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if you don't mind, could you do some poly swerve and ultra magnus headcanons?

All my life has been spent preparing for this ask 

Swerve, Ultra Magnus, and s/o (poly) MTMTE

There’s so much affection to go around between the three of you. Swerve is always there with hugs and cuddles, Ultra Magnus is a perfect gentlemen, and you show all the affection and love you can (and get just as much in return)

Swerve has a free drinks policy for both of you. He knows you can’t drink energon or engex, and Magnus can’t handle much engex, so he’s always prepared with ‘human friendly drinks’ (mostly water and juice) and engex that won’t make Magnus pass out

At first Magnus was skeptical of the height differences between the three of you. He was tall enough compared to Swerve, but he was massive compared to you. Eventually he got used to it though, and even started to enjoy it. He had no problems bending down to kiss Swerve before his shift, and he certainly had no problem picking you up so you could kiss his cheek. And there was always the option of removing the Magnus armor so he could be with the two of you as Minimus 

Swerve is the biggest cuddle bug you will ever meet. He’s super understanding of person space and boundaries, and if you need space he’ll absolutely give you that space, but he certainly is clingy. He loves holding your hand, even if the size difference is a bit silly, and he especially loves carrying you around. One time he picked you up bridal style after you mentioned being tired, and insisted that he could carry you back to your hab (it’s not like you’re heavy to him, humans are all really light to cybertronians). Even if his one liners were cheesy on the way there, it was still really sweet 

Nobody really believed Swerve when he bragged about how sweet and caring Ultra Magnus was. They could believe those things about you, you seemed genuinely sweet but Magnus? Never. The joke was on them however, because Swerve didn’t exaggerate any of his stories; Magnus was a complete sweetheart to the two of you. He was still stiff and awkward in places, that was just the way he was, but he really opened up the longer the relationship went on. He was very doting, he wanted to make sure both you and Swerve felt loved and appreciated in everything you did

He’s still firm about his rules on pda, but in private Magnus is actually very affectionate. Swerve is still the one who starts most cuddle piles though, and he’ll fight for that record. His favorite way to cuddle is by picking you up, and then sitting in Mag’s lap with you in his lap. It’s the comfiest position for everyone, and Magnus enjoys having not one, but two adorable minis in his lap

While Magnus defaults to pretty typical pet names (darling/dear, or sweetspark), Swerve will come up with as many as possible. Most of the time they’re pretty genuine, but sometimes he’ll come up with ones just to make you or Magnus laugh. He always grins and feels his spark soaring when he makes either of you laugh. He about had a spark attack the first time he made Magnus genuinely laugh, and not just a snort or quiet chuckle. Later when he was working at his bar and talking to Tailgate, he swore on everything he had ever loved that he had the two cutest s/o’s in the universe  

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heya, ahdh bmc anon again. now I know a lot about bmc so actually it isn't going too horribly yet. hyperfocuses suck but at least it's a musical

akdjfjdka M E???

the internet: hey heres a cool musical u can enjoy
my easily hyperfixated ADHD brain: Consume

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Hey darling, how has your day been??? You haven't been active and I'm (and maybe more) are worried about you. I know you've queue post but that's it. Don't force yourself to write prompts if you can't. Losing a best friend is tough but try to talk to other friends. They can help. I love you

Hey huni, my day wasn’t the best. I’m exhausted and my prom date informed me that they will be going with another person… 

Yes I know I haven’t been active, I’ve had no motivation/energy to do anything  :( 

I need to write the prompts because I feel bad every time I see them I feel guilty because they’ve been there forever. 

I didn’t think losing a best friend would effect me like this. I literally can’t take care of myself atm. I hate to say it but I have no other friends to confide in. I go to a very small school and people don’t usually like me. They also give me anxiety whenever I have to talk to them, about a personal problem. Also I don’t want to burden people with my domb problems when other people have there own. 

That’s why it hurts so much to lose Ty as a friend because I never had anxiety talking to him, I told him everything. Now I can’t tell people and I’m just bottling it up :( 

Sorry for ranting. I know it’s stupid. 

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Congratulations you missed the entire point of the scientific method, it is to improve theories with further evidence and research, due to your dogmatic style you treat the science of the past like a religion, i bet you believe the sun still spins the earth, sex has been redefined due to research and truth is one sided, you are against truth, go read a good scientific article by Nature, preferably "sex redefined"

Because redefining things that have been understood for centuries happens all the time.

You mean to tell me that some guy with a bachelors in mechanical engineering knows the climate better than people who spent their whole lives measuring temperatures and climates? That he’s the one who understands sex better than literally every other civilization that’s ever existed on the face of the earth? Only just now is the entirety of the human biological binary proven (somehow) to be completely wrong and really there’s no rules?

I don’t buy that, and certainly not from some hack with a Netflix series and zero proven evidence.

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Just a thought... maybe totally-totty is getting a lot of crap because they actually did something wrong? In my short time here I've seen drama surround them like flies to shit. Something like that doesn't happen to someone who hasn't incited it in some way. And then when it DOES happen they wahwah all over their blog in an attempt to get their followers to pity them and send love/art. I guess what I'm trying to say is think twice before setting your allegiances in stone. Just... don't get hurt.

I can tell there you are trying to be nice and I appreciate that. I appreciate that you care, I do. Though, I’m gonna explain some things under this cut that might help explain my reasoning? Again, more drama. Feel free to ignore.

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Lego Batjokes Prompt #109

“Alfred, sorry I’m late I had…things to do. Is my suit ready for the inauguration banquet?" 

"Yessir but, um…sir-”

"I’ll chat later, Alfred. I have to be in front of the camera right now.” 


"Good evening Gotham. Thank you for…uh, is everything okay? Is this mic on?” 

*Barbara runs on stage* 

"Bruce, you have lipstick all over your freaking face!”


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Safe Heaven

Hello! Can you do a BamBam scenario where he comes home late and found you asleep while you were waiting for him. I really love you guys’ blog so much! 😊

Here it is my dear anon

This request is so fluffy I can’t even.. awww

Hope you like it


Originally posted by taekookie-bts

“Sorry bae I need to stay at practice, I’ll be home a bit late! I’ll eat here! I am sorry, love you!”


You sigh after seeing the message but didn’t get angry at him. You knew he had to practice and that he wanted to be perfect for the next comeback but you couldn’t help but missing him.

You looked at the table and the dinner that you’ve been preparing for all evening.

You were so excited that after weeks you had the opportunity to have him all to yourself so you cooked dinner, took a bath put your make up and dressed nicely for the occasion .

But here you were, with your black lace dress and the golden earrings he bought you for your anniversary..alone.

You didn’t want to clear the table, so you just put back the food in the oven and turned off the vanilla scented candle that he liked so bad..

It was too good to be true, you thought while caressing the baby breaths that you bought a few hours before.

It was getting cold, but you had no strength to properly go to bed so you just took a worm and fluffy blanket and lied down on the couch so that when he came in you could have seen him.

Fixing the pillow under your head, you removed the rings and all the jewelry but totally forgetting the earrings and placed everything on the table in front on the tv.

You grabbed the remote and just looked for something to watch.



-Ok we’re done guys, let’s go home

You looked at your phone, 2am. Y/N was  probably already sleeping and you told yourself you shouldn’t go there and wake her up.

But it has been so long, you have texted each other everyday but haven’t had a date in weeks now and God knows how much you’ve missed her.

-Bam Bam, aren’t you going to Y/N tonight?

-I don’t thinks so JB hyung, it’s too late

-BAM BAAAM you should go!!!!

Jackson shouted from the other part off the room, with a bright smile on his face

-Go Bam Bam, I know it has been hard those last weeks and you’ve worked really go!

-Thank you hyung!!

The manager drove you to her apartment with the others, you just grabbed some clothes for the morning and thanked again hyungs for the support they’ve always shown for your relationship.

It has been more than a year now, and you and Y/N never fought, you were so similar and thanks to that she understood your crazy schedules and the months away and the endless practices..

You grabbed the key she gave you after one year you’ve been together. She gave them to you saying to just go there when you needed peace. It was your safe heaven..actually she was.

Love was scaring, yes. But the fact that she was always there, to cheer you up and to listen to you.. you never knew what love was but she showed it to you.

She was so caring, sweet but strong, funny but deep..she was perfect..she was the one.

With a dumb smile on your face you opened the door, smell of vanilla.

And then you saw, the scented candles, the table, the flowers.

You closed the door and just stood there for a moment, sighting and thinking of how she felt seeing the message.

You turned around to place the bag down and you saw the grey blanket on the couch.

Getting closed you smiled and looked at Y/N all crawled up under it, you could see just her pretty face.

Her earrings on, the one you gave her for the anniversary, make up done. You felt even worst now.

Gently you caressed her face, smiling at the look of her lips pouting.

You kissed her lightly and went to the bathroom to take some make up remover

“Aish sleeping with make up.. the worst”

-Bam bam?


You’ve heard footsteps coming in your direction, you scratched your eyes and asked, still sleepy

-Bam Bam?

And there he was, cotton pads and make up remover in his hands, smiling brightly at you.

-Babe sorry for waking you up, I was going to remove your make up..

-I was waiting for you

He got close to you and kissed you sweetly

-I know.. I am sorry for..

You just hugged him, so happy that he was finally there, with you. Still with your blanket on you moved on his lap and kissed his neck.

-I miss you

-Babe I miss you too, shall we go to bed?


-Ok let me take a shower and you remove your make up ok?

You nodded and walked to the bedroom.


You showered and just dried your hair with a towel, ready to go to bed to your girl.

Opening the bathroom door you could see her already in bed, without make up and in her pijiama, how could she be so beautiful?

-Y/N I am coming

No answer

A bit worried you walked to the bedroom to see her again sleeping peacefully. You couldn’t help but to take a picture and then just lied by her side.

You hugged her strongly, smelling her perfume and caressing her cheeks, she moaned a bit and hugged you back.

This was so far, one of the best moments you’ve had in those weeks.

And you thanked God you’ve found your safe heaven

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We Stretch Out On The Beach, Thick, Meaty Hearts Resolved. "Κοίτα τα κύματα!" You Say, Happily, Grabbing My Sweaty Hand. I Don't Get Up, But Grin. You Are R̸̖ḁ̳̹d̞̙̤̙͉i̹̺͙̰̩͓̣ḁ̼̪̭n̥̜̪̠ṱ When You're Happy. Sweat From Beneath My Knees Sink Through My Skirt, Into The Ground, The Sand, Soggy. "Είσαι καλά?" You Murmur. "Αα, Ναι, Εγώ απλά..." The Sweat Is ζε̹̬̜̦͖̦σ̣͙͓τ̲̗̝͚ͅͅό̡̭̘̗ς͕̗͔͈͞ And I Bite My Lip, Panting. I Smile. "είμαι καλά. Περισσότερο από καλό." You Smile And Sit Back Down. Sweat Drips.


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i was beyond pissed last night. i consider myself as a member of LGBTQ and a victim of sexual harassment although until now no one knows about this but me, because I am scared that I will be seen as a LIAR and just making excuses... i just bawled. 2 parts of me last night was attacked.

Oh gosh, I’m so fucking sorry anon. For what it’s worth, I believe you. And I know most people who follow me would agree. You didn’t deserve to feel that way after that episode and this is why I will fight anybody who tells me that fiction doesn’t matter and that it’s “just a tv show”. 

You are brave and strong and you are not a liar and I wish I could give you the biggest hug


Well, no. We don’t worry about that. I mean, sure, there are some health risks to being fat, I guess. Just like there are health risks to everything. When Yuuri was thin, he was yo-yo dieting, constantly hungry, and felt awful about himself. Even though we may overeat a bit now, I think we’re both much healthier than we were when we were hungry.

Some doctors will say a lot of anti-fat nonsense that isn’t true, and blame things on weight that have nothing to do with it, but… if Yuuri or I were to get some kind of serious health issue that really was because of being fat, we’d deal with it how any couple would. We’d love and support each other, no matter what. But I see no reason to make both of us miserable by depriving us of food that makes us happy just in case some hypothetical health concern arises, especially when people who live supposedly perfect lifestyles get health problems all the time anyway.

For now, we’re both fat, and we’re both very healthy, and that’s all there is to it. It’s very possible to be both fat and healthy, no matter what some people will try to say.

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Winter Soldier anon here. Don't worry. This is a guy I've known for years, and we've spoken openly about sex and stuff. So it wouldn't take too much convincing to get some fun time. And honestly? He is such a kinky bastard. Some of the things he's mentioned.... I think I'm gonna die and go to heaven... We've discussed kinks. And he loves being called 'daddy' and having someone submit. So.... I am going to have a hell of a lot of fun!!!

I SCREAMED SO LOUD HONEYYYYYY! Does he have a twin brother???😭😭❤️❤️

I’m sorry to bother you but here’s a couple more versions of my picture

My dearest Anon, you are AWESOME, thank you so much ♥♥♥ In the other submission you said something about a drabble you were thinking of writing to go with the pic? I would be thrilled if you did, please do!! 

And never ever apologize for sending me stuff, I adore it!! ♥