here it is yo part two

Jet Black Heart - A Peter Pan x Reader Fanfiction Part 9

YO YO YO!! I couldn’t stop writing once I started the last part because I love this story so got damn much! It makes me so happy to see the huge positive response to the last part of JBH that I posted. I was worried about what people would think of my writing because I felt pretty rusty after my huge hiatus. BUt it warms my heart to know I have such supportive lovelies out there! You guys are all so amazing and I love each and everyone of you! So with out further ado, here is Part nine!

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Okay here’s part two of that Gucci Purple Thang. I’m actually using purps. Purple Alien Glue is what I’m smoking and what I’m showing you in that jar. Tested at 29.7% thc Michigan Crop.

That dirty ass Sprite bottle is another suprise gift for my birthday from my friend @santaclause420.

So you know that’s Purple Alien Glue in the bowl. Cuz like Gucci said, you got to get yo purple and yo sprite bottle.

So who else got their dirty Sprite bottle? Let me see it LOL

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yo bro. .... . lookin 4 sum gud wanda..... natasha as HECK... . n Bucky the buckaroo.......... ...... (u da man bro....)

dw dude,,, i managed to find that gud shite i once read … heres some bucky ones ( Part one / part two / they still need to write p.3 ) …. these are my fave bucky oness….. appreciate them my bro.

searchin for that nat stuff… found dis steamy one:::: here (skip to the nat chapters oml it’s 10/10)

and that emo teenager wanda …. here

ave fun mate

Happy Monday, y’all. Political news is terrifying, but one of my two WIPs has finally reached porn, and I realized that the new ESO update* drops a week from today. So there are positive things, anyway.

(* APPEARANCE CHANGE. And also two new group dungeons, and all existing 12-person trials will scale up to max level finally. But the most important part is that I CAN CHANGE MY CHARACTERS’ HAIR. I have priorities, yo.)

Other good news: I have no monitors to deal with here at work this week. This makes my week a lot less stressful.

Little things, but they make life a little less hopeless. I’ll take them.