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hey, it’s ya girl, back at it with my trash. i got a lotta requests for more, and as we all know i am a sucker, so here ya go. i don’t know how long this is going to end up being. we’ll see how much endurance i have. but yeah, for now, have chapter two!

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chapter two: “you can’t get a full body massage in all those clothes, peter.” (ao3 link)

After the first coupon, Michelle feels like a live wire, waiting in eager anticipation for the next coupon he will use. She thinks he might use one on Friday night. Because he’d had a midterm that Wednesday and it had been a long week in general, so it’d be the perfect time to use a coupon, right? Blow off some steam with any sexual favor you want? Hell yeah.

But, hell nah. Peter doesn’t use a coupon. Nor does he use one on Saturday after they get back from a party at her first-year roommate’s apartment. A party where she spent nearly the whole time leaning into his side and brushing up against him while everyone danced. Saying good night to him as he scampered off to his room was a disappointing end to the night.

Monday, though, Peter returns home from his lab meeting and slumps onto the couch, letting out a hefty sigh. Michelle pads over to him and sits beside him, chuckling. “Bad day, tough guy?”

“My PI is the bane of my existence, MJ. This is it. I can’t do physics anymore.” He throws an arm over his eyes dramatically, tilting his head to the side so his face is obscured. She cackles and uses her foot to shove his legs to the side. He turns back to her with a wide smile on his face. It’s a smile that’s dangerous. Which is how she justifies her next question.

She looks down at her thumbs, picking at her nails. She says, as nonchalantly as she can manage, “You could always use another coupon, you know.” When he doesn’t respond for a few moments, she looks up to meet his eyes, which are boring into hers. He licks his lips and she gulps.

“One moment.” With that, he’s running a bit too quickly to his room. She hears a clatter and a muffled, “fuck!”, but then he’s rushing back, flipping through the book. He sits beside her on the couch, legs crossed as he peruses each page carefully. He perks up a bit when he finds one he apparently likes. He hands it to her, cheeks tinted pink. It’s, perhaps, the cutest he’s ever looked.

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But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?


The monitor diamond scenes.

So, in Estela’s one we see her getting something she knew was behind that painting. And then we never hear from it again. I guessing it is just to set up her mysterious vibe.

Sean and Michelle. The ‘cheating’ thing that makes no sense. Here we have a continuity error because it makes it seem like Sean didn’t even tell Michelle why he broke up with her in the first place which you know… kinda shitty. But then on her idol scene we have that he does tell her why, so in guessing PB just forgot about it. Also, good for Michelle for trowing his phrase back at him.

Zahra and Craig just lets us know they have history. Honestly just played because I love the both of them.