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It’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today. But there will be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days where you feel all alone, and that’s when hope is needed most. No matter how bad it gets or how lost you feel you must promise me. That you will hold on to hope. Keep it alive. We have to be greater than what we suffered my wish for you is to become hope. People need that, and even if we fail, what better way is there to live? As we look around here today and all the people who help make us who we are, I know it feels like we are saying good-bye, but we will carry a piece of each other into everything that we do next. To remind us of who we are and who we are meant to be. I had a great four years with you, I will miss you all very much.


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This Christmas for me has been really special because I’ve met some beautiful and amazing people here to spend time chatting with and omg you guys really know how to have fun ;; This message is a little late, but I hope you don’t mind!

Thanks for putting up with my black haired Baekhyun and blonde Suho obsession and appreciating my burntpinebaek post ; A ; Y'all never fail to make me smile and I love you, okay? May lord burntpinebaek bless you guys.

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year ! ❤

That's not me.

Oh man, how do I even begin with this one?

I’ll preface this by saying that Los Angeles is one of the most ethnically diverse cities on earth and as a native Angeleno, I take pride in this.  In fact, I am a product of this city’s ethnicdiversity.  One visit and you’ll find abeautiful range of ethnic, biracial, and multiracial faces everywhere which I think is something to be celebrated and embraced, not redesigned.

That being said, every now and then a visiting photographer from Europe reaches out to shoot and though I’m usually excited to add a fresh perspective to my book, I noticed a strange pattern emerge: several of the Europeans I shot with took special liberties to alter my appearance beyond the (unfortunate) standard physical alterations usually done.  Sure they slimmed my waist, elongated my legs, and thinned my thighs, which in itself only perpetuates the impossible and unrealistic standard of beauty thrown into the public eye but nevertheless has to be done if any photographer (especially working in fashion) wants to be taken seriously, but they also redesigned my face.  I’d argue that that goes too far because then the human subject is lost and a video game character study is created instead.

What prompted me to write this was a recent batch of photos I received from a French photographer who shall remain unnamed. He did express while shooting that he was going to Photoshop additional wardrobe details but I had no idea he was going to go so far as to redesign my face into another person’s altogether.  Case in point: in several photographs he noticeably reshaped my waistline then also reshaped my jawline to make my face appear more ovular (feminine perhaps?), reshaped my lips to be smaller and thinner, lightened my skin considerably, and narrowed my nose.  In other words he shaped me into a strange amalgamation of a Caucasian woman.  What I fail to understand is why he didn’t just shoot a white model out here?  There are plenty of them.  I assumed that by reaching out to me he liked something about my physical appearance but after seeing his edited photos, I think he fell into editing according to his pre-conceived notions of beauty and femininity. Furthermore he admitted to being inspired by my androgynous look so he styled me like an old fashion newspaper boy. I dare say he failed to execute his concept judging from his apparent need to over-feminize my body and face to compensate for his less-than-feminine styling choices or to put it more bluntly, he conceptualized poorly and did not commit to said poor concept.  Androgyny is not merely putting a girl in trousers and a button up but perhaps 2 photographers I’ve ever worked with have truly understood this.  The rest have just been phonies.  But I digress.

When I notice the pattern of European photographers reshaping my face to suit a more Anglo appearance, I have to call it for what it is: inherent racism.  To take the face of a mixed Asian/Latin subject and morph it into an ambiguously European-looking mannequin, one has missed their opportunity entirely: that they came to Los Angeles to shoot a face they might not have easily found in their home country.  I briefly lived in Antwerp, Belgium some years ago and began testing there.  The Flemish, Dutch, and German photographers with whom I shot commonly remarked that no one looked like me in Belgium.  In Los Angeles I am not such an anomaly for reasons I mentioned in the first paragraph but yet here we have European photographers coming to LA to shoot so they can ultimately transform me into one of their European models.  It’s laughable and confusing but not terribly surprising.

As the recipient and apparent subject of these photos, it is disheartening and leaves me without any use, which is even more unfortunate as this was an unpaid test shoot.  So I decided to shift gears and use the photos anyway, but not for their intended purpose of expanding my portfolio to book more work.  After all, these are drastically inaccurate depictions of me that I’d be irresponsible to use in any form of marketing.  So I’ve decided to use them to demonstrate just how far photographers sometimes go to achieve their goals and how little this photographer in particular cared to deliver a usable photo to his subject.


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Hi! Micah here! It’s my first time doing this so I’m not really sure what to say but since this is a holiday ff, I guess I’ll start by greeting y’all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

And I’d also like to thank everyone for staying with my stupid blog. I’m sorry if it has become such a mess. I didn’t mean to get into all of my fandoms/ships, I swear. It just happened. But seriously, thank you for following my super lame blog, sending me sweet messages, tagging me in stuffs, liking my crappy edits, and just being nice to me. You guys are the best *hugs and kisses you all*. I’m also sorry if I ever fail to answer messages/get back to requests. I know I suck but please don’t hate me!

Thanks again for sticking with me and may the next year be good to us all! ♥

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