here sauna

  • Stiles: Fuck, it’s as hot as satan’s sauna in here.
  • Derek: So turn the fan on.
  • Stiles, whining: Can you do it for me? I don’t feel like moving, plus you’re better at turning things on.
  • Derek: *Lasciviously smirks*
  • Stiles, sighing: I mean physically get up and do it. Your charm isn’t that powerful.
  • Derek, eyes rolling: *flips the switch*
  • Derek: Better?
  • Stiles: Oh god, yessssss
  • Derek: *huffs & glares at his book*
  • Stiles, weakly kicks at Derek’s thigh: Don’t be jealous, you’ll always be my number one blower, Der.
Crossing the Line: Part 5

Smut, humor, slight swearing ;)

TAGS (Sorry If I miss anyone, doing the best can!): @skyfullofharrystyles @michellelynne87 @zosiamelanczuk @smexy-bucky-waifu @queenasianiqua @marveliousfanatic @trashybuchananbarnes @damnbuckyishot @victoriakca@unlikelycupcakequeen@fifi1433@banieldryan@yellowtheremarvelfan@crazychick010 @kristateleki@nutmegroo@teenwol-f @wsternhaikus @aestheticalpal @wine-and-space-donuts @animeroses318 @catcherintheclifford @dipdies @allimaginesuniverse@slice-of-calum @sebastian-stans-thighs @idiosyncratic-mortals @amxwxxld @buckyfvckmebarnes @a1lucidity@selenedaqueen @christiestevenson @satanicedition @canikeepit-imkeepingit@dipdies @gashps@laurenxyz @maece-rette @johngirl-207 @cupcakez537@starstar1012 @piercethemelendez @marcilinemadness2020 @re2d2 @bucky-slut @han35@chloeonthebarricade @divina11mendatio @slickblitz @va4mermaids @imanhunter @beautifulfound

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Hot Blooded

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, reader (Y/N)

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: This is pure smut people. Annoying Winchesters (both really but the older is worse), Striping, oral (female receiving), getting caught, dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap it up people), NSFW Gif under the cut.

Wordcount: 2300ish

A/N: This is based on a request for @phoenixia67 who won last month’s Best Feedback Award. 

It is betaed (more than she pushed and fed me lines and was awesome as always) by @blacktithe7 - Go follow Erin the is the bestest!

Thanks to @kayteonline for the title help.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Dean pulled the impala up by the motel. You couldn’t wait to get out of the car. You loved the Impala and she was like a second home to you, but the leather seats made you even more sticky in this heat. The leather clung to your skin every time you moved, making that sickening wet peeling sound each and every time. You cursed the Oklahoma heat and looked over at your hunting partner.

“How are you not miserable?” You stared at Dean, who just chuckled as he turned to face you.

“I am just naturally hot, sweetheart.” He winked making you pull a face at him before you jumped out of the car. “At least you think so! Lots of cold drinks Dean. Lots!” You ordered before shutting the door and heading towards your room.

When you opened the door to the room, you almost had to take a step back. The room was boiling hot that you could have swore you actually saw heatwaves in the air.

“Yo.” Sam looked up from the laptop that rested on his legs when he heard the door. His long legs were stretched out on the couch and his shirt sleeves, were rolled up to his elbows. Had the air in the room not made your blood boil the sight of the long legged God like man would have done the trick.

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hummingbird heartbeat - pt23

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

On July second, Bitty stood on his tiptoes, eyeing the arriving passengers for any sign of Kent. The flight was on time, according to the arrivals board. He hadn’t gotten a text message from Kent yet, but they had to have landed. Fidgeting with his phone, Bitty looked up at the boards again. Maybe he could find Kent by the baggage claim?

He’d managed to convince his parents – mostly his Mama – that it would be fine for him to go pick Kent up by himself. It wasn’t an awful drive from the Atlanta airport back to Madison, and, in all honesty, Bitty wanted Kent all to himself. He wanted to hold hands on the drive back from the airport, to kiss Kent when he saw him. He wanted to make sure Kent wasn’t freaking out too much about meeting his parents. Bitty checked the boards again, looking for baggage claim information.

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Literally just targeted Keith in a fic, so I’m going to go with Enj for this one!

For @fevers-and-flus who you guys should also give much love to!!

“Summer is the devil,” Grantaire groans as he slams the apartment door open, shooting a piercing glare to the rapidly blinking thermostat. He drops his keys in the key tray resting on a side table beside the door then moves toward the broken device, jabbing his index finger at the buttons. “Summer is the devil, and you are supposed to be my savior,” he spits out at the thermostat.

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  • Shiro, entering the room: It's like a sauna in here!
  • Keith: The windows are open and the fan is on.
  • Shiro: How?
  • Lance: We were playing Wii Sports.
Finnish gothic

a rustincohleruinedmylife edition

- You’ll learn this at school: 250 years ago, a faraway king re-dealed all the land. Suddenly there were no villages anymore and every household was alone amidst the vast fields and forests. No-one complained. In the North it is considered a terrible weakness to show you’re upset about something. The isolation became a norm and jolly old days a taboo, not to be mentioned ever again. You never do.

- In fact to show any kind of emotion is considered a terrible weakness. Emotions are for shamans only. Everyone is a shaman while intoxicated. Intoxication is pretty popular here. You have been a  shaman once or twice.

- Your childhood home has a sauna. So does your neighbour, the guy next door and there’s a common one at your student house. Every home has to have one, because it is a place for extreme, violent purification. In the olden days, it was a place for birth and rebirth and healing and death. Later, it was where huge deals and treacherous contracts were made. Now it’s the only place where you can talk safely about your feelings. Get naked, sweat, whip your soul open, warm and bleeding, with birch twigs. The ritual of absolution by heat, performed every week, by every family. 

- Your initiation to puberty is getting drunk in the snow. You learn to watch your friend’s backs. The White Cold will take one young every once in a while, to quench its burning appetite.

- In the summer, you get drunk in the White Light. The White Light also demands offerings. The chosen ones are dragged from the lakes, limp and lifeless. Some are never found. There’s a special word in your language meaning dragging drowned people from lakes. You consider this perfectly normal.

- You see your relatives age. They start showing all the symptoms. Old people get drawn to the woodlands. The trees whisper and provide them provisions: berries, mushrooms, game. It’s not without a cost. As they get old, their minds weaken, get all foggy and dull. They wander into the forests, disappear and die. The woods claim their share.

also, the same grandpa who called the premier an asshole on tv. my grandma came home after leaving him for like 3 hours, and he had all the doors and windows shut, no fan on, jeans, and it’s 40 c out. she’s like “What the fuck. it’s like a sauna in here, what are you doing?” and my grandpa says “Practicing for hell.”

For My Jack

I wanted to churn out at least 1 more fic before Christmas. I’m close enough.

           Jack knew better than to be snooping around in Mark’s things, but he was perfectly justified. He’d loaned the slick fucker his favorite sweater four days ago and still hadn’t gotten it back, and he was freezing his ass off.

           Mark was out grocery shopping, probably buying some enormous Christmas ham that would last them for the next two weeks. Jack grinned to himself at the thought of the good old-fashioned Christmas dinner they’d be having tomorrow night. Since neither of them lived anywhere near their respective families, they’d be having a one-on-one couple’s holiday this year, and Jack would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited. It’d be their first Christmas together without the pressure of family and friends and holiday-themed obligations—and if there was one thing Jack loved, it was being free from obligations.

           He didn’t see his sweater anywhere on the hangers, but he knew for a fact that it wasn’t in his closet or the coat closet, so this was the last place it could be. Feeling like a creep, he pushed aside Mark’s hanging clothes and started digging through his cubbyholes, where he had shirts and pants folded messily. His fingers brushed against some old keys, crumpled up papers, a few dollar bills (that were tempting to take), a velvety box, some toothpicks…

           Wait, velvety box? Jack reached back further in and pulled out a small, fuzzy box that fit in his palm. It looked like jewelry, but Mark wasn’t a jewelry kind of guy. Curious, Jack opened it up.

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Malec Fic: Good Boy, NC-17

So I made a post about wanting more Alec-initiated sex, and this was one of the AUs that I wanted and I guess I decided to give myself a reward *snicker* This is part 1 of Professional Dom!Alec AU :)

Warnings: BDSM, bondage, face-fucking. This part is roughly 2.7k and completely unbeta’d. It’s just for fun. 

Magnus answered the door with a wave of anxiety shadowing his excitement. Would he be good enough? Would he win Alec’s—Sir’s, he corrected himself—approval? The Dom had confirmed that Magnus’ references checked out, and had even said he was looking forward to meeting, which Magnus took with high regard as he had no idea how easily Alexander Lightwood dealt praise. He’d take what he could get.

But now, standing face to face with the Dom of his dreams, he couldn’t help but think of all the ways he might not measure up. It was in that second he realized what he was doing—looking his Dom straight in the eye—and he dropped his head in deference and shame.

He’d already fucked up and Sir hadn’t even said a word to him yet.

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anonymous asked:

Can we just please see Junkrat dealing for the first time a girlfriend on her period?

I don’t think I’ll draw this, but I feel that Jamie would be very matter-of-fact with periods. After all, Australia is like replica of Mad Max’s world. I don’t think any bodily functions or human body issues are taboo or shush-shush there, especially if/when Junkers fight side by side against Omnics - and I’m sure women are in the front lines, too, in a way or another. 

One historic perspective to this: There was a war in Africa, somewhere around 1950-1970′s (I really, really, really can’t remember the name of the war or the exact date for it, I saw this in a history document years ago). That war was different from the most modern wars, as also women participated in it and fought in front lines with men. Periods were, of course, a problem and women used just regular rags tore from fabric as pads.

All soldiers were given a small piece of soap each month to keep themselves clean. Men donated most of their soap to women, so that they could wash their period rags - they knew women needed soap more than they did, and acted upon it. 

There’s this common belief most men don’t understand anything about periods and young men freak out in front of them - which in some cases is true.  It’s based on that we don’t live so much in big groups anymore, but in small nulear families, where everyone is considered as individual. We don’t get to see normal human body functions or life events as well as our ancestors did, as we are living in these small boxes instead of big communities with different kind of people. It’s also cultural based thing aka how much men and women live the same way, how close their own cultures and expectations from the society are, how the society sees things as women, period, body ect. and so on and so on. 

For example here in Finland periods aren’t that a big thing among men. Sure, some idiots exist, they do everywhere, but majority of the men here I have met are OK with periods and they understand what they mean for a woman. If they hadn’t, it has meant mostly that they are either very young (teenagers) and still learning things about life, or they don’t have much connections to females (like sister, girlfriend ect.) and thus haven’t witnessed periods themselves.

I think one thing for this period positivism among men here is our sauna culture; we constantly see people, even unknown, naked. Both our own sex/gender and the opposite, without any sexual context in it. Thus bodily functions, like periods, are also viewed as just one thing in life. All the Finnish men I have known in my life since I was 16, have been very “Oh, periods, I understand. Take it easy, I’ll let you sleep. Here’s some chocolate.” They have expressed distress only due the fact that they can’t help with the bad cramps and feel themselves useless. Nowadays all my male friends here, if I told them “Sorry, can’t meet you up like promised, the periods”, they would just go “That’s fine. Do you need anything? I can go to grocery store/pharmacy for you.”

I feel it’s either a very superstitious culture viewing women (and everything they experience) as less than men, or a very “high class” culture keeping men and women separate and viewing normal bodily things as filthy or bad (because we’re not one with nature), which see periods as something to eek and freak about if you are a man. And keep yourself AS FAR AS POSSIBLE from such icky and horrible female phenomena, unless it’s your sister/best friend/wife - and not even then it’s always accepted for men to bother themselves with period information and they can either ignore women or freak out about periods.   

SO! So, I believe Junkrat would have very matter of fact attitude to periods due their Mad Max type of a culture - though some might argue women are seen less in it (as they are in official Mad Max universe) and periods might be viewed as stupid female functioning which doesn’t concern men. However, I feel it would benefit Junker men to have Junker women fighting next to them and keep the women healthy, not only for the fight but for reproduction, too. To be concerned of their well-being and viewing normal human bodily things from birth to death, from periods to any diseases, just as normal life. Nothing to freak or worry about, just every day life. 

How would he be with girlfriend’s period? Probably let her rest, not fuzz about it and provide her what help he can offer.   


*WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with swearing or sexual content, you are advised not to read this.*

summary: y/n is at a private leisure centre, relaxing in the sauna when a toned, tanned cameron dallas walks in, and turns up the heat

hey guys, so this is my first smut story! i haven’t properly proof read it yet, just skimmed over the lines basically, so please let me know if theres a mistake and i’ll fix it. tell me what you think, leave a request in my ask box and enjoy, mwah! //

The invisible, hot steam floating around the room caused my dry hair to stick to my sun kissed skin. My eyes drifted closed as I let the warmth relax my fatigued muscles. Not a sound could be heard, only the faint crackling from the heater.

Nobody really came to this private leisure centre, partly because they couldn’t afford it. But me being in a well paying job, and having a rich father, I could afford it.

Most of the people were in the gym, I knew because thats were I was before I came to the sauna. When I walked passed the pool to the sauna, I seen a woman doing lengths in the pool. No one was in the steam room, I’m assuming because they found it hard to breath; the same reason I didn’t go to the steam room. And no one came into the sauna, because it was ‘too hot’. But I could take the heat.

I swung my legs, my toes grazing off the damp wood beneath me. I rested my back against the wall, then my head. I relaxed into my position, until I heard the creak of the door and felt the room temperature cool. My eyes shot open, to be faced with an extremely tanned, very toned, muscular back. My eyes slowly trailed up, absorbing the truly mesmerizing sight in front of me, until I stopped as his messy, slightly damp, matted brown hair. He slowly turned around and I was met with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen, accompanied by the most beautiful face I had ever seen, and adding this all up could only equal to one thing: the most beautiful boy I had ever laid eyes on.

“Uh, hi.” I heard him, but I didn’t process the words in my head, I just stared at him in awe, my mouth slightly open. He was truly breathtaking and I didn’t want to ever look away. It was only until he laughed slightly, that I was snapped out my trance. I shook my head, as if I was trying to shake the embarrassment off. I giggled along too, before actually speaking to this angel.

“Sorry, uh hi.” He laughed again, taking the seat across from me. He had his legs slightly parted, his eyes closed while his head rested on the wall. His hands were clasped between his legs, which tightened his swimming shorts and perfectly outlined his dick. While his eyes were closed, making everything oblivious to him, I took this as the perfect opportunity to stare at his perfectly toned abs and his very large cock. I let out a short, quiet sigh. This was the best eye candy treat I had ever gotten, and I was orgasming with my eyes. I silently thanked god for putting me in this position.

“Like what you see?” He laughed, the smirk very evident in his voice. I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head quickly.

“I didn’t mean t-to stare. I w-was in a daydream-” His cocky laugh cut me off again. He didn’t seem bothered by this, like he was used to getting stared at, then catching them.       

“It’s fine babe, I’m used to it.” I rolled my eyes, but he didn’t see me. I distracted myself by picking at my perfectly pink polished nails. He coughed, making my head snap up. His position had changed; he now rested his hands at either side of him, supporting his weight. He was staring at the timer, and his jaw was clenched. Did he do this on purpose? Does he know how hot he was?

“Take a photo, it’ll last longer.” He was smirking again.

“I’m not staring.” He laughed and shook his head before turning his attention towards me.

“I can see you.” I looked away, but I still felt his stare on me. When I turned, he didn’t move his eyes away, although I knew he knew I was looking at him. His eyes slowly roamed my body, like he was mentally undressing me, although I only had a hot pink bikini top and matching panties. He stared at my boobs and I mentally cursed my mom for me inheriting her large ones. He next looked at my toned tummy. Working out a lot paid off but I done it for me, not to be stared at and impress some random guy.

“Look who’s staring now.” I snapped at him in a cocky tone. His sexy annoying laugh rang through my ears.

“At least I don’t deny it. Aren’t you used to guys staring at you, though?” I shook my head. He raised his eyebrows. “Hm, what’s your name baby?” I cocked my head to the side and smirked.

“Hm, what’s with all the questions? Isn’t it my turn?” I said in a seductive tone. He smirked, going along with the game I was playing.

“Okay then, your turn. Hit me.”

I pondered for a moment. “Hm, what brings you hear?”

“To the gym or to the sauna? Well, I came to the gym to work out. But I seen you in the gym, and then I seen you come here, to the sauna, so I followed you.” I felt my cheeks heat up but I wasn’t one to get intimidated easily, especially boys who try to play me and manipulate me into having sex with them. You know what they say, ‘you can’t play me at my own game’.

“My turn. Do you have a boyfriend?” I raised my eyebrow, and shook my head.

“How many girls, roughly,” I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders sarcastically. “have you slept with, I mean, if you can even count.” He laughed and shook his head.

“You know, we are so alike. Um, to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t count.” I nodded along with him. He sighed and stayed silent for a few moments. “I’m Cameron, Cameron Dallas. And I’d love to know your name, but I think I’ll use my question more spontaneously. Have you ever,” he paused. “had sex, in a sauna, with a stranger.” I seductively licked my sticky lips.

“Hm, I’ll have to think about that one actually, let me get back to you in a few minutes.” He raised his eyebrow.

“A few minutes? Why a few minutes?”

“Depends how long you last.” He raised his eyebrow, not expecting such a dirty term to come from a innocent girls mouth, like mine. As he processed the whole situation, I took this as my chance to make my move. I walked over to him, placing my legs at either side of his. I leaned in and kissed him softly but slowly. His pink plump lips moulded perfectly with mine. As he deepened the kiss, I pulled back, our lips touching.

“Stop being a tease and fucking kiss me.” He breathed, his hot, minty breath fanning across my face.

“Oh, you think that’s me teasing?” His eyes widened but I didn’t give him a chance to think about it, before I kissed him again, but rougher this time. I ground my hips onto his, my clothed crotch pressing against his. My arousal pooled at my center but got absorbed by the material of my bikini. A soft groan escaped Camerons lips.

“Look, baby girl, public sex, sauna sex for that matter turns me on so much. But this hour is the busiest and I’m not gonna last long.” I smirked before stepping off the bench, and standing up. I turned around, gliding my bikini pants down my glowing legs. I bent over slightly to pull them off completely, giving Cameron a perfect view of my round ass and wet sex. He took me by surprise my grabbing my hips and spinning me around. He pressed his lips to mine again, biting my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and gave him a access all areas pass to my mouth. He patted the back of my thighs signalling me to jump. He pressed my back against the wall, as I felt his fully hard erection on the side of my ass, causing me to gasp. He smirked and rested his forehead on mine. His attention was on his dick getting inside me, as he chewed on his bottom lip.

“Cute concentration face.” I laughed but it was quickly replaced by a moan as he entered my with a sudden force. His thrusts were hard and quick, I had never been fuck like this before.

“Oh my god, C-cam” I couldn’t even get his full name out, I couldn’t believe the size of him.

“Your so fucking tight, baby girl.” His hand went in between us to rub figure eights on my clit, adding to the unbelievable pleasure. He kissed me, more passionately this time. His thrust became sloppy but he seemed to hold off for me.

“I’m close. O-oh my god, Cameron, f-fuck” He smirked, as he rubbed even hard, little quick circles on my clit.

“Come for me baby girl” My eyes tightly squeezed shut as my orgasm came crashing over me like a tsunami. Cameron came soon after me and by the time we were down, we were a moaning mess. I heard giggles not far from us, as I realised this was the teenager hours, were the girl with rich daddys came here, usually to stare at the hot guys training at the gym or the shirtless guys in the sauna. He set me down as we both quickly scrambled to find our clothes.

In the midst of putting my panties on, I said “I’m Y/N, by the way.” Cameron shot me a wide smile, and sat back down where he sat when he first came in, after putting his shorts on. I sat down in my position too, as the fake tanned, expensive but slutty swimwear, flat chested, hair pinned in a bun - girls walked in. Their eyes were wide as the spotted Cameron, then girlish giggled. Cameron pretended not to see but awkwardly laughed. The girls sat at the end of the sauna room, staring at his body, fanning themselves after making sure he wasn’t looking. This signalled it was time for me to go.

Before I opened the door, I looked at Cameron, he was staring at my ass but his eyes shot up to my face. I heard the girls gasp with jealousy as he winked at me. I giggled, before shutting the door.


Because I haven’t written NicoMaki in a long time. 

She had been standing there for ten minutes, listening to her stomach as it churned and swirled her pasta from lunch earlier, hearing her sneakers rake across the concrete step… Nishikino Maki felt like a total wreck.

“Haa, isn’t it kinda boring being out there with nobody to talk to?” A loud voice rang and easily sliced open the quiet summer silence like it was nothing. Maki jumped out of her left shoe and looked up to see Nico throwing a peace sign from outside of her bedroom window.

Pouting, and slipping her foot back into her shoe, Maki huffed. “Isn’t it boring just watching someone stand outside your door?”

“Yes, but it’s also not a sauna in here. Hurry up, the door’s open.”

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New Beginnings {40}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Character Death

Words: 2,081

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24, 25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

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