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The Brit Bros World Wars inspired outfits

As requested by anon, kind of their “standard” outfits. 

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Hi! can you do 32.You're blushing! for berena? :)

Hello! I’m sorry for the delay in getting this prompt done. I hope it was worth the wait and I hope you enjoy this fluffy piece of nonsense!

32. You’re blushing


I was standing at the nurses’ station when Raf appeared by my side and I quickly looked down at the file in my hands. To my embarrassment, it was empty. I closed it and pushed it to the bottom of the pile in front of me.

“Everything ok?” He asked, checking the computer.

“Of course,” I replied as I picked up another file, which was thankfully full, and began to browse the content inside. I actually wasn’t taking any note of what the words said but I hoped I looked like I was.

“Good,” He smiled up at me and returned to the computer.

I glanced over at him, making sure that he was busy and then allowed my eyes to find the person who occupied my mind. She had been brought onto the ward in army fatigues, a gaggle of young army personnel surrounding her until she barked an order at them; they quickly disappeared. She had mostly kept to herself, was polite to the staff and I couldn’t help but notice the way she flirted with a few of the female nurses. My intrigue had peaked.

The woman was beautiful, her blonde hair slicked back into a low ponytail, cheekbones to die for, a long neck… the images that filtered into my mind were not work appropriate. I knew I was staring but I thought I had the corner covered on discreet until the woman in question, turned to look directly at me. I dropped the file from my hands, my eyes snapping down.

“Are you alright?” Raf asked as he stooped down to help me collect the paper.

“Butter fingers today,” I said, feeling my cheeks flame even more than they already had been. I cursed myself for my girlish stupidity.

“You’re blushing,” Raf noted with a confused smile.

I shook my head as I gathered the papers back into the file. “It’s hot in here today, isn’t it?” I gave a false, strained laugh and grimaced at the smirk on Raf’s face. When we stood up, he glanced in the direction I had been looking when I dropped the file.

“Oh yes,” Raf said with a knowing look. “Very hot.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Thank you, Doctor di Luca.” I was about to walk away when Morven appeared at the nurses’ station.

“Ms Campbell?” I turned to look at her. “I was wondering if you could take a look at the leg wound in Bay 3? I’m concerned about nerve damage.”

“Of course,” I said, thankful for the distraction.

“Keen,” Raf mumbled when I handed him the file I had been pretending to read. I frowned at him and he tilted his head in the direction of Bay 3.

“Oh lord,” I said under my breath. Raf smirked as I pushed past him

“This is Major Berenice Wolfe.” Morven smiled brightly from the side of the bed. “Her leg was injured in a RTC.”

“Any news on David?” The Major asked.

“Not yet,” Morven said. “He’s still in surgery.” She looked over at me. “David Cooper was driving when they were hit by a cargo truck. Perforated lung and a shattered arm.” She turned back to the other woman. “He’ll be in recovery for a long time but it’s not too serious. I’ll update you when I have news.”

“You were lucky,” I said, glancing toward the Major. Mistake. The woman was looking at me through narrowed eyes, her mouth bearing a soft smile. I felt as though she were looking into me. Reading my unsavoury thoughts.

“Only because I was in the back,” she said after a moment, her deep voice reverberating around my head until it seemed to settle heavily in the pit of my stomach. I felt my temperature begin to rise. Blast!

I slipped a pair of gloves on and tried to get my thoughts in line. “Do you mind if I examine you?” I asked.

The Major smiled. “Not at all,” she said with a shrug. I removed the packing that had been placed over the wound. “What do you think?” She asked with a tilt of the head. “Will I live?” The twinkle in eyes caught my attention and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her.

“I er…” I cleared my throat and forced myself to look at the wound. “Its deep but there’s no evidence of nerve damage.”

“Excellent news,” she smiled. “So who gets the pleasure of stitching me up?” Her eyes are on me, I can feel it.

“That would be me,” Morven said brightly. This would be a walk in the park for someone of Morven’s abilities, far too low on the priorities list for a Consultant… and yet…

“Thank you, Morven, but I will take care of things here,” I found myself saying. Morven looked puzzled but she nodded, gave the Major one last smile and left.

“I get the sense that this is below your salary band,” The Major smirked.

“Not at all,” I said as Lou brought in the supplies I would need. “It’s always good to keep your skills sharp.”

“Amen to that,” she said, sitting up slightly to take a closer look at her leg.

“It’s going to be quite a scar,” I said as I sat down on the stool Lou had brought over and began cleaning the wound.

“One more to add to the collection,” she laughed.

“Do you make a habit of getting hurt?” I laughed.

The Major grinned. “Only when there’s the potential to meet a beautiful surgeon.

There it was, the flirting. I was used to the odd patient flirting with me, it happened often enough in my career and I was usually able to ignore it but coming from her, I couldn’t resist. “I bet your phone book is full of them,” I smiled up at her.

“Not just surgeons,” she wiggled her eyebrows.

“Ah yes, I know your type,” I teased. “My mother warned me to stay away from people like you.”

“And do you always do what mother says?” The twinkle was back.

“Never,” I felt myself blush again.

“More excellent news,” she settled back against the pillows. “What’s your name, doc?” I looked up at her, not realising that I hadn’t introduced myself. It was normally the first thing I did. However, under normal circumstances, I wasn’t so distracted by a pair of fine eyes.

“Serena,” I smiled then mentally kicked myself. “Serena Campbell, I’m a Consultant here.” Also Deputy CEO, AAU lead, Harvard Grad… I could have listed them all but I didn’t think the Major would like a show off.

“Serena,” she smiled. I was glad I was sitting down, I wasn’t sure if my knees would have stood a chance at the way she purred my name. “You can call me Bernie.”

It was adorable. “Bernie is it,” I smiled like a school girl harbouring a crush.

“Could I interest you in a drink some time, Serena?” She asked.

“Yes,” I agreed immediately, another blush crept up my neck and I gave myself a good telling off in my mind.

Bernie looked very pleased. “She’s keen,” she grinned. “I like that.”

We continued to flirt as I finished treating her leg. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had so much fun flirting with someone! Once I was finished, Morven reappeared to dress the wound and I quickly wrote down my number on the back of a blank patient admission form and handed it to Bernie. She promised to call as soon as she was off the pain relief I had prescribed her. “I look forward to it,” I smirked and made my way back to the nurses’ station.

“It’s definitely hot in here,” Raf said as I joined him. “Getting hotter by the second.” There was no doubt he’d been watching the whole thing, no doubt he hadn’t been the only.

As I sat down at the computer and glanced over the top of the monitor at Bernie, I was surprised to find that I didn’t care who had been watching. “It’s scorching,” I smirked at Raf, who laughed. When I looked back toward Bernie she was watching me with a heated stare. I felt myself blush again at the promise in her eyes. This was going to be fun.

Thank you for asking for this prompt, I had a lot of fun with it! Hope everyone enjoyed it xxx
Freshman - College Freshman Rafael Barba

(College Freshman) Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: Becoming friends with Rafael your first year of Harvard.

She met Rafael on the first day of Intro to Psychology. She walked into an almost empty classroom, there was only one student sitting in the middle. He had thick and fluffy brown hair, with curls at the ends. He already had a notebook and pen out on his desk. She wasn’t sure if it was the first day jitters, but she walked right over to the guy and tapped his shoulder.

“Hi, sorry to bother you. Is this Intro to Psych?” She asked.

She didn’t want to be sitting in the wrong classroom, then be embarrassed when she would have to slip out of the classroom to try to find the right class. He glanced up from his phone and smiled a polite and boyish smile.

“Hope so, or we’ll both have to sneak out.” He chuckled.

He moved his backpack to the other side of his chair, making room for her to sit down. She wasn’t usually all so social, but there was such a friendly demeanor about him, she took a seat beside him. She timidly unpacked some of her things, taking out a notebook and pen, before pretending to be occupied with her phone. 

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Rafael was done with all of this nonsense. His argument with the small girl had reminding him that remaining her and getting even a little attached to the other residents was an error. He needed to find the remaining item and leave. He had no patience any longer. His mood was foul to say the least and had been since he had walked away from the girl.

Rafael walked the path behind the expansive properties along the beachfront. He had been through the house belonging to the old wolf that had recently left but turned over nothing. It had to be somewhere here, in someone’s collection, closet, safe … somewhere. He peered up at a large home, trying to contemplate whether there was a security system to contend with or if, like so many of the predator supernaturals, whether they relied on their own natural defences to protect their property. It always surprised him how sloppy some supernaturals became, especially the old ones.

Stepping out of the path as another passed, Rafael pretended to look at particularly nice, and conveniently well place, rosebush. He didn’t look up until he realized that the person was speaking to him. “Excuse me?”

I find myself wondering what Miko Nakadai, resident human Wrecker, would be like as an adult, especially during RiD 2015.

I’m just picturing Bumblebee and Crew in some hidden Unit E base trying to catch up with everyone and there’s a reverberating crash that shakes the walls. Of course, all the Autobots are like “What was that? Are we under attack?!” but the humans just sort of ignore it.

Jack is trying to update Bee on some “fun” law enforcement stuff he and Arcee have been up to on planet and off (”We’re picking up your slack, Lieutenant,” he jokes, “Wish you’d warned us how “Old West” things get once you’re out of Polyhex!”) but he’s having to raise his voice to be heard over the crashes. Then the yelling starts.

Hey! Where do you think you’re going!”

“I quit!”

“Wreckers aren’t quitters!”

“This one is!”




Raf comes in, looking a little more sleep-deprived than normal, and is like, “What’s all that racket? Are we under attack?”

Of course Bumblebee is like, “See? That’s what I asked!”

And Jack just sips his coffee and is like, “It’s just Miko trying to kill Sari again.”

“Oh. Is it Thursday already?”

Behind them, Drift attempts to be inconspicuous about pulling his Minicons closer. This does not sound like an apprentice-friendly environment to him!

Jack and Raf hasten to reassure everyone that this happens pretty much once or twice a week, and they’ll be back to normal in about twenty minutes. 

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Heyy, kinda strange request...but could you do TFP bots (Smokescreen in particular) reacting to their human s/o being an extremely talented, albeit shy of their skills, horse back rider? Just wondering..THANKS! <3

Hi! You guys make me so happy when you ask for things. Seriously, it makes me feel loved :D


  • It all started when Miko punched your arm
  • She squeezes your biceps and then your forearms
  • Of couse, Wheeljack is a cyertronion so he didn’t exactly know what muscles were
  • But he assumed by the way the three younger humans were fawning over your arm shape and strength that it was important
  • He wasn’t going to say anything at first
  • You were a little embarrassed that Miko was making such a big fuss about it
  • You couldn’t just ignore her
  • “Well, I ride horses”
  • And so then he blurted: “What’s a horse?”
  • Spending literally hours explaining, with diagrams, what a horse is
  • Then having to explain the different types of horse riding
  • Dressage, Racing, Vaulting, Driving, Western, Saddleseat, etc.
  • Him being really intrigued
  • Him explaining that Cybertron doesn’t have these types of animals, at least where he was from anyway
  • The thing he likes the most about your hobby is that you ’re not super obsessed with it
  • In fact you barely talk about it
  • He knows that you don’t like to flaunt your abilities
  • Probably one of the reasons he fell in love with you in the first place


  • This smol bean
  • Imagine the awe on his face as you excitedly explain about your hobby
  • He had known you for months and this was the first time you had mentioned it
  • Since he was created during the war he grew up during a time where there was no peace
  • So hearing about these creatures makes him so calm and happy
  • He can sit for hours as you tell him about your day
  • About your favourite horse
  • And about why you named them whatever they’re named
  • Sometimes he’ll come over to your ranch or wherever you ride and watch you happily as you and your equine friend trot around
  • He decides that he loves horses
  • Though no one can ever know
  • Like, he loves them so much he dreams about them
  • And probebly sponsors ones that have no homes
  • “Fowler can I have a thousand dollars?”
  • “What? Why would you want money?”
  • “Uh…paint?”
  • Pays some sort of charity to keeps horses out of slaighter houses
  • You and him are the “dynamic duo” 
  • Like you catually call yourselves that
  • You spend hours online just paying out millions of dollars to keep young and pregnant horses from being turned into dog meat
  • You once kept one of the horses
  • It had a little grey baby
  • you named it Somkescreen
  • Your boyfriend avtually cried
  • “Thats *sob* so *sob* sweet!! *sobs continuously*
  • You probably named the Mum Winter or something overused but Smokescreen Jr will slay the world with his unique name
  • Amusingly no one in the team actually knows this is happening
  • They just think you’re both just really weird
  • You’ll never tell


  • Of course he knows about horses
  • He’s Miko’s guardian for primus’s sake
  • Miko absolutely adores horses and unicorns and whatnots
  • So when you one day mention offhandedly that you’ve got a riding practice this afternoon he and Miko both squealed
  • Yes, he really did squeal
  • Well more like a *sqUUUUUeeEEEEeeEEEEE*
  • Because his deep voice kind of cracks if it goes too high
  • You hurridley shushed him
  • “Bulk the entire world doen’t need to know. It’s not that important”
  • Miko probably “adopted” you as her sister then and there
  • Whereas Bulk kind of just pestered you until you actually took him to where the horses were
  • Never in your life you’d imagine that you had to take a grown alien robot probably older than the human race itself to the ranch/stables to see medium sized equines
  • But when he saw the foals he practically fainted
  • “Oh my god Bulk are you okay!?”
  • *soft sobbing* “They’re so beautiful”
  • Did I mention horses love him as much too?
  • They avtually act like small dogs around him
  • Running back and forth
  • Jumping up on him
  • Nudging him until he pats them
  • Just the little things

And another request done and dusted

Yes my cat is still demented

Missed You

A/N: a little glimpse into our future.

Rafael had been away for a week and I missed him, we’d never been apart for so long since we got married. The DA had come down hard on him about this one though and there was no escaping his ‘punishment,’ as Raf likes to call it. The DA had practically ordered Raf on his retreat with a few of the other ADAs, a camping trip in Massachusetts. I’d laughed endlessly for a week after Raf had come home with a letter from the DA, he had handed me the paper like a child grudgingly handing over a bad report card.

The DA’s letter had been convincing, Rafael did need some time off and most certainly needed encouraging when it came to bonding with his colleagues. I’d sided with the DA, much to Raf’s chagrin. Rafael had followed me around with excuses and entreaties to be allowed to stay at home.

“Priti, I can’t just leave you here with Lina! It’s not fair on you.”

Oh, Lina is our 10 month old daughter, just to get you caught up! We named her Catalina, after Abuelita.

“Raf, since when have you been concerned about my ability to take care of Lina by myself?” I had asked skeptically, raising my eyebrows just as he did when he was feeling sarcastic. “This will be a good experience for you, you never know, you might even learn something.”

Raf pouted and lifted Lina out of my arms. “You’ll miss me, won’t you mija?” he cuddled our daughter to his chest. Lina gurgled and stuck her fat little palms in his face, which Raf took as assent. “See my daughter will miss me.”

“She is only your daughter when you’re using her to try to win an argument.”

“Well my daughter agrees.”

“Well it’s a pity your wife doesn’t.”

That was pretty much the end of the conversation.

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The Edges

A Rafael Barba One Shot

Masterlist || Request

“Then you looked at Rafael, at the love in his eyes, at the fondness in his smile, at the worry lines which were more prominent as a result of his brooding over you.”

Gif Source

Not requested

(2.2K words)

Rating: PG

Warnings: Cancer, crying, mentions of death

All he wanted to do was surprise you; he had this idea of coming home early and cooking you a nice dinner—although, realistically, he knew he would end up ordering out—spending an evening together before ending the day the best way you knew how. 

Of course, things rarely ever worked out for Rafael Barba. 

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Get to know me ask

Tagged by the amazing @astridthefearless! Thank you!

1. Nicknames: I don’t have nicknames in real life but here, it’s Raf ;)

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Taurus

4. Height: 5'5

5. Time: 22:20

6. Birthday: May 17 

7. Favourite bands: U2 of course!

8. Favourite solo artists: Ed Sheeran!!

9. Song stuck in my head: Not a specific one at the moment ^^’

10. Last movie watched: Bridget Jones 3 

11. Last show watched: I would love to say RTTE but nope. It was Game Of Thrones sorry ^^

12. When did I create my blog?: 2017? I think? x)

13. What do I post?: All HTTYD related but mostly Hiccstrid because yes!

14. Last thing I googled: How to convert a french height to an english one x)

15. Do I have other blogs?: No ^^

16. Do you get asks? Yep but not really often

17. Why did you choose your URL?: Because my first blog was about the love story of an angel, Raf and a demon, Sulfus ^^

18. Following: 51

19. Followers: 1,265 and I still can’t believe it… Thank you so much for following me!

20. Favorite colours: Pink!

21. Average hours of sleep: I don’t really sleep, I think it’s between 6/7 hours

22. Lucky number: Seven!

23. Instruments: My voice? I love to sing! :D I took singing lessons!

24. What am I wearing?: My beautiful red nightdress…

25. How many blankets do I sleep with?: One but sometimes I take my mickey mouse plaid :3

26. Dream job: I would really love to become a writer.

27. Dream trip: I want to visit all Disney parks in the world! 

28. Favourite food: Chocolate ÔuÔ

29. Nationality: French

30. Favorite song now:  Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (cause I workin a was center recreation and we danced every morning on it with the kids!)

Tagging: @chiefhiccstrid, @fanwriter02, @tarched and @leffie-draws-fanart because I don’t think you guys already did it? :D