here she just has to be natasha

  • what she said:I'm fine
  • what she meant:Carmilla the series just wrapped its final season and the cast is posting heartfelt, emotional sign offs for the show on social media and I'm sitting alone in my room sobbing because this show did so many good things and also because Natasha posted a snapchat story crying about wrapping even though in the past she has said that she doesn't know how to cry and Elise has yet to say anything about wrapping the show so it's only bound to get more emotional from here

stuff i thought while watching the avengers last night for the first time since 2012:

-steve is hot three times in the movie: first when he’s punching the punching bag, then when he’s wearing the bomber jacket, then at the very end when he’s ordering everyone around and his face gets dirty

-i can see why it was a huge fandom movie because it really does a great job making you feel like everyone has this complicated backstory only just out of sight that they don’t have time to tell you about

-everyone was so upset in age of ultron when natasha and bruce were together because it was supposedly out of thin air but here she’s the one who brings him in from calcutta plus they have that extended scene together when he’s hulking out on the helicarrier.

-but i also understand where tony/bruce is coming from because it was super romantic when the hulk brought tony back from the dead by yelling in his face

-the avengers is basically a remake of the breakfast club, the jocks, nerds, delinquents, and cool kids get are in detention on the helicarrier and have to learn to get along and find common ground

-i love clint’s squashed little face and i’m glad he ran out of arrows toward the end because i was getting so distracted wondering why there were still so many arrows left

-bruce was so great because everyone else is chewing scenery and he’s so lowkey and real which I love because the hulk is arguably the most cartoon-y avenger. but bruce is out here very calmly method acting while loki is doing nineteenth-century bloodbath shakespeare

-speaking of cartoon-y characters though, i think the iron man suit might be why i can’t get super into tony even though he’s hot if you ignore the douchebag-patterned facial hair. it’s just the iron man suit looks like something on a school lunchbox, i can’t take it seriously.

-i know this is obvious but the main person who needed a spin-off here was black widow, like when you have a character who only releases emotion in controlled and targeted batches, seeing what’s actually going on inside and what made her like that would be DRAMATIC GOLD. i think another criticism of aou was that it made her too self-hating but it’s very clear in this one that she thinks she’s done terrible things she’s trying to make up for so idk

-how big is the hulk actually? i feel like sometimes he’s just a couple feet taller than the rest of them and sometimes he’s a house.

-i had totally forgotten the whole thing with the nuclear bomb at the end when tony rips steve off by sacrificing himself to save new york while trying to have a last phone call with his girlfriend!! the way you knew he was gonna live was that the call didn’t go through. if pepper had picked up like peggy did, he would’ve been toast.

-i’m terrible at following actual plot details but i guess nick fury initially hid from the avengers that shield was working on developing tesseract weapons before proving his baseline integrity and willingness to resist authority by trying to stop the nuclear launch and sending the tesseract off to asgard with thor and his incest boyfriend? his fake death in catws is so symbolic, like here lies the dude who trusted people, here lies the dude who thought you could work for the Man and stay clean!

-which is why the whole avengersverse kinda has a rightwing message tbh…like on one hand you could claim it’s leftist like UNIONIZE DON’T TRUST UR BOSS!!! but also the more direct message is that you can only trust in individual heroes and small bands of renegades, because governments, international institutions, and regulatory efforts are all hopelessly, viciously corrupt. unless you have a hereditary monarchy ruled by a superhero, i guess––black panther is basically plato’s philosopher-king

-anyway it was basically a good movie but bucky wasn’t in it soooooo

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"No one has ever come back for me before. People always promised before but they never did and now you're going t-to..." H mumbled, feeling so stupid. "Sorry. I guess after being stuck in here for a few weeks you get kind of clingy." ((On mobile so I can't cut :'(

Natasha reached out, offering her hand to the boy with a small smile. “It’s okay sweetheart. I understand, those were just bad people. I’m not a bad person. I promise.” She murmured softly.

Anonymous asked:Hi Megan! I had a question for you! I’m curious to know who your favorite characters are from each of the fandoms you write for? Male and female, if you have the time?

Stupid ask box is being all weird…so anyway. here you go anon!

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