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happy eclipse day!! happy selfie day!!!!! my face looks freaky up close so here are some basic bitch mirror selfies

name: chris
age: 19
zodiac: libra
favorite choices book: MOST WANTED
how long have you been playing pixelberry games: since last august when choices came out, i haven’t played hwu or hss,,,,,,,,,,, i’m a Fake Fan

my highlight was poppin today,, whispers: anastaaasiaaaa
Fanfiction Author Appreciation 2.0

So, I heard it was fanfiction author appreciation day again, so you know what that means: FANFIC AND AUTHOR RECS!!

So, I’ve joined a whole buncha fandoms since my last post, so there’s even more love and appreciation to go around this time.

Shoutout to everyone from last year’s post, which you can find here. I still love y’all, you’re the best! <3

With all that said, let’s get to it!

Boku no Hero Academia:

@saisai-chan her love for bakugou katsuki is only matched by kacchan’s anger at life. s’kinda like icarus flying to close to the sun. a very angry, spiky son. best known as Baku mom™, she writes beautiful, cute (but sometimes painful) fanfics that you can’t help but love. also, toshinko. and cute class 1-a family things. also found here, a forever love for kacchan’s sideburns.

@sevi007 smile again au has held my heart since i got into this fandom. read it, love it, cry with me about it. also writes guardian of the galaxy fanfics (but i still need to watch the movies, so i haven’t read them, don’t worry, sevi i’m gonna get to them eventually.)

@aoimikans and @swiftwidget TOSHINOUMU. I could wax poetic about the i am…series for hours but i’ll spare you this time and just link it down below.

@forgedobsidian I STILL HAVEN’T FORGIVEN YOU FOR CYCLAMEN but no for real forged’s fics are breathtaking and everyone should read them, specially if you love character introspection.

Hunter x Hunter:

@zenellyraen l is te n I aM CALLING YOU OUT! SHIMMER IN YOUR SHINE HAS CAUSED ME PHYSICAL PAIN I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. But like that fic is really good and yall should read it. Also *whispers* let leorio be the dragon2k17.

@xyliane so like i’ve read all your fics and like everytime i’m just like this is everything i have ever wanted ever. you’re brilliant, and i love your leopika.

@tastewithouttalent i first found them through haikyuu *cough* ukatake *cough* but your hxh fics are also vv brilliant, once again, especially the leopika. Epilogue still hurts me but in a good way.

Haikyuu (especially things that are Tanaka Ryuunosuke related):

@rvuunosuke i live for all things tanaka and that’s basically what made me a forever fan. if you ever feel like there’s not enough tanaka content in your life (spoiler alert: there ain’t, everyone could use more tanaka) follow them. immediately. plus tanahina.

@notsuchasecret my go to for rare pairs. esp tanaka rare pairs. it’s so beautiful honestly. also i might be multishipping trash so there’s that. i ship everyone with everyone and so finding them was perfect for me.

once again, @tastewithouttalent UKATAKE!! Ukatake everywhere! Also other ships if that ain’t your thing. but really some seriously great fics.

Marvel (pretty much anything Sam Wilson related tbh):

@lunaaltare and @unclesteeb all imma say is buckboi. y’all know what y’all did. but you’re great anyway. luna i love your art!

Daiya no Ace:

@galaxyorbit i’m just in love with all the verses and the neverending fight for eijun’s love, although some of these can be painful (y’all are rude for some of these verses but i read them and love them anyway). beautiful fics 11/10 would recommend

That’s pretty much all I can think of as far as author recs go, so let’s get into those fic recs! These’ll probably be longer since there are fandoms that i’m into that i haven’t really talked about on tumblr, but have read a ton of fic for plus some updates for some older fandoms:

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El loved outer space.

Something about the unimaginably vast universe, the last frontier, the far reaches of human exploration, sparked her curiosity like nothing else.

Perhaps the ever-extending universe was her escape from the walls that she felt confined her, even when she had escaped her prison long ago. No matter how far she drifted, through planets and stars, she always felt gravity tugging her down into the world of confinement that she was born into. Though she was imprisoned by transparent walls, she could stare up into the rich blackness of the night sky, and dream of lying on the moon. On the silvery surface of the moon, where the world was quiet, she could finally be free to drift along the Milky Way, without orbiting the fear of being pulled back down.

On the moon you weigh six times less than you do on Earth. El wanted to be weightless. She wanted to float through time and space, capturing every detail of the cosmos and storing it somewhere she would never forget. She wanted nothing holding her down as she explored the beauty of everything beyond walls, because the universe was void of walls. It was constantly growing and expanding and it was unbridled and free and not weighed down by imaginary walls that follow you even when you’re sleeping so far away from where you once were trapped.

The universe was free. El wanted to be free.

And when she looked out upon the constellations, the same ones that stung in the back of her mind as she tried to sleep, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to feel freedom as you’re floating through miles of stardust.
SSLL: Ch. 19
*You have lunch with an old pal, and the skeletons mistake it for a date.
By Organization for Transformative Works

*Hey everyone!  Sorry about the wait on this chapter, but thank you all for being so patient with me.  

I know I said I was going to update BPT first, but honestly–I didn’t feel like it.  So, you get an update for SSLL instead.  

I also know you guys have noticed my absence.  Sorry about that; I really haven’t been checking on here much.  I haven’t read any of my IMs, either.

Long story short, my grandfather is terminal, and it’s been a strain trying to keep him out of a nursing home when it’s me and my mom against the rest of the family.  I honestly haven’t felt like writing or chatting.  

But I stayed up late last night playing Undertale on the PS4 (the plat is super easy), and I got my muse back for it, and then I got Home Healthcare set up for my grandfather to help lighten the load.  So, aside from the fact that I’m going out-of-state Friday for a few days, you can expect my unannounced hiatus to be officially over next week, as long as everything with the Home Healthcare goes as planned.  

Thanks again for being patient with me.  I know it sucks waiting on an update for so long, but you guys are really the best, and I appreciate the fact that I didn’t get anyone pushing me to write.  <3   


oh my god i hate my smile
and my face
and i already regret this
but here we go

name: you can call me ella (please dONT sing umbrella for me, i beg you)
age: im 15 (i swear im not 10!!!!!)
zodiac sign: gemini (moon/capricorn ascendant/leo and i know this is pretty bad ):
favorite choices game: rn the royal romance!!
how long have you been playing pixelberry games: since december of last year

I’m pulling my fucking weight here in the Kadena/TBT fandom and here’s why: 1) I just got new cable where I can now watch live AND record the episodes and therefore later watch the recorded episodes and further add to the ratings 2) I wrote an entire (very long) chapter for my fic but I did it in the car yesterday and when I re-read it last night, it was honestly just not good enough and I decided I wanted something else to happen so I’m about to embark on re-writing the whole chapter.. I am giving this fandom my all.

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“Is anyone even here?” Bunni whispered, entering what seemed to be a decrepit house in the middle of no where. Forgotten Hollow? Yeah, the named seem to fit well. So far it seemed this whole town was just this one house.

“This was where she were last…” He trailed off when two woman appeared in front of him, “I’m glad I wasn’t wrong.”

“Caleb, long time no see. Ever since-” The woman began, stopping herself and crossing her arms, “I just wasn’t expecting to see you again.”

“We’re in the same boat, then. Long story short… I need you’re help.”

“Mmm, I can tell. For one, you’ve got someone following you. Second, you’re looking more like me and less like…” She cocked her head eyeing Bunni closer, “Well, I guess she’s not anymore human than you, huh?”

She’s in the future
Six hours ahead
I’d invent time travel
To be with her instead

I’m stuck in the past
I wonder how long this will last
Before I can hop in my time machine
See a world that we’ve only seen
In our dreams

Good morning goodnight
The time isn’t right
But it’s all an illusion anyways

Same stars same moon
Our future is soon
It’s no use for us to count down the days

We’ve made our plans
We just have to wait
It’s up to us to try
We can’t count on fate

I’m keeping my hope
That this future can come to be
I can only trust
That she has the same hopes as me

She’s in the future
In terms of the time
But is she in mine?

—  A long distance relationship poem

21.08.17 | My first official post for this studyblr is finally here! Sorry, I took so long! Today, my friend @gettingsmarter and I had our very last lunch together for a while at a cute cafe called Vendome Cafe. I ordered butternut squash soup and a chai tea latte (which was probably the best chai tea I’ve ever had). Afterwards, we went to sit by the Bow River for a nice soothing and relaxing afternoon.

That’s all for now! I’ve started bullet journaling for the upcoming academic year so hopefully, I can share some pictures with you guys later this week. I’m very excited about the fact that fall is coming! I cannot wait for September!

Doctor- Mean *Andy Biersack Imagine*

Lunch time…

Per usual, you skipped ahead in front of almost everyone, in a hurry to grab your food and get out of the crowded cafeteria. It’s the last place you wanted to be, not in the slightest bit. You pictured yourself in a million places besides here, along with all of the other patients that were way more far gone than you. You didn’t see yourself to be a good fit at all. You were aware of your problems, but you didn’t deserve to be put away because of them! You weren’t one of “these” people. Not by a long shot.

Eventually, you ran out of patience with everyone, and shoved your way back to the tables. You chose to wait until the line died down until you made your way back up there. Being surrounded by people you weren’t anything like made you absolutely disgusted.

“They’re all fucking nuts.” You mutter, snarling your lip at anyone who crossed your path. At the very back, where you typically sat all alone was another person occupying your space. Although you knew it wasn’t technically “yours” you were the only one that ever sat there. It was a small table with only one chair that faced the window. It was perfect for you. No one ever looked at you, and you never had to look at them. To make it even more comfortable for yourself, you’d even pull the blinds down at times to darken the area from the blinding son. Solitude was what you preferred. Solitude was safe.

A couple of others surrounded the individual occupying your regular seat. A nurse and another patient to be exact. You shoved them both out of the way, putting your hands on your hips.

“You need to leave.” You say sternly.

The guy sat slumped in the chair with his head hung, unhappy to be sitting around a ton of people himself. His eyes looked up to meet yours, when his nerves began to kick in high gear. He was afraid and a little jittery.

“Now!” You slam your hands on the table, leaning in towards his face. “I get that you’re insane, but I’m sure you understand what "move” means!“

Your barking voice caused a bit of a scene. The nurse that was standing nearby backed away startled, where her other patient had jumped behind her. People all around had their attention focused on you and the ruckus you were making.

"Fucking leave!” You snap once more. The man finally stands up, shakily with his hands in defense. He was almost in tears and shaken up by being yelled at from a total stranger.

“That’s what I thought, you fucking-”

You backed into another body, whipping around to attack whoever dared to run inton you, when you recognized the familiar white lab coat and folded arms.

Dr. Biersack.

“Tough words for someone who is all by herself.” He raises his brow at you. You cower down a bit, shameful that you’ve been caught.

“I didn’t do anything!” You push past him, when he takes you by the arm and escorts you out. You’re raging, yelling, crying, and hitting. Anything to get him to let you go.

“Get off of me! I didn’t do anything!” You snarl. “Get away!”

Andy proceeds to ignore your demands, pulling you away into his office where he pushed you inside and slammed the door, locking it behind him. You’re stuck now, and hysterical as ever, screaming and yelling, pounding on the door to be let out. Tears streaked your face from anger and embarrassment. There wasn’t anything that would stop you from flying off the handle.

“You can hiss at me all you want, kitty, but your little temper tantrum doesn’t phase me.” Andy says coldly. “You’re upset that you’ve been caught bullying someone else. You’re projecting how you feel onto others.”

“Shut up! Just shut up!”

“Have a seat, (Y/N).”

“No! You don’t tell me what to do, I-”

“Sit. Down.” His voice lowers to a dark, husk.

“What are you gonna do if I don’t?! Hit me? Do it! I don’t care!” You argue back.

Andy sits back into his chair, with his arms folded. Shaking his head, he turns away, digging through his drawer of medical supplies. You hear the sound of metals clacking and sterile packaging crinkling from behind the desk.

Your eyes widen in horror, feeling your heart race at maximum speed “What are you doing?”

Dr. Biersack doesn’t reply. He keeps fumbling from behind his desk, pulling out several different tools.

“Tell me what you’re doing!” You command.

“Since you don’t want to follow my instruction, I take it that you want to do this the hard way.” He snaps on two latex gloves, revealing a gigantic needle and syringe. Crystal clear fluid drips from the point of the needle, indicating that is very much ready for use.

“You’re cruel! You can’t do that to me!”

“I can, I will, and I’m not afraid to.” Andy stands from his seat, glaring directly at you. “You’ve got one more chance to cooperate. Either you take a seat like I asked you to, or you can take the injection and wake up in a different room. Your pick.”

Huffing, you take a seat. You sniffle and pout at him as he sits back down, disposes of the injection, and begins an incident report on you. Andy was well aware of your bad behavior, but he didn’t know you were pushing other people around. If there’s one thing he couldn’t stand, it had to be bullies. Andy hated it when people bullied others for no good reason. You knew better than that.

Andy pushes a box of tissues over to you, where you pick them up and launch them across the room, into the furthest wall. He sighs, shaking his head again.

“You’re a monster, Dr. Biersack. I don’t like you.”

“That’s too bad you feel that way. You don’t have to like me, but that doesn’t mean you get to disrespect me.”

“You’re cruel! I hate you!” You retort in your pouting voice. You’ll say anything at this point to get a rise out of him.

“Is that so? Being hateful only hurts you, (y/n). I’m here to help you, not hurt you.”

Andy holds back a smile at your bratty ways. Your whines weren’t effective at all, and in fact quite funny. He didn’t quite understand you, but what he did know was that there was deep reasoning behind all of this. You weren’t a bad person, you just chose to act on the negative and get the consequence. Andy made sure you were to apologize to the individual whom you’ve upset as well as evaluated for any further treatment or medication. His therapy wasn’t doing the trick as he thought it would. Andy needed to try something more in depth with you, to really get you to open up until he reaches your soft spot. There had to be something sweet and precious on the inside, he could feel it.

moving, starting law school and everything in between

hi guys, I haven’t been really active on my fitness blog or any of them in such a long time. I honestly didn’t realize how long it had been 😔. A lot has happened in the last couple of months so i’m just going to do a catch up post!

to begin, i moved from florida to maryland!!! it’s honestly the biggest change i’ve made in life. i’ve been here for about three weeks now so it’s been a good minute! i moved for law school and although i miss miami so much, i think i was ready to move out on my own and start my own life away from the parentals. i started law school yesterday and boy am i in for the year of my life. i’m both excited and nervous about it but i think it’ll finally teach me how to stay organized and structured because it’s so easy to fall behind if you don’t plan your entire day out.

i fell off the health and fitness wagon the last couple of weeks but i’m back on! i started yesterday, like new school year, new health plan! i also live on the same floor as the gym so i have no excuses not to go. it’s legitimately 50 steps away. but i’m super excited to see what the second half of 2017 has in store for me! i’ll be posting my food and all that jazz again 🙏🏾😍💕

ALSO, 2.3k followers?! that’s crazy! thank you guys so much for following my roller coaster of a journey ✨

Fanfic Author Appreciation!

Last thing before it’s my bedtime here.  I recommended a bunch of fics earlier but Tumblr mobile ate my second post.  Screw you Tumblr mobile.  So I’m finally on my laptop and here is my second post (what was supposed to post earlier today)

All these lovely people are such wonderful authors.  I don’t have every fic bookmarked and it would be miles long if I posted every single fic I’ve read.  So I’m going to tag all the lovely authors I enjoy reading from.  (I honestly push off my own writing if I see an update.  *blushes*)  I highly recommend these authors, and artists. 





















AND SO MANY MORE!!  I can’t remember all the names from my list!!  Tumnlr mobile even ate the draft!!  Argh! 

Remember that Lord of Scoundrels read-a-long from last year? Well, I just finished the final 20 pages of the book. It’s a good thing I’ve started this reading journal because my memory is already fuzzy.

I can’t draw and I’m not spending money on stickers or what-have-you but someone wanted to see what mine looks like. Here it is in all its humble glory.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you knew any 1D fics that crossed over with Star Wars? Like with the boys being in the jedi temple or Senators or that sort of thing? I had a dream about it and am now dying to read it in a fic.

Heya !

I never read them but here’s what I found on AO3 for you :

- Across the Stars (I’ll Write Your Name)  (137k so far, WIP,) : A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…Louis has been living peacefully on his home planet of Dononter Minor for years before he’s kidnapped by a group of pirates that call themselves The Blades of Orion. It seems that them, along with another powerful syndicate called The Black Suns, are hunting for the last holocron, a crystal which stores information on force techniques and instruction manuals for force users. It’s said that whoever possesses the knowledge of the crystal can rule the galaxy. Unfortunately, the crystal is imbedded in Louis’s forehead.Or, a Star Wars au

- Drowning Out the Universe  (32k) : Star Wars AU where the clone wars are raging across the galaxy, Harry’s struggling to stay on his path, and Louis seems destined to cross it. The struggle doesn’t get any easier after that.

- Light Behind Your Eyes  (26k) : Harry tried to be good, he did. But something pushed him over the edge and a new Sith Lord has arisen. With all hope for him seeming to be lost, can the Jedi masters find the one thing that can stop him?

My opinion on The newest episode of The Strain.

As you’ll soon find out, I fucking love this series. I love the books, the comics and crappy spin off comics. I also love the show.. As hard as its been in its last season.. I told you guys I would have rambles about things. So, I’m starting here.. with this episode “Tainted Love”.. (I’ll circle back to last weeks episode too… don’t get me started on that mess).(I don’t plan to explain any characters to new people.. this is a rant specifically for the fans of the strain.. so.. skip this post if you have no interest in this show.. comics.. books.. cause you’re in for a long post.. also SPOILERS)

The Strain is a good series.. Good.. not great.. Its a good TV show if you like vampires, moderately cheesy dialog and a fun cast who all seem to blend together well. This episode was chalk full of humor between characters like Quinlan and Fet.. Eichorst(who is my favorite character) does things.. like being a bad ass and driving a truck shooting at a plane..(which also comes off cheesy in some ways). The main things I wanted to touch on though for this episode of scenes related to Quinlan and Zach.(I hear your groans already. but hear me out..)

Zach this season is more bratty and horrible and we’re starting to see him break down in some ways.. Which is actually pretty awesome.. When Abby is being killed he is seen holding his head and trying to block out what is happening. The books mention him having OCD rituals and anxiety problems due to The Master’s care.. Seeing that part of him freaking out was  a nice touch. But it was also a nice touch seeing something so real happen in the series.. I told friends why the scene was hard to watch.. But in a not cringy way.. in a “This hurts on levels only some people will understand”. Its a very real scene of what happens to many people now and days. Zach reacts to rejection like many people have lately.. Abby becoming the victim to that reaction.. I can not tell you how many times I or friends have heard the lines.. “I was nice to you. You were nice to me. I gave you things. Why can’t I be you significant other? You better like me or else”. While.. we all saw her character’s death from a mile a way.. It still stuck out to me. Its one death that will probably stick with me for some time. I’ve been in a dangerous situation where being nice to someone got me hurt because they thought something simple like holding their hand so i don’t fall meant.. “Take me now”.. We hear lots of things on the news or social media of victims being hurt due to someone “rejecting” their love. Abby herself even says “I don’t owe you anything. Thats not how this works”. I loved it.. It was a great scene. So if there’s some one you’re crushing on hard.. If they don’t feel the same way.. please don’t murder them or hurt them.. 

Now on to Quinlan. This character is drastically different from his other counter parts in the comics and books. Quinlan pretty much doesn’t talk till book 3.. I expect changes to the TV show version. They have to make him super cool and stand out from the others.. They want him to seem mysterious and cold.. Which.. I know that show writers.. stop hammering that into my head. Last week’s episode and this week we learned more about his back story.. Which.. I will literally rant about this for hours on end about why the changes to his background just fall flat and don’t work.. Last week we were introduced to Louisa and daughter. The TV show counter part to Tasa and her daughter.. Like many book fans.. I didn’t like this… (I’m expecting a visit from a certain “critic” for writing this). Louisa is seeking out Quinlan.. because he brother is dying or now dead.. and its the stupidest shit show ever.. (I told you.. i hate it). The flash backs are written like a bad fanfic.. Like.. a bad knock off fanfic. I know I’m suppose to care about this cute child set in a time period I love so much.. But I don’t.. She’s not mentioned or hinted at like Quinlan’s family in the books and comics. She has no tragic back story like Tasa and her daughter.. There’s no real drama or conflict to make me care for them. Tasa was a slave like Quinlan and something they had in common. In the spin off comics we see Quinlan rescuing Tasa and her child while his people are raiding her village.. We’re pretty much set up to care about these characters from the get go. Louisa and her child are well to do. Their story isn’t tragic or set up to make me care about them. She paints Quinlan up(don’t get me going on this make up and wig…) to look human and they… Umm.. I guess have sex? I don’t know what to call the love scene really.. It made me feel.. embarrassed.. I was embarrassed for watching one of my favorite show. Maybe if I wasn’t watching with other people.. I’d feel less embarrassed.. I doubt it.

Anywhoo.. Quinlan fights Papa Master and doesn’t win.. Papa kills not wife and child and Quinlan just sighs and releases his “family”. There’s no heart or soul to these scenes. There’s no drama or heart ache.. It falls flat. In the comics Quinlan is tricked and runs home to Tasa and their child who are now turned and attack him. He’s taunted and has to slay his family.. Its more heart breaking because there’s more of a build up. We grow to like these characters for a few brief moments and really get to see Quinlan grow more as a character. We get to see him “act “ human with out having to be painted human. He is loved for himself and has earned this family. We see them act like a family and Tasa sings to him. We see him being taken care of in the comics by her(the spin off comic)..  Louisa’s daughter is seen playing with Quinlan in this episode but It feels stiff. I don’t get the sense of this being a family. We aren’t showed a montage of them being more family like.. or them growing more.. We don’t get to see how close they have gotten. When he says “I have to go fight the master”. Louisa is upset and slaps him.. “What about us” I eye rolled faster than Eichorst dodging bullets. Nothing really feels at sake.. she guilt trips him into her death.. I don’t feel a sadness for these characters.. The only thing that will keep their memories alive is fans going, “You guys remember that awful sex scene?”. I understand many show watchers may not feel this way due to the fact they’ve never read the books.  But those who have.. (the many I’ve talked too) do feel that way,

Also, can we talk about what a bad ass Charlotte is? She’s in my new top favorites for the show. She’s a strong female character who can actually defend herself and handles people like a champ. She’s not mean or cold towards Quinlan. She’s the reason they get out of there because she stuck around to fight off Eichorst. She’s not stupid and knows what she wants and how shes going to survive. I’m sad we probably wont see her ever again. But I really did enjoy the character. Her explaining to Fet she wasn’t coming with was one of my favorite parts of the episode. The Strain doesn’t have very many strong female characters at this point.. I don’t count Dutch, her character is awful.. (I have a rant about that later). Sorry let a person gush about a new refreshing character.

Also, when did Eichorst have time to heal from being burned? Gentlemen, I do believe he was on fire.. I know he’s a vampire and all.. but I don’t feel like he had time to heal that fast and go find Quinlan and company out in no where land. I know he had some burn marks.. but.. like.. We skipping where he was ON FIRE?

Welp, I’m going to wrap up this post here. I already know people are going to hate this a lot. But, I welcome the discussion and hate.I know there’s a certain “critic” making her rounds to these things.. So I’m expecting her to appear. 


I rant about shit.. and say stuff i like. 

Fanfic Writer Appreciation <3

It’s Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day~!

I’m not usually one for text posts but this is a special occasion so I’m going to spill my guts here and essentially write a love letter to all the fantastic writers out there. (fair warning this might get a tad very long)

Having read fanfiction since my early teenage years, the medium has always and will always have a special place in my heart. Truthfully, it was something I took for granted back then and I never really thought about the ‘face behind the writing’. But the last three years marked fanfic consumption like I’ve never seen before and it struck me one day there was someone out there, somewhere in the world, writing these amazing works and that blew my mind, even though it was something so obvious. 

The time you put into weaving stories that pull readers in and sharing them without asking for more than a kudo or a comment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please continue to share your amazing talent so I can fawn over you and know that you are appreciated and endlessly loved. 

Over the course of the day (and beyond!), please drop your favourite authors a kudo or comment to show your love and support. 

Whether we’ve talked or not, whatever fandom your from, you’re all precious and I hope you know that <3 

(shoutouts under the cut)

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