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Taken (SR)


hiii I have a request!! can u do one where the team rescues the reader who’s younger than Reid and bc the reader had been held captive for a few weeks they’re like too spooked to talk to anyone but Reid and he ends up finding out info from her to help the other girls the unsub took and shit and yea Reid like falls for the reader??? that’s so specific iM SORRY IM JUST EMO AF OK I LOVE U AND UR WORK OK BYE SJHSISHS

Warnings: violence (I love you too lol) not edited i’m sorry 

“Hi Y/N, I’m Jenifer and this is Emily.” A blond haired woman said to me as they walked through the threshold of the door. I backed up to the pillows and covered my body in the thin cotton sheet. “It’s okay, We aren’t going to hurt you. We are here to help, we are with the FBI.” The black haired woman, Emily, told me. I just looked away from them as a tall handsome man come through the door. He waved over to them and whispered. He looked up at me and looked at the door as both of the women walked out of the door. 

“Hi Y/N, I’m Spencer.” He said as he pulled a chair beside my bed. His warm, inviting eyes made me feel at ease. I relaxed into the pillows and stared at him. He coughed and swallowed, opening his mouth, “How are you feeling?” He asked timidly. I suddenly felt self-conscious worrying about how I looked with the bruises and cuts on my face. I bowed my head and allowed my hair to cover my face. I saw his hand slowly come up to my hair softly touching it and tucking it behind my ear. I flinched away from his touch and teared up remembering the events I’ve recently been through. “I’m sorry.” He apologized. “Can I get you anything?” He asked me leaning his elbows onto the bed. I coughed and pointed to the pitcher of water. “May I?” I asked, my voice scratchy and low. He gave me a toothy grin and stood getting the paper cup filling it up with the cool liquid. I gulped down the water and placed it on the try in front of me. “More?” He asked me sweetly, already pouring the water in my cup. “Y/N, I know this is a hard time for you but, we really need to know where the other girls are.” He said softly making me shiver. My body froze and my mine drifted to the pain I’ve been through. I shut my eyes tightly as I heard the heart monitor shoot up. “Y/N, it’s okay calm down.” Spencer said in attempt to calm me down. I fell back onto the bed and suddenly blacked out.

I woke up to the calm beats of the heart monitor. I opened my heavy eyes and looked around seeing the dark sky with beautiful stars. It had been a long time since I’ve seen the stars. I didn’t even know how long I was held captive. “You like the stars?” I heard a man say from behind me. I jumped and placed my hand over my heart looking back seeing the handsome man from earlier. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said sheepishly as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. I covered my body again not wanting to see the burns and cuts that lie on my skin. “You don’t have to do that you know.” He said coming closer to me, smiling down on me. “You were a victim, you lived through something no one else could possibly imagine, show off your scars. I think you still look beautiful.” He commented making me blush. I cleared my throat and looked into his beautiful eyes, “When, when I escaped where ever I was.” I said stopping to collect my thoughts. “It’s okay, take your time.” He said sitting in a chair again. I coughed again and continued. “Where ever it was, there was a lot of land. It was a farm. There were animals.” I said dropping my covers. Spencer placed his hand over mine softly giving me a small smile. “That’s good Y/N.  Did you ever see the person who took you?” He asked. My spine straightened and chills ran over my body. “N-no, but I heard her.” I told him as his eyebrows raised. “She was mad when I got out. I thought I was going to die anyways. I thought I might as well try and do something.” I told him letting tears cascade down my face. “When she left I fought to get out of the zip ties she put around our hands. I even dislocated my shoulder so I could get my blindfold off. I just wanted out.” I said close to sobbing. I hugged myself around the waist when I felt Spencer sit beside me pulling me into his side. He ran his hand down my back and softly touched my hair pushing my head closer into his neck. “I’m sorry.” I said pulling away wiping my nose on the back of my hand. “It’s okay.” He said sympathetically. 

The next day I was awoken by a warm hand on mine. I opened my eyes and saw Spencer smiling, “We found the other girls. it’s all because of you. You allowed us to narrow it down.” He said placing his hand on my cheek. “Good work.” He told me lightly rubbing his thumb over my prominent cheek bone, since I was now very thin. “How long was I ya know, gone.” I asked quietly. “Around two months.” He said sitting beside me on the bed. I nodded my head and tucked my hair behind my ears. “It’s all over now. You’re safe.” I nodded and took a deep breath falling back on the pillows again. Spencer leaned down and softly placed his lips on my forehead, allowing them to linger slightly. “Get some sleep, I’ll be back tomorrow.”    

I just realized something...

Almost everyone has been saying that Paige’s last episode is 7x15 (as far as we know). But my questions is: if she works at Rosewood High along with Ali & Emily, & she plays an important role at the hs because she’s the athletic director, (hypothetically speaking in a realistic way) how the heck is she just gonna leave Rosewood High and abandon the the athletic department, especially the swim team, in the middle of the school year?

I mean it’s possible that she could just quit her job & move somewhere else, but this is PLL we’re talking about here. And maybe one can assume that she’ll still be around at the school, & we just won’t see her anymore, but that seems highly unlikely to me, because as I mentioned above, Ali & Emily work there.

So here is my theory/guess: she’s most likely gonna die. I’m not sure how, but that seems to be what my gut is telling me. Paige has consistently & consecutively been in episodes recently & I fail to believe that there’s no point to that. She’s been seen too much recently for her to just stop appearing after 7x15, so I think the only way it would somewhat make sense is if she dies. I’m just making this assumption based on the stuff we’ve been told & how her last appearance will be in 7x15.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this❤

the evidence:

  • dan trying out a new angle to film his liveshow that prevents us from seeing the majority of his room
  • using the younow app on his phone instead of using his laptop
  • avoiding any questions specifically asking why he’s sitting on his bed and why he’s using the mobile app
  • the corner of his room was completely fucking empty and void of his lamp and the wirrow painting that usually hangs above his bed
  • said he was RELOCATING the wirrow art
  • rearranging his possessions for a more aesthetic video background
  • contemplating a new video setup overall
  • whipped some keys out of no where and started jingling them all over the place
  • no more liveshows for 3 weeks

the outcomes:

  • the chaotic good outcome: dan and phil move into a new house together in may and vlog themselves stepping through the front door and we get to see their first reactions to official home ownership and then they also vlog themselves going to the shelter to adopt a new member of their family
  • the chaotic neutral outcome: dan and phil stay in their apartment together and dan just does a lot of rearranging in his room for a new monotone and minimalistic video background with houseplants (but they still end up moving later)
  • the chaotic evil outcome: there is no chaotic evil outcome because chaotic evil would imply that dan and phil are never going to move and that just isn’t correct

Angry daughters concept art (◡‿◡✿)


                              I love going undercover!
                             Because it’s fun and exciting!


Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky being domestic is a bit of a turn on for his girlfriend

A/N: here’s your metal arm fic, @emily-james-barnes ;) your frank fic inspired me to finish it for you,,,but i think it’s more metal fingers than anything else…also it’s a little crappy, sorry :/

Warnings: smut, metal arm fingering, oral (mr), it’s all smut,,,

words: 1894

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @lipstickandwhiskey @daybreak96 @sistasarah-sallysaidso

You sip your coffee and shift on the stool underneath you.  The smell of cooking bacon and fresh brewed coffee is heavy on the air, and draws your eyes back to your boyfriend’s back in the kitchen in front of you.  You lean your elbows on the counter and study him, still not quite believing what you’re seeing.  He’s making breakfast.  Bucky Barnes is making you breakfast.  It’s so domestic, so unlike him, so goddamn attractive.  You can’t help but stare.  At the way he looks in just a pair of tight boxers, his back bare.  At the way his metal arm catches the early morning light through the window over the sink.  

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#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.

until dawn – stereotypical teen party movie trailer edition

this is my contribution to the until dawn fandom. enjoy.