here my lizard


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.

archaicsextoy  asked:

random fluff idea (it's not lafluff but it's fluff so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯): Pidge loves cats, but if you get her started on lizards there's a good chance she'll whip out her phone and show you the pictures of that one time she made little clothes for Matt's lizards to wear

I like, approve of this 1000000000000% 

But okay, can we like;

Pidge showing off the pictures to an Empress of the Planet they just saved: Yeah, so here’s my brother’s lizard in a Flash Costume, and like, look at that flat face, oh my god, isn’t he the best —??

Shiro opening his way through the crowd: MR. PEAS THE LIZARD IS ALIVE? HOLY SHIT —!!! 

I’m all aboard for this heacanon.

Also, bonus, can we pls imagine Lance and Pidge knitting together??

Lance: what…Pidge, you added another leg hole? How many legs do you think they have????


They bond over knitting and you all can take that away from me from my cold dead clammy dry and slightly small hands, ok. 

Also, ally, sweetie, I love you and you are precious. 

It’s digitalized! WOO! I can’t wait for next week’s episode! X3 AND WE GET TO FIND OUT THE NAME OF THIS UNKNOWN LIZARD DUDE! XD Hehe…This ship fuels me…

(EDIT: Apparently has a cloak and mechanical arm…and a NAME!!! X3)

So lazy he won’t even open his eyes to see who was petting him he just smelled about until he realized it was me!