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I think I’m done. This fandom is showing me nothing but homophobia, sexism, racism, ignorance when it comes to basic human rights and mental health issues and hatred and reminds me a little bit too much of the real world. I really don’t want to be a part of that anymore. I’m going to support the idols I love but I can do that without all that bullshit. 

Some beautiful things that I saw during my wonderful time in the KPOP fandom:

« Hating a group because you don’t like the group and your group is better!!!11
« The sentence “I don’t care in which way they remember me, as long as they remember me.” You’re crazy.
« Hating on idols with passion because you don’t like them, being literally obsessed.
« Cyber bullying at it’s finest. 
« Blaming idols for sponsoring and sexual abuse, saying that it’s their own fault.
« Sexual abuse in general. Stop touching people you don’t have the permission to touch.
« Hating on Junsu because he is trying out an androgynous concept and should stop acting so “gay”.
« Also people hating on Hani and Junsu because how dare they falling in love.
« Hating on Hani in general because “she’s just famous because of her fancam and untalented” and bla bla bla, get a life.
« Still being stuck in the TVXQ vs JYJ war and thinking because you hate on TVXQ/JYJ your idols do the same. And when they don’t you’re “so disappointed” because how could they forget all that happened??? Why aren’t they full of hatred like my sorry ass????
« By the way, people actually not going to Jaejoongs concert because he could be friends with Yunho. Horrible. 
« Men and women apparently can’t be friends, they are always dating. Being friends with the opposite sex is impossible.
« Hating someone so much you fantasize about killing them. Maybe it’s time to find some help.
« Stalking your idols every move. Yes, it’s wrong.
« People hating on other fans because how dare they support more than one group?
« Jaejoong being hated on for being such an “attention whore” that’s constantly crying. Oh guys, I really love it when people call mentally il people who suffer from depression attention whores. Just lovely.
« Actual Jaejoong “fans” hating on Jaejoong for doing something girly or “gay” or literally hating his sister for posting a picture of Jaejoong where he is photoshopped as a woman. Because “Jaejoong, people will think you’re a gay” or “Stop with all that girly stuff I liked your manly army self more!” Congratulations. You push gender roles on people and manage to shit on the lgbtq+ community while you’re going.
« Calling Yunho “Jaesexual” or being upset about Jaejoong topping Yunho, because yeah right that’s what’s important. Also none of your fucking business. And yes you ship them but you’re still homophobic af. 
« Making Jaejoong believe that he owns his fans something. When an idol asks fans in a serious way if it’s okay to do something you should immediately know that something is really really wrong here. 
« Saying that Jaejoong has to return to the right path because he’s friends with Hong Seok Chun and obviously supports lgbtq+ rights. Because being friends with somebody who’s gay is bad. And fighting for lgbtq+ rights? Bad as well. 
« People actually wanting for Yunjae to be outed (or their OTP in general). Apart from whether they are a real couple or not do you know what this means? No apparently not, or you wouldn’t ask for shit like that. Because let me tell you, they would not only lose their career and be hated on, they would probably have to go to prison for a few years because having sexual intercourse with another man while serving in the korean army is illegal and after these lovely years in prison they would most likely kill themselves because everybody hates them. Great. What a tragic love story I hope you’re happy with that outcome. 
« People hating on every woman they see because the are with the person you “love" or because they destroy your oh so beloved OTP. 
« Seeing everyone as straight by default. 
« Seeing everyone as gay by default.
« Ignoring bisexuality like it’s the plague and calling it nasty being attracted to men and women. 
« Also asking the “When will you get married” question ten times in a row and ignoring “I don’t want to get married”.
« Making fun of Changmin because he doesn’t want to get married. 
« Posting the personal information of Yoochun’s fiancé, hating on her and having the audacity to call her an attention whore, while they are clearly stalkers. 
« Hating on Yunho because he’s gaining weight. 
« Body shaming in general, because it’s none of your business if Red Velvet gained weight or if Ailee “eats too much”. 
« Body shaming so hard that a lot of people are actually starving themselves and start to hate their own bodies.
« Ignoring that the entertainment industry treats idols like shit. They are famous so they have no right to ask for a fair amount of money, a little bit of time for themselves and fair treatment. Yeah, fuck you too. 
« Hating on girl groups, because well… they are girl groups. 
« Whitewashing the shit out of idols, like they look sooo much better when they blind your fucking face. 
« Hating on dark skinned idols, because they look dirty.
« Being disgustingly vocal about sexual stuff you want to do to “your oppa”. 
« Posting personal stuff about idols and their families.
« Slut shaming. But when a guy flashes his sexy abs it’s “so hot!!!!111″
« “I only like asians they are so exotic!!!111″ :///
« and a thousand other beautiful things I thankfully can’t think of right now. But let’s be honest that’s already enough and I just don’t want to deal with it any longer.


This is the bit I’ve been waiting for. Everyone is locked into a 60C sauna, where they have to sing and dance to a song - without getting the lyrics wrong - before they’re allowed to come out. Yunho shows off some impressive improv dancing and singing. It’s amazing how good his acappella singing voice is, actually, as well as his rapping, to say nothing of his dancing. I’m not surprised when they say that he’s the best at his profession out of the 5 - you can really see it here. Jaejoong on the other hand isn’t on good form. He’s practically melting into a puddle and he just wants to leave, and it shows. Still doesn’t stop him from quietly enjoying Yunho’s performance, though. Everyone is beyond impressed with DBSK’s Dear Leader. Yunho, meanwhile, is in his element, dancing and singing - and being very good at it - like there’s no tomorrow. More of this pls.