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bakugou: who the fuck-

aizawa: language, katsuki.

bakugou: whom the fuck-

aizawa: no.

I love how much Peraltiago is the example of a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.  Once they got together it wasn’t about ‘oh, what new twist can we use to break them up this week?  what argument can we create that will make them hurtful and cruel to one another?’  They were supportive and loving even before they got together, they were honest with each other, they genuinely enjoyed one another, and faced challenges together.  I just…I love these two so much it’s not even funny.


I fell into drarry hell so I had to draw this, i’ve been reading fanfics non-stop (God bless @capiturecs that masterlist is 👌!!!) i’m weak for characters that bicker/fight like a married couple, I specially love the fics where they are adults working together or in differents departments in the ministry but they still have to have interaction with each other because… of reasons… when their ‘bickering’ turn into blatant flirting i’m :))

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but at 1:13 there's an article by the observer called "unseen letters show Hemingway's fight against celebrity and bullshit publicity". Celebrity and bullshit publicity.... Amazing...

He was outraged by the biographical blurb on an edition of The Sun Also Rises, his masterpiece about a lost generation damaged by the first world war. He complained to his editor, Maxwell Perkins, insisting its publisher must “at once remove that biographical crap ie SHIT about me on the back wrapper”. He wanted them to know that “unless that material comes off all the wrappers immediately, and any reference to war service or my private life such as marriage etc removed, I will never publish another book with [them]”.

He continued: “It is no good my trying to keep my private life out of things and avoid bullshit publicity if it is then to be spread in mass production.” The publisher destroyed the offending jackets.