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wait i never told you guys about my final day prank where me, @browngyal and @chelcoast stuck communist propaganda all over our 300 year old private school much to the amusement and anger of the many bourgeoisie students and teachers there. By lunchtime the couple hundred posters we had put up had been taken down so phase two was these posters:

When our deputy-head was asked about the posters, not knowing it was us who had put them up, he said “Well, I quite like being called the bourgeoisie, it makes me feel empowered”. Honestly the greatest day of my life.


This is about you. x

This summer, I’ve been working at a state marina with my sister. One day this year, the weather started out kinda okay, with 10mph winds, but quickly turned into 30mph winds with sideways rain within a span of 15 minutes.

A 50+ foot boat hails on our radio requesting a slip to get out of the bad weather. We give him a slip number and my sister, me, and another coworker head out into the rain to help dock him. We wait out on the dock for a good 5 minutes, getting soaked in the rain, before my boss radios to us that the boat was going to wait outside our break wall for a while, hoping that the winds will die down, before trying to come into the harbor. Wet, and slightly annoyed, we head into our fuel shack at the far end of the dock to warm up. We’ll get back to this boat later.

Our boss then radios us shortly after we get inside, telling us that another 50+ foot boat was going to try to come in and dock. The three of us go back outside to the finger pier one down from the fuel dock. The boat comes into the harbor, struggling in the wind. They go a bit passed the fuel dock and turn around to head down the channel before it. They end up hitting the back of their boat on the edge of the fuel dock, and the wind swings the stern hard towards the finger pier we’re standing on. My sister was toward the dock side of the finger pier, so she has time to book it off before the boat hits. My coworker and I are at the end of the pier, so we grab the pylons on the other side and hang on for dear life. The boat hits, knocking a corner pylon clear off of the dock, and almost knocks me and my coworker off of the dock. After struggling horribly against the wind for a good while, with the boaters screaming at us to get them docked quicker, we got their lines secured and we all got to look forward to filling out an incident report.

My sister and I head back to our main office, while three other coworkers fish the broken pylon out of the water. While in the office, the first boat calls back on the radio, saying they’re going to try and come in to dock now. My sister is on the radio with him, and the conversation goes like this:

Sister: Okay captain, we are going to put you into slip A4. Take the first channel as soon as you enter the harbor.

Boater: Copy that.

We watch from our office as the boat enters the harbor, and as he starts coming down the channel, he stops and hails us again.

Boater: *harbor name*, I’d like a slip in an empty well.

Our slips are big enough where two boats can fit as long as they’re not unusually wide. My sister looks outside, where we can see the well in question, and it clearly has no boats in it.

Sister: Captain, that well is currently empty, you’ll be fine.

Boater: But I want an empty well.

Sister: It is empty captain.

Boater: No, I can see another boat there.

Sister: That one is in slip A1, it’s not in the same well.

Boater: From here it looks like it is.

My sister is getting pissed off now, and I’m trying not to laugh my ass off. My boss is also here, also trying not to laugh. My sister then radios to my 3 other coworkers, who are at slip A4 to help dock this boat. She asks them if the well is empty and they say yes, so she radios the boat again.

Sister: Captain, our dock hands are at that slip and they say the well is empty, you should be fine.

Boater: But I don’t want anyone next to me, I might hit them.

At this point my sister is so angry she could probably murder this guy, so my boss takes the radio from her and basically repeats the same thing as my sister. The boater finally just continues down the channel to the slip we assigned him, the wind blows him passed so he has to back up and try again. This happens about three times before he tries to enter the slip, and he ends up hitting the finger pier as well, knocking off the second pylon of the day and also bending the shit out of the metal ladder at the end of the pier, giving us another incident report to file. 

It just boggled our minds that the second boater just would not believe us when we said the slip was empty. We were not busy and we keep track of everyone in our harbor on a huge whiteboard in our office. Damn people are stupid sometimes.

Pilot episode (Spn)+mute reader

Dean was walking back to his car burdened with supplies. He puts the groceries in the trunk of the impala and pauses- he just heard something that sounded like a baby. Concerned as well as cautious the eldest Winchester follows the noise. In the tall grass Dean finds a baby that is less then a year old. The 19 year old Winchester spends over an hour trying to find the child’s parents with no prevail.

He checks if the young child is human and is slightly relieved that they are. “I don’t know what to do other then take you with me to the motel.” Dean says. John Winchester is very hesitant to allow an infant in the family. “Dad please… I looked for her parents for over an hour with no luck- she needs someone to look after her. Would it make you feel better if I told you that she’s human?” John reluctantly gives in.

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Special Fic Rec ❤❤

Ok so, I began this blog on December 9th, well, actually I’ve been on tumblr since 2013 (nice, old Naruto Era), yet, I consider this one the actual date of this blog birth, since it was the day I posted my first BTS Fanfiction - Sanitarium (which I still hold very dearly to my heart).

To be honest, even if writing has been one of my passions for many years, I never expected much from my own stories, especially since English killed me in more than one way (ah, it kicked my ass so hard during my high school days lol); yet, I surprisingly found an incredible amount of happiness in writing for seven lovely dorks - not to talk about the crazy, wonderful authors and friends I had the pleasure to meet here, people who helped me grow and who gave me some of the most pleasurable reading moments of my life :’)

But I was saying, I didn’t expect much from posting my fics, yet, nearly 5 months later, I reach my first mile stone. Really, I can’t believe it: 1k people are reading my fics, and supposedly they also enjoy them. It happened quite fast, in my opinion, and I also know I’ve been very lucky for many authors are amazing and still don’t have the exposure they deserve! It takes them a lot of hard work when they should really be appreciated a lot more! This is why, to celebrate this milestone (ok, compared to other authors is not that big of a number, but still I consider it an important accomplishment ;^;) I decided to do a special, big fic rec to share the talent filling this social!! 

Some of these writers are super known actually, yet others have a smaller public: they have such a fantastic way with words tho, such a breath-taking creativity, that I just needed to tag them and link their stories - hopefully, some of you will fall in love with their work too; please, if so, go send them all a lot of love, for they are not holy amazing authors but also amazing people :’)

And I’m incredibly happy to have some of them as mutuals, if not even as friends <3 <3

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So my sister wanted an Foxy icon so I made one for her. Making it glitchy was fun.

… but I still don’t like FNAF soooooooo… yeah. You can use these if you want or whatever.

k bye

Dripping in Diamonds Pt. 2

Pt. 1

“Fuck, I can’t believe you did this. Were you ever going to tell me? I ran away from my family for a reason Alfie; they’re shit. I didn’t want to be involved in that life anymore, but I guess it follows me around.” You say harshly, throwing clothes haphazardly into a suitcase on the bed. You wanted your words to hurt, to suggest that Alfie was just as bad as them, which you were slowly starting to realize was true. Of course you knew all along that he was practically the same as your brother’s, Tommy especially, but you chose to ignore it. Now you couldn’t.

“Listen, its best for the company, yeah? Isn’t that what we both want?” He says, trying to stop you but you fight against his grip.

“I want you to stop being a little prick and tell me everything about the business. I want to be your equal, and I definitely don’t want to be kept in the dark.” Your voice sounds harsher than it’s ever been, and his silence is confirmation. You look at him before grabbing your suitcase and walking out of the room.

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:^)!! my sister has gotten back into ttr lately, and today i noticed now much her toon looks like jejune??? so here she is w/ him…..they are now good sibs……. (and yea my sister gave me an outline 4 her toon’s design, her name isnt confirmed rn bc she wants 2 rename her but doesnt know 2 what yet)

also lowkey tried a diff art style i guess 👀

Moments. Chapter 7: Tag

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 7: Tag

She shook her head and rolled her eyes while she placed her phone on the bed. Noora was really wrong if she thought Sana was staying at home only so she could see Yousef. She wasn’t like that, she was a strong independent woman who needed no man and who could make her own choices. That didn’t mean she didn’t miss him, she kind of did. It was Tuesday and they hadn’t hanged out since Saturday. She had spent her Sunday studying for an exam she had on Wednesday and even though he had picked her up from school the previous day, like he did every Monday, they hadn’t have the chance to properly talk since she needed to be at home soon to study.

She heard them talking and laughing from her room, they were in the living room filming their new Hei Briskeby video. Maybe if she went downstairs she could see if they were finishing and they could hang out after that. Not like she couldn’t be without him, but it felt nice to be with him. That’s what boyfriends are for, right?

She applied some lipstick on and adjusted her hijab. She got out of her room and stopped by the living room door which was opened.

They were still filming. Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael were sitting on the couch while Yousef was sitting on the floor. She leaned on the door without making any sound, they didn’t even have to know that she was there, she could just stay for a little while and see what they were filming. But she wasn’t staring, and she still thought their videos were lame. She was just bored, that was all.

Yousef was looking at the camera while Elias explained to their public that they were trying to decide what they were going to do that day. Suddenly something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. Yousef looked at his right and saw Sana standing in the door looking at them. She seemed a little startled to see him looking at her, as if she had been caught doing something she didn’t want anyone to know. Yousef smiled widely at her and she muted a “hi” in response. When he didn’t look away from her she widened her eyes at him and titled her head trying to hide a smile. That only made him smile even wider.

“Yo, Yousef, Yousef” he heard Elias calling him “Yousef are you listening?”

“Huh?” Yousef said still looking at Sana

“What are you looking at…?” Elias asked following Yousef’s gaze “Oh, I see”

Sana blushed when she saw her brother looking at her. He chuckled and then looked at the camera.

“You see, my boy Yousef here is dating my sister. And she’s here right now so apparently he can’t stop looking at her” he explained

“Seriously, they’re disgustingly cute” Mikael said

“Every time they’re in the same room they look at each other as if they were alone” Mutta added

“No, we don’t!” Yousef protested

“Sana, sis, can you leave so he can concentrate?” Elias asked Sana

She nodded embarrassed and turned around to leave

“Wait!” Adam said “Why doesn’t she stay? She can be in the video, since we’re out of ideas anyway”

“Hmm, you’re right, we can do some boyfriend/girlfriend tag or something like that that people like” Elias agreed

“Not gonna happen” Sana said not caring if her voice was being recorded

“Oh come on Sana, now that you’re here you have to do it” Elias said

“Elias, I’m not appearing in one of your videos”

“Yousef, this is all your fault, convince her” Elias told his friend

“Come on Sana, it’ll be fun” Yousef said smiling

“No” she said shaking her head

“I’ll convince her” he said looking at the camera.

He stood up and walked towards her

“You’re not going to convince me” she said crossing her arms

“Sana please!”

“Yousef, I’m not going to do it”

“Oh babe, come on!” he almost begged

“Did you just call me babe?” Sana said shocked and amused at the same time

“No, I didn’t” Yousef said blushing

“Yes you did” she laughed “You’re so cute”

“I’m cute? I’m not the one that was staring at me from the door with this lovesick look”

“I was not staring” she said

“Yes you were, babe” he teased her

“Stop calling me babe” she said rolling her eyes

“Nah, I’m kind of liking it. I think I’m going to call you that from now on”

“Fine, then I’m calling you dork”

“Ha! Joke’s on you, you already call me that all of the time”

“You do realize that what you just said doesn’t make sense, right?” she said squinting.

“Whatever, you’re going to be in our video”

“I’m not”

“Please Sana, please, please, please, do this for me” he said taking her hands in his

It’s not going to work”

“Pleeeeease” he said pouting

“Fine. But no boyfriend/girlfriend tag”



“Hey guys, so we managed to convince my sister to take part in today’s video and since she and Yousef are dating, we’re going to do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag” Elias explained to the camera

How had she ended like that? How had she let this happened? She was sitting on the floor next to Yousef. She looked at him, he was grinning like a kid. There was her answer, she was doing it for him.

“So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to ask you some questions about your relationship and about each other and you’ll have to answer at the same time to see if you agree. Understood?”

“It’s not that complicated, Elias” Sana said rolling her eyes

“My sister, a true sunshine” Elias said looking at the camera

“Okay, let’s start” Adam said “First question, how long have you two been dating?”

“Three weeks” both Yousef and Sana said

“Well, that was easy” Mikael said “Now, what is your song? 3,2,1 answer!”

“Kiss me by Ed Sheeran” they said

“Ugh, how can you be so cheesy?” Elias said acting disgusted

“It was the song that was sounding in a very special moment for us okay?” Yousef said

“It’s fine, we don’t need details” Adam said

“We were cooking Adam” Sana told him rolling her eyes

“Well, next question then. What were you cooking? 3, 2, 1, answer!” Mutta said

“Carrots” both of them said smiling at each other

“Wait, I know when that was” Elias said “I knew you were flirting with my sister!!”

“You totally interrupted us” Yousef said laughing “I hated you so bad in that moment”

“Next question is…who wins all your arguments? Wait, you don’t have to answer this, we all know is Sana” Mikael said

“Hey!” Yousef said offended while everyone laughed

“You know it’s true” Sana said

“Well you’re here filming with us, aren’t you?” he said raising his eyebrow

“Next question” Sana said glaring at him

“What pet names do you use for each other” Mutta asked

Sana and Yousef looked at each other for a couple of seconds before bursting into laughs.

“What…What’s going on?” Elias asked but they kept laughing nonstop “Whatever, you’re both stupidly in love, that’s clear. Okay people that’s all for today. We’ll see you in the next video. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!”




Hello I have a prompt! The first time they use petnames for each other, maybe something is happening and one of them just blurts a ‘babe’ (or something else really, could be any petname) and the other one is taken aback but pleased :)

Hey! I know you are quite occupied but I would really like to read something about Yousana being happily together and one day the boys are at the Bakkoush family filming a hey briskeby video, but all Yousef does is stare at someone behind the camera and that someone obviously is Sana, and Elias makes a joke about Yousef staring at his little sister, so the guys ask her if she wants to participate and after a little bit of convincing she accepts… thanks in advance!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve liked it

(I’m aware that the picture sucks but I’m no good at editing pictures hahah + there’s a mistake on one of the texts, it should say they’re not their)


Summary: Hey could you do a teen wolf imagine where it’s the summer of senior year and the reader goes to Scott’s house for a pack hang out and Isaac and Derek are there back from France and the road trip. Isaac was your best friend and Derek your brother figure, so when they come back you kind of get mad and snap at them. Theo comforts her even though she always fights with him despite the fact the pack is cool with him now. He realizes that she didn’t want to get hurt again, so she pushed him away.

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, McCall Pack, Theo Raeken

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 995

Requested: Anon


Originally posted by thiamraeken

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Begin — Jeon Jungkook (04)

Words: 2681

Warnings: none

Description: You’ve never met your father, so you finally make the decision to go meet him in Korea. But what you found there was more than just a father.

Prologue [01] [02] [03] [04] [05]


You walked down the stairs, a delicious smell instantly coming to your senses.

The smell led you to the kitchen, where there was a beautiful breakfast made.

Sitting beside the counter was Jin. He was eating while doing something on his phone.

Was he still mad at you?

“Good morning, Jin-oppa.” You spoke, mentally cringing. You remembered that one day last week, Jin told you that in Korea, girls call their older brother oppa. You didn’t really want to call him that, but you thought that in this situation, it would make him less mad (if he was still mad at you).

He looked up at you while chewing his food. “Morning.” He spoke, mouth half full. “There’s your plate.” He pointed to a plate of pancakes and bacon that was beside him.

“Thanks.” You said, sitting next to him so you could eat. Sitting next to him now felt awkward, so you decided to make small talk.

“Did Ji-yeon make this?” You asked.

Jin shook his head before swallowing the food that was in his mouth and speaking. “I made it.”

“Really? Well, it tastes really good.” You slightly smiled, complimenting him.

Jin hummed in response before continuing to eat.

The room was quiet, once again.

“Did they go to work? Dad and Ji-yeon?” You ask, trying to fight the silence.

Jin nodded. You thought he wouldn’t say anything after that, so you gave up on trying to make a conversation. But Jin did speak.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t tell them about what happened at the party.” He says, not making eye contact with you and just eating his food.

“Thanks.” You say. “Yeah. I mean, telling them would’ve been the right thing to do, but I didn’t. I’m sure they’d love to know about how you got drunk and grinded on some boy you just met.” He spoke, like it was no big deal.

Wow, Jin is really good at throwing shade, but you didn’t like that it was directed towards you.

The memories of the night of the party made you upset. You looked at your brother. “I don’t like it when you’re mad at me.”

“And I don’t like it when you do stupid things.” He says.

“Well, that’s what having siblings is like, right? They get mad at you for doing something stupid, but it’s fine because they’re your siblings and you love them anyways, right?” You spoke with hope, hoping that Jin would magically stop being mad at you.

Without saying a word, Jin stood up and placed his empty dish in the sink. He was about to walk away and you started talking.

“I’m sorry. I really don’t want you to be mad at me, Jin.” You spoke.

He kept walking until you spoke once again.

“I messed up badly, I know. And now you hate me. I disappointed the brother that I’ve only known for two weeks.” You sighed.

Jin stopped in his tracks and turned around.

“Hey, don’t say that.” He said. His eyes softened once he saw tears streaming down your face. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you, y/n. You’re my sister.”

“Stop saying cliche stuff.” You told him, wiping your tears away, even though they kept coming.

“I don’t hate you, y/n. Yes, you messed up, but I don’t hate you. Yes, I’m mad at you, but I don’t hate you.” He tells you.

“Are you sure? By the way you were yelling at me yesterday, it really doesn’t seem like you like me.” You stood up, putting your dish in the sink.

“Yes, I’m sure. I only yelled at you because I was worried. Do you know what could’ve happen if that picture leaked? If people found out that you’re my sister, my imagine would be ruined. The boy’s images would be ruined.” He says.

You rolled your eyes before wiping the tears away once again. “So you only care about your image?” You asked him. “Do you even want people to find out that I’m your sister? Do you even want me to be your sister? Or are you too ashamed of me?”

“I never said that.” He answers. “Answer the question.” You say, looking up at him.

“If you’re just going to act like this, then why would I want people to know that you’re my sister? Why would I want you to be my sister?” He asks. After the words left his mouth, his eyes widened. He looked like he regretted everything he just said, but you didn’t care. The damage was done. “Oh my gosh. I didn't—” he started, but you spoke over him.

“You’re right. Your image could be ruined because of me. Maybe I shouldn’t be here anymore. Maybe I should just go back home.” You say, looking down at your feet, not wanting to look him in the eyes. “Maybe it’s best that people don’t find out that I’m your sister. You wouldn’t want your image to be ruined, right?”

“Y/n,” Jin sighed. You didn’t give him a chance to speak before rushing upstairs to your room and locking the door.

You laid on your bed, crying into a pillow.

What were you supposed to do now? Pack up and go home?

As much as you felt like you needed to get away, in this moment, you couldn’t bring yourself to get up and pack your bags. You didn’t want to. How were you going to let this one mistake ruin something that you’ve been waiting for your whole life?

After about 10 minutes, you heard soft knocks on your door. “Y/n.” Jin called you. “Open the door.”

You sat up, but you didn’t go to open the door. “Leave me alone.”

“Y/n, please. We need to have a talk. A brother-sister talk.” He says.

You just sat there, not getting up. “It’s obvious that you don’t want me as a sister, so what’s the point?” You clutched onto the pillow that was in your arms.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean to say that. You know that I didn’t mean to say that.” He spoke. “I don’t know anything.” You say.

You heard him take a deep breath. “Y/n, open the door. Please.”

You sighed and stood up, finally opening the door before returning to your seat on the bed. You looked down at the carpeted floor, not wanting to look at him.

He entered the room and closed your door, sitting beside you.

“I’m sorry.” He said almost immediately as he sat down. “I didn’t mean to say that. I didn’t mean it at all. I really do want you as my sister y/n. I love the fact that you’re my sister. I love you.”

You froze at his words. You felt your eyes getting watery again, so you pressed the pillow against your face, not wanting him to see you.

Jin chuckled at your actions, putting his hand on your back. “Yes, you messed up, but I love you. You’re my sister and I love you. If those pictures did leak, I wouldn’t hate you. I could never hate you. Yes, I would be really mad, but I wouldn’t hate you.”

He suddenly removed the pillow from your face, tossing it on the bed and hugging you.

You rested your head on his chest, wiping your tears.

“I should’ve never yelled at you before. I shouldn’t have made you feel like I hate you, because I don’t.” He tells you.

“I’m sorry for being such an idiot. It wasn’t Jungkook’s fault. I know he was supposed to be watching me, but I told him that I’d be fine. It’s my fault, not his.” You say.

“I don’t care who’s fault it is. I just don’t want this to happen again, okay?” He asked.

“Okay.” You nodded, looking at him. “So you’re not mad at me anymore, right?”

“No.” He shook his head.

“Good because I really want to go to the mall, but I need someone to drive me.” You smile.

Jin playfully rolled his eyes, removing his arms from around you and standing up.

“Lets go.”


“Well, we’re having a brother-sister day, so you can’t go ditch me with Jungkook again.” Jin laughed as you two entered the same store that you went into the first time you came to the mall.

As soon as the words left Jin’s mouth, someone spoke. “Hyung!” Someone called. You both turned around to the direction of the voice to see Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook.

They were in the same store as you guys.

“What are you guys doing here?” Jin asked as the boys walked up to you.

“What does it look like? We’re shopping, duh.” Taehyung speaks, earning a hit on the arm from Jin. “Ouch.” He says, rubbing his arm.

“Since you’re here,” Jin starts, looking at Jungkook. “Don’t ditch me with my sister again, okay.”

“I can’t make any promise.” Jungkook says, smiling at you. You shyly smiled back, not knowing why you felt something funny in your stomach when he smiled at you.

Jin shook his head and chuckled.

“Ah, y/n. Starbucks has this really cool drink that we should try.” Jungkook tells you. “Then we should go get it.” You responded, looking at Jin to make sure you had permission. 

Jin nodded and smiled and with that, you and Jungkook were off to Starbucks.

Two security guards followed you once again.

You two got to Starbucks and got your drinks before leaving and walking around the mall.
“So you and Jin made up?” He asked as you sipped your drink. “Yep. I swear I will never get that drunk ever again.” You tell him.

He nods before sipping his drink. “About that night at the party,” Jungkook stopped walking and you stopped and looked at him.

“What? Did something else happen?” You asked.

“Well,” he starts. “when you were drunk, like really drunk, you kind of—” He was cut off by someone calling his name.

“Jungkook!” It sounded like a teenage girl.

Turning your head to look at where the sound was coming from, you saw tons of fans coming at you guys.

A security guard pulled you and Jungkook away while another security guard tried to hold back the crowd.

“Does this happen every single time you guys come here?” You asked while the security guard led you two somewhere else.

“Yeah.” Jungkook shrugged.

What was it that he was going to tell you? Was it something embarrassing? You’d hate to find out another stupid thing that you did while you were drunk.

“Jungkook!” A girl yelled. Her yell seemed closer than the other ones. You turned to look at the source of the voice, but you were suddenly pushed away.

You tripped, luckily, you didn’t fall. You looked to see that a fan had escaped the crowd and rushed to Jungkook. On the way to him, she pushed you out of the way.

“Y/n!” Jungkook says, grabbing your hand as security guards got the girl away from the two of you.

You heard screams and cameras flashing constantly. You still wondered how these boys dealt with it.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook asks you. You nodded. “I’m fine.”

He intertwined his fingers with yours as you walked back to he store that the boys were in.

Once you got there, the security guards stood in front and you two walked in, almost immediately finding Taehyung.

“Oh my gosh, that looks so good.” The boy says, looking at the drinks you and Jungkook held.

“Jungkook let me try it.” Taehyung says. Jungkook gave him his drink and Taehyung sipped the drink before walking away with it.

“Tae!” Jungkook groaned. Taehyung walked down one of the aisles of the store and Jungkook just let him go.

You looked at Jungkook and laughed. “Ha. Ha. Very funny.” He says before taking your drink out of your hand and drinking it.

“Jungkook!” You whined. “Now you know how it feels.” He said.

You tried to take your drink away from him, but he held it up high so you couldn’t reach it. So, you just gave up trying and watched as he sipped your drink.

You started walking through the store, dragging Jungkook along. “What was it that you needed to tell me before?” You asked him as you looked at a cute shirt.

“It—uh—it was nothing. Forget it.” Jungkook stutters. You knew he was lying. “Stop lying. What were you going to tell me?” You looked at him.

“I-I was going to tell you that when we were in my car going to the hotel, you started singing really loudly and it was kind of annoying.” He speaks.

“Oh,” you giggled. “I’m sorry. Did anything else happen?”

“Hyung!” Jungkook calls, looking in a different direction and ignoring your question.

You looked to see Jimin and Jin walking up to you.

As Jin approached the two of you, he looked down and saw that your fingers were intertwined. Jin raised and eyebrow at this cleared his throat. You pulled your hand away from Jungkook’s once you saw how Jin was reacting.

“Do you want anything?” Jin asks you. You gave him the shirt that you had previously been looking at. “That’s it?” He asked and you nodded.

Jin left to go pay for your shirt and everything that he was buying, leaving you alone with Jungkook and Jimin.

“Jungkook, did you tell her? Is that why you two were holding hands? Aww that’s so—” Jimin what cut off by Jungkook hitting him in the stomach.

You raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Ah, so he didn’t tell you?” Jimin chuckled.

“Tell me what?”

“Nothing. Don’t listen to him y/n.” Jungkook tells you. “Jungkookie, why are you such a coward? Just tell her. It’s not like it didn’t happen.” Jimin tells his friend.

“Jimin-hyung, leave me alone.” Jungkook groans and Jimin just laughs.

“What does he mean?” You asked, looking up at Jungkook. “It’s nothing, y/n.”

“Jungkook, you’re going to have to tell her eventually.” Jimin smiles.

“Jimin—” Jungkook starts.

“Y/n, when you were drunk, you kissed Jungkook.” Jimin admits. “See? It wasn’t hard to say at all.” He says to his friend.

Your eyes widened. “I did what?” You say, turning back to Jungkook. “Y/n,” he starts.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Oh my gosh.” You ran your fingers through your hair.

You were so embarrassed! How could you kiss Jungkook while you were drunk?

“I was going to tell you, I just—” he says, but you cut him of. “Forget it. Don’t worry about it, okay? I’m sorry.” You apologized.

“You don’t have to—” he started once again. “I-I’m gonna g-go find Jin.” You stuttered, embarrassed.

You walked away from the two boys and waited outside of the checkout line for Jin to finish.

“Hey, why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?” Jin chuckles as he walked up to you. “Do I?” You giggled awkwardly. “I just don’t feel good. Maybe we should leave.”

“Don’t you want to say goodbye to the boys first?” Jin asks you.

Say goodbye to them? You didn’t even want to talk to Jungkook right now. How could you embarrass yourself like that?

“No, it’s okay. I’m sure I’ll see them soon anyways.” You tell him.

Jin shrugged and you two left the store.

All you could think about on the way home is the fact that you kissed Jungkook.

It was your fault. You were drunk. It didn’t mean anything, did it?

Did you like Jungkook?

“Oh my gosh.” You said to yourself.

“What is it? Are you okay?” Jin asks, looking at you for a few seconds before looking back at the road.

“I just—I think—” You stuttered. You didn’t know what to say. “I just need to get home. I have a really bad headache.” You lied.

Jin nodded. “We’ll be home soon, don’t worry.”

You couldn’t believe it.

You liked Jungkook.

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 18

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But I’m finally back with the newest part! It took so long to finish because I had to rewrite it and it was hard to motivate myself to ^^; plus work got in the way and blah blah excuses excuses xD
But anyway, sorry for any errors! I didn’t try and proof this!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 5,200+
Genre: dramaaa and fluff. some angst o:

Part 1 - Part 17 - Part 19

> Masterlist <

Chaerin got up from her chair as her eyes locked onto her brother’s. His eyes widened at the sight of his sister, to which he looked back at Jongin with rage. Not only was he touching a girl who didn’t want to be touched, but that girl was his sister.

Jaemin grabbed Jongin by his collar as Jongin’s eyes widened. Without any kind of warning, Jaemin’s fist pounded Jongin’s face as hard as he could. Jongin let out a long stream of curses as he fell on the floor. Blood quickly began to flow from his nose as he looked up at Jaemin in disbelief.

“What the h*** man?!” Jongin yelled as Jaemin turned away from the guy on the floor and rushed up to his sister. She was standing still in shock as tears were still flowing from her eyes.

“Chae,” he whispered to her as he took her into his arms gently. Her now bruised arms wrapped around his torso as more tears flowed from her eyes.

“O-Oppa… what are you doing here?” she spoke into his shirt as Jaemin softly laughed, but it was a slightly pained laugh.

“I think you need to head back to your room before you ask me any questions. It’s getting late and your friends might be worried about you.” he spoke into her hair before he slightly let her go. He spotted her stuff around the table and picked it all up for her. “I’ll walk you up to your room, Chae.”

She just nodded in response as she grabbed his hand and held onto it for dear life. The two headed off to her room while ignoring the curses from the bleeding Jongin behind them.

Once they got to her room, Chaerin stopped short. She was terrified that Jungkook would be behind the door in a completely drunk state… Or worse… with a girl.

She shook her head at those thoughts as she handed Jaemin her key to open the door for her. He nodded as he took it and placed the key card in the slot.

Seconds later, he slowly opened the door to the room to reveal that only Nari and Jungkook were in the room at the moment. To Chaerin’s relief, Jungkook was perfectly sober, and more importantly, he didn’t bring some random girl back to the hotel.

“Who…” Nari started to ask a question, but when she saw Chaerin’s tear stained face, her eyes widened, “Chaerin, are you alright?”

Jungkook’s eyes slightly narrowed at the guy she was with before opening his mouth, “Who are you?”

Jaemin took a deep breath and let got of Chaerin’s hand to not make it look as bad as it seemed, “I’m just here to drop off my sister. I would appreciate it if you kept her away from Jongin. He left bruises on her arms.”

Jungkook’s eyes immediately moved to Chaerin’s arms as his eyes widened. He quickly moved over to Chaerin and began to wipe her cheeks of her tears, “Omo… Chae…”

She fell apart in his arms as she wrapped her arms around her neck. More tears began flowing from her eyes, “Please hold me… I need you right now.”

Jungkook nodded into her as Jaemin waved at Jungkook and began to walk off. Jungkook was about to call out to him, but Jaemin beat him to it.

“Take good care of my sister, Jeon. I’ll be back to check on her in the morning.”

Keep reading