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My Impressions of Male Broadway Stars

Andrew Rannells: The Pretty Boy™

Jonathan Groff: Cute. Ray of sunshine.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: An excited puppy. Also a ray of sunshine. Must be protected at all costs.

Corey Cott: dashingly handsome. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: ginger dad.

Jeremy Jordan: jawline

Ben Platt: Sweet Pup. A literal Bean, everyone loves him.

Mike Faist: a shaggy dog. 

Aaron Tveit: hot damn. his thighs make me w e a k

Chris Jackson: An Actual Dad and the Sweetest Guy Ever.

Leslie Odom Jr.: very classy, velvet voice that makes me feel things.

Christian Borle: Daddy. (have you seen his arms)

“I spent two hours in IKEA and came out with three boxes of cinnamon rolls, too many meatballs to put in my freezer, and a stuffed fox. I can’t exactly return food, and the fox is too cute to send back to that black hole of merchandise. Want a cinnamon roll? I also have a big ass Crock Pot of meatballs in the office if you’d rather have those.”