here is your goat


I’ve finally had some time to make some new plushie designs! One of them is GOATS. I freakin’ love goats, I think they are cute and hilarious. I made a goat as a custom for a friend about a year ago, but wasn’t totally happy with the head shape, so I reworked the pattern for these lil guys! 

There’s a few up in my shop that are ready to ship, but you can also get a goat in your choice of colors here!

Here’s some serious cute: A mountain goat nanny and kid at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Mountain goats are not true goats at all but belong to the antelope family. The hooves of mountain goats consist of two toes that can move independently from each other, allowing for its stunning agility on steep terrain. Photo by Richard Nelson, National Park Service. 🐑🐑

Just some skelebros showing their Mom love by making her a flower crown and bracelet :3333


A lil’ thing based off of @zarla-s post-Handplates AU where Goat Mum adopts the skelebros. I made them smol for extra cuteness ‘w’

anonymous asked:

goat wizard

Me: Ok nothing I end up drawing today will be stranger that my ML Emperor’s New Groove AU pic. I mean who would want something weirder than that… 

(Opens this prompt.) Well never mind then. 

Ok Anon. Here is your goat wizard


Simple Salad with Homemade Yogurt-Avocado Poppy Seed Dressing 

A great addition to this week’s meal prep menu. 

Ingredients for Poppy Seed Dressing 

2 cups 0% fat Greek yogurt 

1 tbsp honey 

1 large avocado 

3 capfuls of apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp poppy seeds 

Juice from 1 lime 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Water to thin out, if necessary 

Ingredients for Salad 

Grilled chicken - recipe here 

Grilled onions - recipe here 

Grape tomatoes 

Feta or goat cheese 

Salad greens of your choice 


Blend together all ingredients for salad dressing. Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

NOTE: I preferred for my dressing to be on the thicker side but feel free to thin out your dressing as needed. 

Assemble your salad and serve. 



Back to School Sale! Now with MORE Goats!

Since they were such a big hit, I wanted to bring out some more goats before school starts. Help me find some good homes for these guys before I go back to college! Now, you can now save 20% on orders of $20+ with the code back2class! This includes everything from goats, jewelry, to prints, until August 31st. Just know that these patterns are limited in quantity, so grab ‘em while you can on my Etsy!

Get your goat plushies here!


so misreckon just posted these caps on tumblr  saying he noticed the goat horn symbols on the flag and wallpaper like the boss in the last pic. before she/he pointed out the horns on the flag and wallpaper I would have just assumed the horns on the boss is to show he is a demon.

but then i remembered there was meant to be something about the 7 deadly sins being a part of this story somehow. and im sure i remember hearing that the protagonists will be up against people in a position of power or authority who are abusing their positions and power, putting restrictions on those less privileged as they (hence the whole “you are a slave want emancipation?” line and the theme of taking back charge of your life). 

so here is my theory; the goat represents lust and this monster is one of the antogonists, probably a model/modeling agent or perverted rich guy, whose sin of lust allows whatever evil force of the game to turn him into this demon. if this is the case then we could have 7 big bosses who are based around the other 6 sins, with possible links to the animals who represent them: toad = greed, snake = envy, lion = wrath, snail = sloth, pig = gluttony, peacock = pride. 

this is all a theory but for me it does possibly show how the whole seven sins thing finally plays into it.