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About my playlists + my new blog (byluma)

So as some of you already have noticed since the beginning of this blog I’ve been playing this game with you guys were you can send me a word I would make a playlist about it. The thing is many of you been asking for new and more creative playlists and since them creating new content became my new hobby lol 

Because of that I created a new Tumblr just for mine playlists. It’s name is byluma (luma is my name so playlists by me duh. sorry for the horrible joke) and you can find it in HERE.  

I gonna post my playlist in there now on but you guys still can ask me for more playlists in here COUPLESASIA (you only have to send me a word and i will make a playlist about it) but also feel comfortable to ask in my new blog (byluma DON’T FORGET IT ;x)

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ASKED FOR LISTS I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH 💗 And ask for more because I love making it and I always have lots of fun.

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I just read over your list of characters they all sound so interesting!! But I would love to hear about Stell, Camille and Gin! Of course, I’ll send you a list of my characters : D

Thank you! I’ll talk about them in parts in that order, but be warned this may be a long post so I’ll start talking about them under the cut here. First up is Stell!

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Open starter!

Lucy sighed and did her best to adjust her neckline so that it covered more, but that just made the dress shorter than it already was. She huffed and alternated tugging at both until someone shouted from outside the closet (the owners of the establishment called it a dressing room, but it was just a closet with a mirror. She barely had enough room to turn around). She bit her lip and reluctantly left. She had gotten this job singing at a seedy restaurant after her house burnt down, trying to get back on her feet. Unfortunately, this was the only place that would take her. Singing jobs didn’t come easy in NYC, especially in magical establishments.
This place wasn’t as bad as some, but if she hadn’t been desperate she would have ever even thought to work here. Most of the customers were rude and crude, and her managers were no better- as shown by the outfit she was made to wear. Heck, they didn’t even care when she was in the hospital! They just reduced her pay for that. But what else could she do? She couldn’t just keep taking charity from her friends without paying them back.
Lucy took a deep breath and stepped out onstage. She had only been working here a few weeks, but she was already beginning to feel numb to the inappropriate comments shouted by people in the crowd. She licked her red lips nervously, preparing herself to sing.
(I’ll choose a song depending on who responds! :) I might shuffle my iPod, or I might choose one. It just kinda depends ^-^ sorry that this beginning is kinda sad. But your muse can help Lucy out of this situation!)
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SSB4Bingo has just hit 250 followers, so in celebration we’re holding a contest! We’re going to give the person who gets the most playable characters on their SSB4Bingo card correct a free copy of Super Smash Bros 4 for the console of their choice! So it’s time to put your money rupees where your mouth is and try to win this video game!

Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Reblog this post. We want as many people participating as possible! Reblog it more than once if you want! We certainly will.
  2. Follow SSB4Bingo. How else are you going to keep up on the contest, and if you like Smash Bros you’ll probably like us too.
  3. Make yourself an SSB4Bingo card that follows the rules (it’s easy!). Or see if we still have a “We’ll make you a card” contest open. Be honest in your selections!
  4. Post that card here on tumblr with the SSB4Bingo tag or submit it us, and keep it updated as characters are revealed.

Already have a SSB4Bingo card? Great! One less step you need to do. Maybe repost it in addition to the other conditions.

“So how exactly do I win?” you ask. Good question you!

The winner will be the card with the most playable characters on it. In the event of a tie, the card with the most move set characters (ie Toad, Luma) wins, followed by pokeballs/assist trophies, followed by bosses/stage hazards. If there is still a tie, then we’ll go to a points system where characters everybody think are less likely to be in SSB4 are worth more points (using the rankings from all the SSB4 cards to calculate), and the card with the most points wins. Additional conditions may be added if Sakurai throws us a curve ball, but having most playable characters is the goal!

Of course, as most of can figure out, we can’t declare a winner until the full character list is revealed, which means people will probably have to wait until after the game is released for a final call (we believe SSB4 it going to be released nearly simultaneously worldwide and there will be secret characters), so the eventual winner may have to wait until after the release to get their free copy. Sorry, it’s the best we can do :(

Upon declaring a winner, they shall be contacted and we’ll try to get them the game in as convenient a manor for both of us as possible.

Of course since you can’t have characters that have already been confirmed on your card, you can’t wait until the last minute to make your card, so now that you’ve rebloged this post, go make your card!