a few of the team had come to check on you, instead of the usual Natasha seeing you. It was silent for a few minutes as someone thinks of what to say to you, you can imagine whoever it is looking at one another, trying to make the other talk first.

 You remain on your side facing away from them, eyes open and tired, you feel emotionally exhausted but too exhausted to actually sleep because your mind was in over-drive and wouldn’t shut off. 

“(Y/N), we just wanted you to know we are here for you” Tony mutters, a hand resting on your shoulder, the humming of Steve, Clint and Natasha sounds. You let out a long sigh, you weirdly needed to hear that, to know that you aren’t entirely alone… you knew they were here for you but you really needed to hear those words out loud from someone. 

“Yeah, we are here if you need to cry or talk, or need to laugh” Clint says from right beside you, everyone was on your bed and Natasha was sat on your legs slightly looking at your face as you tried to figure out what to say or do. You wanted to get up and be with them, be and Avenger but at the same time you wanted to stay in bed, to never leave and just lay here. 

“I just feel like utter crap” you mumble turning to lay on your back, Steve was on the end of the bed, by Clint’s leg who had his arm crossed and leaning against the headboard. 

Tony was in the middle of the bed, legs crossed and arms folded in his lap, Natasha was by your feet with a smile as she looked at you “and guilty, I spent so much saving the world, being here when I should have been with my granddad! I guess, I wanted to punish myself for being a rubbish granddaughter” you murmur to them, Tony scoffs brightly and you look at him but Steve speaks up this time.

“He loved you” he tells you “you phoned him weekly, he loved that your were out here fighting and saving the day, he would never change that; he knew you loved it” you nodded slowly but the feeling wouldn’t leave you.

“Everything is going to be alright” Natasha tells you “doesn’t seem like it now but you’ll learn to live with the pain, to realise that instead of feeling this sad, you should embrace the time you had with him instead; he wouldn’t want you to be upset for the rest of your life” she pats your leg, you nod slowly, sitting up against the headboard, you weren’t smiling but the feeling of being alone and empty was gone. 

You let out a long sigh “I guess I should get out of this room” Tony smiled at you brightly.

“We have Chinese food out there with the others” he tells you and smile “we ordered your favourite, we are hoping to share with you, watch some movies and just chill” they all look at you, waiting for your answer, he think for a moment before nodding with a small smile. 

“I guess a chill evening with friends is needed” you mutter, dragging the covers off the exhaustion was evident to everyone, Natasha helped you stand and walk out of the room to the sofa’s where; Wanda, Sam, Bruce and Thor all sat waiting for you, food laid out. 

You grabbed a blanket and leaned against Steve with your legs and feet on Natasha’s lap, you hadn’t been able to sleep properly for the longest amount of time, but being around friends the comfort of their friendship and love was enough to lull you to sleep through the movie. 

They weren’t worried as much about you but enough to smile with relief as you slept peacefully, it would be a while before you were okay again, they were willing to wait because you were worth it. They were willing to spend every minute listening to you, to stop the tears and just be with you, you needed them to save you and that was okay. 

You may not have asked for help out loud but they knew you needed them, even if you couldn’t admit it, sometimes showing how vulnerable you actually are is the strongest thing you can do. 

(sorry it’s so short, it’s been a while since I have written a request, feels weird but oddly settling to finally be writing again. I don’t feel stressed when writing requests or one shots, I think I might extend my break from I Never Forgot You, no idea yet… all I know is I want to start it up when I don’t feel scared or stressed. Remember you can requests; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie, please send ideas for my mini-series I have going on, I need all the ideas I can get. - Rosalee)  

Bee and Puppycat Kickstarter Update:

“Here’s a sneak peek at a comic book cover, just in from Natasha. She knows how to hit all the right notes. Our production team is heading to the studio tomorrow to record episode 3, and color work has begun on episode 1 so we should have awesome work to show you very soon

We’re on track for the show to premiere Fall 2014, and we’re aiming to send valuable information next week about the first round of rewards.”

take my breath away; a stevetony fanfic

…. Well technically it’s Steve/Natasha because it’s Earth-3490! This is a gift for the lovely natasha-stark-rogers, as a very belated birthday present, for which I apologize. She wanted Earth-3490, and focus on Steve’s pining. I hope i delivered! As always, thanks to my wonderful beta stevetny.

Pairing: Steve/Tony (Steve Rogers/Natasha Stark)

Warnings: none

Rating: T+

Words: 3k+ 

Additional tags: fluff, getting together, mutual pining, misunderstandings, first kiss

Summary: In which Steve Rogers has been in love with Natasha Stark for years, and managed to keep it a secret for almost just as long.

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